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Super Mario Galaxy 2
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$24.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon May 25, 2010
My daughter was 5-years old when we first played the original Super Mario Galaxy. She would constantly corner me every day so that we could play it over and over, and after we beat it, over and over again. In fact, I have beaten the original game a total of 10 times with my daughter as my trusty side-kick at the player 2 spot, grabbing stars, freezing bad guys, or shooting the occasional bad guy or gold dot to get me a much needed coin.

So imagine our delight when we heard on Amazon.com last June that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was available for pre-order...without a confirmed date, of course, but ready for pre-order nonetheless.

Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 hold up? Does it still manage to capture the heart of a 7-year old girl and her father? The answer is a resounding YES.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 completely operates in its own right by being a stand-alone story. The only nod to the previous Galaxy comes in the form of Rosalina who will appear if you have significant difficulty with a level so that she can actually show you how to pass a level (at the cost of getting a bronze, NOT gold star). Back to the story (or the little of it that there is, a la most Mario games), Princess Peach has been kidnapped by a GIGANTIC Bowser (surprise!). Naturally, Mario is going to rescue her with the help of star power from master luma (star-like creatures with the capability to transform).

Who is there to help Mario this time? Well, this time Luigi is a playable character later on, as opposed to the original Galaxy which forced you to take the torturous path of collecting all 120 stars before unlocking him. Yoshi is on board as well, your trusty steed who can eat red-hot peppers to move quickly and cross water no less, or become a blimp full of hot air, or glow to reveal hidden paths.

The biggest change for us as a father-daughter team is that Player 2 has more to do now. Player 2 is actually an orange luma who follows Mario around. Now, Player 2 (in addition to freezing enemies and grabbing stars) can actually spin as well to knock enemies to the ground or grab coins from remote places by flying over to them quickly and then bringing them back to Mario. Also, making Player 2 an actual, tangible entity in the game (as opposed to a mysterious P2 star that has no discernible presence) makes it even more fun for my daughter who gets caught up in the action because the game itself is usually too hard for her as Player 1. She will actually say things like, "Daddy, you get the one on the right, I'll get the one on the left." It's extremely hard to pry her away from it when it's time for a story and bed.

Has the gameplay changed much? Well, no, the same mechanics are there. It's interesting that the game starts off as a 2D sidescrolling event that leads into somewhat a 3D perspective until it's a full-blown 3D adventure. It's a subtle, baby-step transition and, as an IGN reviewer put it, it pays off in getting those unfamiliar with the original to get into the action.

Despite having the same mechanics of jumping and spinning, Mario has some new powerups. Cloud Mario can create little tufts of clouds to hop up. Rock Mario has our hero turning into a solidified boulder to roll around (and even "bowl" to hilarious effect). Drill Mario allows our hero to drill through to inaccessible areas. And, of course, there's Yoshi who is able to eat his enemies and use a couple of funny power-ups of his own as previously mentioned. Bee Mario, Fire Mario, Spring Mario, etc., make their return.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is smooth, polished and shows the time-dedicated love and attention that was bestowed upon it during its 3-year absence. It takes the best parts of the original and makes them better while taking away what didn't work the first time. They have wisely included more for player 2 to do while acknowledging that Mario is still, front and center, the star of the show. The music is even more fully orchestrated than before. The attention to detail is phenomenal and showcases Nintendo's desire to never compromise by releasing a product too quickly without undergoing the rigorous quality control that this game clearly had.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a delight for children and even a delight for me as a 37-year old father. This is my "daughter and me" time, when we share a fun family night (Mommy likes to watch ;D), night-after-night and it is my modern-day Monopoly. Cheers to Nintendo for taking a winning formula, keeping it more than alive, and breathing fresh ideas into this franchise.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the game...this is one of the flagship titles, and deservedly so.
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on May 23, 2010
Created by Nintendo, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game for the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber groupies that make up 99% of Nintendo's consumer base.

It even has a feature that allows the CPU to take over and pass certain obstacles, for the children. Though, Nintendo should probably add voice acting next time, the children playing this will probably have a hard time reading all of the text.

