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on August 3, 2011
Moral of the story: Don't buy anything from Summer Infant!!

I purchased Summer Infant's Day and Night video monitor with excitement. I admit, it was great for the first year. Then the honeymoon was over.

Within about 14 months, the night vision started having problems. It still worked fine when the room light was on. But not when the light was off; the most important part about paying so much money.

When brought to Infant Summer's attention, all they could conclude was that there's something wrong with the night vision functionality, there was no explanation why, and the only solution would be for me to either purchase a new one, or a refurbished one, due to the unit being out of warranty.

When I again inquired if this was a common problem, or perhaps I just got a lemon...which happens with things like this...there was no response.

So, with just a little over a years use, I have something I paid over $160 for..that doesn't work as it should (especially it's most important feature). And the only option the manufacturer is giving me is to buy a new one.

Be forwarned that you have the risk of faulty products and poor customer relations and appreciation when buying anything from Summer Infant. Especially this particular product. Which, by the way, has over 20% poor ratings on Amazon when you really dig through all the reviews. From the surface, it looks like a good product. But trust me, when you read through the reviews, and then when you have the experience I did...you don't want to go there....

Summer Infant Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 1.8" Screen - Silver
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on December 15, 2016
It served its purpose, but over time it start to have issues. After about a year it started to become flaky. I have two units. One unit doesn't work at all, and the other still sort of functioning. I bought it b/c it would not interfere with my wifi router due to the operating frequency range.

Issue is the power connector for the monitor has become temperamental. Have to wiggle it just right to get a good connection and then it works. Likely over time some internal connection has become loose. Likely a product defect.
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on February 8, 2008
We had a simple fisher price sound monitor (Fisher-Price Sounds 'N Lights Monitor) which was really great with no static. But when our child would cry, make funny noises or other "suspicious" sounds, we didn't know if it was a pacifier issue, heat, blanket and always needed to investigate what it was, read, daddy or mommy needed to go check.

So we decided that it would be nice to see our son when he cries,

So we researched it online, and everyone seemed pretty positive, yet a few reviews were pretty negative. So we decided to take the "plunge" and bought it.

Now, when our son complains, makes funny noises or we just want to see him sleep, we have the Summer Infant Day & Night.

Here is the scoop......

- Night vision is REALLY good - my wife and I love to observe our child at night when he is at peace - yet we are not waking him up.
- Microphone is VERY sensitive, so you can hear your baby's breathing (for us, we have the camera (which has the microphone integrated into it) on a shelf above his head
- The portability of the monitor is great
- The size of the screen is great, not too small, not too big
- The "on/off" button for the video is great especially at night - without it our whole bedroom would be lit up
- The length of the cords from adapter to monitor and adapter to camera is great

- Sometimes, the static from other neighborhood wifi devices or others seems to interfere - we are OK, but sometimes it seems that it picks up other devices' frequencies
- the cord from the adapter to camera can easily come off - Summer should had a small latch that ensures the cord doesn't fall off so easily
- The monitor's battery case is sealed with philips screws - that doesn't make sense for a baby monitor which is never going to be given to a baby therefore really doesn't need this extra security. If it was a fake monitor sure, add the screws but for an adult oriented product - it is unnecessary.
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on December 5, 2011
As new parents we purchased this video monitor on Amazon in early 2010. The audio/video quality was very good (too sharp you can even hear the slightest noise made by the baby). The frequency range is excellent too. One time I had to go down to pick up something from the car and my baby was sleeping in the 3rd floor and so I took the monitor with me. Being in the ground floor I was still able to watch my baby sleep with no difficulties in the video/audio. I would have given it 5 stars then, but I forgot to write the review. One day I accidently dropped the monitor into the bath tub and I freaked out!!!!!!!!! I immediately removed the batteries, wiped out clean and let it dry in the sun for a few hours. I checked the monitor to see if it was working and IT STILL WORKED GREAT with the same excellent quality!!!!!!!! I never really thought it would work and I was already cursing myself for the mistake I did. This happened in June 2011 and now even after 6 months, its workin fine. I decided its definitely time to write a good review and here it is! We still use it everyday and its definitely one of the best purchases we've made. BEST VIDEO MONITOR!!!
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on March 25, 2011
We have twins. They are now 9 months old. We went back and forth between a couple of different monitor solutions and chose this product. We bought two camera's and two monitors. He have one camera over each of the twins bed (please use common sense and tack the power cord that hangs down from the camera so that the cord is no where near your babies reach). We have two monitors this allows each of us, my wife and I, to have a monitor while at different rooms in the house. We can each see both babies with one monitor by switching the A/B switch on the side. Set up was super easy. During the day, or with proper light in the nursery, the image on the screen is in full color. During the night the image on the monitor screen is in black & white.

