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on December 7, 2017
It's undoubtedly a fun show to watch, but the premise is a stretch to say the least.

I doubt that any major NY firm (or any firm, for that matter) would hire or keep Mike as an associate considering his situation. If they are impressed with him, why not hire him on a part-time basis, help him complete his education (should be a walk in the park for him), and do things properly?

Also, all this sleeping around of the main characters gets old very quickly. What is this, the 18,878th show that uses cheap sex to keep the action going?
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VINE VOICEon July 4, 2014
While looking for a new series to follow, I happened upon "Suits". The unrealistic setting of someone who has never been through college, never mind law school of becoming an associate at a top New York Legal Firm, seemed ridiculous. However I lost my initial thoughts after viewing a few episodes. The Partner, off and on, Harvey as played by Gabriel Macht, as a hot shot,wise cracking 'closer' also seemed like it would lose it's luster, but it hangs on. Patrick J. Adams, as Mike Ross, plays the college dropout. He has memorized the legal bibles and has the street smarts to talk his way through most of what he comes upon. The rest of the cast fills in the gaps. The environment of New York sky scrapers, fabulous food, top notch 'suits' and the legal world provide enough to make this an interesting series.

Recommended. prisrob 07-04-14
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on August 14, 2015
I've seen this show advertised but gave it no thought until recently. I was scrolling through my Amazon Prime and decided to give it a go. I am now hooked on the show after binge watching all four seasons! I appreciate the photography but more than that I appreciating the writing, weaving witty banter in and out of serious dialogue. Like most television shows, the scripts all have the similar story lines with similar arcs; someone does something stupid, the firm or people are placed in jeopardy, people get pissed, it all works out. Word of caution, this show is not for the family. The language can be considered vulgar at time and they tend to throw profanity around like adjectives and helping verbs. But all in all, I love the show.
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on September 18, 2016
So, I am not necessarily a big fan of office dramas, but a friend told us about the show...

This is a seriously good show. Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams make a great team... the supporting players start out kind of stereotypical, but they get developed nicely, starting in the third episode.

Louis Litt is perfectly played and Rachel and Jenny are strong and get fleshed out as the season moves along, as well.
I am glad that the other characters are getting their screen time too...
Eagerly awaiting the beginning of the second season... oh wait, I can get it any time I want, because they are on Amazon... got to love video streaming.
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on June 8, 2015
If you are into legal shows.. or even crime shows then Suits is for you. Acting and the script is superb. Suits is a corporate lawyer show. YES, corporate. It really gives you the inside scoop of the corporate life in New York.. heck it can be ANY corporate life of any major metropolitan city. Yes, I can see this played out on any corporation industry like techie, food, etc. The dialogue between these charters are smart, sexy, brilliant, snappy, witty, backstabbing, timely and entertaining.
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on July 24, 2016
Ridiculous, imprudent, reckless and brash. The rule of law doesn't rule Suits Season 1. I admire the complications the judicial system can and will inflict on the innocent and guilty, the victims and perpetrators. We are all equal in the laws written in the books, however, we are all unequal in the unspoken waves of how the written laws are interrelated. That is the impetus of this show. That is reality in our society. I admire the righteous and ethical attempts of Suits to keep people on the straight and narrow paths of heartfelt goodness.
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on February 9, 2016
I was a HUGE White Collar fan and have been going through withdrawal since it ended. Yes, I have mourned that long. I was looking for a new series to start and an online search recommended Suits for people who liked White Collar. Ok, Suits is amazing! After researching the actual actors and finding out that several are great friends, it makes sense why this show is so awesome! I can't get enough. Highly recommended!!!!
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I don't know how we missed this series on tv, but we found it while looking for something to watch instead of reruns.. The show is great.. Kind of reminds me of the Good Wife.. It's a story about lawyers and all their cases, plus info about their personal lives.. The young lawyer isn't really a lawyer, but is brilliant and is able to decieve people into thinking he is a lawyer.. Lots of twists and turns, lots of relationships.. Keeps you engaged and interested.
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on January 3, 2014
This show is fairly uneven, season 1 though, for the most part I loved it.

Young kid, gets detoured from his life at Harvard; Seems he's a "once he reads it, he doesn't forget it, and oh by the way, he understands it all....".

Meets lawyer with a bit of a weak moral compass, who has to hire a pleb lawyer into the firm in order to become a senior partner and by hook or by crook hires the young kid. (Even though he hasn't graduated from any law school)

Everyone in the series has their part to play, they play it well, and the character interations are priceless.

The in-house villain of the piece "Louis Litt" (Get Litt) gets funnier and actually more likeable as the show progresses.

And they don't necessarily take the obvious / easy way out plotwise.

Each week, plot is pretty stand alone, but each season generally has an underlying arch of some sort that you can follow along with as well.

A lot of depth of characterization, decent plots, highly recommended (this season anyway)
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When I avidly watched USA, my shows were Burn Notice & Law & Order: CI, so it generally takes me some time to warm up to anything new. However, I do have an affinity for programs that deal with the law, and the law looks totally different until you have to use the law. I think that may have been the reason I did not watch Suits for the 1st 2 seasons: I just wasn't interested. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the last episode of Season 2, all because it was coming on while visiting family. I enjoyed it, and since the 1st 2 seasons are included with Amazon Prime, I watched them.....in less than 7 days. I was hooked, and while the incredible outcomes are more or less rooted in truth to make you think, "That could happen," it is entertaining enough to keep you there. The cast is very well chosen, and having witnessed first hand how attorneys truly have a science to the method of their madness, for nearly 2 years, Suits is a gentle remainder that such programs only feed the perception of the law is and what the law is not. In other words, IT IS WELL WORTH WATCHING!!!!! While I do not think it is absolutely necessary to watch the first season to enjoy the second season, it is always good to have a grasp on different references made at certain points during the show. The angle presented as to how the two main characters come together is cool, so if you haven't thought to view Suits, I think you'll absolutely enjoy it.
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