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on June 25, 2008
These books are pretty standard for lab researchers or for students. I used them for my General and Organic Chemistry lab courses.

The Good:
-They are durable. The spiral binding isn't flimsy, and it won't fall apart.
-The duplicates are not carbon based.
-The sheets are quadrille ruled.
-If you spill chemicals on your notebook (like I did every day), as another reviewer said, the paper absorbs the chemicals really quickly. But the copy isn't really affected.
-Comes with a handy periodic table and reference table on the divider.
-The duplicates are fairly clear and legible

The Not So Good:
-Be careful what you rest on the notebook because if it's pointy it will leave stray marks on your copy.

Miscellaneous Remarks:
-I can't say this enough, but MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE DIVIDER BEHIND YOUR PAGE and the duplicate. If you don't do that, whatever you write will be imprinted onto the following 1 or 2 sheets (3 if you push hard when you write).
-The copy may look really faint at first, but give it some time. After a few minutes whatever you wrote or drew will become darker and easier to see.

These books are expensive, yes, but they are very useful. I still have mine and look back for reference.

Thanks for reading my review!
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on June 15, 2015
This lab notebook is a great way to permanently document and record observations in lab. For those of you who are looking into buying this and don’t know exactly how this lab notebook works, I’ll try to go into detail about the mechanics of the notebook and my thoughts on it.
This notebook comes with exactly 100 pages, each page has a “copy” page right after it. So, when you are taking notes onto a page, the page right after it will be an exact copy of the original one. I write extremely hard, but the carbon stopper is sturdy enough to keep my writing from going through to the next page. The copy pages are perforated and can easily be torn then turned in for grading.
Being able to turn in the copy of my labs, and keeping the original was extremely helpful. Almost all of my T.A.s, would not return labs until the end of the quarter. This became a problem when reviewing for exams. Some exam questions revolved around expected lab results and mechanisms involved in the experiments, these had been written in my lab and turned in. Without my notebook, I would have to look up these things again, but when I got this lab notebook I was able to keep the original and just review from it.
There is a colorful and very detailed periodic table of the elements on the carbon stopper that proved very useful when I wanted to calculate molarities, concentrations and molar mass of experimental compounds right there in lab. There are also some general physical constants, formulas and conversion factors for those who need reminding. The binding is pretty awesome. The spiral binding does bend, but it does not stay bent (if that makes any sense). It is very sturdy. The pages are gridded. So, it is easy to make graphs and tables in the notebook. The pages are also numbered which is great if you would like to utilize the table of contents page provided. I've used this same lab notebook for 3 different science classes that spanned over 2 years, and I can say it is very durable.
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on July 29, 2012
Because our university was remodeling the bookstore and moving it to a different location, they did not have the lab notebook with the carbon copy in stock. In which I'm taking summer classes and the first half of my lab used up about 89 pages out of the 100 and there was not enough space, so I ordered it through amazon and it came within a timely fashion (Thank you Amazon Prime <3) for me to use it for the second experiment. I was amazed at how much better this lab book was compared to the one the school bookstore sold. The one from the bookstore you had to press down EXTREMELY hard and the print would barely come up on the copy side of the paper, on top of the it was hard to even read the main copy due to the extremely dark lines of the graph type paper. On this notebook I purchased from Amazon, I can write like I normally do, very fast and lightly without straining my wrist and the text comes up perfectly on the carbonless copies. The paper is much easier to read due to lighter coloring of the graphing style paper and not to mention they even include a periodic table in the lab notebook as well (on the thing the shields it from marking on the next copies between pages) so if I needed to look up masses it would be right there! Overall I'm never buying the lab notebook from the university bookstore and getting this one from now on! Not to mention it was also $7 less expensive to order it on amazon! Great product and I recommend it to anyone using it for class or lab (I used this for Organic Chemistry lab).
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on October 1, 2017
I was disappointed that a brand new lab notebook came with a crease on the front cover. The corners of the pages also came bent.
review imagereview image
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on November 25, 2017
I expected it to have more than just the same piece of paper over and over again. It also doesn't seem like it is any more useful than just writing on paper. It isn't any more organized and helpful than using a notebook or writing on a computer program, but it is much more expensive. I get the merit if you are going into a science career, but don't waste your money for one or two classes.
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on March 11, 2017
Just what was needed for a chemistry class.
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on March 14, 2017
Got me through OChem labs, with more than enough sheets to spare.
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on August 5, 2014
Perfect! Completely unused! 100 pages, picture perfect condition!
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on June 2, 2015
good equality arrived in record time
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on December 26, 2015
It's a standard lab book, the only issue is the big issue: you cannot tear them out without the fringes. Most other lab notebooks have a tearaway strip like regular notebooks, but this one doesn't - so, you have to cut the fringes off or have a professor that does not care about it.
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