Solid 5 out of 5. -- SIKE! ;D
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on December 10, 2010
This will be my final purchase ever for wii. This is seriously the worst game I've ever bought going back 30 years. It doesn't make sense. It's nearly impossible to control the characters. It really is awful. If you played the standard mario game on wii and are looking to capture the fun you had playing that game by purchasing this version, STOP NOW AND DON'T DO IT. I can't describe how unenjoyable this game is and how confused we are by the entire concept.
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on June 1, 2010
Mmk. First of all, I'm sorry if anyone disagrees with my rating, blah blah blah, it's my opinion, not yours.
Now that I stated that, here's what I think:

To me, SMG2 isn't as good as SMG1.

I don't know why, but SMG1 had an intriguing storyline. And the worlds seemed so creative. In the sequel, the worlds weren't even NAMED as cleverly, and each galaxy was so small... and short. I remember the first time I saw "Galaxy complete!" in SMG2. Three stars. I thought "Seriously, that's it?" Too short. Longer is better (that's what she said).

The world map. I hate hate hate hate hate hate this. HATE IT. WHY, NINTENDO, WHY!? The hub in SMG1 was so much better and broke away from the "classic Nintendo feel." The hub really added flair to choosing the galaxy you'd travel to next. The world map just makes the game seem smaller and doesn't give you a sense to explore. It's just like "woooo...I opened another galaxy." -flicks over to it in one click- You know what, I bet little kids couldn't get to the higher levels in SMG1, so they just made it "easier" for them to get to the new ones. So I'm gonna blame them for that, ready? THANK YOU, SMALL CHILDREN.

The big fat purple star is hilarious. But Rosalina was a much better hostess. Lubba (the big purple star) just seems too clueless about everything, whereas Rosalina was all-knowing and mysteriousssss. So yes. Rosalina > Lubba. Always and forever. :D

The new power-ups are rad. The cloud flower, rock mushroom, and drill were great additions. But while adding new stuff, they took away the COOLEST (no pun intended, har har) power-up ever! THE ICE FLOWER! I looooooved being able to wall jump between two waterfalls, or skate across the water. But no. They had to rip the ice flower OUT of the game. Luckily the new power-ups compensate for a great loss.

The comets. Srsly wtf. The comets stick to the galaxy in this game. It's too easy to access the their challenges. In SMG1, it wasn't all like "A comet has appeared!" -cute little jingle- It was like -zoom out- "HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT MASSIVE YELLOW/PURPLE/RED COMET THAT'S CLOSE TO THAT GALAXY." And, if you didn't complete the challenge and got a different star, that comet would disappear until another time. Hehe. It really added some fun to it. But no. They decided to play nice in SMG2. Nice is not fun. Everyone likes when Nintendo is mean. :]

Purple Coins. I had a love-hate relationship with these babies. I hated them at the time. But now that I look back onto it, I miss them. They kinda made a comeback. But only a little bit. Weak. They should've put them in every world again.

Yoshi. I hate him. I've always hated Yoshi. I don't know why. He just doesn't seem like he belongs in galaxy. It's awkward. It's all like "Yay, I got a star. Hey Yoshi, go die now. I used you for what I needed." They should make Mario ride a bike instead. Bahahaha. That'd be better in my opinion.

