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Super Mario Galaxy 2
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$29.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 24, 2010
I got SMG2 last week and I'm in World 3 so my comments only apply to what I have seen so far in the game.


- The levels are much easier to access. You don't have to walk all around the spaceship to figure out what levels you haven't completed yet. That is a nice improvement.
- If you liked the first game, then you're almost guaranteed to like this one because it is so similar to SMG1.


- Music is definitely not as good as the music in SMG1. The music in the first one was so good that I just had to get the songs for it online. (1/12/11 update: you can listen to all the songs for free on Grooveshark)
- Lack of novelty. This can be a good or a bad thing. Some reviews suggest that this game has massive changes/improvements over SMG1. If that's what you're expecting I would say prepare to be disappointed. With the exception of a few relatively minor changes, you're pretty much playing the same game (which is NOT to say that it isn't fun!). SMG1 was SO different from other video games that the novelty of it blew people's mind. The changes in this game when compared to the first one are very minor.
- Although the graphics are good, they are not as impressive as SMG1 if you ask me. The background graphics (of galaxies, etc) blew me away in SMG1 so maybe my expectations were too high this time.

One final comment I would like to make is about the level of difficulty. Yes, some levels are very challenging. But (so far) I disagree with some reviewers that are saying that this game is A LOT harder than SMG1. I think they're about the same. If you can beat SMG1 I don't see why you wouldn't be able to beat this game.
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on February 26, 2014
I have only had the game for about two weeks and so far I like it. I have found it to be a bit faster then Super Mario Galaxy in it progress but its pretty fun. I purchased this game to continue Mario's journey and I can say it was well worth it. I like how they have brought back Yoshi and some of the older game music. However I have found some of the levels to be a little easier then the 1st game and some of the bosses are also less challenging. The graphics I think are a little better then the original game. I also found that the camera angles can be a bit of a problem at times but that was also true with the 1st game. All in all i have enjoyed playing it and think it is worth the price.
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on January 2, 2017
By far the best Super Mario game of the series! It's bright and colorful, fun yet challenging. Sometimes Mario games can get a little frustrating and boring, but this one is not like that at all. It just pulls you in and makes you want to play. The fact that it has an outer space theme is unique and the gameplay is just awesome. There are so many moves you can learn to master and so many little tasks and little games within the game. The worlds are whimsical and entertaining. Highly recommend whether you are a super mario fan or not!
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on May 28, 2014
While the first Galaxy was a fantastic game, this one builds off of all of the good things that game had going for it and made them great. Playing Galaxy 2 On my Wii U I was shocked at how awsome this game looks graphically. Considering it was developed for the Wii it looks really outstanding.

I often felt a little dizzy playing the first Galaxy game, not sure if I just got used to it or if there is just less use of gravity trickery in this game but I did not feel as dizzy playing this one. Aside from better graphics the biggest difference for me in this game was I felt the level design was much better and creative. I really liked the use of Yoshi in a 3d style Mario game. I feel this is the better game of the two.

To me if you have yet to play the Galaxy series for whatever reasn I would suggest picking them both up, however if money is tight or you just don't have time for both Galaxy 2 is the one to get.
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on May 29, 2016
Great Game I Loved It A Lot There Are Some Stars On Here That Getting Them Is Quite A Task Such As Daredevil Runs And Speed Run And A Few Green Stars This Game Has 242 Stars Not The 120 Like The First One Before You Buy This Game Do A Little Bit Of Research On It I Had To Have A Guide Help Me Find All The Green Stars Cause Without It There Was No Way I Could Have Done It Also The Grandmaster Galaxy The Last Galaxy In The Game The 242 Star Titled " The Perfect Run " Hardest Star To Get In Whole Game Look It Up On YouTube!
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on April 12, 2017
Loved the game over the years. The disc has held up well and there have been no glitches. It ranks behind the Zelda series as my favorite
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on November 15, 2010
Remember the original, and even many of the follow up iterations?

It may be easy to take one look at Super Mario Galaxy 2, see the same gravity-altering traps and spherical worlds from its predecessor, and dismiss this as a by-the-numbers sequel to the superb original. But by assuming you know what to expect from Mario's latest adventure, you would be doing yourself and this game a great disservice. This is not only the new standard against which every 3D platformer must now be judged, but it also seamlessly integrates so many elements from Mario's 2D roots that it stands toe-to-toe with even its genre-defining progenitors. Every aspect of this game is absolutely bursting with joy. The vibrant artistic design immediately welcomes you into this colorful world, and the catchy soundtrack deftly mixes classic tunes with new compositions to provide the perfect backdrop for your goomba-stomping, star-snatching fun. But it's the expertly designed levels that will keep you coming back, even after you've seen everything this game has to offer, just to experience it one more time. This is an instant classic that belongs alongside the best games Nintendo has ever created.

Things are once again rotten in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has taken Princess Peach prisoner for the umpteenth time, forcing Mario to momentarily put his plumbing gig on hold to rescue his fair lady. The best thing that can be said about the story is that it mostly stays in the background. A few lighthearted exchanges between Mario and his foes precede major battles, but there is only a brief break in the action before you get back to flinging fireballs and cracking shells. In fact, Galaxy 2 is much more streamlined than its predecessor. The elaborate hub world that has appeared in each of Mario's previous 3D adventures has been scrapped and replaced by an easy-to-navigate map that lets you hop right into the next level. Galaxy 2 has less downtime than the original, ensuring you're always engaged and entertained.

