Customer Reviews: Super Mario 64 DS
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Format: Video Game|Change
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on February 28, 2005
Wow. this is an awesome game. It really keeps you interested and wanting do get more stars and beat bowser! This is definatly the best game out there for DS, and like I said, it will be for a long time. The graphics are amazing. The 3D characters just will blow you away. Heres the main story line:

Oh yeah u guessed it. Bowser steals Princes peach and blah blah blah. Well yeah, thats pretty much the story line. But, this time Yoshi, Luigi, and even Wario are along to help rescue the princess. You start of as Yoshi, and earn power stars as you go along in different levels, and you can enter new rooms when you get the needed stars. ( for example, the room with an 8 on it reqires 8 stars to enter.) There are 150 stars in all, and a whole bunch of "secret stars" that are a lot of fun to find and get. All together there are 15 levels and I know that seemes like nothing, but it really doesnt seem like it.

The levels each have 7 main power stars, and one other star that you can retrieve from it by getting 100 coins. ( those little yellow things that heal you.) Hmmm, lets see that only makes .... the 15 levels times 8 stars... 120 stars in the levels. So as you see, there are 30 "secret stars" that Ill leave you to find on your own.

The multiplayer in this game is not one of its best parts, but hey at least it has multiplayer right? Ok, the multiplayer is baisicly up to four people can play, and you always start out as Yoshi, but wherever you go there are hats of Mario Luigi and Wario. ( if you pick up a hat of a different character than who you are, you turn into that character)

There are mini games that you can unlock by finding rabbits around the castle and catching them. Each rabbit will give you a key that unlockes new minigames. In the "rec room" on the main menu, the minigames that you have unlocked will be displayed. Each character has their own unique set of minigame of which to coose from. Sure its kind of cheesey with catching the rabbits and all, but the minigames are pretty entertaining.

This game is not one of those games like Wario Ware Touched that you can beat in less than 24 hours. Oh no, this is the kind like when you were little and you played Pokemon for like 100 hours before you beat it kind of games. Ok, maybe not 100 hours, but it took me about two months of hard work all the time to get 80 stars and beat bowser for the last time. If you liked any preveous Mario games, you will like this one twice as much grarenteed! * Heres how I rate it:

Graphics - 9/10

Gameplay - 9/10

Story line - 4/10 Yeah, its all the same!

Replay Value after you beat it - 5/10 while still working - 8/10

Sound - 6/10 The same music and noises but its not bad.

Multiplayer - 6/10

Mini games - 7/10

Overall - 8/10

I hope that you enjoyed this reveiw and that it will help you!

PS- please tell if this reveiw helped you!

Happy gaming - BeN
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VINE VOICEon December 13, 2004
Just bought this game to play with my new DS. The original 64 version made me nauseous (from the graphics), so I stopped playing it after a few weeks.

This game is a lot of fun. You start playing as Yoshi, and must rescue other characters throughout the game (including Mario) who then become playable. The levels are very well-rendered, and feature the fun characters that have made Nintendo famous (Princess Peach, Toad, etc.)

As well as a slightly revamped Mario 64, the game also includes several unlockabl mini-games that are a lot of fun. Making ample use of the touch screen, these games are quick and fun time wasters that I've actually spent as much time playing as Mario64 DS itself!

All in all, unless you really hated Mario 64 or dislike platformers, this is a good game. For any fans of Nintendo's Mario games, this is a must own.
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on November 30, 2004
Mario 64 for the DS is quite a bit of fun. I bought it because of all of the DS games available during the release, this was the only one that was interesting looking. I didn't really like the game that much when it was on the N64 due to the very blocky graphics, rough camera control, and really frustrating movement controls. Now however the controls are a bit easier to use and the graphics are much better but the camera control is still a bit rough.

Overall this DS version is much more interesting than the original game. Having 4 characters to work with and all of their individual styles and moves really adds to the fun. There is quite a bit of depth, freedom, and replay value in the game and i just keep coming back for more.

