Customer Reviews: Summer's End
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on July 4, 2000
This book was about a woman who never sees her husband because hes always away on business. Deanna is a really good painter, but her husband insists she paint for fun, that she didn't need a career and one in painting was for second rate people. At the begining of summer Deanna meets a art dealer who thinks her paintings are wonderfull and wants to sell them in art gallerys. In the mean time they fall in love ... and make a promise that the relationship will be over at summers end. Deanna feels guilty at first, but the more they are together, she forgets about her husband... and the more they begin to wish the summer will never end. Later Deanna finds out that her husband has been having a affair for years. I left out a considerable amount of the book. This book has tragedy, love, lies, decite and much, much more. I would definetly recommend this book!
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on December 5, 2001
This is the first Danielle Steel book that I have ever read. Of all the others that I have truly enjoyed, this is the one I keep coming back to. Steel writes an amazing story of a woman who loses what she never really had to gain only something that dreams are made of. Her philandering husband cares only for himself and his daughter as he pushes Deanna away. Deanna in return learns quickly that the only person she will ever have in her life ever again is a blessing that had been bestowed upon her: Ben Thompson. A captivating story reminding us to open and follow our hearts and to never look back only to regret. This is a book that you will come back to more than once in your journey reading all the great and wonderful Danielle Steel books.
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on March 27, 2002
I have been reading Danielle Steel's books for over 15 years now. Sometimes they do get a bit "all the same" with most of the characters being important, successful, beautiful people who live in "stately homes" and wear "important jewels and furs". Sometimes I think the characters are more about what they have then who they are. Despite this, I always enjoy her books - they are easy to read, romantic and make you forget about everyday life for a couple of hours while engrossed in the book. Personally I think her earlier books are more enjoyable and get more involved in the characters than some of the later books she has written. I enjoyed this book ... a woman (Deanna) who was never appreciated by her family for anything that she did but managed to continue with her love of painting and make a success of herself and her life without her uncaring husband. Showed us that you can do anything if you just believe in yourself. Loved the ending too ....
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on April 25, 2002
This was a super book, one to curl up with or take to the can't put it down though! This is a story about life and it's tragedies. It's a story about love and the choices we all make. The story does a good job at making you feel what the characters are feeling. It is a story that can give us hope to find the courage to make changes in our own lives, to not be afraid to go after what we want.
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on December 8, 2002
This is the first Danielle Steele book that I've read and it will definitely not be the last. I couldn't put it down. By the time I got to chapter 25, I was wishing that I could read faster. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen to the characters. I was kind of torn between 5 and 4 stars. I decided 5 stars because after 2 weeks after finsihing the book, I'm still thinking about it. I can't stop thinking about Ben and Deanna. Why I even entertained a 4 rating is that this story involves adultery. In the beginning of the book, it's quite clear what's going to happen and I didn't like that there was betrayal involved. As I continued to read, I fell in love with Ben. It took a while to like Deanna because an affair is still an affair but then I eventually started to feel for her. Overall, I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good love story.
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on October 15, 2015
I did not like this book, the story was similar to another Danielle Steel book Answered Prayers where the women are subjected and take disrespectful treatment from their husbands. This bores me after a while when reading a book. In Summer's End, the character of Deanna was just plain and weak in allowing her husband to tell her how to run her life, what she could and could not do just because what, he's an older man. Telling her she could not paint and Deanna just taking it all in. At least she was allowed a room to paint in. And the daughter Pilar what a little bratty little snot, I would have shipped her off to France for good. Could not take much more of her rude attitude toward her mother and Deanna just taking it all. Too bad she finally needed her mother toward the end of her life, that was sad. But I thought I'd never get thru this book fast enough. I do like Danielle Steel but I do not like reading about weak women. Yes, glad that Deanna found happiness in the end with Brad but with their relationship I was so tired of their "darling" endearments to one another that were over the top and repeated just too much within the book.
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on September 6, 2005
What I love most about Danielle Steel is that her books are always the beginning to a better life for the main character, and this one is no different. She has had, in my opinion, some ups and downs in her writing over the last few years but this is one of the ups for her.
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on June 23, 2015
Used to read all her earlier stuff.. Than as a lot of reviews agree with me.. stopped because he writhing just got bad and predictable.. She was cranking books out as one would a dinner..
I got this, as a re-read.. remember liking it a lot when I first read it.. I guess I have matured and now need more from my reading material.. so found this mediocre.. Than I thought lets check out something new.. and got a sample of Prodigal Son.. could not even get through a sample..

For me, I will stop reading Danielle Steel books..
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on October 18, 2016
I don't know how this author continues to write such riveting novels time after time! I loved the twist this story had, and I had to keep reading to find out what happened; I simply enjoyed every page!
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on August 13, 2005
I usually don't even browse through a DS book. For some reason I bought and read this one. I couldn't put it down, could hardly stand to take a break to sleep. I did cheer for Deanna&Ben. Cried my eyes out over Pilar, even though her character in the book was totally unlovable. I did get frustrated in the end with Deanna and her reasoning behind not contacting Ben about the baby. The visual descriptions make you feel like you're really there. I liked the fact that Danielle and Ben felt an immediate attraction to each other and didn't play games about their feelings. The ending is a let down though. The epilogue should have been set a few years down the road. I loved it when Marc realized he had gotten the short end of the stick after all. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because of the poor editing and the not-so-great ending. Would reccomend.
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