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on July 12, 2017
I loved the lessons and teachings in this book. It unbiased seemed to be a good read until I met up on this phrase "negro quartet" that he had invited to play at his house. Now why would you feel the need as a writer to point out that your quartet was a negro? that is what I would like to ask the author. Had I known he had racism in him by a shred I would not have purchased his book. Most definitely will NOT be purchasing anything else from this author.
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on December 14, 2010
SUCCESS THROUGH A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE is simply the very best book that I've ever read on personal and professional self development. This is a classic book and should be in every achiever's library. It's a distillation of all the great principles of higher achievement in one easy access reference book that is cram packed with positive ideas that will lift your thought process to a higher vibrational level. Thoughts, ideas, and action are what make up the sum total of an individuals life. The 17 principles as outlined in this book have helped me to focus my "attention on the things that I want and off the things that I don't want." Thought control is the ultimate discipline...and this book shows the student exactly how to "direct your thoughts, control your emotions, and ordain your destiny!" The authors discovered the secrets to success after interviews with over 500 men and women of accomplishment and than gave those principles to future generations to access in this powerful book. Take advantage of this book and I mean really become a student of this material, and if you APPLY what you learn you will have a new life!

The origin of this book is fascinating and dates back to Andrew Carnegie's meeting in 1908 with Napoleon Hill and Carnegie's subsequent sponsorhip of the young Napoleon Hill to write a thesis on American Achievement....Carnegie then introduced Napoleon Hill to Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and many other individuals of accomplishment as the young author catalogued the elements and principles that these great American achievers used to accomplish so much. His first great work LAW OF SUCCESS was published in 1926 and then in 1937 THINK AND GROW RICH was published while Hill was an advisor to then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and both books were considered instant classics in the self development field.

W. Clement Stone read THINK AND GROW RICH in 1937 the year that it was published and was so impressed with the principles that he applied them with vigor and built (with an initial investment of $100.00!) the Combined Registry Insurance Company which later became AON Insurance Company. Aon was built by W. Clement Stone and his team and became one of the greatest insurance companies in the world. You will see the AON skyscrapers in Hong Kong, Chicago, and many great cities. W. Clement Stone was listed on the Forbes 400 and attributed his success to the principles he applied from THINK AND GROW RICH. Now that's a fantastic story of what can happen when these principles are applied consistently and aggressively.

In the early 50's Stone went to hear Napoleon Hill speak in Chicago and they instantly hit it off and worked together for years thereafter helping others to achieve their dreams. They taught the PMA Science of Success Course, went to prisons, held seminars, went on T.V. and radio, and passionately communicated the 17 HABITS of high achievers and brought this message to all that wanted a better life. This book adds to what was so brilliantly layed out in the books LAW OF SUCCESS and THINK AND GROW RICH and combines additional principles like the COSMIC HABIT FORCE and PMA. These 17 principles are just pure magic if applied with continuous action. I read the book often as a kind of mental vitamin and it helps me to keep my attitude tuned up. I highly recommend this book as you can well see. Read it with an open mind and re-read it to keep the principles fresh. Memorize the self motivators, and the 17 principles and keep at it. Great events will come to pass if you persist, and remember that ANYTHING THE HUMAN MIND CAN CONCIEVE AND BELIEVE THE HUMAND MIND CAN ACHIEVE WITH A POSTIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Onward and Upward! All the best, Gerald Chamales
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on January 9, 2010
This review is about the quality of the product from the Amazon seller, "greatbuybooks," and not the book itself. I was very disapppointed with the quality of the product. I only make purchases from sellers who tout their products as being in excellent condition and "greatbuybooks" listed the book in excellent condition. The book that I received was very old, worn, and had an unpleasant smell.
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on July 15, 2009
Napoleon Hill's handbook to success demonstrates, once again, that one's attitude in life determines one's destiny; good or not so good. I hate to use the word "bad"; it sounds so negative.

The point that Hill drives home with this wonderful book is really quite simple and I suppose we all know it, but not everyone chooses to follow it.

However, if you present yourself in a positive, upbeat manner to people you come across in life, your chances of being successful in your endeavors are much greater than if you constantly complain about things. After all, who wants to deal with crybabies? It's one thing, if they're your own kids; it's another thing if you have to work with them. Their endless whining about everything drives people crazy. The solution is to avoid them; so they're not getting the job, or if they slipped into the organization by accident, they're not getting the promotion (unless they're the boss' kid).

Keeping a positive mental attitude will help guide you through life and help you make the right connections in pursuing your goals. It's just that simple. The best part about that is, having a positive mental attitude is on sale; in fact, it's absolutely no charge.

Hurry, while supplies last.
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on November 1, 2012
Napoleon Hill's and Clement Stone's ideas on how to achieve success through a Positive Mental Attitude are a lot more than just words jot down in paper. They are an invitation to turn your life around by taking hold of and controlling "the only thing you have full capacity to control in life, "your thoughts." I strongly recommend this book to people have have achieved success in life and want to keep up what they have, as well as for those who are still struggling to make ends meet and to keep their heads above water.
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on March 12, 2014
Really a good book with many Stories. To bring the Positive Mental Attitude. I am sure that anyone who reads it will have some form of success whether you follow 1 principle or all the 17 principles mentioned.
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on September 4, 2017
Powerful tape..life changing
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on June 17, 2017
Excellent book
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on March 4, 2009
I first heard about this book back in the 1970s and actually bought a paperback version for only $1.95 brand new. I flipped through the pages but never really studied it. Then I met a guy who was in a network marketing business. He told me he had been on unemployment. He had a construction business in Florida that went belly up. Was overweight and heard about a brand new network marketing company and was recommended to read Success Through A PMA. In less than two years he earned over $2.5 million with that company and credits this book as being the stimulus.

