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on July 6, 2012
I was using the Stamina SpaceMate stepper regularly for six years before it became just about unusable (cracked metal, clunking sound, pieces falling off). I immediately went online to order another one and saw this Sunny Climber Stepper for around the same price (costs a bit more). I did a search and every review I read was positive, so with some reservations (I don't like change), I ordered it. The stepper arrived quickly and took about 10 minutes for my husband to put together. It's pretty much one piece; you only have to attach the handlebars and one end of the pistons to the main unit (the other ends are already attached). I put the included batteries into the counter/timer and slid it onto the top pole. Tools, bolts and washers are all included. I agree with the other reviewer who said it looks better than the looks a lot sleeker. I used it for the first time this morning and here are my impressions. It's very quiet and smooth, a definite plus. Since it's a climber stepper, the step you take is deeper which took me about five minutes to get used to. At first, I wasn't stepping deep enough, so the counter kept turning off because it wasn't registering. Once I started taking deeper steps, the counter was fine. I put it on the easiest tension (there are 12!) which I found to be harder than the easiest tension on the SpaceMate. Because the step depth is deeper and the tension harder, I was moving slower and taking less steps per minute then with the SpaceMate, but the depth and tension made it more challenging. I thought I would run out of energy sooner, but I was able to do the full 30 minutes with no problems. It got my heart rate up which is my goal. I doubt that I'll move on to more difficult tensions because at this point in my life (age 60), my interest is to exercise my heart and keep my legs strong. A younger person has 11 more tensions to conquer which makes this stepper very challenging for any age. I found that I really liked the triangular shaped handlebars because it gave me some variety as to what to do with my hands (helps with boredom). I could place each hand on the either side of the handlebars, or I could rest them together on the top. Another difference was with the foot pedals and foot placement. This stepper has a raised ridge around the edges of the pedals which keeps your foot from sliding off (a good safety feature). The SpaceMate didn't have that and I guess I used to put my feet closer to each other with that machine, but because of the raised edges on the Sunny, I found I couldn't do that. So, I had to keep my feet where they were which, I found, made me use the muscles on the outside of my upper thigh...the hip area. I like that as it will help strengthen my hips. I had no issues with knee pain; I felt the effort in my upper thigh muscles. So, in this case I will say that change is very good! I'm quite happy with this climber stepper and I'm glad I switched. Highly recommended, especially for the price. Updated to add one slight negative: I've used the stepper a few times now and still love it, however there is an issue. When you put the stepper together you attach one end of the pistons to the main unit by sliding in a metal pin which makes it very easy to assemble (as opposed to screwing in a screw). However, while I'm exercising the metal pins (especially the left one) inches out due to the vibration I guess, even though the pins have "stoppers" on them (which is a raised bump). We originally tried to solve this issue by sliding rubber washers on the ends, positioning them before the stoppers. This worked on the right pin, but not with the left....the pin still started to come out. So, I turned that pin around and now it seems to be staying in place. If that doesn't work in the long run, we have other ideas, such as placing elastic bands around the pin. In any event, this does not diminish my high review of this stepper as I'm still loving it. Update: Still going strong with the stepper. I just wanted to add one comment regarding another review that I read. The reviewer stated that the tension settings were difficult to adjust, and that the left and right settings don't necessarily match as far as resistance. For the sake of full disclosure, I will say that I have never changed the resistance on my stepper. As I stated in my original review, the first level is difficult enough for my needs and I have no reason to make it harder. So, I cannot comment as to whether there is an issue with the tension adjustments. I can tell you that the stepper is still working for me on Level 1 after seven months of use. I'd also like to reiterate that this stepper is NOT like the stamina Spacemate. With the Spacemate you take faster, more shallow steps. The Sunny is a CLIMBER stepper, so the pace is slower and the step deeper than the Spacemate. So, keep that in mind when trying to decide which stepper you want to purchase.
UPDATE: Well, it's now 2016 and I just turned 65 and I'm on Medicare and I'm still using my Sunny Climbing Stepper. Still works well. The only change is, I now use it for 20 minutes at a time instead of 30 minutes. Despite doing resistance training my entire life, I don't have the strength I used to have so I'm finding that pressing down on the pedals is harder for me than it used to be, even on the easier setting (I never changed the setting), so I find that 20 minutes gives me a good workout. No squeaks (wish I could say the same for my joints). I just make sure that all the pins are securely in place every so often. This was a great purchase for me.
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on September 7, 2017
I purchased mine from " llc" but it seems they aren't selling anymore. Hopefully other sellers are carrying the same quality I got.

This was the best $100 I've spent! It's perfectly out of the way even when set up. We have it on a small woven door mat and just pull it away from the wall it's kept near when we use it. I am 5'4" and around 120 lbs and keep it set at a resistance of 5. After 15-20 minutes I'm usually sweating and huffing pretty good and go for about 30 minutes total. My husband uses it at a slightly higher setting, he's 5'10" and around 190 lbs. He can do about 15 minutes on it at a time. I love how it keeps track of workout time, steps, and estimated calories and just cycles through the numbers as you go. I either aim for a time limit or a calorie limit.

My only complaints are that the right side squeaks a little when stepping and that the hydraulics start smelling a little bit when they warm up... but if I have the ceiling fan going in the room it's enough for me not to smell it.
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on August 18, 2017
I really wanted to like it. I hate sending things back. Especially, something this large. I'm 38, in great shape. I mountain climb, hike, white water raft...blah blah. I'm a big outdoor adventure person. I thought this would be great to keep my thighs and butt in shape on the off-season. I tried it for 28 days. I never had a "sore" day from working out too hard. In fact, it was more cumbersome than anything. The only pain that I had was from my knees. I climb hike mountains all the time. NEVER have I had knee pain. I've had glute pain from climbing, leg pain, but nothing from my knees. This made my knees really hurt. I didn't see any gains from it. Even on the hardest setting.

