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Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Selects)
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$33.70+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 21, 2013
We're probably one of the few families left that haven't purchased a game console, but we finally broke down and purchased a WII for Christmas. I am aware of Nintendo's long history of Mario games, and thought SMG might be a fun introduction. While I thought it would be a fun game for our seven-year-old, unless your kids are hard-core gamers (and mine certainly are not), they'll probably find this game to be a challenge to play, and perhaps too frustrating. Probably better for someone older, perhaps a middle-schooler around 13 years of age. It's clearly a one-person game. I would think another gamer would only get in the way.

Since this was my first introduction to Mario games, I would have to say that so far, I've been gaining a lot of enjoyment from the game. There have been times that it's been frustrating, but that should be expected with any video game. The graphics are beautiful, the game play challenging (certainly for someone new like me that has no real sense of what a WII game can do), and the urge to play more is also certainly there. So I think as a game, it meets the bill for being really enjoyable, at least for a beginner like me.

I rated it one star short of five for one reason. There are a few spots in the game where it's very difficult to determine how you progress forward in the game. For example, I got to the five-pointed star part of the game and was totally stumped as to what to do next. I collected all five star pieces, but there was no clue whatsoever as to how I was supposed to progress from there. I finally broke down and went upstairs to the computer and posted the question in Google. This took me to a gaming forum populated by a bunch of elitest gamers (kids probably only a few years older than mine) who lambasted a poor poster who was trying to figure the game out like myself. After the gamers had slathered on the usual, boring hype about the poster being a "newb", not trying hard enough, clueless, etc. (I suppose that made them all feel very surpeior somehow), someone finally partially answered the question. You must place the star pointer over one star, then once Mario has been lifted to that star, point to the next, and then, when he's midway between the two, select a third star across the way to float him over the middle where the launch star was. A rather complex move, and certainly more the so since this is a new "move" introduced with absolutely no explanation about what to do. I was really stumped. I could get Mario to float up to the first floater star, but had no idea what to do next. I was also surprised at how harsh these little gamers are on these gaming boards. I've been a gamer since there WERE electronic games (anyone remember PONG?), perhaps they would like to discuss the finer points of the popular PC game Wolfstein? OHHH, wait! You guys weren't born then, were you?

Be that as it may, if you're new to WII and want to gain a sense of what this gaming system does, SMG is certainly a worthy entry in the world of Mario. It may not be the best. It may not be the end-all Mario game, but I'm sure you find it engaging and interesting.
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on June 2, 2013
I was happy to discover this price-reduced copy of the original Super Mario Galaxy game. Having played through and nearly finished Super Mario Galaxy 2, I wanted to return to this one, which I remember enjoying more, and see why I enjoyed it. Part of it is that I really enjoy the orbital platform design that Mario returns to after every galaxy. Jetting around the galaxy on a big, stupid-looking Mario head just own satisfactory to me. I like being able to come back to a home base every time. I also didn't like how SMG2, despite having the '2', is not a continuation of the first game's plot line, which I enjoy. There are problems with this title, though, that SMG2 fixed well. One of the problems is the horrible controls and camera position ing in the underwater levels--much of the time you can't see where you're going, because for whatever reason the camera movement is restricted to awkward viewpoints that make it very hard to see where you are going, making it very easy to run into unseen enemies . The controls for the underwater parts are terrible. In other places, the level design and controls are so bad that they remove all fun from the level, namely one level where Mario is forced to race a Boo through a pull star path. The pull star mechanic is fun and interesting, but too slow and clumsy to make for a decent race. Fortunately, it's easy to get enough bonus stars in other levels that you can manage to skip the not-fun levels and go on to something else. I'm about 75% of the way through the game and have mostly enjoyed it, though the controls are nowhere near as precise as Super Mario 3D Land, probably the best of the three-dimensional Mario titles available.
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on January 9, 2016
My daughter is 9 and has loved playing all of the Mario games offered by Wii. This was the only one we didn't have yet. She enjoys this game however there are some spots she finds difficult and it tends to put her off enough that she will stop playing it for a few days/weeks until she decides to try it again.
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on November 19, 2013
I sort of fell out of the Mario series when I completed Mario 64. Yeah, Sunshine was pretty good too, but the hype that surrounded 64 was much bigger. I would have to say that this installment really excels when compared to the rest. It's fun, challenging, and you might actually need the many 1-ups that they throw at you. I know I did. I could go on and on but I don't really like typing long reviews. Long story short, it's hard to compete with Nintendo's quality.
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on July 25, 2013
I have so much good to say about this game. The concept: Spectacular. I've always been enthralled by outer space, and this game puts me right out there. The graphics: Stunning. Just beautiful. Hands down one of the best visual experiences delivered by a Wii game. The soundtrack: Out of this world (no pun intended). In all truth, it makes you feel like you are out exploring the galaxy, while still sounding like all the good ol' Mario games. The gameplay: Amazing. If you grew up like I did with Super Mario 64, then this game will bring back tons of memories. It brings back the great open feel that Mario 64 did, while adding a few modern quirks (differing gravities, among other things).

