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on November 11, 2014
I had read the prior reviews of this costume, so I knew what I was getting into. I'll list the good and bad of the costume, but first I'll tell you I am 5'7" and about 260 pounds.


The overall look is great, and was a big hit with both adults and kids. The material is solid enough, no tears or rips after wearing it. One of the false yellow buttons did pop off at the end of the night, but I think that was my fault mostly.


1. The fit absolutely runs small. If you are 5'6" or below, it should be fine. And by this I am referring to the length. I am a fairly big guy, and the width was not an issue to fit all of me comfortably. But the major issue lies in the crotch area. Tight to the point of being unwearable without being arrested for public indecency, and definitely not without a hell of a lot of discomfort. My wife fortunately is good at sewing, so what she did was sew in extra blue material to the seam above the crotch to loosen it up. There was still a slight wedgie issue in the back, but it was tolerable.

2. The back only has a couple of small pieces of velcro to try and hold it together. For a bigger guy like me, this didn't work. So all we did was take the sticky back type velcro and run it all the way down the back. Much better.

3. The hat seems to run a little big, enough to where if you have an average size head or less it probably would fly off with the slightest gust of wind. My wife came in handy here too, she put some elastic inside to make it fit a little tighter.

4. Some people said the gloves render your hands unusable, but I disagree. I could of gripped pretty well with them, but alas they are still awkward and not really conforming to the shape of the hand. They are too wide, and I know it is because they are suppose to be cartoony. I wound up buying basic white cotton gloves and using them instead.

5. The mustache will cover your entire mouth, making talking very difficult. We trimmed some of it from the top to not effect the recognizable bottom of the mustache. The adhesive as others have said is also not awesome, so I bought some spirit gum to take care of that.

All in all, a great costume and it is sure to get you some compliments and nostalgic memories from those like me who grew up with Mario.
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VINE VOICEon March 28, 2011
A group of guys at work and I were attending a banquet where we had to arrive as a theme. We had decided on going as Super Mario Bros so we picked up a few of these and the Luigi costumes based on the favorable reviews left for these costumes.

The bottom line is that they were a huge hit. HUGE! Everybody loved them. I even had people asking if they could borrow them for Halloween. I told them no, since I now intend to wear this for Halloween.

Included is everything pictured. The gloves, the "suit", the hat, and the mustache. Let me review these individually.

The gloves: This was probably the worst part of the costume. When you put your gloves on, you pretty much lose 80% functionality with your hands. The gloves are very awkward to wear as they are over-sized and, in my opinion, not made with comfort in mind. So, just keep that in mind. They can be taken off easily, though it did seem that putting them back on isn't the easiest thing. They don't exactly fit like, well, a glove (sorry, I know that was bad).

The suit: I didn't realize this, but the shirt and the overalls are actually one item. I had considered purchasing overalls and just wearing the shirt but that actually did not turn out to be an option. It all is held together by a small Velcro attachment in the back that my wife had to continually put back into place. It looks a bit cartoony, but people loved it nonetheless.

The hat: This is the highlight of this costume. The hat is not a baseball cap with an M thrown on it. It is a plush had that purposely looks cartoony, as it should. It has an elastic band inside making it an easy one-size-fits-all type of hat. I really enjoyed that hat!

The mustache: The mustache is okay and really adds to the costume. For the Mario one, you don't have to worry about smiling for pictures because the mustache covers your lips entirely. In fact, smiling seemed to loosen the mustache from my face, so I would not recommend doing it. It stuck pretty well thought I know some of my co-workers had theirs falling off within the hour. So, limit your facial expressions and it will stay on longer. I'll need to figure out a new method by Halloween.

So, I've got some minor complaints but for the price and the fact this is just a costume, I couldn't hope for more. I thought this was wonderfully put together. On a side note, I grabbed a toilet bowl plunger and we got a lot of positive feedback on that idea, too.
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on December 15, 2015
Other reviewers are right on when they say this costume runs really small. We took a chance because my husband is 5'6" and about 160lb. It fit him BUT was quite snug in certain areas as stated in other reviews. He couldn't use blow up belly because it pulled costume up too much in front. The blow up belly is not worth using in my opinion anyway. When inflated it doesn't even resemble the shape of a belly and it is almost impossible to strap around you. The quality is not terrible. Ours did come with a dark, small stain to the side of the overall straps. Couldn't remove it and didn't have time to return. Overall, it got a ton of laughs at Halloween party and definitely served its purpose. If you are a tall guy or heavy, can't imagine this would work for you so beware!
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on October 8, 2015
Luckily everything came with the package. Everything fits well, EXCEPT, the length of the pants. I'm 6'3", 190 pounds and I got the medium because it was mainly 'true to fit' on the over reviews. I'll have to compensate the shorter length with some blue socks and hopefully the shoes I use (yes, this doesn't include shoes) will work. It is a very think material and the shirt/overalls are sewn together. It's also kind of itchy so I'd wear an undershirt with it (you can't see it through the costume or around the collar when buttoned up). It's velcro in the back so I won't be surprised if it accidentally comes undone, same goes with the inflatable belly, which by the way, isn't as smooth-looking as the picture shows. The hat was folded funny so now there is a slight kink in the bill, but steam can get that out. All-in-all you get what you pay for. This is going to work out fine for my two Halloween parties I'm going to. Lastly... the gloves feel funny and there is excess material on the fingertips... they are padded on one side and thin on the other. If you can deal with it, then you don't need to waste another $10 on different gloves.
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on November 1, 2015
I'm 5' 10", 155lbs. I wear small size shirts (and sometimes medium). Jean size 32-33.
After reading over 50 reviews here (yes, I did), I knew I had to go for Large size. The in-seam (between legs) was perfect (and that was what worried me most from all the reviews I read). However, as I expected, the top part of the costume (chest and ab zones) were too big.
Another thing worth mentioning is the yellow strap buttons were not as pictured. The ones in the picture have the small 4 holes which make them look nice. Mine was just two yellow circles (no detail). The gloves were horrible, period. The hat was perfect, then again I dont consider my head "small" + I dont like tight hats so it did great for me. The mustache (reading helped again here) was used the same day of halloween (yesterday). The glue was super sticky! but thats perfect because there was not way it was gonna fall out. Definitely single use so dont waste it before the night of the event!. I did not use the inflatable belly at all. Also, forget about being able to reach your pockets easily.