I read a review that a trainer said it really worked for him. I was so excited to get this and the price that it was at. But for me it just didn't do anything but give me sore knees.
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on February 16, 2017
4 Stars for now, waiting to see how long it holds up BUT, this little machine is amazing for the cost. It comes to you 95% assembled, you just need to bolt the hydraulics to the step bars, attach the handlebar, and mount on the computer. Easy peasy! Now onto actually using the thing. I started at the lowest setting (there are 12 resistances) since I haven't been regularly into a fitness routine for a few years now. Let me tell you, I did this for the recommended 15 minutes, and I got one the best workouts I've had in a loooooong time. My legs were burnin! After the 15 minutes I was pretty well near my max target heart rate. Bottom line, im so far thrilled and excited with this little machine (easy to move around too). Just hope it stands the test of time, if I get a year out of it I'll be happy.
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on May 29, 2017
I was really hesitant to buy this considering the price was much lower than similar machines but I'm SO glad I did. It came 99% assembled, leaving only eight bolts/screws (ignorant to tools, clearly) to secure. I have used the machine everyday since I received it on May 22 2017, 30 minutes at a time. I vary my 'stride' from putting weight on the balls of my feet (gets the calves and lower quad) to my heels (butt and hips). Fyi: I am about 5'3.

I will update as time goes by but so far I'm delighted!
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on May 14, 2017
This stepper was super easy to assemble! The dimensions are perfect for my small space. Don't let the small size fool you--FEEL THE BURN! My teen daughter and I fight over whose turn it is to exercise! Great quality considering the low price...I'm very happy with this purchase! :)
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on September 2, 2016
Simplicity is sometimes better when it comes to design and that is definitely the case with this stepper. Minimal assembly and I was up and climbing in a half hour. Broke a sweat after 10 minutes of workout and really felt my quads flexing. Watch out for the pistons. They get really hot from the friction so don't touch after working out. For only a hundred bucks I couldn't ask for anything more. Beats the treadmill and the exercise bike hands down.
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on March 7, 2013
My gym membership expired in early November of 2012, and being a basic cheapskate, I went online and found this nifty stairstepper, which paid for itself in six weeks, thanks to my newfound freedom from the shared virus and bacteria pool some call a gym. I used to have a Tectrix ClimbMax stairstepper, for which I paid around $3,200 way back in 1999, and it was terrific. This device is about half as nice, but for 1/25th the price.

If you get one, I do have two recommendations. First, you might want to use it outside because the two hydraulic cylinders persist in emitting some type of grease smell. I myself addressed that issue by (a) only using it outdoors and (b) aiming a floor fan at the pedals while I'm using it to keep whatever fumes I would otherwise smell from wafting upwards but instead blowing harmlessly away. The other recommendation I have is to use a plastic cable tie, which you can readily buy for less than a dollar at a hardware store, IF you have the problem some have mentioned wherein one or both of the pins that connect the frame to the pedals keep coming out. I started having this problem with the right pin, so I used a single plastic cable tie by looping it through the metal ring on the pin, and it's continued to hold the pin in place perfectly for three months. I've used the stairstepper itself for four months now.

I highly recommend this stairstepper as a suitable substitute for much more expensive models from Tectrix, StairMaster, etc., or as an ideal way to get your aerobic conditioning if that's all you use a gym membership for. I simply could no longer justify driving seven miles round trip to the gym (given that the current government allowance for wear and tear on a car for each mile driven is $0.565, it's fair to say those "mere 7 miles each day" cost me $3.95 each trip). Back when I was a gym victim, I went an average of 3 1/2 times a week, so I recouped my $120 acquisition cost in transportation costs alone within 9 weeks. Add to this savings the fact that I'm no longer paying a dollar a day for the membership, and I recouped my expense in even less time.

So if you enjoy saving money AND taking responsibility for your own health, buy this. You'll be thrilled on multiple levels.
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on August 29, 2013
There was a missing part. I contacted Amazon customer service (since it was sold and 'fulfilled by Amazon') and received surprisingly unhelpful assistance ("surprisingly," since rare for me the few times I've contacted Amazon customer service). Eventually found Vendor contact info on the instruction sheet that came with the item & contacted the Vendor directly. Vendor was EXCELLENT & solved the problem quickly, with courtesy. Vendor is Sunny Health Fitness and the excellent rep is Valerie. There was total commitment to 1) understanding the problem and 2) making the problem disappear, with no hassle on my part. As to the equipment itself, VERY easy to assemble and easy to use. Great way to ease the guilt of watching TV! I found the #2 setting the best to start with, and on the 3rd day went up to #3. (Am 62, female, moderately active but in search of more ways to keep moving while being kind to old joints).

Tip on unpacking: be sure to check Styrofoam packing material for all parts when unpacking - altho my missing part wasn't there, unfortunately.
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on August 19, 2017
I purchased this product based on the very high rating reviews on the product. I had 2 issues on the specific item I received. The Pop-Pin that holds the frame was loose and doesn't hold the frame in a snug manner. The battery compartment is tight and can hold AA that are comparatively slimmer. I tried to insert Duracell and had hard time inserting the batteries. Based on the very high rating reviews, I thought I will get an excellent help from the product company. The help I received was extremely poor and terrible where the company is asking so many questions including many irrelevant questions over an extended period of time, all I believe is to save every cent they might have to incur to fix the issues on the item.
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