Customer Reviews: Sunday Morning Quilts: 16 Modern Scrap Projects • Sort, Store, and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasured Fabrics
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on March 6, 2012
I have been a huge fan of Amanda Jean Nyberg for several years and couldn't wait for her to put her creativity and originality together in a book for me to treasure. I pre-ordered it and rec'd it today. I have already devoured it! I had such high expectations and can joyously say that it does not disappoint!

Amanda Jean and Cheryl are leaders in the online quilting community and are natural trend-setters. In Sunday Morning Quilts they manage to teach the rest of us how to take any old scraps and make them into something original and beautiful.

I love their section on how to identify, define and organize scraps. Then they take you through a how-to process of making "new" fabric by joining scraps. In each of the sixteen projects, they include gorgeous pictures, clear instructions, and my favorite feature which is how to make it your own. What a great addition! That advice gets my mind spinning with all of the ways to take a purchased pattern, free tutorial, or book project and make little changes to make it an original.

I can't thank these two women enough for their dedication to the craft and the hard work it took to put their experience and techniques into a format that we can all understand and learn from.

I highly recommend adding Sunday Morning Quilts to your library. It is instructional and, of course, such delicious eye-candy. At Amazon prices you don't even have to feel guilty for adding this book to your stash.
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on March 30, 2012
I really enjoy reading Ms. Nyberg's blog and have made several of the quilts she has shared on it. I waited for this book with anticipation, and although I really like the majority of the quilts in it and plan to make several, I am a bit disappointed. The first quilt pattern doesn't begin until page 66. The majority of the book (a total of 140 pages) is devoted to information that can be found in almost every other quilt book on the market. Basic quilting techniques, "what is a scrap", color theory, how to wash/block a quilt etc. I realize that there are novice quilters who also buy books, but as a more experienced quilter, I would really like (for once) to buy a quilt pattern book that is devoted to quilt patterns. That is why I buy a quilt book and to find a large portion of a book devoted to information I also find in every other book I have, sorta makes me feel like I have been "cheated". Again, the patterns are great, but I sure wish there were more of them!
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on March 9, 2012
I have many quilting books and I have to say - this book is now in my top 5! I seriously love this book. The writing is wonderful and the authors have some very practical ideas for storing scraps. I hate to say this, but I was one of those quilters who tossed her scraps. But now - oh, the possibilities! The quilts in this book are just beautiful - I cannot even pick a favorite. Thank you so much - and I can't wait for the next book! (though I am not sure it can top this one!!!)
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on March 6, 2012
I'll announce my bias now. I love reading Amanda's blog, so this book is just a natural extension of her awesomeness. She did an amazing job collaborating on this book and I'm so happy I purchased it.

There are 16 projects inside that use my least favorite part of my sewing room, the scraps. I can't part with them, but can never find anything useful to do with them. This book is the answer. Beautifully designed quilts, easy to follow instructions, and great pictures. Plus, the book is filled with quality tips and tricks on how to quilt and manage your fabric.

I highly recommend this book for quilters of all levels. Everyone is certain to find something in this book worth trying.
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on August 9, 2012
For the record I am a brand new quilter, having completed 2 full quilts ( easy ones) That is it so far.
I have made many blocks in the years I had been contributing to group quilts at my church, so I have done a few labor intense blocks but never more than 8-10 of a single block. And yes,those blocks required extreme accuracy as all quilts should~
What do I like about this book?? It makes quilting look like FUN! I do not have many scraps, ( lol I DO have a yarn stash tho does that count?) so I may have to purchase things along the way for me to complete some of these quilts
and it is always fun to shop for new fabrics!
The positives in this book are that they show one can play w/ fabrics , have fun and not take the quilting SO seriously that it ceases to be a fun activity,,,this is a HUGE positive for me b/c that is the very reason I never took to quilting even though I have sewn for 30 yrs~

I like the "modern" quilt(w/o boarders etc) but I wonder if it really is" modern"??

The reason is that my grandmother and mother used every bit of scrap fabric they could find to make quilts They didn't have larger pieces to use for borders or the back so this is certainly not a new thought, but a throwback to the frugality of past generations,
I am pleased to see that this is making a come back in a throw away society~
Perhaps we should take note of the words, " Waste not,, Want not" as many were taught in our formative years~
A lot of people toss small pieces of anything out, which is a shame b/c beautiful quilts can be made from those old scraps as evidenced in this book~
I just inherited a 70 yr old straight stitch sewing machine that no one in the family wanted, I would like to take that in to get a good work up and see how that stitches vs my very modern uber computerized machine
( I wonder how many garments. quilts or alterations were made on that machine,,,,)
I have a quilt in my guest room that is probably 50 plus years old that has a pieced back because that is what they did in those days. It is used by guests in our home and well loved.

I call this book a " permission" to play book,,,,and while I still love accuracy,,( and the authors do not sacrifice it at all!) I feel like I can get ideas how to make pretty USABLE quilts that will snuggle children and warm us in winter w/o making a ton of intricate stars or triangles.
I will never be a quilter that goes for the blue ribbon at the State Fair, and while I do admire the work and beauty in them,,,,I just want to have some fun w/ fabric, relax and sew,,and not take this so seriously that it gives me a major headache or has me looking to pour a glass of wine each time I sew.

