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on September 26, 2014
Love this book. Very accurate :)
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on May 25, 2013
I'm not a stranger to this book at all. As a matter of fact, I had a copy for many years, and it got so old, the pages started to come loose and I ended up having to replace it with this purchase. I was turned on to it by a really good friend of mine out of San Diego, Ca, when I was on my personal journey of truly studying and embracing astrology as a behavioral science and how it (The Universe) relates to every Man, woman, child. In a nutshell, even for the casual astrology enthusiast, The reason this particular book is so important is because it FINALLY shed's light on the OTHER half of a person. Ever wondered why two or more people you may know or have been in a relationship with are like POLAR OPPOSITES, yet how can this be when they have the same sign? Well, this book addresses that in detail and with great accuracy. The way a person reacts emotionally, or lacking emotion thereof, etc...all depends on what their MOON SIGN is. For example, My Sun sign is Capricorn, but my Moon Sign is CANCER, so what that means is that I have the typical Capricorn traits plus carry the traits associated with Cancer. Capricorns aren't known for being "emotional" but because my Moon is in Cancer, I am, plus I tend to get offended easily as well. I never knew WHY I was so different than other Caps I knew, and this book blew me away with the answers I had been seeking! Bottom line is this, if you are sincere, and truly want to uncover the whole side of not only yourself, but the person you would like to be with, then this book is an absolute MUST OWN, you will be so glad you purchased it and once those wheels are turning and you're learning all about what makes you who you are your jaws will be continuously open, wish they had more than 5 Stars to give this book!
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on March 24, 2014
I would recommend this book to all the astrology lovers who want to compare how the sun and moon affects ones personality. It is not to be taken as a matter of fact he/she born on this day at this time has these characteristics all the time, but it is interesting how the comparison to some of my family and friends and myself is right on point. I enjoyed this book.
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on August 9, 2013
Not for the advanced astrologer, but a good way to get into synthesizing more than one chart element. It could use more depth of thinking.
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on September 25, 2016
As astrology books go, it's well written and entertaining to read (another reviewer called it a good 'party book' and I agree) with a generous listing of famous personalities and quotes to fill things out. I would rank this as an extended reading of tropical newspaper sun signs with descriptions of how the lunar signs might modify the sun signs. The examples shown don't always match the description however; they make more sense if you adjust the birthdate data to sidereal. Even then, since the sign descriptions are based on an erroneous observation of zodiacal behavior (80% of cancer tropical natives are actually sidereal gemini natives - same goes with the moon signs), they are slightly off point because of the precession confusion.
That in mind, this is still a good read. Just not to be taken too seriously.
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on August 16, 2016
Having purchased the first edition in paperback back in 1994 and having 'upgraded' in 2015 to the Kindle Edition of the 2003 update, I am a long-time fan of this uncannily-accurate, deeply insightful book. This is an excellent, best-in-class reference in which eminent British astrology duo Charles and Suzy Harvey (Mr. Harvey sadly died a short time ago) offer in-depth analysis of each of the 144 sun-moon combos, their love natures and best matches, their career affinities and life-purpose, and the elements (i.e. earth, air, fire, water) at play in the combo.

Better still, the Harveys base each combo on both astrological analysis *and* prodigious research into the lives, loves, careers, demons, and triumphs of current and past figures -- everyone from Beyoncé to famed 18th-c. author Samuel Johnson to screen icon Marilyn Monroe to popular physicist Richard Feynman -- who were also born with a given sun-moon combo. Not only are these real-life examples listed, but quotes from said figures that best represent the traits, strengths, and struggles of each combo are included as epigraphs to each profile. Hearing from these "fellow travelers" offers the reader really useful examples that deepen one's understanding of each Sun-Moon combination. (These names also offer readers the opportunity to research some of these life stories via internet browser, since each reader is bound to find unfamiliar figures listed among the more readily identifiable celebrities.)