Problems? A little audio static. Video static is practically non-existant. It's the audio static that can catch you off guard. These units have audio so you can hear what's going on in the room; if your baby is crying or coughing, etc. It also has a indicator of green to red that shows audio strength, so if you are sleeping you can turn down the audio portion and see by the indicator if there is audio in the room (baby crying will shoot the indicator to red). Great idea but there seems to be a fair amount of static so we are never sure if there is a baby crying or static being show on the indicator. So we just turn up the volume and listen, an easy solution.

One thing I want to address: some nit-wit, in a popular review, said that the "light on the camera kept her child up all night". Okay, I almost did NOT BUT THIS SYSTEM BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID COMMENT. I thought that there must have been a light projected for the night vision to work or some such thing. Turns out, on the camera there is a tiny green power light. I could see that that light MIGHT catch a child's interest, if so just put a tiny (1 inch by 1 inch) piece of duct-tape over the green power light. Problem solved.

So far, after 9 months of continual "on" mode, both cameras and monitors are working great. For GREAT peace of mind, I feel comfortable recommending this product to new parents.
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on December 4, 2010
I have been happy with this monitor so far. It does have some static, but as far as I can tell they all do. For some reason when it is unplugged and running on battery it's all static . . . I can't even have the sound on, and the noise bar is constantly on red (because of static). Also, several times I have seen another baby on the monitor, which is sort of creepy. Must be someone in our neighborhood. Personally, I don't use the video nearly as much as I did with my first son, and feel like it might have been a waste of money. But I loved it with my first child; it gives you a great sense of security.
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on June 20, 2011
The first thing I saw when I turned on the handset was my neighbor's child. I switched channels and saw another baby in a different crib. Only one neighbor has a baby so this thing was picking up a baby from at least two houses away! I guess it at least has range, but that means anyone nearby could be looking into my house. That means if you want any sense of security that no one is listening in on your conversations through the day, you have to turn the video camera off every morning and after each nap. That means you also would have to use mounting tape so that hitting the off button wouldn't tilt your camera so that you had to reset it every time. This is too much work for too little security in my opinion.

If you can move beyond the security issue (I was willing to just turn the camera off every time), the monitor still needs to function properly. I got a lot of static at different distances, near and far, whether doors were closed or shut. The second night, the audio completely glitched and I had nothing but static. I still had video, but without the audio to wake me up the video is of no use.

I would also suggest using a different option to secure the cord if you choose to use this monitor. The tape on the fasteners included in the package is not strong. They came loose from our eggshell-painted walls the first night it was up. Replacing the tape on the fasteners with a more heavy duty mounting tape might work.

I returned this and ordered the Baby Touch which I am using for the first time tonight. So far I already like the new one better. More expensive, but with the digital technology I needn't worry about anyone snooping into my home or having to turn the camera on and off. If you are willing to order this Day and Night version over and over to get one that isn't a lemon (I have read of multiple in the reviews), it might be worth it for you to save the money. I'm not willing to do it personally so I picked one with better reviews. Hopefully this time it will work out.

easy set up
decent picture quality
handset size is convenient. not easily lost, but easy to carry around

no security
didn't work properly past the first night!
cannot control the camera movements from a remote location
lots of static in the audio

The fact that the monitor stopped working and the complete lack of security, along with the static that made the baby's cries so hard to distinguish make me give this such a low rating. I would give it only 1 star since it didn't work, but I think if the system worked it would be a good one if you don't mind the security issues.
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on December 21, 2011
When my son was born, my best friend bought me this monitor as a gift! It was the MOST useful thing ever and it literally saved my sanity! The first few weeks, I was running back and forth checking on my newborn son every second (he slept in his crib from day one). The littlest sound, and I was running to check on him! And most of the time nothing was wrong. The constant checking was keeping me from sleeping (the little sleep I could get with a newborn) and was driving me crazy! I thanked my friend everyday for this monitor when I got it! When my son would make a noise, I would just check the monitor before running to him. It gave me peace of mind and relaxation.

