Customer Reviews: Sunshine
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on April 22, 2002
The third release of an S Club album, and still the same, dancable tracks and pop tunes they have always come out with. :) This hasn't been released in the US... I usually don't like a lot of very poppy bands but S Club is an exception, but here goes my review.
1. Don't Stop Movin - A party song, something to dance to. Very good for those who like dancable pop tracks.
2. Show Me Your Colours - A great song where Rachel tracks lead. It's one of my friend songs, because it sounds different just because of the vocals and the theme of the song is great.
3. You - A very upbeat and happy song, that I get stuck humming a lot of the times.
4. Have You Ever - A very sweet ballad, kind of like the "Never Had A Dream Come True" of this CD.
5. Good Times - Paul takes lead here! A song about vacation. Sounds like a good summer song, actually. :)
6. Boy Like You - I like this song, a different kind of R and B feel of the album. The girls, obviously by the title, dominate this track.
7. Sunshine - Jon steps up for this song, the best part of this song is the chorus. Also the title track of the CD, if you couldn't tell otherwise.
8. Dance Dance Dance - I've never heard it, so I couldn't tell you, actually. :(
9. It's Alright - It's a cool song
10. Stronger - Tina get's the lead vocals on this song. Another dance song, even the background music along could serve in a night club.
11. Summertime Feeling - Another song that get's you thinking about the summer. Reminds me of ice cream and the Bahamas. Another song where Paul takes charge.
12. I Will Find You - I like this song too. The background music rocks. Bradley and Jo take the mic on this one.
13. Never Had A Dream Come True - On the last album, or the later ones that were release. A great and beautiful ballad. The only song to top it on the American charts.
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on April 29, 2002
S Club 7 did a fabulous job on this CD. The version I have includes 2 bonus tracks which they do not tell here, Right Guy and Don't Stop Movin' (Jewels & Stone Radio Mix). Here are the highlights. DON'T STOP MOVIN' (track 01) is a great party dance song. You sure will be able to groove to this one. But after you listen to it a lot, then it can get boring. SHOW ME YOUR COLOURS (track 02) is a nice song because it makes it interesting with the different upbeat styles, where Rachel takes lead vocals. YOU (track 03) is my favorite on the disc. It is a nice happy tune and it makes you want to sing along. HAVE YOU EVER (track 04) is a really pretty song. If you liked "Never Had A Dream Come True" which is also featured here which i'll get to, then you'll definetly like this. If you have lost or loved a missing one, this is about you. RIGHT GUY (track 11) is a pretty good song where the guys of the group take the leads. It was on the Don't Stop Movin'/Right Guy single too. SUMMERTIME FEELING (track 12) is a fab tune. Paul co-wrote it and it makes you feel like dancing. NEVER HAD A DREAM COME TRUE (track 14) is great too. They should have released it earlier though cause now its a little bit old now. And it is enhanced with the NEVER HAD A DREAM COME TRUE live version from S Club Party Live. Awesome!The best and you are totally missing out if you don't buy this!!
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on November 2, 2002
This cd is wicked cooly I don't know how anyone could not like it! S Club 7 is the most talented group of people I have ever heard and the songs on this album are just sooo great!!!
1. Don't Stop Movin'-The #1 single in the UK for 2001. Need I say more?
2. Show Me Your Colours-oo I love this song if you liked "natural" then you'll like this too!
3. You-upbeat and happy, very characteristic of the band; I love this song but I do like the single version wiht Jon & BRadley soloing also better
4. Have You Ever-I literaly cried the first 30 or so times I heard this song, it's that good.
5. Goodtimes-Pauly Paul shines on this chill out track, I love it! (plus he's my fave!)
6. Boy Like You-lead by Rachel, another one that you'll love if you loved "Natural" it's really really good
7. Sunshine-Jon Lee has the best voice of any man I have ever heard, so naturally this track is fantastic, he really is at his best on it.
8. Dance, Dance, Dance-great song I love it, but they make it all dancy and it has Hannah's voice sounding robotic-she's better than that
9. It's Alright-reminiscent of "Bring it all Back", happy, feel-good song that'll cheer you up instantly if you're upset.
10. Stronger-great, but Tina can do better