I urgently read the book, got involved in the same business and made incredible progress in a short period of time. I committed to reading Success through a PMA 30 mins per day everyday including weekends. This was nearly 40 years ago.

Since that time, I have had man reversals in my life. Divorce, moving across the country, job losses, business failures and saw my wealth totally disappear. Early one morning I was going through a back bedroom looking through old books and low and behold I found my old, now dog eared, yellowed with pages falling out copy of Success Through a PMA. I STARTED BROWSING THROUGH THE BOOK AGAIN. Gently leafing through the book hoping the book would not fall apart. Then I read a chapter. Then another. I then committed to read this book and/or Think & Grow Rich for 30 mins a day and do the affirmations and exercises.

Immediately incredible things started to happen. New business opportunities were presented to me. I made contacts with people who were interested in looking at a opportunity. I got involved in a network marketing company, rolled up my sleeves and went to work and my whole life turned around. When adversities hit me, I got back to not just reading, but studying PMA as espoused in this book and incredible things continued to happen for me.

I RECALLED MY OLD BUDDY WHO WENT FROM BEING BROKE TO earnings $2.5 million in under 2 years. And I remembered that was during one of the worst recessions in history.

My atttitude toward people changed. I made new contacts. I had a pep in my walk. New strength in my voice. This book helped transform my life again. And to think I only paid $1.95 40 years ago. The best investment I ever made.

Then I came on Amazon.com and saw a review that I wrote many years ago. This is that review...

"Whatever the mind of man can concieve and believe, it can achieve." True, oh so true words as stated by Napolean Hill in Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude a great sequel to Think and Grow Rich. Many people feel that Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude is even better than Think and Grow Rich.I believe you need both.Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude has positvely influenced the lives of many high powered people.Dr. Denis Waitly credits this book as helping him move from an also ran to a front runner and arguably, oneof the best trainers in the business.Rev. Robert Schuller rates Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude as one of the top 10 book he has ever read.Co-written by Napolean Hill and Clement Stone, Success Through A Positve Mental Attitude is actually 5 parts, 22 chapters and over 300 pages of powerful information.Referring to Stone and Hill, Norman Vincent Peale states; "These two men have the rare gift of inspiring and helping people...In fact, I owe them both a personal debt of gratitude for the helpful guidance I have recieved from their writings."Success Through A Positive Mental Attitde made a profound difference in my life and will in yours as well. Get this book and use it.

I will only reiterate, get this book and use it. Just buying it and throwing it on the shelf on in a box (as I HAD for many years) won't cut it. Also strongly recommend Think & Grow Rich as a companion to this. Read both together, 300 mins a day and watch what happens!
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on January 19, 2009
I purchased this book over 20 years ago and came to an appreciation of it's simple yet powerful message of appreciating and maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude. I learned that it is no big deal to have a PMA when things are going well, but how important to have a PMA when things are difficult and to learn not to sabotage yourself during a negative situation. This is the same attitude as expressed by many of the Bible writers. For example read what the apostle Paul says in Romans 12:17-21.

This book became the antivirus for my mind, and now negatives that come up are dismissed or dealt with successfully. Some time back there was another review for this very same book where that person said...do not read this book...APPLY WHAT IT SAYS. I really appreciated that persons thought. This very same thought can be said about the Bible!

The Introduction of this book talks about Napoleon Hill's association with Andrew Carnegie, which in itself is a most interesting history lesson of how Mr Hill started his career in meeting and interviewing 500 of the most successful persons of that time, many of whom that we all have read about in history books. Mr Hill's many books helped so many that later on he became Presidential Advisor to Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression. A few of the very successful and well known today that do lectures and seminars, acknowledge that they got their foundation in this knowledge from Napoleon Hill. Successful businesses treat their customers in a Positive manner if they wish to keep their customers and to acquire more business growth. In Scripture at Matthew 7:12 it talks about the Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated. This is a Proactive and Positive teaching that we all will benefit from, IF WE APPLY IT.

When I hear or see very successful individuals talking, I can see and hear that they have this successful attitude that has allowed them to do well in their profession or their lives. They have learned to think and be different than the masses. I would recommend this book along with the Bible for married couples. Hopefully it will cause those that are married to learn to interact successfully, and learn to deal with the negatives that are common to all, and to keep their lives and relationship Positive and Respectful for a long lasting relationship that they committed themselves to.

Interestingly..as taught in the Bible (James 1:2-4) and also in this book...you will learn that you can come out of a negative situation stronger, when you learn to think differently, and then dealing with your negative situation in a Positive way. This is a life long effort and not always easy, but in the end will prove successful. You may want to buy extra copies of this book to give to those that you feel need this advice.
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