Customer Reviews: Sunglasses 4 in 1 MP3 Player DVR Mini Camera Camcorder Video Recorder Support Micro SD Card
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on July 30, 2013
I purchased these to see if I could find a better way of documenting processes that were somewhat complex and that were not done frequently. Of course, you can always write stuff down, or record audio and video with a hand-held camera. Writing is too hard for me and too often you cannot go back later and understand what you wrote. An audio/video recording would be okay except that you only have one hand free since you have to, in general, hold the camera.

So, a solution might be to use glasses like these to record audio/video without having to actually hold the camera. Surprisingly, when I started looking at these, there seem to be quite a selection of products and widely varying prices. I decided to not buy the cheapest and bought these glasses based upon mostly "good" reviews and the price was okay for "testing".

I thought the quality was quite good. As noted by a previous reviewer, the instructions are just about useless, but, you can figure out most everything through trial and error. I inserted a micro SD card that I had laying around and connected the glasses to my laptop. They were automatically recognized as a computer "drive" as expected. There were several file folders in the drive, but, since I didn't know what they were, I tried to re-format the SD card. I got an error message from Windows 8 saying "reformatting had failed".

So, now what? Are the glasses or the car bad? I decided to try the glasses as is. They took photographs and played music ok. I did not do an extensive test of the music playback since I was really only interested in the camera. Next, I walked around outside for about 20 minutes. When I got back and hooked the glasses back up to the laptop, the SD card showed that data had been stored. So, it is probably unnecessary to format the card because the glasses does this automatically.

Playing back my video started out well. But, after only about 2 minutes into the 29 minute video, the video stopped playing even though the "slide" bar on the bottom of the media player indicated that there was much more data. So, I recorded another, shorter, outdoor video. Playback results were the same - the video would stop playing about a minute or so after starting. The stop time looked purely random.

I decided to purchase another micro SD card since I didn't really know anything about the one I was using. SD cards are rated by "classes", up to 10. The higher the class number, the faster the card. I ordered a Class 4 card. This did the trick! The full video I recorded, short or long, played without stopping. Interesting, I recently had a similar SD problem while trying to get a Raspberry PI microcontroller working. So, be sure to consider speed whenever using these cards.

Video quality outside is probably usable but recording while walking may be problematic. First, of all, the glasses (camera) are jerking around just because you're walking. Then, when you turn your head to look at something, there is another jerking to the video. A marvel of human life is that your brain takes care of all this jerking and what you see is more or less steady. More expensive glasses may include some kind of stabilization.

The next problem I noted was with exposure. It changed from "too dark", to "just right", to "too bright" frequently as I walked and was somewhat annoying. When it was "just right", the color was very good. I didn't notice any "white balance" problem as noted by another reviewer.

As also previously noted, the camera is located higher than you might be normally looking. So, if you want to have something more centered in the view, you'll have to lower your head. Maybe not such a big deal. I was never able to update the file date but you could probably do that when you move the file from the camera to Windows.

Now, back to my intended usage to document processes, all indoor. Of course, the dark lenses create a problem but I could pop them out. I tended to have "exposure" problems here as well and since I was much closer to the subject, the image at times became unusable for my purpose. Having to tilt your head down was also a problem.

The last thing I didn't like was that it takes about a 3 second button press to get functions to start and stop. 2 seconds is a more common time. I'm older and only have a limited number of "3 seconds" left.

Summarizing, this was a fun toy to play with, but, I won't be using it for my intended purpose. The next thing I might try is to mount my IPAD around my neck and record with it!
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on October 11, 2013

I ordered these because like most that have ordered them, want a way to record video so they have their hands free.

I ordered them to take videos of my dog running after my new RC Monster Truck. I have to hold the RC Controller so I can safely drive the truck, so my hands are not free to hold a video camera.

I tried the glasses today and it does work but the reviews are correct the video was over saturated and too bright, it was a cloudy day out. But it was good enough for my needs.

I am trying to find out how to adjust the time stamp that get put in the video. It's listing the year as 1980?

So there is nothing in the instructions on how to make those adjustments.

I don't even know who to contact to find out more on usage.

But for the price, which was lowered after I purchased my unit, is not bad, to just play around with them and don't expect great quality. Heck, it's selling for $20. Remember when you paid $800 for a video camera!!!

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on April 26, 2013
The music player works great, loud enough to enjoy with clear sound while riding my scooter, and the camera and audio playback work great. Next time someone cuts me off, or causes me to wipe out and crash, I got em on camera. I love these already, just tested em out and work great, light weight and they look like ordinary sunglasses if you want to use em for spy work which I am most likely going to do as well...LoL...Mainly got em for safety issues, and I feel much better riding now !!!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon March 6, 2016
 This product is a clever video camera and mp3 player built into sunglasses. The sunglasses look pretty much like normal sunglasses, but have heavier parts on the side, which house the electronics. If you look carefully at the front of the product you can see the very small camera aperture.