OVERALL, I feel that SMG1 was far better than 2 when it comes to game quality. SMG2 feels like another money-maker and just like SMG1... They should've just crammed it all into one. Then this wouldn't have been such a disappointment to me. Oh well. It's still good, just not as good as the first. Sorry.
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on January 1, 2012
I'm 31 and have been a gamer since I can remember and this is the single most unfun, most difficult game I've ever played. I buy games to have fun not get pissed off about. This game is ridiculous. They made it so damn hard to be able to do they even put in a little "helper". What I mean by that is, when you 'die' around a dozen times on one level, they gave you this character that once you click on her, she'll take over you and run the course for you in no time, but the bad part is, your power star becomes a bronze star so you still don't get to beat the game. I gave up and took it back to Gamestop. This is NOT developed for a child (unless you want to see him/her get pissed and yell at the tv), only the hardcore Mario fans. I don't think I'll be buying any future Mario titles if this is the route they're taking. Pass this up.
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on December 29, 2010
CAUTION! Ensure this works in your zone, or you will have a very disappointed child on your hands. I ordered this in Sydney, Australia, only to discover on arrival that this game in question only works in "USA, Canada, Mexico & Latin America"...absolutely, utterly useless to me, and I had to pay $25 premium courier for the priviledge. What terrible service.
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on November 4, 2010
Ok. My son plays more video games than he should so I consider him to be pretty good at working a controller. I know they rate these more on violence instead of actual game play but most of the Mario games just make my son mad. My husband even had troubles with the controls and he is big gamer. I wish they had two ratings. One to let you know if it is appropriate for a certain age to just watch and one for a child actually being able to get thru boards and the difficulty of the controls.
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on December 22, 2017
Haven’t played yet. 2 stars are based on the fact that I received a “Nintendo selects” version of the game instead of the original version that was shown in the picture. I paid the more expensive price and got the lesser value version.
review image
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on June 2, 2015
This game is frustrating because it's so close to being a wonderful game. I bought it after falling in love with Mario 3d world for the Wii U and wanted another 3d based Mario game. The most irritating part is that this game is amazing. The level design, the creativity, it's everything you'd want from a stellar Mario game and I wanted so desperately to love it. The problem with this is the controllers are just awful. Rather than play with a normal controller you have to play with two.... one in each hand. And one is a very poorly thought out motion controller you have to flail around in the air. Rather than something intuitive you can just hold in your want, this ridiculous controller setup takes you completely out of the game and makes you try to get a tiny dot on the screen to correspond to your real life movements. Hopefully they'll come out with a version that utilizes the Wii U pro controller but until then skip this buggy game.
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on November 15, 2010
Remember the original, and even many of the follow up iterations?

It may be easy to take one look at Super Mario Galaxy 2, see the same gravity-altering traps and spherical worlds from its predecessor, and dismiss this as a by-the-numbers sequel to the superb original. But by assuming you know what to expect from Mario's latest adventure, you would be doing yourself and this game a great disservice. This is not only the new standard against which every 3D platformer must now be judged, but it also seamlessly integrates so many elements from Mario's 2D roots that it stands toe-to-toe with even its genre-defining progenitors. Every aspect of this game is absolutely bursting with joy. The vibrant artistic design immediately welcomes you into this colorful world, and the catchy soundtrack deftly mixes classic tunes with new compositions to provide the perfect backdrop for your goomba-stomping, star-snatching fun. But it's the expertly designed levels that will keep you coming back, even after you've seen everything this game has to offer, just to experience it one more time. This is an instant classic that belongs alongside the best games Nintendo has ever created.

Things are once again rotten in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has taken Princess Peach prisoner for the umpteenth time, forcing Mario to momentarily put his plumbing gig on hold to rescue his fair lady. The best thing that can be said about the story is that it mostly stays in the background. A few lighthearted exchanges between Mario and his foes precede major battles, but there is only a brief break in the action before you get back to flinging fireballs and cracking shells. In fact, Galaxy 2 is much more streamlined than its predecessor. The elaborate hub world that has appeared in each of Mario's previous 3D adventures has been scrapped and replaced by an easy-to-navigate map that lets you hop right into the next level. Galaxy 2 has less downtime than the original, ensuring you're always engaged and entertained.

And you'll be happy to jump right into the action because Galaxy 2 is a long and often challenging adventure. There are lots of different activities to take part in, but everything comes with the same prize: a shining star. It takes 70 of these celestial bodies to make it to the end of the game, but there are many more hidden throughout the universe waiting to be discovered. No matter what you're doing in Galaxy 2, everything feels just right, thanks to the ultraprecise controls. It's a breeze leaping between walls, performing deadly butt-stomps, or jumping across lava-filled pits. There is an unabashed joy in movement that makes even running around the colorful worlds and taking in the uplifting atmosphere feel special. The camera does an admirable job of framing the action, giving you a clear view even when you're dancing on the ceiling in a reverse-gravity room or leaping between floating meteors in space. There are a few times where the angle is less than ideal, making it difficult to line up an exact jump, but for the most part, the camera performs its duty with flying colors.

I borrowed much of this review from CNET as they said it better than I could. If you like Mario Games, and you like SMG, you'll love SMG II
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