11. Right Guy-love it but god Bradley you didn't need to curse just because you wanna be a tough guy
12. Summertime Feeling-awesome, beyond awesome, really does make you think of summer, Paul and Bradley both sound wicked cooly on it
13. I Will Find You-on top of being great, this song also feautures Bradley's mum in background vocals!
14. Never Had A Dream Come True-even Americans like this one! Great song!
15. Don't Stop Movin' (Jewels and Stones remix)-stick to the original
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on September 13, 2002
S Club 7 are now down to S Club, since Paul quit the band earlier in 2002. They are continuing as S Club.
Anywayz... onto my review. Out of the 3 S Club albums, this is the best. It has the best mix of different genres - pop, R&B, a bit of dance etc. Rundown:
1. Don't Stop Movin'
Voted song of the year at the Brits, which must mean it's good. And it is. It's catchy, dancy and upbeat. 5/5
2. Show Me Your Colours
One of my favourites on the album. Tina shows that she really can sing in this midtempo song. It has nice music and great vocals. A better S Club song. 5/5
3. You
A classic S Club song. This sounds like it should be on their first album. But it's good, with a hillarious video. 5/5
4. Have You Ever
A sweet ballad. My only complaint is that Jo sings way too much. They need to give the other girls a go. 4.5/5
5. Good Times
Arghh! I can't remember what this song sounds like! Lolz, I'm so helpful. I know it's not one of my favourite S Club song. 3/5
6. Boy Like You
Another cool song with Rachel on lead vocals. It's catchy and upbeat. Another good track. 5/5
7. Sunshine
Boring song! I have nothing against Jon's vocals, but this song is bland and boring. Next! 2.5/5
8. Dance Dance Dance
A bouncy song with Hannah on vocals. I hated it when I first heard it, but now I like it. Turn it up! 4/5
9. It's Alright
Another song that sounds like it should be on S Club's first album. It sounds like a song from Miami 7! Eeek! Not good. The beginning annoys me. 2.5/5
10. Stronger
Wooo! Cool dance track! The vocals sound great and the whole vibe of the song is catchy! Another of my faves. 5/5
11. Summertime Feeling
One of the last tracks with Paul singing lead. This song is funny, with cute lyrics about ice-cream and sun. 3/5
12. I Will Find You
My favourite on the album. It just sounds really cool with Jo and Bradley on vocals. I can't describe it, you have to listen! 5/5
13. Never Had A Dream Come True
I was excited when I bought this album and this song was on it. I love it! Except that Jo singing on it all the time annoys me! 4/5
Overall, a great album. Buy it if you're a S Club fan or someone who likes happy pop music!
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on April 26, 2002
A lot of people have found the new S Club 7 CD "boring", "repetitive", and "not as good as 7". However, I like the new S Club 7 CD so much, I can't go a day without listening to at least four of its songs. Dont Stop Moving, Never Had a Dream Come True, Show Me Your Colours, Have You Ever, and You are all on my list of top ten favorite songs. If you don't have this CD, buy it NOW, even if you don't know anything about Rachel, Jon, Hannah, Bradley, Tina, Paul, and Jo. Their songs make you want to jump up, sing, and dance to their beautiful voices. Especially on this CD. Even if the new S Club TV Show sux, the music is peppy, upbeat, happy, and great.S Club 7's Sunshine is the CD you have to get.
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on January 21, 2002
I Ordered This Album from the U.K. becaue it isn't released in the U.S. until March.
This is the best S Club 7 album yet. It isn't bubble gum pop.
Don't Stop Movin'- 10/10-The first single of the album. Bradley is leading.
Show Me Your Colours-10/10-Great Song Rachel is leading
You-10/10-Third Single of the album. Rachel is leading
Have You Ever-10/10-Second single of the album. Jo is leading
Good Times-9/10-Great Beat, but the lyrics are sort of corny. Paul on leads
Boy Like You-10/10-Great song with Rachel singing the lead
Sunshine-7/10- This song sounds like a country song with Jon on leads
Dance Dance Dance-10/10-Great song that makes you want to dance.Hannah is on leads
It's Alright-9/10-The members all take turns on leads.this sounds like "Bring it All Back"
Stronger-8/10-Tina's on leads
Summertime Feeling-10/10-Paul & Bradley on Leads
I Will Find You-10/10-Bradley & Jo on Leads
Never Had A Dream Come True-9/10-Jo is leading
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on May 6, 2005
1. Don't Stop Movin - This song was a huge hit for S Club & it is obvious why, a great dance track with great vocals 10/10