I sent the 2 quilts tops I sewed out to a shop to be quilted, so that is my level of quilting at present~
I would really like to learn to use my walking foot on my new machine to quilt and save myself a lot of money there also!
This is just fun book to own, and I think I will be making a few quilts from this book even though I really do not have many scraps~ I am going to have fun w/ fabric and play!

One more thing,, the part about sorting your scraps,,,,,,,umm,,,ok , here is the truth~

I sort my leftover yarns in color coded baskets so this is not such a novel idea, its just practical to do
but I will give this book 5 starts b/c of the ideas it gives me to just have a fun and relaxed time quilting~ because there is absolutely everything to like about this method and mindset, I wish I would have seen this years ago!
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on May 8, 2012
The nice quilts in the book are offset by underdeveloped instructions and illustrations. Too much of the book is dedicated to the "blah blah blah" of quilting basics that appear over and over in quilting books. There are certainly some good designs among those featured in the book, but not enough to warrant a better review. If these authors produce another book, I'd look again because my guess is they'll learn from this first try.
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on November 14, 2012
I am a newbie sewer/quilter and I purchased this book thinking that it would be great for a beginner. Right now I am working the candy coated quilt, the one pictured in the cover photo.

Problems/Issues/General Disgruntlement:

*The authors want to cater to beginners yet by paradox assume readers have prior knowledge (!). For example, the authors discuss free motion quilting in a specific section without ever defining what it is or the type of equipment one would need.

*The writing and syntax is overall sloppy. Ex: using "good" to describe an item twice in the span of two corresponding sentences

*The materials section does not specify what width of fabric is needed for the backing or the binding on any of the quilts (i.e. one needs 5 1/2 yards for the candy coated quilt BUT the authors don't say whether that is for fabric of 55'' width or 35'')

*Sometimes information is just missing! For instance on page 87 under section three the authors forget to list that the 11'' strips in with all the other rows to be completed.

*In general the organization is not intuitive. (note: I'm comparing the organization to other sewing books I've purchased, such as Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing and the Collette Sewing Handbook). If you are someone who needs detailed step-by-step info. please look elsewhere. The information is not streamlined, or concise. I've had to take the book to an avid quilting friend multiple times in order to figure out what the authors are talking about/referring to etc.


*The quilt designs are very original and unique. Though, I'm not sure how unique or original these designs are in comparison to others...

*I really appreciate the authors' conservative mentality.

OVERALL- my impression is that this book was sloppily thrown together and edited by someone who has never sewn before in their life. I would not recommend that beginners purchase this book.
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on March 17, 2012
I was excited to receive this quilting book since I follow the blogs of both authors. However, I don't think the directions for the two quilts I was interested in making were very clear at all. I am not new to quilting. I know a good set of directions from those that are unclear. "Candy Coated" and "Sunday Morning" both need more visual diagrams, especially "Candy Coated" is lacking in easy, understandable basic direction. Sorry to have to write this review:(
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on March 15, 2012
I LOVE this new quilt pattern book. It gives many sweet ideas on how to use even the smallest pieces of scraps so that you have virtually no wasting of your favorite fabrics. I am so excited to make a "ticker tape" quilt for my grand-daughter's baby doll. Can't wait for Volume 2!!
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on October 28, 2013
Before I get into my review I would like to point out that I am not an experienced quilter. I mostly sew clothes, use a serger, and do not have a long-arm quilting machine. It wasn't until recently that I decided to give quilting a try. Coming from clothes, I am more intrigued by the modern quilting movement than the traditional quilt fabrics and designs. I have quite a lot of scraps and thought I could get them to work ;)

In light of this, I ordered a few books-this one is by far my favorite. The projects are straight forward, the layout is clear and concise, and I like the fact that it shows you the block size and finished quilt size right up front. Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters: 60 Blocks + a Dozen Quilts and Projects! by Katy Jones (May 1 2012) doesn't tell you until page 130 that all the blocks in the book are 12x12. While the book features more complex designs, the layout isn't as appealing and user friendly as in Sunday Morning Quilts.

The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker, 12 Quilt Projects on the other hand seemed very promising from its cover, but the designs weren't nearly as colorful and bold as this book. I also ordered Quilting Happiness: Projects, Inspiration, and Ideas to Make Quilting More Joyful, which has this bright quilt on its cover. I had high hopes, but while the designs are intricate and the layout great, I didn't find a single project I was like "Wow, I want to make this!"

Perhaps this is due to me being a novice and not experienced in the different designs, but Sunday Morning Quilts has this bright and playful approach that really appeals to me. I understand, that there are a myriad of quilters and just as many tastes and preferences. Personally I like this book best, followed by Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters: 60 Blocks + a Dozen Quilts and Projects! by Katy Jones (May 1 2012) because of its inspiring, modern take at blocks. Next comes Quilting Happiness: Projects, Inspiration, and Ideas to Make Quilting More Joyful because it offers techniques to awaken your creativity and reads more like a magazine. The one book I personally like the least is The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker, 12 Quilt Projects, although I really like its introduction and skill section.

Overall, if you like color, bright and bold designs and have a ton of scraps you would like to work into something this is the book for you. The designs are lovely and the book is very motivational to de-scrap-stash!
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