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Enthusiast: Photographyon January 18, 2017
First of all I'll say that I am happy with this purchase. I have used them as counterweights on a boom and tied to the main shaft of my light stand to stabilize it. They fulfil my needs and are what I was expecting for the price.

Physically they feel fairly sturdy. The bag and webbing all feel sufficient for my needs. As others have pointed out, the zips don't feel great and I'm sure that some usage patterns would break them quickly. For my use the second zip is redundant but it could add a little extra security for some.

In use I'll start by indicating what I did with them. I am very much averse to spilling sand everywhere so I mitigated that risk two ways. First of all, instead of sand I used (cleaned/seived) pea gravel as a weight. It costs about $1 per lb and is far less likely to leak through seams etc. Secondly I placed said gravel in quart ziplock bags (3 lb a piece). With the gravel in ziplocks in these sand bags I feel safe using them almost anywhere. With 12lb in them (2 x 3 lb bags per side) they weigh down my stands well and function well as counterweights for my boom. I haven't actually tried just draping them over the stand's legs but have rather attached them in various other ways via the handles (to make sure they can't slip off). To this end they have worked well.

Having scanned some of the negative reviews I'll respond to a few criticisms I've seen. First of all the methods I enumerated above mitigate a lot of the risk of sand leakage. To say these are no better than a ziplock bag is quite unfair. Having a handle makes them far more versatile and I'd feel far more comfortable laying these over a stand leg than a gallon ziplock bag. The zips definitely feel weak and if you are going to be constantly filling/emptying them I believe that may become a problem but if you going to "fill once, use many" then you may not have an issue. Finally for anyone complaining that these don't contain sand: fully filled the set of 4 weigh nearly 50lb; not a very shipping friendly size. Sand or other filling material is very cheap and you are far better served acquiring it locally.

Overall these do what I expect. If you care tremendously about long term durability when repeatedly refilled or used without a liner, perhaps look elsewhere. If you line them and leave them filled then you'll probably be fine.
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on February 15, 2014
Writing a review about a sandbag isn't exactly on my bucket list, but now I can say I've done it in case the topic is ever brought up - With that disclaimer off my chest, I'll get to the point:

They're okay for the price and for the 'casual' photo/video amateur - Meaning, if you're on a budget and just need some sand bags to weigh down a few light stands or a DIY jib, they will work. Don't expect a long life expectancy out of these if you're planning on using them for daily productions. They're not garbage by any means, but they aren't winning any awards for outstanding craftsmanship either. They're just cheap bargain no name bags that one should get if they need some weight but won't lose any sleep if you have to toss them after a beating on a shoot. 3 of the 4 I got were AOK - 1 arrived with the zipper already broke but I use lead weights in a baggy so the issue of spilled sand wasn't an issue.

Even with pro bags, if I use sand for ballast I will always put the sand in a heavy duty ziploc baggy just for that extra protection. I never want to be 'that' guy who leaves a trail of sand in some persons house on a shoot or fouls a bunch of equipment with silt because of all things, the sandbags failed.

Inexpensive and durable enough to be a warranted (and cheap) purchase and alternative for the low/no budget film maker/photographer. (u can skip the sand and go with gravel, nuts/bolts, lead, whatever dense/heavy stuff you have at your disposal)

Great for the small home studio/setup that doesn't get broke down daily or only gets put up now and then.

Bright and reflective - No more wondering around in the dark after a 18 hour day trying to hunt down orphan equipment - (also a plus if you're working with a group of folks who sometimes like to 'add' your equipment to their arsenal - (write your initials inside with a permanent marker or paint pin)

They're probably not going to hold up too long if they are used/moved often - Zippers are there for cosmetic/novelty use on some of the bags since they usually jam up and/or break right away. Outdoor heat/sun really takes a toll on them.
Inconsistent quality - You might get 4 that rival kevlar, or you could get 2 that are great and 2 that are about as durable as a plastic grocery sack. (I'm talking cheap liquor store plastic sack quality - Not a nice dept store bag like Macy's)

VERDICT - Not for the 'top shelf' equipment arsenal - Def geared as an expendable. Perfect if you need sandbags in a hurry and don't have access to a grip rental co. Ideal for rough terrain - Take them in empty, fill them with dirt at your location and use them. Great for the small studio where lugging them from location to location isn't an issue.

Hope that helps - Sandbagging is the mother of rigging and we all usually learn the hard way when we are first starting out and try to skip the weights on a C Stand (always entertaining to see your gear topple over because it's top heavy and then followed by a chorus of sarcastic "told you so's") - One thing to consider is checking used expendable/grip rental co's as an alternative. They often sell used bags and even though they aren't as pretty as a new shiny sandbag, they are the better route if you want/need pro gear with a long shelf life.
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on May 23, 2016
My tripod has a tilting center column feature that I use when I need to film a top down view of my desk while shooting video. Sadly, when I tilt the center column, it messes up the center of gravity on the tripod and it tips. These weight bags work awesomely to help counteract that and bring back the center of gravity so my tripod doesn't tip over with my camera on it.

