Customer Reviews: Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Selects)
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With all the hype Nintendo is generating with the upcoming Wii U and the 3DS, it is hard to believe that maybe in 2013 they will stop making games for the Nintendo Wii. Yet, with the influence of motion gaming from Nintendo, it really influenced the way we played games with the motion of the wrist. Yet, there are so many games that have been so definitive to showcase with the Wii. The biggest one in my book for adventure is Super Mario Galaxy. With the joy of seeing Mario in space, it really changed the perspective on how we play adventure games. But unlike Sony & Microsoft with platformers, Mario will always be king, not just in gameplay, but also control, and that now with a new lower price for Super Mario Galaxy, it definitely is a great time to battle Bowser in space once again.

Super Mario Galaxy, as a part of the Nintendo selects series, is definitely a great game from start to finish, as you are thrusted into space to rescue Princess Toadstool a.k.a. Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, as you not only brace yourself in space to save Peach, but also try and help Rosalina save her spaceship from the ruined damage. As you thrust yourself in space, you have so many dynamic enemies to master from a giant-sized spider spitting galactic venom, to Bouldergeist, a villainous enemy that is a deadly ghost that packs a punch when he protects himself with rock armor, and then grows vulgar arms. Graphically, the games looks amazing start to finish, while the music of the game brings celestial moods all the way to classic Mario themes from past games, to a epic orchestral Bowser showdown. The control of the game is very simple and easy to control Mario through the challenges from emptying trash to get a star, to trying to defeat foes without suffering damage to get stars.

All in all, Super Mario Galaxy is a fantastic game is worth every penny and definitely one of the most defiant games that showed what Mario could really do on the Nintendo Wii. If you've never played Super Mario Galaxy when it originally came out back in 2007, than it honestly is a great time to get this game and watch Mario placed into orbit. I absolutely loved this game when it originally came out nearly 4 years ago, and you'll love it too. Definitely one small step for a plumber, but one giant leap into gaming.

Graphics: A

Sound: A+

Control: A

Fun & Enjoyment: A+

Overall: A
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You've probably seen how revolutionary Super Mario 64 was on the Nintendo 64. Well, imagine if the game was separated into mini planets, and you see Mario soaring through the air as he was launched into the air. That, my friends, is Mario Galaxy.

The game starts out with Mario roaming through a gorgeously detailed Mushroom Kingdom as he runs to Peach's Castle...for cake. But then, guess what? Not only does Bowser kidnap Peach again. He kidnaps Peach in a very epic cutscene! Unfortunately for Mario, a Magikoopa sends him flying into the galaxy, knocking him out.

Now, the main game is playing through very big and graphical 3D worlds bouncing on Goombas, collecting coins, and all kinds of other stuff. But, like Super Mario 64, you must collect Stars. Collect enough Stars to be able to play in another world, or maybe have Mario tussle with Bowser. If you were to play the game, you'll notice that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is much, much deeper and more fun than I am describing it.

The music is nothing like I've ever heard in a Mario game. I mean, seriously. Once I played the game until after I beat the first Bowser boss, I was thinking "Oh, my god. These tracks are from a MARIO game??". The music also breathes air into the spacey atmosphere in the game.

The one major complaint I have with this game is that the 2-Player mode is stupid. There's almost nothing the second player can do to help the first player play through the game. Sure, he/she can collect Star Bits, launch them at enemies, and fling those...rubber..trees at enemies. But that's pretty much it. The second player doesn't even have his/her own character (Thanks, Mario Galaxy 2).

But other than the 2-Player mode, the game is amazing. It is one of the best Wii games you can buy.
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on December 17, 2011
For Mario's Wii debut Nintendo decided to take their most famous character and send him where no plumber has gone before . . . into deep space! The main game play of SUPER MARIO GALAXY features Mario running around small planets, space debris, water levels, and other colourful Mario themed levels. This is a very long review, so the Intro pretty much tells you what I think and the Overall Information on the Game goes into more detail on the game itself

INTRO and Purchase Recommendation:

Although the game is great, if you should buy it or not really depends on if you have gotten the superior sequel, SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2. For the first two and a half years of its existence, SMG was an unequivocal title which if you wanted to have the best that the Wii offered, this was the title for you. Like any main entry in the SUPER MARIO series, Nintendo has put all their efforts into making one of the best titles around, and as evidenced by the almost unanimous reviews from professional gaming critics. That all changed in the summer of 2010, when Nintendo released SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2.