2. Show Me Your Colours- A beautiful, slow, rnb/pop song with Rachel on lead vocals 10/10

3. You - A fantastic, upbeat song with a fun video set in the future. 10/10

4. Have You Ever- One of the best ever S Club songs, a ballad which features Jo on lead vocals 10/10

5. Good Times - A summery, feel good, relaxing song with Paul on lead vocals 9/10

6. Boy Like You- This song is okay, its worth a listen but is definitely not the best track on the album 6/10

7. Sunshine - Jon on lead vocals, this song is beautifully sung & is a slow ballad 8/10

8. Dance Dance Dance- A poppy, electro dancey song sung by Hannah 7/10

9. It's Alright- Another inspirational song from S Club, that is sung really well but cant listen to it over & over again, gets a bit repetive after a while 7/10

10. Stronger- Another dance number, this time Tina on lead vocals, which she does quite well on 7/10

11. Summertime Feeling- A summery, relaxing song, perfect for the summer holidays 10/10

12. I Will Find You- Its okay, but not great 6/10

13. Never Had A Dream Come True- Again, another fantastic ballad which worked well for S Club 7. 10/10
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on July 4, 2003
1. Don't Stop Movin'- The best S Club song ever! Great beat, great vocals. 10/10
2. Show Me Your Colours- Rachel leads. This is actually a decent song. 8/10
3. You- This is a cute song. 7/10
4. Have You Ever- This song is so powerful. Jo has the best vocals. 10/10
5. Good Times- Paul leads. He has a great voice but this song can be too repeatitive. 7/10
6. Boy Like You- I really like this song. 9/10
7. Sunshine- A bit too much. 6/10
8. Dance, Dance, Dance- This is a great track to listen to when you're working out. 8/10
9. It's Alright- A bit bubble gum pop but I still like it! 8/10
10. Stronger- I love this song. Tina's great on it. 9/10
11. Right Guy- Bradley has a great voice but I like the single version better. 8/10
12. Summertime Feeling- This is the perfect S Club song. It makes me want to go swimming. 9/10
13. I Will Find You- I really like this song. Jo and Bradley's voices are amazing together. 9/10
14. Never Had A Dream Come True- I could listen to this song 100 times over and not get tired of it. It's a classic! 10/10
Overall this album is great because each member has their own song to show off their talent. Thumbs up!
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on December 14, 2001
Here's my rating of Sunshine!
Don't Stop Movin': 10/10
Heard the song a little too much but who cares!
Show Me Your Colours:10'10
Shows more of the more mature S Club. Very catchy.
S Club's next single very cheerful almost like the new Reach!
Have You Ever:10/10
S Club's new #1 awesome song 1 of the favorites.
Good Times:9/10
Like it alot but just annoying sometimes.
Boy Like You:10/10
Greatest song ever! I love how they remixed it!
Cheap lyrics but very catchy.
Finally Hannah gets a song but try listening to it about 100 times. It gets annoying.
It's Alright:8/10
Too cheerful but it kinda brings back memories of S club's 1st LP. Although good it's very annoying!
Cheap lyrics but 1 of the faves. Very catchy and Tina sings solo!:)
Right Guy:10/10
Also one of the faves written by Bradley. Awesome latin flavor. Love it!
Summertime Feeling:10/10
Written by Paul also one of the faves and very very catchy.
I Will Find You:10/10
Written by Bradley super catchy another fave.
Never Had A Dream Come True:7/10
I'm just really tired of it. It gets annoying after a while.
Over all the album is a 15 even though u can't go that high.
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on September 16, 2003
this album is great! ok here we go..
1/ Don't Stop Moving - One of my fav fast songs! it has a lot of beat and it's a great song that you can dance along to
2/Show me your colors - at first i thought it was boring but then i listened to it more and i really liked it
3/You - The video is really funny! This is a great fast song. but i like the video version best becos in the CD bradley and jon aren't sing
4/Have You Ever - this a ballad, and a nice one.
5/Good Times - it's amazing how Paul got to sing all the song by himself. this song makes me think of summer
6/Boy Like You - this song is great becos only the girls sing this one and they really can sing!
7/Sunshine - jon sings this one. this is one of the songs that can put me to sleep when im having trouble sleeping. i just dont like it when jon sings those parts, "do do do do"
8/ Dance Dance Dance - this is my least fav song. i think it's wierd becos has disco music and i dont enjoy disco music. but still, i like how hannah sings here
9/It's Alright - WOW!!!!!!!!!! when i first heard it i was like "WHoA! this song is amazing!" (it really is!!!)
10/ Stronger - i like this song becos jo's singing and i also like some parts of the songs and the lyrics
11/Summertime feeling - this song sounds almost like "Good Times"
12/I Will Find You - I like this song when they sing chorus. this song it's so good. i think Tina sounds better than Hannah in this song
13/Never had a dream come true - well, what can i say for this song except that i can listen to it 100 times a day?(lol)
This CD is worth the money. THis CD also has a CD-ROm which you can see "Never Had A Dream Come True" live in "S Club Party Live".
PS: i wished i had the VHS :'(
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