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Super Mario 3D Land
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$27.19+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon December 3, 2011
I'm a 37 year old male who grew up with and enjoy Super Mario games.

I finished Super Mario 3D Land, including the regular levels and all of the Special levels and got all the medallions in each level in around 17 hours. I also got all the post cards. 17 hours isn't bad value in my opinion. My biggest disappointment was that there were only a handful of levels that were truly challenging and it was only because I wanted to get the 3 medallions in them. The difficulty is way off of the normal mario games. Don't get me wrong, I like that it's accessible enough for all ages to complete...it's just that I think that completing all the side goals should be more challenging.

One nice thing that adds replay-ability is that every level keeps track of the fastest time it was finished. Even if you have beaten everything like I did, you can always go back and try to beat the level in record time. I might do this some, but I'm more of the type of player that likes to explore and find everything (like the medallions). Although, if my son gets into it and beats my score, I may have to go back and try to beat his :)

If you are getting this game for a 7-12 year old, it is more than worth the price and will keep them occupied for awhile. If you are a Mario fan like me, you will have fun and hold onto the game to make another run through it maybe a year later. I did enjoyed this game, but New Super Mario Bros on the DS was better overall in my opinion. I still haven't completed everything in that game after 2 years.

Now that the designers have experience designing levels for the new game, I think they'll make a much superior Super Mario 3D Land 2 that won't disappoint at all.
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on November 14, 2011
Mario games are for kids, everyone knows that. Why purchase a kids game, for a stupid game system like the 3DS (which is doomed to fail the second the glorious Sony Vita is released) when you can get a real game for real men, on a real game system? Purchase COD Modern Warfare 3 instead, it's a better game, and unlike this game, it is actually mature, for mature people, something that people who purchase Nintendo games have no concept of.

So don't purchase this game, and whatever you do, don't waste your money on a 3DS. The 3DS is a joke since it doesn't have dual analog sticks (lol fail), and it won't have Call of Duty. The Sony Vita will have Call of Duty as well as dual analog sticks, meaning that it's the only handheld device worth purchasing.

Since that isn't out yet, in the meantime just purchase Modern Warfare 3 for the Xbox 360 (the only choice for mature gamers) instead, you will thank me later.
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on November 13, 2011
Do you like boring games? Do you love playing boring games on terrible gaming handhelds? Well, now you get your wish. It's quite clear now that Nintendo doesn't give a **** about it's fans. If they did, they wouldn't continue to put out garbage like this (the game and the lousy handheld it's played on). Save your money and buy something good.
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on November 25, 2011
If I didn't know any better I would say that this is possibly the worst mario game to date.
The game is too easy and extremely short I beat the game with mario and luigi within 4 hours,the gameplay feels slippery and floaty like your character is walking on ice the entire time.

The graphics in this game barely(which I doubt)surpass Mario Sunshine which was a gamecube game it's pathetic really,I mean really if you have played one mario game then you have played them all theres not much new here nor are there really any redeeming qualities that will keep you hooked after your first 2 hour playthrough.

I am always apprehensive when It comes to buying nintendo games you never really kno if your gonna get that next legendary title or some kid friendly garbage that has been butchered by the no mature games rule nintendo has.

I think it might be time for nintendo to evolve abit the gamers who start with mario have moved on to bigger and better things like BATMAN ARKHAM CITY WHICH IS THE BEST GAME THIS GEN.
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on December 31, 2011

The game overall is fun like most mario games. The 3D effect does give it a different look and feel, and it's challenging with hidden scenarios in stages and how to get to them. First challenging level comes as early as World 2-2 in obtaining all Star Coins.


The 3D effect takes some getting used to. Be sure to use the minimum level of 3D if at first it feels disorienting. I fell a lot of times, because I couldn't pinpoint where the exact landing point was where there was no shadow to guide me.

Also, the reason why I gave this game a three star rating is because the wolds are SO short, and I mean really short. Where before you'd see up to 8 levels in a world, in this game you see as little as 4 or 5. Some levels must be unlocked but upfront it does feel a lot skimmer as compared to the New Super Mario Bros for the DS.

There are new additions to Mario's powerups, but nothing really new. For example the high jump back flip feels awkard and a little more difficult accomplish as compared to previous Mario titles with a simple movement of the Z and nunchuck stick to the other direction. In this game Mario has to gain momentum before jumping and does not really backflip, unless I still haven't mastered the jump after playing mario games since I was 12 (a good 22 years going on 23 playing up to this point).

I still have expectations for the 3DS on Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus Uprising. Ocarina of Time? Meh! Same thing remastered. I already have the GC title for the Wii VC.