SMG, along with a handful of other titles (including Zelda's TWILIGHT PRINCESS) have been released as a series of budget line titles called "Nintendo Selects", which exclusively features a physical red box. These titles are normally priced under twenty dollars and quite frankly a steal.

However, if it comes down to purchasing SMG or SMG2, go with SMG2. Please refer to my SMG2 review for more information on that title, but overall everything SMG does, SMG2 does bigger and better.

There are a few design choices that are rather strange to me that I want to note here rather than the general body of the information section. First, to get all possible stars, you have to beat Bowser FOUR TIMES. Yes, four. Not that Bowser is particularly difficult, but really, four times? And it's the same battle and stage.

Overall the power stars are not overly challenging with one notable exception: the Dread Nought's Secret Star. While SMG2 has "The Perfect Run" which is intentionally exceptionally intense, the Dread Nought's Secret Star isn't even a major stage. Instead, you have to blow up six piles of rubble for a Gearmo using bombs, and you only have 30 seconds to do so. Only problem is there is a several second delay from when you throw the bombs to when they blow up. It is by far the most frustrating star in the game, so much so that I wanted to punch whoever designed that star in the face. It's borderline impossible, it's that difficult. And then the Gearmo gets mad at you that you didn't clear the trash. I'm like if you gave me more time or this wasn't such a stupid star, you'd be done! [Extremely frustrating and not even remotely fun.]

A close second is Boo's Bone Pen Star where you have to collect 100 purple coins in a MINUTE. While in SMG 2 after you get all 100 purple coins and you are on a time limit, the time limit will stop and you can go collect the star. Not so in SMG. After getting all 100 coins, the timer is still going, so you can get the necessary coins and still lose. [Extremely frustrating and not even remotely fun.] - Another quick purple coin star is when Gusty Garden star "Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube" [on a Cube Box] -

Also, after beating SMG with Mario you are given the option to beat it again with Luigi. While it's a nice game style change, it's not really much of a difference - just the same with slightly different play control. And you have to go through that if you want to get all 121 stars with both. While I'm not detracting for the game for this, it just feels like Nintendo was adding artificial length to the game. The first time I beat the game I didn't play through it again with Luigi for a few months, because it wasn't that important to me to get all 121 stars, given the fact the 121 star was just a purple coin walk in the park that I saw on Youtube.

Although I've read lots of reviews that SMG2 could never have the same impact as the original (due to all the main ideas that make SMG2 so brilliant were first introduced in SMG) , ultimately SMG2 wins out every time. Yes, SMG is what first introduced us to the Galaxy style gameplay with gravity, physics, planetoids, etc, and all SMG2 just expands the template and builds on the foundation already laid down by SMG (which is very true), SMG2 is just so bloody great it makes you want to cry. Absolutely amazing.

Still, the original SMG is absolutely amazing, even though it is now outshined by its sequel. Although there are individual stars and galaxies here and there I prefer in the original SMG, over all SMG 2 is the better game. Fortunately, though, if you have the fundage you can get both of these absolutely classic titles!

Overall Information:

The game has a lot of motion controls built into it, which is quite suitable for the Wii. By spinning your Wii controller Mario does a spin move. There are also things called Pull Stars, where you most point your Wii controller at the pull star to activate it, which will make Mario go in that direction. There are also bubble-blowing, where you use blow Mario around with a blaster while he is encased in a Bubble, a Star Ball where Mario stands on a ball and you have him roll around a course by positioning the Wii remote in certain angles, and Stingray surfing where Mario rides a stingray on a water course.

Mario also collects "Star Bits", which can be used as ammo but comes in more useful as food for "hungry Lumas", which are stars Mario encounters on the way. By feeding these Hungry Lumas a predetermined amount of Star Bits, Mario will unlock previously locked levels.

SUPER MARIO GALAXY, like its previous predecessor SUPER MARIO 64, is built around collecting Power Stars. The main goal is to collect sixty power stars so that you are able to have the final showdown with Bowser.