Not movie-quality, but definitely not something that looks from a dollar store.

3 stars because it was a great costume, but not what was pictured (so 8/10) and because size is not proportional to normal human beings and there is no way Im sending this to a taylor. Just not worth the extra cash.
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on October 30, 2013
Ordered this for an office Halloween party. I'm about 5'9 and ordered the medium size - I'd say that's about the max height for the medium before it's just too small.

- Good quality materials
- comfortable, fit well

- The Inflatable belly thing came with a small hole in it. I had to put tape over it and re-inflate it a few times over the day. So I would say check yours when you get it and make sure it doesn't have any leaks.
- The adhesive for the oversized mustache covers the whole thing, so your mouth may get taped shut. Not sure why they did that.

- It's a good costume provided everything is in good shape. They lost a star because of the hole in the inflatable belly. Otherwise, it was a hit.
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on October 15, 2013
I bought the large for my husband. He is 6'1" and I bought this size because it said
it was for jacket size 42-44 which is the right size for him. The costume came and is good quality for the price, however, they really
should say this costume is for very short bodied guys. There is no way my husband can wear this in public without breaking some
kind of decency law. Otherwise its ok. Just a heads up to potential buyers so they can avoid the modifications I have to try to make
In time for Halloween
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on November 5, 2014
My son really wanted to dress as Mario this year so I decided to order this costume. First, the material is very thin and you can see thru it on a bright day. Second, the Velcro refused to stay shut so I ended up fixing it several times in an hour. Third, the extra small men's was much smaller than expected in certain areas, mainly the crotch area.

My son only had one complaint which was that the mustache was too large. It covered his mouth, which was difficult since he has a speech disorder
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on November 2, 2013
I'm about 5'10'' and I found the costume to be tight in the crotch-al region. In my memory of the character, Mario did not have such a prominent bulge. Even with jeans on underneath, costume bunches up in an awkward way. The hat is by far the best part (because let's be honest, who really wants to wear that fake mustache all night?). The worst part is that one of the poorly stitched "buttons" on the front of the costume popped off and was lost at the Halloween party I was at, and there's no hope of finding it now. That was my first use of the costume, and while I was dancing, I wasn't exactly going crazy. My friend came as Luigi in a homemade costume with regular jean overalls and a green shirt, and thanks to the fact that this Mario suit has ZERO POCKETS, his homemade version was clearly superior. I didn't use the gloves, because I figured they would be too hot.

The one good thing about the costume is that you are unmistakably Mario, even without all the little bells and whistles. He's so instantly recognizable, there's just no questioning it. I went with a friend as Luigi and we had a great time and were universally recognized and greeted with warm friendly faces thanks to the fun associated with the costume, so if you are thinking of dressing up as these characters, especially in a group, I would recommend it. There were other Marios and Luigis at the party, but since the characters are so lovable, there was no animosity between the groups. I had a great time (but it might have just been the party).
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on October 19, 2013
I haven't worn this costume for more than a few minutes yet, and I will update my review later but for now I wanted to review the sizing of this Mario costume.

I am 5'10", weigh 160 lbs, and wear pant size 32x32. In everything I've ever bought in the past 10 years I'm always a medium fit. I first ordered the medium because according to the sizing chart that is what fit me, and I wear medium in all other clothing. The medium fit perfectly in the upper half of the body, but the lower half wasn't so. The crotch was the worst part with it being all the way up to my groin (which didn't allow me to bend much, and it was very revealing of the groin area) and the pant legs 3 inches too short. So I traded it in for a large and the large now fits the lower half of my body, but the upper half is huge. I mean there's enough room for my wrists to be 5x larger! And the hat is a lot bigger now and doesn't stay on all that well.

In the end I give it 4 stars because it's a good price, the costume looks good even though it's a little big in the arms and shoulders. I'll update my post later once I wear it for Halloween.
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