When i bought the game i was hoping that it would be something that my wife would be interested in playing as there aren't many videogames that she even tolerates to play. However, between the game itself and all of the minigames, she plays it almost as much as i do. In fact the one day that i took it to work with me to see if it would use the wi-fi network there, she IM'd me and gave me a hard time because she couldn't play it.

There are a few things that i don't like so much about the game. First, the camera control is still really annoying, especially in tight places. Secondly, while the control scheme is a little easier to use, it can still be really frustrating at times especially paired with the camera. Third and most important to me is the lack of respect. I'm refering to the lack of respect towards Luigi. Historically in the Super Mario series, games that did have Luigi tended to not give him credit for his work. For example Super Mario Brothers 3 if you beat the game with Luigi the princess says "Thank you Mario...". In the original game Luigi wasn't even a playable character. Now in the DS he is playable but he gets mocked by Toad (on multiple occasions), act's like a screaming girl, and is refered to and treated as an overly sensitive, sickly, and weak character. Doesn't the guy deserve some respect.

Well, enough of my ranting and raving. Overall, this is a really great game and i'm glad that i invested in it, and i'm guessing you probably will too.
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on March 18, 2006
Super Mario 64 DS is a really cool game because I already own the original game but I never completed that game, but anyway, the game starts out as the player playing as Yoshi because Mario, Luigi, and Wario have been kidnapped by Bowser along with Princess Peach. There are also Mini-games that are unlockable by getting a key from a rabbit, which is really easy.

Standard Mode

The basic controls are the following:
Y - press this button while moving to go into a dash
R - Ground Pound/Crouch
L - Center Camera
X - Zoom Camera
Control Pad(or stylis) - Move Character
B - Jump/Swim
A - Talk to Characters/Read Signs/Attack/Pick up and throw objects

Touch Mode

Use stylis to move character on touch screen
L - Same as in standard mode
R - Same as in standard mode
X - Rotate camera right
Y - Rotate camera left
A - Same as in standard mode
B - Same as in standard mode

Dual-Hand Mode

Use stylis to move
X - Jump/Swim
Y - Center Camera
B - Crouch/Ground Pound
A - Same as in standard mode

Essential Moves

Backward Somersault - hold R and then press B
Triple Jump and continous jump - B, B, then direction of jump then B
Long jump - Direction of jump then crouch and press B
Crawl - R and direction of character

Character-Specific Moves

Power- * *
Speed- * *
Jump - * *

Special Abilities include the following: Floating Power, Wall Kick, and Wings

Power- *
Speed- * *
Jump -* * *

Special Abilities include the following:Invisibility Power, Scuttle(floats in air), Backward Somersault, and Water Run

Power- * * *
Speed- *
Jump -*

Special Abilities include the following: Wario Whack(breaks black blocks),Metal Power

Power- none
Speed- * *
Jump - * * *

Special Abilities include the following: Swallowing, Flutter Kick, Fire Power, Eggs

This is a game that I would definitly recommend to anybody I think would have a blast and remembers the old 64 video game.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 28, 2004
I have to admit that I was completely suprised at how much I enjoy this game. The advances Nintendo has made over its "GameBoy Advanced" is amazing. In fact, just the "mini" games in Super Mario 64 has more entertainment value than almost any Gameboy Advanced Game. Another thing that is amazing is the size of the game... it is the size of a standard flash memory card, which makes Nintendo DS games about 75% smaller than those for GB Adv.

As far as the game itself- it is completely what you expect...Nitendo 64's Super Mario, but with a few new tricks. This has always been one of my favorite games - The last "real" Mario game before Nintendo turned everything into a "Mario" game. The game is very playable, however, I didn't find the touch screen to be too helpful (although it is very well incorporated in some of the mini games).

I can honestly give thisgame 5 full stars - and say that it is a bargain at only $30 (Which is what I paid for the game).
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on December 24, 2004
In 1996 Super Mario 64 came out on launch with the Nintendo 64 and completely changed the way we look at games! Since then, Super Mario 64 has been regarded as one of the greatest games ever made! Now, the classic N64 title has gotten a makeover and you can carry with you everywhere you go.