Like Princess Peach's Castle from SUPER MARIO 64 and Delfino Plaza in SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE, SMG features a hubworld called the Comet Observatory. There are seven main areas in the Observatory: tThe Gate (one galaxy and one Hungry Luma galaxy), the Terrace, the Fountain, The Kitchen, the Bedroom, the Engine Room, and the Garden. Each of these areas with the exception of the Gateway feature multiple galaxies and one Hungry Luma galaxy, as well as a Bowser themed level boss level. As you proceed, through these stages and earn more stars, you will gain Grand Stars (which are in the Bowser levels). When Mario starts out there is not enough power to bring all the areas online, so each time Mario earns a Grand Star, power is added to the Comet Observatory, unlocking another area that can be explored (much like Peach's Castle was locked).

Overall, the Comet Observatory can feel overwhelming and awkward to navigate, which would explain why in SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 Nintendo completely did away with the hub world and instead did an overworld linear map similar to SUPER MARO BROS. 3 and SUPER MARIO WORLD

There are 42 galaxies in the game (six fewer than its sequel), of which there are ten twelve unlockable galaxies and [thirty two] thirty main galaxies. There are seven Hungry Luma galaxes, the final boss galaxy where Bowser is at, and the three trial galaxies which are challenging courses involving stingray surfing, star ball rolling, and bubble blasting, and then the Grand Finale Galaxy.

The galaxies themselves are highly inventive and feature remarkable gameplay. There is everything from honey themed galaxies (to tie in Bee Mario) to deep space battle station galaxies to ghostly galaxies to tropical galaxies to desert galaxies and fire/ice galaxies and even a tory galaxy and a sugary candy galaxy. Each star in the galaxy is clearly defined and the player never feels a loss at what to do next. Overall the game is very intuitive in leading the player to the next goal without holding the player's hand, which is one of the hardest balances to obtain in game design these days.

As far as linear gameplay, both SMG and SMG2 are more linear than SM64 and SMS. One of the things I loved about SM64 is the ability to obtain pretty much any star at any point that was available in the level (with very, very few exceptions to that rule). Those days are gone, largely because depending on what star you select there are changes made to the galaxy layout and design.

Although there are 120 stars in the main game, in reality there are really 90 main stars, with 30 additional stars being "comet stars".

The comet stars will begin appearing after you have beaten various galaxies. There is also a special type of comet (the Purple comet) which, when it appears, means you must collect 100 purple coins spread throughout a level.

The other type of comets are all repeats of stars already played, only with some extra criteria included. There are daredevil runs (Mario only has one hit), speed runs, Cosmic clone runs (where Mario or Luigi races his clone), and double-time runs where everything is sped up to super speeds.

Although the comets are largely fun, with the exception of the purple comets, they are all repeats of previously featured content, which doesn't make the game feel as long as it should be had Nintendo come up with new stars to come up with the 120.

To get the purple comets to appear you must defeat Bowser. Then, after getting all 120 stars, you must beat Bowser a second time, which will then unlock SUPER LUIGI GALAXY, where you play through the game as Luigi.

The Luigi mode of SMG is very much a LOST LEVELS throw back. In the 1986 game Famicom Disk System SUPER MARIO BROS 2 (THE LOST LEVELS), you can play as either Mario or Luigi. If you play Luigi, he jumps higher but does not have nearly as much traction, meaning he slides around a lot. That is exactly how Luigi plays in SMG as well. It's nice to see such a nod to one of the more obscure (if there is such a thing) titles in the Mario canon. Other than how he controls, there is no difference between playing through the levels with Luigi or with Mario, with the exception that Luigi's cosmic clones are MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than Mario's. The underwater race in BEACH BOWL GALAXY will have you SWEARING, it's that much more difficult.

After defeating collecting the 60 stars with Luigi, defeating Bowser, getting the purple comets to appear, then collect the other 60 stars, you then beat Bowser again with Luigi. After doing so, you then unlock the Grande Finale Galaxy, which is the 121s star for both Mario and Luigi. Don't expect anything epic though like SMG2's insanely masochistic "The Perfect Run Level"; the Grand Finale Galaxy is just a boring purple coin hunt, not even challenging. Actually you'll have a hard drive even getting hurt in the galaxy it's that easy.