I doubt that most people will be using this as an mp3 player, so I tested the "Spy" feature of taking video. I walked around a supermarket to try them out, and I thought the product worked well. I stopped a few times in front of store windows so you can see how it works. When you hookup the USB cable to your computer, the video files will all be in a folder called "VIDEO." So very easy to find the files! (Photos go in a different folder, "PHOTOS.")

+ The product is simple to use. To power on press the fast-forward button, and hold for a few seconds. To take pictures, just press "long" for video, and "short" to take a snapshot. Very easy!
+ I had no trouble at all taking video, and then playing it back later from my desktop computer. I did not need to perform any file conversion at all.
+ The video quality was good enough, using the 1 megapixel camera (Not high-def, of course, but good enough.)
+ There are small flashing LED lights to confirm the power is on, or different color if you are taking video.
+ Files are simple to retrieve from the microSD card. All the video files played fine in my editor.
+ You can set the date by inserting a date file into the SD card.
+ If you wish to listen to audio files, the set comes with earbuds.
+ Simple to charge using provided USB charging cable.
+ Pretty nice looking sunglasses (but a little bulky on the side.)
+ Outstanding price!

CON: (Minus 1 Star)
- The audio is quite poor.
- The User Guide is quite cheap-looking and printed poorly. (But to be fair, it was good enough for me to figure things out.)
- Apparently no warranty--at least that I can see.
- You have to supply the microSD card.

When taking video, remember that the slightest movement of your head will cause jerkiness in the video, so try to keep your head stable.

So all in all, I thought this was a good product that worked as advertised. I was pleased with the operation of these Spy sunglasses, and the only significant issue is the audio quality. Keep in mind the price, which is VERY reasonable. (I would charge more if I was the seller!). As long as you don't need high fidelity audio, I think most buyers will be pleased with this product.

Sample product for impartial review.
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on March 13, 2013
The glasses themselves were great and I wished I wouldn't have had to sent them back. But I wasn't able to wear them, because they were too big for my head. I guess they are made for men. If they would have had different arms on the glasses, that may had worked, but with the straight ones, they kept sliding off my face with the slightest movement. I wanted to wear them and record while I was riding my motorcycle, but because of that I wasn't able to.
Had a bit of difficulties to ship them back, but the communication with the seller was over the top great. They did all they could and beyond to make me happy.
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on January 2, 2014
I was really going to pass on these after seeing the negative comments. I ordered them anyway and I'm glad I did. I only wanted them for the hidden camera which works perfect and is wonderful quality picture. Sound isn't bad either.... I don't know about the Mp3 part, there appears to be a folder for storage. I also ordered an 8GB Micro Memory card, works perfect.
I only gave this product 4 stars because the instructions are waaay to small and the print is very hard to read. The glasses themselves are just a tad bit big, I have a small head. Otherwise once you UNDERSTAND the instructions you are good to go. For what I need these glasses work perfect and look great.
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on April 15, 2014
One: If the earpiece would have been Telescopic and attached to the sunglasses they would have definitely received five stars. Two:The sun glasses case is too small when I close it I'm afraid of breaking the sunglasses. Three: flip up lenses so you can keep listening to music when it starts to get dark
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on November 22, 2015
I was kind of leery about buying these because the price is so cheap but I am amazed how good and clear the video and pictures are up to about 650 feet they are great I get pictures of deer turkeys and all other wildlife in the woods be careful what you say the microphones pick up everything I would recommend these to anybody that hunts or fishes that would like to get it on tape it's fantastic and buy in three more sets for friends who hunt this way they'll be able to capture their hunting trips from now on
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on March 2, 2016
 This is one AWESOME product. ALL of my Review Videos were done with me wearing these. Very lightweight and comfortable. These are GREAT while I go Bike riding as well. Nice design and color. Music sounds great through the ear plugs. Great quality. Keep up the Good Productions. Thanks again.
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on June 4, 2013
It does what it says it will do. I used the video camera at a party and caught unsuspecting guests doing ridicules things. I made a video of it all and shared it with everyone. It was a big hit. The video quality is quite good for such a basic little video camera. The microphone worked ok as well. MP3s played fine but the sound quality was a little less that I would have liked but still ok. The directions are basic but do cover what you need to know to operate the device. All in all I say you get a little better than you paid for with this toy.
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