Nintendo has been notorious in re-releasing Mario games. Look at the Super Mario Advance Series. But Super Mario 64 DS is like a special edition DVD release! There's new features that make it more than just a simple "port".

Super Mario 64 DS includes new features. The game still opens up with Princess Toadstool inviting Mario in (and still getting kidnapped). This time though, Mario has brough Luigi and Wario along! The three split up and go into the castle.

Yoshi then awakens on the top of the castle (where you found him in the original) and notices its eerily quiet and sets out to find the three characters. You begin the game as Yoshi who doesn't really attack, but can make enemies into eggs and throw them.

If you remember the original Super Mario 64, you'll also remember that to begin a course requires you to jump into different paintings. Each time you jump into a painting you'll be able to select an objective.

As you progress through the game you'll note some courses are changed. Also, there are 30 more stars in this version (bringing the total to 150) to collect.

Each character has his own attribute that makes him worthwhile. Luigi can jump really high, Yoshi makes eggs, Wario is incredibly powerful and Mario is the only character that can do the triangle jump off the walls. You can change characters at anytime when you're in a course and you'll have to sometimes. You may need Wario to smash a block, or Mario to jump up a wall.

Some powerstars are also more troublesome to get than others. Luckily the DS has a map on one screen. This map shows you where powerstars are, making some easier to find than others. Other powerstars that are shown on the map but hidden may actually require memory of the N64 version.

The control scheme is where the problem is however. If the DS had an analog joystick it would've been easier. I suffered from falling off a cliff more than not simply because the D-Pad isn't as responsive as the joystick.

The other problem with the game is that it doesn't utilize the touch screen. You COULD use it to run and rotate the camara... but it's much easier just to use the controls to do that. Not only that but using the touch screen to run proves more troublesome than not. Sadly, there's nothing in which you absolutely have to use the touchscreen. In other words, it doesn't shower as much of the Ninendo DS's power as you'd like.

Some parts of the game have aged better than others. Some courses are just downright silly! Others are still classics, but it seems as though the trend Super Mario 64 began it can't live up to. The "collecting" trend it began seems a bit overdone in this title. The battles with Bowser have not lost their flare though.

There are also some mini-games that, dare I say, are addictive! You'll often find yourself playing them over and over again! There were moments I was so wrapped up playing the mini-games I forgot about the main quest. The game begins with only eight at first but you'll be able to catch rabbits that unlock other mini-games.

Graphic wise, this game is cleaned up and runs smoother than the original N64 version. The graphics are smoother and the overall presentation is wonderful! There's nothing better than seeing an old game get a facelift the way Super Mario 64 has. It also runs at a smoother framerate.

Soundwise let's just say it's an awesome thing the DS has stereo sound. It sounds almost exactly like the N64 version. A great soundtrack that gamers who are familiar with will hum it all over again. It's incredible nostalgia.

It's great to relive a classic. Some aspects have aged better than others. I wish Nintendo would have used this game to shower more of what the DS can do but the gameplay more than makes up for it!

The Good

+Lavish graphics

+Runs smoother than the N64 version

+More expanded throughout than other re-release games

+More characters to play as

+Stil hasn't lost its classic feel

The Bad

-It doesn't demonstrate everything the DS can do

-Some Power Stars require memory of the previous version found on the N64

-The Control Scheme isn't as smooth as the original N64 version
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on November 22, 2004
first and foremost, I have to apologize to everyone who will not be able to own a DS this holiday season, as they are now all but sold. There are rumors of a second shipment arriving in December, but it's just a rumor. I was fortunate enough to wait three hours in line to obtain my DS so I am grateful to be able to write this review. WIth that said...

Mario DS is probably the best overall game that is available for the launch. Even though the game is already 8 years old, it still plays remarkably well. Nintendo really added enough things to keep it interesting for even the most seasoned gamers. 4 playable characters, wireless multiplayer, AWESOME mini games... all great stuff. This is easily worth the $30 (or more) you'll pay for it. The game probably will end up giving you 20-25 hours to completely conquer it, which is good for a handheld. Graphics are beautiful, and the touch screen really does make it a unique experience to play (esp. in the minigames). My only complaint is that the control is just a little too rough (which is mainly because of DS's lack of a joystick, a necessity in 3d gaming).