Overall, this game has been amazing for me. I got all the stars when I bought it years back and had a blast doing it. I wanted to play it through again a year or two later but to my dismay the disc had been cracked by poor care on my part (never put the disc by itself in the back pouch of the front seat of a car. Yes I was stupid.) So I decided to order it on Amazon and as soon as it came in and I popped it in the Wii I got a huge smile on my face. Extremely fun and challenging at points, and with a soundtrack that you could just put down the controller and listen to for hours, this game is simply amazing. Definitely in my top 5 games of all time.
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on March 19, 2014
Nintendo knows how to make fun games, plain and simple. They do it with a consistency and a playful attitude. Super Mario Galaxy is an exemplar of this approach.

It incorporates various innovative ideas centered around the idea of hopping between planets, each with its own gravitational field (we as human beings are still trying to figure out how gravity actually works but just go with it for the game (: ). This is one of the more fun games I've played over the past few years. I highly recommend it.
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on September 14, 2012
"Super Mario Galaxy" is an incredibly fun and addicting game! The levels can be very easy in the beginning, but they slowly get more challenging while still being fun. The graphics are very good for the Wii system. The Wii seems to get shorthanded with graphics in a lot of games, but not this one! Yes the graphics are not going to be like the XBox, but in "Super Mario Galaxy" the Wii's graphics are outstanding! This game clearly took in mind the Wii's capabilities and it shows (in a good way)! The opening cutscenes were especially beautifully done.

Speaking of cutscenes, one of the down sides is the beginning. There are some long cutscenes that you can't skip; some of the cutscenes tell the story (i.e. Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach) while others explain how to play (while simultaneously furthering the story). Not bad if you: a) want to know the back story; b) are a younger kid; c) new to video games or Mario games. The cutscenes were okay, but after a few I really wanted to play the game!

Now to the gameplay. I found the gameplay in this game to be very inventive. The premise of the game is that you are on the Comet Observatory. On this Observatory there are domes that lead to different galaxies. You start with only one dome open, but as you collect stars more become available. Each dome contains a certain number of galaxies that have their own gravitational system. Sometimes you can walk upside down on a planet or you could constantly be being flipped upside down or right side up to complete a level. It can be confusing at first, but once you get in the swing of it, it's so much fun!

The power ups are pretty good. There are the some traditional power ups (i.e. Fire Flower), but also some new ones like Bee, Boo, and Spring Mario. I like Bee Mario (you can fly for short bursts of time and crawl on some walls), but I HATE Spring Mario. With Spring Mario you turn into a spring and have the ability to jump really high. For the longest time I could not get it, but now I sort of do. Spring Mario is kind of sensitive to the controls, but if you keep on moving and know where you want to go before you jump--it's a bit better. You just need to practice.

The controls are good. I don't find myself worrying too much about the controls during the game, except when you are Spring Mario or swimming. Thankfully there are not a lot of swimming stages. When you are swimming, the controls are inverted (which is not a huge deal), BUT if you need to turn around you have to make a big circle. Not to much of an issue...except if you are underneath something and need to get to air so you don't die. It gets better with practice, but it's still awkward.

This game really uses the Wii motion technology to its advantage. You use the control stick on the nunchuk to walk, A button on the remote to jump, Z button on the nunchuk to crouch, and point the Wii remote to collect star bits. Collecting star bits is important because they can open new areas of the game (if you feed them to Hungry Lumas) and they can be used to stun enemies (point and press the B button on the Wii remote). There are some moves like the Spin Jump that also effectively use the Wii remote and motion technology.

While this game is marketed as a 2 player game, it's really more like 1 and a half player game. See, when you add a second player they don't play another character (i.e. Luigi or Toad). They take over collecting stars and shooting star bits and stopping enemies. While they can also make Mario jump or spin in mid-air after jumping, the most effective use of the second player is collecting star bits and stopping enemies. While this is not as fun for more seasoned video game players, it can be fun for younger kids or people new to video games. It could also be helpful when there are a lot of enemies to deal with.

If all of this were the only things to be taken into account, I would give this game only 4 stars. HOWEVER, the thing (in my opinion) that makes this a 5 star game is the music. The music is SUPERB! Great graphics, fun worlds, awesome gameplay is all tied together with really epic music! In my opinion the music seals the deal in making this 5 stars! Great game and very addicting! A "must buy" for any Wii owner...especially since this game is now a Nintendo Selects and only $20! In my opinion, this was money well spent.
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on June 12, 2016
Fun, but I get motion sickness after playing too long. Maybe I just need to get better at controlling that crazy guy
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on April 2, 2013
I'm a Mario fan for life - I loved this game! I am a girl in her 20's, and am not into shooting style games, or action games. I like strategy and mario type adventure games. I loved this! I especially liked the graphics and the sweet story that went along with the game. The price was great, and gave lots of game-play for your money.
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on July 6, 2013
This game originally came with my Wii some 5 years ago. The wife and I enjoyed playing it together, and whenever we have company over who have kids their kids are seen enjoying it as well. This particular copy I ordered for my 3 nephews from 6 to 10 in age. They all love it and I recommend it for anyone with a Wii regardless of you age.
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