NOTE: Had given it a ONE star, but did reconsider, for after all, I did enjoy the game, and didn't put it down until I beat it twice. I just haven't picked up on it, ever since I got Mario Kart 7. MK7 rules!
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on May 27, 2015
Zero stars! I just surprised my 5 year old with this only for him to open it and there was nothing inside! An empty case!!
review image
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There is no question about Mario. He has not only been the most influential video game character of all time, but has had honestly the most definitive impact on how we play great platform games that have never lost their luster. Over 25 years after Super Mario Brothers debuted, people still love to go for the flag, and try to knock Bowser off his perch all to save Princess Toadstool from the claws of the king. The game franchise has never honestly gotten old, and has stayed just as strong today for every Nintendo era. The last Mario platformer for the go handheld was New Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo DS. It really was fun and entertaining for the DS, and Mario's Wii games like Super Mario Galaxy have changed the way we play with Mario in zero gravity. But now with the Nintendo 3DS which came out just last Spring, they haven't yet had a definitive Mario platformer. Well, they are about to have one now, and a little treat for the fans young and old of the past 25 years too.

Super Mario 3D Land, is a new and exciting Mario game that still shows how amazing the Mario games have never gotten old. The game brings in a new twist on the classic 2D platformers by bringing back some of the amazement from the classic Super Mario Brothers 3. Just like what New Super Mario Bros. Wii did by bringing back the forgotten Koopa kids and giving them a hard-hitting challenge against Mario. This time it is the beloved tanooki racoon suit returning to the mix from Mario 3 returns, as shown in the story of the game, as well as the classic foe Boom-Boom. As Bowser not only captures Peach, but steals a bunch of tanooki leaves giving Bowser, and his cohorts tanooki powers to try and stop Mario from his wrath on the Mushroom Kingdom. It is challenging as characters like the classic goomba and Boo now can go against Mario with tanooki racoon tails to try and swat you. But that isn't just it alone, Mario also has new elements of power at his side too: including the tanooki leaf, the classic mushroom, as well as the new Boomerang power-up, which Mario can throw boomerangs at his foes and they will come back to him at his side, just like the classic Boomerang Brothers from Super Mario 3.

The gameplay takes all the elements from the classic Mario games in both 2D and 3D like Super Mario 64, and giving them a 3D twist by having you race against the clock trying to make it to the goal before time runs out. There are also classic items to be found including the bonus coins, and warp pipes, as well as a few new treats as well. The gameplay is very addictive from start to finish, and has shown that they haven't gotten old. The controls are also very simple and easy to master on each level, as you leap from block to block, and hopping in pipe to pipe, all trying to make your way to the goal. The sound is also classic Mario as well, by not getting old, and remaining distinctive as before. It takes timing and a lot of guts to master this new adventure, but honestly die hard Mario fans will definitive love this new challenge, as well as new ones too.

All in all, Super Mario 3D Land is a definite must buy game for the Nintendo 3DS. It truly has shown that no matter what the gaming universe has to come around, Mario has still been a great constant in the gaming universe that continues to evolve and be just as fun today as it did back then. I definitely love the challenge this game has, and I know this will be a great game for you to play on the Nintendo 3DS (and only available on the Nintendo 3DS.) There haven't been a lot of definitive games for the Nintendo 3DS since last Spring, but this is definitely one of them that I absolutely recommend.

Graphics: A-

Sound: A-

Control: A

Fun & Enjoyment: A

Overall: A-
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on July 4, 2013
I recently purchased Super Mario 3D Land for my 3DS because I saw its great reviews, plus, I'm already a Mario fan. This game meets all of my expectations and more. It is extremely fun - this game combines the original elements from the platformers with the 3D world. It works beautifully. The levels are designed perfectly with a great amount of difficulty. Some say the game starts too easy, but I disagree. The game is not at all easy, especially nearing the end. The game also re-introduces the Tanooki Suit. You cannot fly with it, but the hover ability is extremely useful with some tricky platforming areas. And of course, the game looks beautiful in 3D. The game does not require 3D to be enjoyable, though. I played the majority of it with the feature turned off, but there are certain areas that almost require you to turn it on - very creative! It was hair-rippingly difficult on certain levels, keeping me coming back over and over. I've already played it twice all the way through and love it. I recommend this game to anybody who loves Mario games.
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on July 3, 2014
This game was not what I expect it to be it is more awesome than I thought it would be. Its like New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Galaxy merged into this great game. The new suit the return of the tanooki suit is awesome it fits right in. The levels are great they are like I said Mario Galaxy and Mario Bros merged into an awesome game. I like it its fun the graohics are better than the wii and they are awesome. I totally recommend this fame for everyone its a must have if you own a 3ds like Mario Kart, Star Fox 64 3d, New Super Mario Bros. Pokemon X and Y, and many others that I forgot to mention like Zelda etc.Get it just get it its worth it come on its right there just order it here or go to a local store and buy it.
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on November 25, 2011
The game starts off easy, but gets hard toward the end. It's fully of inventive novelties that keep you very interested. It does a good job of catering to players of all skill levels, because if you die five times in a row, you can optionally get an invincibility suit. But you don't have to take the suit, if you prefer the challenge, which I do. The game gives you tons of extra lives--they might as well be unlimited.

It's what Nintendo does best. It's just fun. It doesn't absolutely wow you with eye popping graphics, shock you with gore or violence--there are just well-designed levels, great game mechanics, good pacing, and a steady stream of novel elements. So much gaming these days seems to be aiming for "shock and awe." It's nice when a company designs a game putting FUN first.
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