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on May 5, 2010
I bought this drive because I am a photographer and needed a large capacity drive to store my photos, and I wanted a firewire 800 drive for the transfer speed. I am working with a macbook pro that I have had for 6 months. When I first bought the drive it worked fine. I won't go into the smartware software there have been enough other people giving their opinion of that. No long after I started using the drive, I would sometimes get a message saying that the drive I inserted was unreadable by the computer and gave the options to initialize, eject or ignore. If I would click ignore, the drive would then still work fine, without any problems. Yesterday, I got that same message again, but this time after I hit ignore, the drive didn't show up on my desktop. I unplugged it and tried again, and then this time hit initialize, where I was brought to the disk utility screen. I "repaired" the disk, and was able to access it again, but continued to have some problems with it, and had to repair it again. This morning, the drive seemed to connect without a problem, but when I tried to transfer photos from my memory cards onto the drive, it would give me an error. I could transfer the photos from the memory cards onto another drive, but not onto this one. I am in the process of trying to repair the drive yet again, but I would definitely advise people to avoid this drive. Fortunately, I have most of my work backed up onto other drives, but even if I get this drive working again, I don't think I could trust that it will continue to work.

Update 5-14-2010:
I was able to get everything off the drive and reformat it. At first the drive seemed to act normally again. I was going to try and use SuperDuper to backup everything from my new G_RAID drive back onto the MyBook Studio, but didn't have time and cancelled the operation. Now, the drive won't even power up, instead of a hard-drive, I've got a $200 paperweight sitting on my desk. I will never trust my data to a MyBook drive again.
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on May 3, 2010
I will add my voice to the growing dissatisfaction with the unnecessary software that is forced on you by Western Digital. I mean, come on WD, this item is specifically made for Mac. Who would want to use your crappy software when Time Machine is included standard with every Mac. Yes, I read about the virtual CD and the inability to delete it before I bought this product, but it is no less annoying because I knew about it in advance. Eject it and it comes right back.

Amazon continues to publish wrong information in the description of this product...

"New Updates for WD SmartWare Software (11/16/09): This update implements customer feedback requests to: hide the Virtual CD (VCD), enhance the ability to opt-out of WD SmartWare completely, and exit WD SmartWare from the Windows system tray. Visit Western Digital Support to download your update by inputting the model number of your hard drive."

The update to disable the virtual drive on WD website specifically states "This update is not intended for My Book Studio or My Passport Studio drive".
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on April 23, 2010
I have been using Western Digital drives for my Macs for the past 6 years. This was my fourth Western Digital drive to serve as a back up of all of my drives and let me just say, not only am I extremely disappointed by this product, but I am AGGRAVATED. Some specs about my computer - Mac Pro - 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon - 2 GB 800 MHz Memory - Max OS X 10.5.8. Needless to say, I am running on a very speedy, efficient computer and this product completely slowed my computer down and even a few times... SHUT IT DOWN. Somehow, it managed to freeze all of my USB ports, making it impossible to safely shut down my computer without just holding in the power button (as my mouse and keyboard were completely disabled). Western Digital's SmartWare technology is a better idea than it actually is in reality - the software is slow, - even on Firewire 800 - lags quite a bit and makes it impossible to be doing anything but backing up your files. My issues with the software may be partially due to the fact that SmartWare has no technology updates for my version of OS X, however, my Mac Pro, though new, is only 1 year old. If you have a newer Mac, especially a Mac Pro, I would highly advise against getting one of these. Don't waste your money and save your headaches for other projects. Looks like it's time for me to invest in G-Raids...
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on January 28, 2010
I installed the WD last night and the system recognized it immediately. As a test I was able to drag and drop files with no problem. Looking good so far. Next came the test that I purchased the drive for: Time Machine. Time Machine recognized the drive immediately (running Snow Leopard on an iMAC). The full backup started running nicely then stopped after about 24gb with a message saying the drive had an error or had been ejected. It was still there in Finder and I was able to drag and drop files as before. I fired up the Time Machine backup again and off it went. It got past the previous error spot and backed up another 20gb or so then failed again.

After some searching I found Apple support article TS1550 that instructed me to erase and re-partition the drive using a GUID partition scheme. This was my first time to use Disk Utility and that seemed to fix the problem. I backed up about 250gb in what seemed about 90 minutes.

My next battle is that pesky WD Smartware that won't drop off Finder, even if ejected. Why do these hardware vendors think we want this stuff?

