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on August 20, 2016
For their price these are good. I dont expect these to handle covert ops in a swamp but I will try them on runs and family events SO I'll update once I start seeing build issues. For the folks that got lemons.........they cant all be winners, and I'm happy with mine for the 18$
But I do love reading about your first world problems when they don't automatically jump on you face from the box and start recording.

Here what I found out for operation:

1) Charging requires that you have an SD card installed so put one in and let it charge all night. The red light will flash while charging and will stay steady on when full. (let it charge overnight for first use)

2) When you remove it from the charger or unplug it from the computer USB it will go into a stand-by mode, but will turn off after a short time...~1 minute

3) My unit cannot be turned ON unless unless an SD card is inserted, AND an ear phone piece is plugged in (left side/charging port)
trying to power the unit on with only an ear piece will make the red light flash and the unit will turn itself off. The red light will only dimly come on when trying to turn it on with only an SD card, and will turn off when you release the button.

4) {Turning unit on} With an ear piece and SD card inserted, press ON button for ~1-2 seconds, steady red light will turn on; (no blinking), if you leave it in this state it will automatically turn off after a minute or so. if you short press camera/video button it will take a snapshot.

5) MP3s --load MP3s into the audio folder. If you follow step 4 and the light is a steady red, short press the ON button once an the light will turn blue, and your MP3s will start playing. Skipping or playing a previous track uses the volume buttons. A long press on the volume button will adjust the volume. Short pressing the ON button will pause the music (steady red light) from there you go use the snap shot or video options.

4) If you pause while playing music the red light will go steady. IF you then press the camera/video button it will take a picture. If you long press the camera/video button it go into video mode and the red light will blink as ling as you are in that mode.

5) If you short press the camera/video button while in video mode it will stop recording. Doing another long press will start another video file. If you short press while the red light is steady it will take a snapshot.

In short if you device has a steady red light it is in a "stand-by mode" and short or long press gets you snapshot or video, respectively.
if you short press the ON button from stand-by mode you will play MP3s. It turns itself off after a minute in stand-by mode.

Music quality is that it sounds flat, no bass, all treble, balry mids. But it was only $18 take your first world problems and eat $@#$@#

Image quality isn't bad I'm more than pleased with it. Outside in the day light shows some good details with good sound recording. Indoors in low light levels is also pretty good but it will dark out if you are just using candles like a romantic chump. There's guy who uploaded some video for these reviews and that should tell you exactly what to expect.

The video is only as steady as your face! you will get some BLAIR WITCH cinematography if you cant keep from looking at everything. So if you're gona use it for PORN you better have the neck/head control of a humming bird.
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on November 22, 2015
I was kind of leery about buying these because the price is so cheap but I am amazed how good and clear the video and pictures are up to about 650 feet they are great I get pictures of deer turkeys and all other wildlife in the woods be careful what you say the microphones pick up everything I would recommend these to anybody that hunts or fishes that would like to get it on tape it's fantastic and buy in three more sets for friends who hunt this way they'll be able to capture their hunting trips from now on
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on February 19, 2016
This device works really great as a camera/video recorder. Not so much as an MP3 player. We ordered two sets of these and the first had an audio issue in the side that charges and the charging port actually broke off and fell into the mechanism. The second pair worked great for about three days and then the P3 player stopped working all together (although the indicator said it was "playing") so buy these if you need a camera but buy a dedicated MP3 player for music.
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on November 28, 2015
decent product for the sale price i got was expecting it to be cheap and poorley made it actualy surprised me a little on the quality not bad.. only disappointment was i thought this was Bluetooth and could use for phone so was a little disappointing but my fault i read the specs wrong.. that being said i recommend this feature be added to manufacturers then this would be a truly superb product...

PS: the directions booklet looks like was written and spelling by an 8 year old ... coming from me with bad grammer that says allot.. lol and the instruction are required reading so yeah someone over there need to rewrite that puppy. was probaly a cheap translation from chinese to american but still very hard to read.
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on October 11, 2013

I ordered these because like most that have ordered them, want a way to record video so they have their hands free.

I ordered them to take videos of my dog running after my new RC Monster Truck. I have to hold the RC Controller so I can safely drive the truck, so my hands are not free to hold a video camera.

I tried the glasses today and it does work but the reviews are correct the video was over saturated and too bright, it was a cloudy day out. But it was good enough for my needs.

I am trying to find out how to adjust the time stamp that get put in the video. It's listing the year as 1980?

So there is nothing in the instructions on how to make those adjustments.

I don't even know who to contact to find out more on usage.

But for the price, which was lowered after I purchased my unit, is not bad, to just play around with them and don't expect great quality. Heck, it's selling for $20. Remember when you paid $800 for a video camera!!!

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on October 27, 2015
It feels a bit flimsy and not exactly top quality, but it has a ton of features, like Bluetooth (headphones. I'm not sure about calling, but I think it can do that too ) it takes pretty decent pictures and video, has a built in mp3 player, and is great for stuff like biking
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on April 28, 2017
works well, and the quality is great, quick delivery, recommend seller
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on December 5, 2015
Overall, not bad for Chinese electronics. But as always, you get what you pay for. The hardware seems nice, but I've only able to get the camera to record ONE time. Kind of useless when I was planning to use them as a dashcam.

They don't properly work with MicroSD cards above 8GB. The MP3 player hangs/dies after one song if you try. As sunglasses, they're pretty comfortable. If you want them for the MP3 function, they're pretty good. If you want them for the camera... it's not reliable.
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on May 29, 2014
They work well. The glasse are good too. But the instructions are useless and I was under the impression it had an internal memory but it doesn't work at all without an sd card. I have no idea if the camera even works as that is not why i bought them. Sweat is going to kill them, screws are rusting out already. I suggest not even plugging the things into the computer and removing the sd card to access it as they seem to loose files when you use a usb transfer. Had to basically teach myself how to use it, instructions are poorly translated and basically useless. The sound quality is mediocre, excellent volume, though. But volume is difficult to adjust. I suggest a different brand.
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on March 6, 2016
If the lenses were darker it would be perfect. But as for performance it was very good. So good that someone stole followed me into a movie theater and stole it from me while I was watching the movie. Just took it from my head when my guard was down. But I'll buy a new set soon.
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