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on March 14, 2012
So, clearly I'm not a weightlifter or trying to bulk up by drinking protein shakes, but I am using them as a way to increase my daily caloric intake. In the video, I am using a whey protein powder and skim milk. When I ordered my first jar of protein powder, I almost bought this bottle as well, but then I figured I really didn't need it. I thought I'd just empty out a water bottle and shake it in there, or stir it in a glass. By the 2nd shake I made, with mouthfuls of powdery lumps, I decided it was something I should invest in - and really- not much of an investment at that- only $7. and change. I honestly never thought that the shakes would have been that difficult to mix, so as to justify the purchase of a special type of bottle, but I was quite wrong. Who knew? Well, not me, apparrantly. Anyway, it does exactly what it claims to do, and it does it very well. All of the shakes I've made have been consistently smooth, and I have not seen any leakage from any part of the bottle. It is actually very well made, and the flip top lid is very tight and secure. That little metal ball really does make a huge difference in how the shake turns out. It's a time saver as well-very quick. No buyer's remorse; received the item on time, total A+++ purchase. Highly recommend for mixing any type of powdered drink.
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on June 20, 2016
I would always drink protein powder after my workouts. At first I would just pour the protein powder and water into a glass and mix the two with a spoon. This would always leave clumps everywhere. And it would also leave my protein shake very thick in consistency. I then started to use a regular bottle with a cap and shake it up in there. This helped a little but still left the protein shake thick with clumps.

I finally saw this blender bottle and purchased it. I bought the clear black twenty eight ounce size bottle. I immediately saw the results after using it for the first time. I added eight ounces of water to the bottle, added my scoop of protein powder, put in the round blender ball, put the top on, and then shake it for about thirty seconds. The powder and water mixed very well together. It left zero clumps and the consistency was very smooth.

I've been using this blender bottle for over four years now. It's completely dishwasher safe. The words on the bottle have faded, but I'm assuming it's from using it for a long period of time and running it through the dishwasher so much. I haven't noticed any leakage occurring while shaking the bottle. My only issue is that sometimes it can be difficult to flip open the white cap which covers the top part of the bottle. I'll have to pry to open using some force. This may be an issue for some people. I didn't care too much about it because I usually remove the entire top and drink straight from the bottle. This is a great blender bottle because it works very well and is not expensive.
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on October 8, 2014
This blender bottle is great, and I just ordered a second one! I do intermittent fasting two days a week and drink shakes during those days. I have two huge shakes a day, and lazy bones that I am, I didn't want to start the plug-in blender thing just to mix up a simple shake mix with milk. This blender bottle to the rescue! I didn't believe it would work as well as it does, but now I am hooked. Really, if you just want a simple shake mixed up, this may make your cumbersome blender obsolete.

Highly, highly recommended. What genius invented this one?
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on June 14, 2016
I've gotten many a blender bottle in the past. This one is... somehow larger... wider i guess. I wish it wasn't wider because I have stubby fingers and it makes it harder to hold onto. Other than that it's perfect. Top snaps on great, very durable. My nephews tend to carry them around by the snap on lid so most of them end up having an accident where the tops get ruined at some point but this one seems like it can really take some damage. Really good quality. Happy about the color choices too. I always wanted a black one!

I should also state that I don't know how the blender ball works. We use these for Ice water in our office because we're not allowed to have open containers here, so I've never blended in it...
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on November 1, 2013
I recently purchased my second of these bottles. I had my previous bottle for a few years and somehow lost the bottom portion. This thing works great for powdered drink mixes as well as homemade mixes. The blender ball does an excellent job of mixing up drinks and is especially nice with the larger sized bottle that take a little longer to polish off. If your drink starts to separate a quick shake and its all better. I remember reading reviews the first time I bought the bottle that it is a little loud. This is true although I kind of love the sound!

One thing they suggest on the tag is using peanut butter. I was quite skeptical when I read this but it truely does work. I like to add a little chocolate syrup and peanut butter to give a little more sustenance to powdered mixes. It can also break up rasberries and similar fruits. For fruit shakes I will usually blend first, and the bottle does a good job keeping them mixed as I drink as they tend to separate quickly.