Overall, if you are considering this game at all, jump on it, whether its new to you or, like me, you have beaten it several times. It will have a very nostalgic feeling.

OVERALL SCORE: 9.1/10, which I'll translate to an even 5 stars!
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on November 30, 2004
This is definatly one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics are awesome, I'd say better than those on the nintendo 64. The stereo sound is great too, if someone is sneeking up on your right side, you hear a noise from that side, and are able to react quickly. It is a little bit easier noticing these noises with headphones, but the speakers on the system do a great job without headphones. I would also like to point out that J. Morrison is incorrect, you can switch between using either the control pad to control mario, or the touchscreen,(I like the control pad because my hands are big).

I think that this game deserves 5 out of 5 stars, and long time gamers or newer ones will enjoy this classic game.
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on October 20, 2006
This is a tough review. First off, I played the original SM64 back when Nintendo still thought cartridge systems were a good idea. The DS version adds enough to this new version to truly warrant the buy.
The added puzzles and different beginning add another level of playability for older gamers as well as people new to the game.

The controls are what get in the way of this being the perfect game.
Kudos to Nintendo for trying to do the pseudo-analog control on the touchscreen, but it just isn't the same. There have been too many times where I'm running around trying to do something and I'll fall off a cliff because, well, there's not true analog control. There is the standard digital D-pad, but there's just not enough tactile response or accuracy for my taste.

Ultimately, the game is a blast. The controls can get extremely frustrating (I can be tricky, but it's never been THAT hard to stomp on a goomba.) If you own a DS Lite, [...](I was lucky enough to get one as a free gift.)

Again, this is a very good game. With all the DS titles available now, though, I'd put this lower on your video game shopping list. It's not a waste of money, but DS games have evolved over the years since SM64 was released. Still good, but definately not the best.
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on September 1, 2005
Mario has been out long since i was born. Its one of the best games that was played back then. when technology has grown, graphics and gameplay has improved. storyline was based on the original Nintendo's Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64. They made improvements on the new version on the DS. they included some characters that you can play and some new levels were added to the game. I believe before, the Nintendo 64 version, Super Mario 64 is a game where you have to save princess toadstool and other specific things. you also have to collect certain stars to get to certain places. In the Nintendo 64 version, you have to collect 120 stars while the new verion on the Nintendo DS, you have to collect 150 stars, Making this game longer, harder and much more fun. I rate this game a 5 out of 5.

Some technical features of this game from the offical Nintendo Website:


* Play as Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and even Wario. You'll need to use each one's unique abilities to find 150 Power Stars hidden in the castle and grounds.
* Play through Adventure mode and try your stylus-wielding hand at tons of new touch-sensitive mini-games.
* Battle up to three friends in Wireless Versus mode, which you can play with only one Super Mario 64 DS game card.

Each of the four main characters has multiple jumping moves that cover great horizontal and vertical distances. Each has unique moves: Yoshi can eat enemies and turn them into eggs that he can throw; Mario can punch, kick and wall-jump to great heights; super-strong Wario can break certain blocks; and Luigi can jump incredibly high. Power Flowers give each character even cooler powers, like invisibility, fire breath or the power to float through the air.


Answering an invitation, Mario, Luigi and Wario set out for a royal party with Princess Peach. When they arrive at the castle, though, they find it strangely empty. Meanwhile, Yoshi awakes from a rooftop nap to find the castle eerily silent, with Mario, Luigi and Wario nowhere to be seen. Yoshi soon discovers that Bowser has pilfered the castle's Power Stars and imprisoned the Toads in the castle's immense collection of paintings. It's up to the dynamic dino to figure out what happened to Mario, Luigi and Wario and save the day.

Bottom Line

Super Mario 64 DS is much more than just a port of the Nintendo 64 version of the game. New worlds, new characters, new moves and the addition of action-packed minigames make this title bigger and better than ever before!
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