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on June 14, 2012
This soundtrack is perfect. I've never seen anything like the movie Sucker Punch and having the sound track adds much to my life. If I love a film enough to buy the soundtrack then it is a BIG deal! I've never seen music play such a complementary roll in a movie and listening to it reminds me of the experience of watching the movie which is great because I fear watching a movie so many times that I wear it out and no longer enjoy it. Basically every piece of music on this is a cover of a more famous artist. I love covers because they pay homage to the original while adding the new artists' style in a unique way. I've never heard the Pixies Where is my Mind done like this and Sweet Dreams has never been so beautiful. Main star Emily Browning contributes her own voice to both of these tracks. I had no idea she could sing like that! She could probably make it on her own as a vocalist. I only mention these two tracks because they are probably the most easily recognized by the audience after watching the movie. EVERY song on this CD is great! I even like the artwork and design of the disc case and liner notes. It includes a picture of every girl with her character name and even an abbreviated version of the ending monologue of the film and a note of thanks from the director to those who worked on the music. Anyone who even half likes Sucker Punch should buy this album.
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Great cd! Now while there is some previously released material on this album, don't let that discourage you. The remixes are dead on. Here's my thoughts on each track:

1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - 5.0 Emily Brown, what can't she do? Act, and now sing? Yes she does a heck of a job on this song. A classic reworking that hits on all cylinders.
2. Army of Me (Sucker Punch Remix) - 4.0 Don't get me wrong, the song fits perfectly in with the movie. And the remix is cool. But not too special. Bjork screams some, and that's about it. Still though it doesn't detract from the rest of the album.
3. White Rabbit - 5.0 A song about Alice In Wonderland. It rocks. Emiliana Torrini's voice is perfect here. A dreamy rock/pop song.
4. I Want It All/ We Will Rock You (Mash Up) - 1.0 Ugh, this doesn't work with the rest of the cd in my opinion. It's a fist pumping mix of rap and classic Queen. But it sticks out like a sore thumb when compared with the rest of the dreamy rock and punk songs.
5. Search and Destroy - 4.5 Ah here we go. Jumps right back into the album's theme. Good song
6. Tomorrow Never Comes - 4.0 A very memorable song (on the movie it's the train scene/kitchen scene). This song get's stuck in my head every time I hear it. It is not dying....argh! See!
7. Where Is My Mind? - 4.5 Emily Brown sings backup to this song as well. Will stick with you long after the song ends.
8. Asleep - 4.0 Yet a third Emily Brown song! And she rocks this one as well. Slower and haunting.
9. Love is the Drug - 5.0 This song is from the final credits in the movie. And it fits in so well. Once you get done the movie you are kind of in a dark place by what you have just seen. This song is the perfect touch to bring you back up. It sounds like a big grand production. Great song and a great way to conclude the album.

Final Score: 37.0 out of 45.0
Not too shabby! With the exception of song number four this soundtrack doesn't miss a beat. I personally recommend it.
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on September 12, 2017
It's an alright album. Overall it's listenable but nothing to get too excited about.
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on April 22, 2017
I loved the soundtrack to this film, even if the film itself was a bit lackluster.
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on June 5, 2012
I bought this soundtrack because I LOVED the movie, the music being half of the reason for that. All the songs are remixes of older songs, and they're done so well. The style is mainly electro-fantasy, with a little bit of everything else to accompany it. I love every song on the CD (even the "I Want It All/We Will Rock You mash-up" that most people don't like; it seems out of place at first, but it's grown on me). I love that all the songs are long, usually around 5 and 6 minutes long, so even though there are only 9 tracks on the CD, you'll be listening to it forever (not to mention as good as the songs are, you'll want to keep this CD on repeat for days! I know I did!)

I love all the artists they had working on these songs, they really made it a stand-out hit. Emily Browning has an AMAZING voice, and even Bjork who I thought would be strange on this CD made a fantastic remix of a great song.

Couldn't love this CD more. I only wish more movies did soundtracks in this style.
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on September 14, 2015
Excellent Modern Soundtrack ! Rock with great Production . Fantastic Keyboards and Sound Effects ! This one is a Best Kept Secret . Cool Movie Feel . Spacey , Dosed with a slice of Insane . This is an Artistic well done Record . Songs are all Quite Good . Surprising Moments , Interesting Sonic Sensory Overload and Magic ! Not Your average compilation Movie Soundtrack . All Original Material . This Stands Out . The weirdness that comes and goes makes this Album all the Better ! Good Rock Music !
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on April 12, 2011
I am usually not one to purchase soundtracks. While I enjoy the movies they accompany, I am usually far more interested in the story to care about the music in the background. Sucker Punch is an enormous exception to this rule.

I won't go track by track as other reviewers have done it to much better effect, but there is something just raw and bleeding about this soundtrack that compelled me to purchase it. It perfectly evokes each movement in the movie proper, and each song very clearly defines and is defined by the scene it accompanies. For example, Sweet Dreams just oozes hate and rage and frustration, a series of emotions that is only equaled by the events in the opening of the movie. White Rabbit is deliciously trippy, serving as the planted flag of the movie. It is Alice in Wonderland, the escape of a young woman placed in an intolerable situation, and only the mind-bending qualities of Wonderland can save her. And I've never been a huge fan of Bjork, but holy mother of god does she fit in this soundtrack.

If you're looking for a soundtrack that you can listen to endlessly and find new meaning and appreciation, or want to bring the movie back with each and every track, definitely pick up the soundtrack.
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on February 12, 2015
Sucker Punch is one of my favorite movies I love the soundtrack watching the movie the music fits perfectly to the movie some of my favorite songs are Sweet Dreams & Asleep sung by Emily Browning she has such a soft beautiful voice another favorite is Army of Me (sucker punch remix) I'm not really a fan of Bjork but this is an awesome track lastly White Rabbit is a really cool track has cool vibe to it I think the soundtrack is cool would recommend it.
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on July 7, 2012
Just ripped open my mail and played my new CD! Awesome music that truly evokes the surrealism that the movie aimed for. The movie only achieved mixed success with the feeling, probably due to editing (I saw an earlier screening version that was better than the final product).

I also recommend Mae's "This Time Is the Last Time," which is a perfect coda to the film. This Time Is The Last Time

Save yourself
'cause the only thing that matters
is that you get away from the pain
and the thought of losing your mind.
Don't blame yourself.
It was everyone around you who made you act this way.
There's the stage and your chance to watch it go down.
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on April 1, 2011
There are very few movies with soundtracks that capture the essence of the corresponding parts of the movie and help the listener remember the movie vividly while listening to the soundtrack. In the past, I have found this to be the case with bombastic soundtracks of "Tron", "Inception", "300", "Dark Knight", "Batman Begins", and "Mission Impossible".

However, this was not the case with "Sucker Punch" soundtrack before I watched the movie. Listening to the soundtrack after watching the movie, I could recollect the movie vividly and the experience of watching the movie. Of course, the soundtrack is loud and wild, and that is the best part given the context of the movie. I have quite a few soundtracks (ranging from "Sound of Music", "Love Story", and "Empire Records") and this one is already in my list of favourite soundtracks.

This is an example of a great soundtrack that befits the cool movie.
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