And you'll be happy to jump right into the action because Galaxy 2 is a long and often challenging adventure. There are lots of different activities to take part in, but everything comes with the same prize: a shining star. It takes 70 of these celestial bodies to make it to the end of the game, but there are many more hidden throughout the universe waiting to be discovered. No matter what you're doing in Galaxy 2, everything feels just right, thanks to the ultraprecise controls. It's a breeze leaping between walls, performing deadly butt-stomps, or jumping across lava-filled pits. There is an unabashed joy in movement that makes even running around the colorful worlds and taking in the uplifting atmosphere feel special. The camera does an admirable job of framing the action, giving you a clear view even when you're dancing on the ceiling in a reverse-gravity room or leaping between floating meteors in space. There are a few times where the angle is less than ideal, making it difficult to line up an exact jump, but for the most part, the camera performs its duty with flying colors.

I borrowed much of this review from CNET as they said it better than I could. If you like Mario Games, and you like SMG, you'll love SMG II
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on September 6, 2010
This is a great game. I liked the first Super Mario Galaxy. I love Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Since plenty of reviews have preached this game's virtues since it's release, I want to focus on one thing in particular which has been underplayed in my opinion. The two player mode in Galaxy 2 is great, in the right circumstances. For two gamers, I can see how it isn't that much fun. But for a gamer and non-gamer, or gamer and young child, the two player mode is a blast and adds so much to the game. My girlfriend and I play the game together. I bought it as a single player game, planning on playing it alone. I bought New Super Mario Bros Wii around the same time so that we'd have something to play together. We've played some of that, but since she's a casual gamer, she gets frustrated by dying in the game.

We tried the two player mode in Galaxy 2 out of curiosity. During the first level, I didn't really think she'd like it, there didn't seem to be that much to do and it didn't seem to be all that helpful to have a second player. But she did like it so we continued playing and the more we did, the more fun she had with it. And not only that, but having her playing really is helpful. I'm a decent but not great gamer and Galaxy 2 is definitely more difficult than the first Galaxy game. There were levels I definitely would have struggled with had she not been playing. She enjoys helping and doesn't have to worry about getting frustrated by dying.

The second player can do a few things.
1. Pointing at the screen and collecting star bits, in the same manner as player one would. This is helpful because it means I can focus more on the platforming and not as much the collection aspect, which again is helpful on harder levels.
2. Pointing at the screen and pressing A to collect coins, 1 up mushrooms, etc. This can be really useful to collect things in areas that are not easy to get to. Also very useful on stages with coins that require speed collecting, which we find very fun.
3. Pointing at enemies and pressing A to freeze or kill enemies. She can either kill smaller enemies or freeze bigger ones in place, like chain chomps or firebars. Very useful on difficult levels, I'd have trouble avoiding all of the enemies without her help.

Again, the two player mode isn't meant for two gamers but it's a great fit for one gamer and one non/semi-gamer. The game as a whole is a blast and all Wii owners should play it.
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on January 13, 2013
Although I have yet to complete this game, this game is really good so far! I like it just a hair better than the first one! Yes, it is more difficult than the first one, but if you don't like to challenge yourself in games from time to time, then you'll never get better at them! And I wouldn't limit myself to a few games just because I found certain other games too hard, personally. Another aspect that it worth mentioning as many other reviews have I'm sure, the world are fantastic. They are more interesting than in Super Mario Galaxy 1, in my opinion, and they're much more memorable, rather good or bad. I'm also VERY glad that they put Yoshi into this game although I think that for what I have played so far (over half of the game as Mario), Yoshi is thankfully not overused. I know people think Yoshi should've been used more, but then that aspect of the game would've been too much like Super Mario World. That's just my personal preference though. I totally recommend this game to pretty much anyone who can accept a challenge in their games! Cheers!
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on January 25, 2011
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the sequel that Super Mario Galaxy deserves. After playing SMG 1 I couldn't imagine the game developers possibly being able to come up with the same amount of creativity that they did in the first one; and not only did they manage, they surpassed it.

In SMG 2 you get to play with Yoshi, which adds a new element to the game. And with Yoshi comes his fruit which has different effects on him when he eats them, the same way mushrooms and flowers have on Mario. There are also a lot more opportunities to play with Luigi in SMG 2, as Luigi has a few skills that even Mario doesn't.

I would go as far as to say I like this one better than the first, simply because of the layout. SMG 1 took place on a space station that could be confusing when trying to locate galaxies (located in rooms). SMG 2 is very basic, being contained on a spaceship shaped like Mario's head which flies to the different galaxies. Therefore, they were able to bring back the map view (think Super Mario 3) which makes it much easier to locate and reach your galaxies, as well as see which ones you've completed.

The only con I can come up with for Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the fact that some of the levels are ridiculously hard (I hate the clones). However, with some practice they are definitely passable.

Save up, get a second job, do whatever you have to do to get this game, because Super Mario Galaxy 2 is out of this world!
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