I found it easier to not use sand in these bags but a few 5 pound dumbbell weights (CAP Barbell Standard Free Weight Plate, 1-Inch, 5-Pound, Gray). These work great with the 5 pound dumbbell weights. Please note these bags do not come prefilled, so you do need to buy the weights yourself. It has been a year and I never had these bags rip on me. Honestly, I feel these bags are probably great for weight lifting training too if you are into that sort of stuff. The straps and zippers are durable. None of them broke under the weight. I tend to tie these weight bags to my tripod via heavy duty wire ties (Nite Ize Gear Tie Assortment Bag - 8 Units).

Overall, if you are in film or photography, I'd highly recommend you get these.
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We camp in our RV out in the wilderness quite a bit. It’s windy out there, so we need to drive stakes into the ground to hold down things like our portable trash/recycle cans and our big woven door mat. A couple of years ago we started using heavy rocks in the bottom of our collapsible trash cans, but there aren’t always good usable rocks nearby. A few months ago I got the idea to bring my own sand backs instead. I was walking by a film production and noticed these sand bags with handles and decided to give them a try. Luckily I read the reviews first and saw all the recommendations to use plastic bags inside.

My first thought was to pick up some gallon Ziploc bags and a big sack of sand from the local home improvement store, but then it occurred to me that we’d be surrounded by various types of dirt and sand at our next camp, so why buy sand? On our recent New Year camping trip, I took a bunch of these sand bags and a box of Ziploc bags along with my shovel to a nearby sandy wash. It took about ten minutes to fill them all up and they turned out perfectly! I was still kind of skeptical about using the Ziploc bags as liners, since these sand bags are kind of rubberized and would probably contain the sand just fine. But it turned out to be the wettest trip we’ve ever taken (probably three inches in just one storm). These bags would have been absolutely destroyed by that much rain.

Last weekend we camped again and the bags had held up just fine. Even though they had been completely soaked, the bags were perfectly dry without even any stanky odor and the sand was all intact inside.

I work for an entertainment company and I noticed someone had left some sand bags like these laying out on the lot for a couple of months. Whether it was from neglect or someone ran over them, a couple of them had torn open so I could see what was inside. Even our pro staff had used plastic bags inside. I was surprised to see that they had used dirt with so much aggregate though (more like the sand/gravel mix you’d add to cement to make concrete). I think the aggregate was so sharp that it caused the bags to wear out sooner than they should. I would make sure to only fill these with sand, not gravel.
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on March 10, 2016
I bought these sandbags to help weigh down a few Dolica tripods with a slider on them, as well as a couple light stands.
These are... alright. They're hefty, durable, and have an awesome dual-zipper system to them that prevents sand from leaking out. Perfect!

BUT the super wide handle for these makes it difficult to actually hang these from the hooks on the bottom of my tripods. Weird.

Also, the double-zipper format and small openings made it fairly difficult to actually fully fill them up with sand effectively.

They're getting the job done for now, though.
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on October 23, 2013
These cost something under $5 each. I can't see how they it. They are exactly as described, double zipper, the stripes are sewn onto the black fabric. I put the sand inside a zip lock just to have one more layer of leak prevention.
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on July 13, 2017
Just started out in photography and needed a way to keep those top-heavy light stands from toppling over. To fill these I got a 30lb bag of pea gravel (~8$)from the local big orange box and then baked it in waves on and old cookie sheet to get rid of the moisture in it before loading these up. Each one holds a good 5 cups of pea gravel per side which gives it enough heft without being too bulky with about 5 cups left over from the bag. I wanted to avoid using sand since - even with the dual zipper closure - it felt like it might slowly work out a little over time.
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on July 22, 2017
These are fantastic! Four stars only because they are so small. You must use something really heavy in them to make them the most effective. Otherwise, they are sturdy and look fantastic. I don't like ugly sandbags, so I like these sandbags that look sharp while they stabilize my equipment on a video or photo shoot. The look nice and appear sturdy enough to last well.
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on May 30, 2014
I use these both in and out of my studio, mostly as anchors for my larger umbrella stands. I have a couple of 5 foot diameter umbrellas (monsters!) that are VERY easily blown over in the lightest of breezes. When outdoors, I just chuck 2 of these bags onto each light stand base and the umbrellas stay right where I put them, even in a pretty good breeze.

Love these bags!
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Cheap insurance against stands tipping over. These bags have a double zippered pocket on each side of the bag and a web carry strap. Each side will hold 5-7 pounds of sand or more. Well made and heavy-duty materials. should last for a long, long time. Love the blue/black stripe. They blend into the stands yet are easy to spot when it comes time to pack up.
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