As a reader who refers to this book often, I've always found the aforementioned epigraph quotes especially illuminating. For example, one can readily understand the Harveys' observations that folks with the sun in Scorpio and moon in Cancer tend toward secrecy, are staunch defenders of their families and their privacy, and often leaven their devotion to duty and their painfully keen awareness of the vagaries of human nature with a wry, ready sense of humor. But one truly begins to form a gut-level grasp of how these traits might play out in the personality and life-path of an individual when one reads the epigraph quote that the Harveys include from Will Rogers, a prominent, mid-20th-c. satirist born with the Scorpio sun-Cancer moon combo: "So live that you would not be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip." A delightful grace-note -- and the perfect distillation of the collection of traits that the Harveys' research suggests can be indicative of this Sun-Moon combination. Each of the book's 144 Sun-Moon combo profiles includes at least two such epigraph quotes.

I can't stress enough to would-be buyers with no background in astrology that I respectfully disagree with those reviewers who have said that they consider this book "over the heads" of those new to astrology. This book was one of the first two astrology books I ever owned; even with no background, I found that the Harveys' three, highly readable, straightforward-but-illuminating introductory chapters -- i.e. "Getting the Most from This Book," "Sun and Moon -- the Lights of Our Life," and "Elementary, Dear Readers," covering 48 pages (including several very skimmable charts and keyword lists) -- provided a more than sufficient foundation for understanding the functions of the astrological sun and moon and the 144 individual Sun-Moon combo profiles. What's more, the astrology newbie friends and family -- including my then-16-year-old nephew -- to whom I gifted copies when the U.S. paperback version was still in print were also able to understand and analyze the book's profiles, doing so armed only with the primer presented in the book's three introductory chapters and the sun sign and moon sign tables provided in its index.

To my mind, you can't go wrong with this purchase, which I believe is by far the best of the books that consider Sun-Moon interactions at work. (Vera Kaikobad's soulfully thorough The 12 Moon Signs in Love: A Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Partner is also excellent, although the Harveys' work has a different mandate and operates at a different level. Also worth a look is the original, 1994 edition -- and *only* the original, 1994 edition -- of Marjorie Orr's A Lover's Guide/an Astrological Key to Relationships. (Off-the-charts editing errors so bedevil the second, revised edition of Orr's book -- published in 2009/10 under a slightly different title and recently made available in the U.S. -- that I don't recommend it and haven't linked to it. My apologies for posting the link to this problematic second edition of Orr's book in my initial posting of this review!)

In my opinion, this fun, thoughtful, rigorous, exhaustively researched, spot-on accurate, and very entertaining book is popular astrology at its best. As I said at the outset, I'm an enthusiastic fan.

Very highly recommended!
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on July 14, 2013
I was able to find my moon sign in this book but then I was in over my head. I gave it 3 stars because I liked the content in it. This book is not for the invoice in my opinion. It's worth the money but I have read easier books on the subject.
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on December 30, 2016
Combine your mercury (mind) as the (book) Sun and comb your ascendant as the MOON and read. Now comb. your merc. as the SUN and your moon as the MOON and now read. (referring to your natal for astrotheme (left side, blue, "horoscope, ascendant") and to get a chart for time And moon placements. Need birth time. Essential.☺good luck...persevere. DLH
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on July 3, 2014
This particular book was recommended to me by a trusted astrologer. The Harveys have done an amazing job with their insightful knowledge about sun/moon sign combinations. They have absolutely done their homework. Quite stunning in the accuracy. I highly recommend this book for the seasoned astrologer's book shelf and for any one just interested in the subject matter. It is quite possibly the best of its kind out there.
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on May 8, 2012
This has always been one of my favorite astrology books. My mother owned it for years and I would occasionally borrow it and read up on every single person I ever knew. This book is addicting- once you look up yourself and see how accurate the description of your sun sign, moon sign is to your real personality, you will be hooked. This book has turned many of my non-believer friends into believers of astrology (including a couple of boyfriends, who were so very adamant that astrology was a scam). It's also a great book to have at parties, on road trips,'s a perfect conversation starter! I can't believe I got a copy of this book for $0.25! Total steal! :D
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