Importantly this new bottle seems to do better than my original at staying closed. It does take a bit of force to close the lid but this is much better than spraying liquids around the room! Lastly, the bottle stays amazing clean. It is quite slick on the inside so you rarely get that grime that builds up in other bottles. I don't have to worry about rinsing it immediately after I finish my drink.
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on September 26, 2011
A very good product for the price -- mixes protein shakes well. I have purchased two of them now, because the first one got hold of a sour milk smell when the last of a shake got accidentally left in it without washing for a couple of days. I make sure I drink the shake right away and quickly rinse it out thoroughly afterwards. It needs hand-scrubbing if not rinsed quickly and thoroughly, since a coat of material stays on the inside and starts to smell.

I also wonder that if the shake penetrates the plastic, how much plastic is being left in the shake? I have started to use a metal insulated Kleen Kanteen more recently and put the wire ball inside it and use that for a shake if I am not sure I'm going to be able to rinse the plastic one quickly. But then I can't use the insulated one for my tea.

I wish someone would just make a relatively inexpensive, easy to clean, version of this product made from stainless steel. But until then, I will keep using this product nearly every day.
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on May 25, 2012
The perfect solution. No more filling baggies with powder and funnelling it into used water bottles and making a mess. I can now fill this with whatever I want in the morning and take it with me and then pour water into when I want to make my drink. Dishwasher safe - even the ball. Both flap and screw lid parts are secure - no leaking when shaking. I completely recommend. The ball really does make a difference when mixing whatever powder you have with water.
Update (10/12/12): After going through daily dishwasher cycles the wording "Blender Bottle" and the logo are beginning to disappear in random spots. And also by now I've had to reorder this product because I dropped and broke one and I noticed the lid on my replacement is a lot more snug and harder and screw on/off and the flip lid takes a lot more pressure to close which is bad for those quick drinks while driving, etc... So consistency of product isn't there, but I'll keep using it because there is really no better solution to the problem is solves.
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on January 3, 2015
A bit pricy for what is just a piece of plastic and some metal. Probably costs pennys to make. But that's how it always is I suppose. It does a great job at mixing up my protein shakes, which simply consist of the whey powder and milk. I've found that the metal ball definitely helps mix the leftover chunks at the bottom of the shake. Most of the time though, I'd rather avoid cleaning the little thing altogether, so I just opt to not use it at all. The seal is very solid as well. No leakeage whatsoever, even when I turn the bottle upside down and hold it that way for a good 15 seconds. Not a drop spills.

Overall, I would buy again, and although the price really is a bit high for what it is, I must say the plastic is thick and doesn't feel cheap at all.
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on December 28, 2013
I had been blending protein shakes in a blender for a loooooong time. I finally found a powder (Optimum Nutrition) that tastes great without anything else (like fruit) mixed in, so I wanted to get something like the BlenderBottle to keep the blending process simple.

I did a lot of reading and bought one. Really couldn't be happier. Works just as you would expect and cleans up easy. The plastic is thick and seems like it would last a long time, not some cheap bottle that would get flimsy after a couple of dishwasher cycles.

My only recommendation to the manufacturer (I hope you are listening!): If you ever redesign the bottle, mold some horizontal grooves in the bottle, rather than vertical ones. The vertical ones really don't help you grip the bottle. I was shaking it with wet hands and it almost went airborne! Don't misunderstand me- this isn't a negative in any way, I just think it could be better in version 2.0 (or whatever).

My only suggestion to the user: Add your protein LAST. I added it first with almond milk on top and I had some dry powder left in the bottom. And I SURE don't understand the physics of that, but it doesn't happen if you add it on top of your liquid. So there.

Buy it. Enjoy it. I will likely buy a couple more just to have on hand.
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on June 5, 2017
Is what it says, does what it says. Perfect for the gross green diet healthy drinks I consume daily. Just wish it came in color so I didn't have to stare at the seaweed kale sludge I put in it so I wasn't reminded about what I'm about to injest.
Sturdy container and easy to clean.
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