1/30/2009 update: How to remove the Virtual CD (VCD) on the Mac? see [...]
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on April 20, 2011
Don't listen to them!!!! It appears that many of these buyers didn't read the part about this drive being designed and optimized for the Mac and Time Machine. They all seem to be using this with their PC and complaining that there's a problem. I plugged the drive in, it was recognized immediately and I turned on Time Machine. Done! I downloaded the software suite, installed it, Done. I have experienced no intrusion or overbearance. I either open the software or not. I expected it to be popping up every few seconds the way it was described here. Again, no problems so far. The drive is less than whisper quiet. I like the display although it's not necessary for most people.

Again, if you have a Mac and you need a good drive for Time Machine, this is a very good one. If you have a PC, it sounds like you may have issues, read the info before buying. It's not Amazon's or Western Digital's fault if you buy the wrong product, is it?
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on February 6, 2010
Bought for the firewire interface and wanted to use as an off-site backup to my My Book Studio II. This was horrible to deal with and I've returned it. I'm a PC tech by trade and this drive is a major pain on Windows 7 64-bit. Would only seem to work OK with USB 2.0.

WD forces you to install and use their Smartware program to manage the device, and their newest firmware release does not support this model. The result is; YOU CAN NOT HIDE THE CRAPWARE PARTITION ON THIS MODEL. Smartware also doesn't seem to integrate well with their WD Drive Manager x64 software used to manage the Studio II and raid setup.

May work well for Mac users, but on a PC it would not run firewire from a brand new HP laptop, or chain off my My Book Studio II which works well with all connections.

Big disappointment and I will be reluctant to buy another WD external now.

I'm very grateful to Amazon for their top-notch service in facilitating the return.
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on March 23, 2010
This is my seventh external hard drive. I now have three externals happily chugging along on my iMac (3.5 T total plus .25 T internal). My first cost around $500 and held 40 megabytes of data, mostly documents and applications. This Western Digital drive cost me $219 with no sales tax or shipping/handling and holds 2,000,000 megabytes of data--movies, music, pictures, and, yes, documents. In other words forty thousand times more data storage costing less than half the price--a lot less if you add inflation into the mix. Installation was a no brainer--the instructions had no words, just a picture of which plug to put into which port. I was up and running and transferring files from overstuffed smaller hard drives to this data barn in, maybe, five minutes. The uninstallable software that people have complained about isn't there. Either the software is was windows-specific of WD responded to the criticism by removing it. I prefer to add it later if I choose, even a few wasted megabytes of space is something I would want to avoid. The drive belies the enormity of the hard drive on the inside: it's a neat, upright silver with the LCD read-out on the front. It has an adequate number of ports and has all the major protocols being handled (except for the brand new USB 3.0). I see no minus so far and negatives. I do recommend using this because it does have e-SATA and firewire 800 ports which comes in handy transferring 600 gigabytes of files. I recommend this hard drive.
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on September 12, 2016
After a few years of owning this hard drive it is now the 2nd WD drive to fail me. They just simply stop working with error messages that indicate that the drive should no longer being used to back up. Moving on to another brand. Perhaps these things are only designed to work for so long - but as far as I'm concerned should last at least close to the lifetime of the mac that it is hooked up to and designed to match in looks. Might be worth the extra $ to just get the Apple drive.
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on June 30, 2010
This is the 6th WD HD I have in my collection. I am a data hog. And a total mac head. So When I read reviews like the ones above, and then I see that Amazon has stopped shipping the device because everyone is pissed at the Smartware, I find it a bit unfair. This is a good product with bad software. But then again, Western Digital is a Hard Drive company, not a backup company.

Your macs come with Time machine. Why would you want to use Smartware? If you don't want to use time machine, why not use Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich software? TIme machine works fine. If your still on 10.4 Tiger, then clone your system. But 10.5 came out over 3 years ago, and is the best Mac OS to date.

So instead of convincing amazon that there is a problem with this device, call WD. I admit, the firmware update didn't seem to do anything for my drive, but my drive is backing up just fine using Time Machine.

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on May 22, 2010
People rightly complain about the SmartWare software auto-mounting a virtual CD. However, if you take a few minutes to update to the latest firmware and SmartWare software, the virtual CD auto-mount can now be deactivated. A nuscience at first if you don't want the software.

-Good build quality as expected from My Book family, extra volume in case ensures air cooling.
-Very quiet disk access.
-Screaming fast over FireWire 800. (Dual ports; I only tested one)
-All cables included: FireWire 800, 800 to 400 adapter, USB 2 mini
-Tiny activity LED unintrusive
-Hardware-based encryption available

-WALL WART! The AC adaptor isn't in the middle of the power line but right on the plug. Come on, it's 2010! I replaced a 2006 WD with this drive, and even *that* got the adaptor right. Not what I expect from a high-end external drive.
-Price premium over USB 2-only drives
-SmartWare a hassle to disable (though now can be done in ~10 minutes via updates)
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