The screen is a bit small, but it's not a big deal. The day and night picture quality was both decent. I could see everything I needed to see. However, if I got near the camera of this monitor while talking on a cordless phone, the monitor would have very LOUD static. The cordless phone would go silent and I wouldn't be able to hear the person on the other line, but they can still hear me. So that became annoying when I had to go into my son's room while on the phone... it would go out! The monitor would also have static if it wasn't positioned a certain way. In one corner of the room it was OK, but if I move it an inch, the screen and audio would go static. SUPER ANNOYING! I live in a one bedroom apartment! So I know it's not the range that's the problem.

Now, my BIGGEST problem with this monitor. ABSOLUTELY NO PRIVACY! I live in a NY apartment building. I went downstairs to the first floor to do laundry one day and decided to take this baby monitor with me to check on the range and if I could still see my baby sleeping in his crib. When I get downstairs, I look at the monitor and I DO see a crib and a baby... but they're NOT MINE!!!!! Their some neighbors' kid! I further walk along and notice the screen change to ANOTHER crib and baby! I guess this monitor is popular enough that most people in my building with babies had one.

OK, let's say you live right next door to someone with this monitor... you have the option of switching to another frequency (A or B) so your crib/baby doesn't show up on their monitor and theirs on your monitor. So your neighbor may be on frequency A and you can be on frequency B, so no problem. BUT my concern is with some child molester walking the halls of my building with the same monitor set to either frequency scoping out babies in their cribs. If he bought another monitor like this, he could actually do this.

After a year of NONSTOP use, I ended up breaking this monitor through my own stupidity. I bought a replacement power plug PowerLine 1,300mA Universal AC Adapter with Compatibility Tips and USB Power Port cause we lost the plug this monitor came with. And because I didn't read the instructions on how to set it up (voltage and polarity), I ended up frying this monitor. So I ended up buying another monitor: Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen. I'll post a review on that monitor soon.
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on December 28, 2010
Loved this monitor when we started using the first one, once we added a second and the monitors started wearing down (over the course of a couple years) we became very frustrated with them. Due to the open video (anyone with a monitor handset can see it) and the degradation over time, I would recommended looking at newer models of digital monitors from other manufacturers.

* You can watch your child at night due to the infrared lights, wonderful to be able to see what is happening and not rely on sound alone.
* Good broadcast distance, was able to use the monitor in a hotel and go down the hall while still being able to keep an eye on the baby, or take the dog for a quick walk around the block.
* Dual channel is great to be able to switch between children and keep an eye on two with one monitor.

* Sound stats fading/popping/losing volume after a while (according to customer service it's due to dust in the volume control)
* Introducing a second monitor created cross-interference, more difficult to get a clear signal to either monitor without some fading/popping.
* Video stopped working on one handset.
* No option to buy replacement handset, only the full set (camera, handset monitor, power adapters) is available (retail or refurb).

We would love these monitors, but due to all the static/popping/cross-interference and inability to just buy a replacement hadnset, they are just exceedingly annoying now and we can't wait to stop using them.
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on January 10, 2012
We did a lot of research before choosing this video monitor. Some of the reviews about the screen burning out made us wary but we decided the good reviews outweighed the bad and went for it. So glad we did - my son is now two and half years old and we still use this. (He is like houdini when it comes to getting out of his jammies and sometimes his diaper as well). We've lived in three different houses with this monitor and it does make a difference with how well the signal transmits. Our first was single family, wood stud house and the signal transmitted perfectly, no issues. Our second place was a four-plex with steel studs - there was interference there with the audio transmission, video would come through just fine but there would be enough pops that leaving that audio just on didn't work. Third house, single family home, steel studs - transmits great, no audio or video problems. Originally I had thought that the reception problem was due to the steel studs but now I think it was due to so much electronic "noise" with so many other wi-fi networks, baby monitors, etc. in such a small space. (also using a wii in between the camera and monitor will interfere with the signal). Another minor issue is that there is no battery charge indicator so I usually just leave it plugged in for a full day when the batteries run low. Not a deal breaker but it would have been nice. Also the "color" is a bit misleading because it's only a color display when there is bright light and I don't often put my son to sleep in bright daylight.

We've loved this monitor. We literally leave the camera plugged in 24/7 and have done so for most of the past two years and haven't had any problems. By the time that my son was a year old we would just turn on the monitor when we wanted to check on him and just leave it off otherwise.

I took off the one star due to the lack of charging indicator light and the fact that we had some reception issues in our previous house. Other than the concerns I noted above I really recommend this monitor.
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