Boss information and Power Ups [Over all information regarding the game]

There are 15 bosses in SUPER MARIO GALAXY, with several being fought more than once.

1. Dino Piranha (fought twice)
2. King Kaliente (fought twice)
3. Bugaboom (fought once)
4. Megaleg (fought once)
5. Kamella (fought three times)
6. Tarantox (fought once)
7. Topmaniac (fought four times)
8. Bouldergeist (fought twice)
9. Major Burrows (fought twice)
10. Baron Brrr (fought once)
11. Undergrunt Gunner (fought three times)
12. Kingfin (fought once)
13. Fiery Dino Piranha (fought once)
14. Bowser Jr. (fought once)
15. Bowser (fought three times)

The game features seven power ups.

1. Bee mushroom - turns Mario into a bee for short extended periods of light
2. Boo mushroom - make Mario transparently so he can float through solid objects. He will also attract other ghosts who will fall in love with him while using this power up.
3. Fire Flower - the classic power up that allows Mario to shoot fireballs. Unlike the 2D side scrollers, Fire Mario has a time limit. In several stages he might light torches or burn items to proceed
4. Ice Flower - first appeared in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Ice Flowers appear in three galaxies (Beach Bowl Galaxy, Freezeflame Galaxy, and Deep Dark Galaxy). Allows him to shoot ice balls at enemies and also turns water surfaces into ice, allowing Mario to skate across bodies of water and access areas otherwise inaccessible. Like the Fire Flower, it has a timer
5. Rainbow Star - the invincibility star from days of yore, and has a time limit
6. Red Star - makes Mario fly. Only appears in the Purple Coin challenge in the Gateway Galaxy and in the hub world of the Comet Observatory.
7. Spring Mushroom - turns Mario into a bouncing spring. This can be challenging to control as Mario is constantly jumping while using this powerup.
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on November 24, 2011
Love this game style! It's not too hard to complete the levels, but it does require problem and puzzle solving skills. The controls are not too extreme or difficult to learn. That's another great joy for active people who want to play video games. I'm about half way through the game right now and it is lots of fun. Now that it is priced as a "Nintendo Select", this is a great purchase for Nintendo Wii owners. Let the fun begin!

UPDATE: I just completed Super Mario Galaxy. It took me just under one month. I played it for about one hour at a time 3 or 4 days a week. I'm 35 years old and grew up playing Nintendo games. This game was very enjoyable from start to finish. It's not too hard if you take your time with it. The designers didn't make it too hard to win at this game. I'm glad too because I don't have all the spare time I once had as a child. Being able to sit down and play it casually and succeed was fun!

SPOILER WARNING!! After you beat Bowser in the end, you go back to the Comet Observatory and have the challenged offered to collect 59 more stars!! I'm not sure if that means go back and complete all the levels again or what. But it didn't require me to beat every level to finish the game. So I will go back and play the ones I missed and try to get the 59 stars to see what happens.
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on November 9, 2011
In 2007, Super Mario Galaxy was awarded the game of the year in many game medias including IGN, GameTrailers, GameSpot, etc. Now in 2011, this game is re-released as a "Nintendo Selects title" with a cheap price. I personally played its sequel SMG 2 first, and I think SMG 2 is way better than the original. But still, this is a great game to play. If you haven't played SMG before, this is a good opportunity to buy it with low price. Go get it!
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on March 24, 2012
Nintendo has made another great game of Mario.The graphics are fantastic, and the moves are awesome.The suits are numerous ,here are some that I have not seen in many games, Bee Mario,Spring Mario, and Boo Mario.The only disappointment I had was that I had was that you don't get to play with Yoshi,but you can play can play with him on Super Mario Galaxy 2.Here are two warnings if you get motion sick easily this would probably not be a good game for you, and it is two players but the second player can only collect star bits, that means he is not a character. Overall I think it is a good game!
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on November 19, 2013
I sort of fell out of the Mario series when I completed Mario 64. Yeah, Sunshine was pretty good too, but the hype that surrounded 64 was much bigger. I would have to say that this installment really excels when compared to the rest. It's fun, challenging, and you might actually need the many 1-ups that they throw at you. I know I did. I could go on and on but I don't really like typing long reviews. Long story short, it's hard to compete with Nintendo's quality.
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on December 26, 2011
I've played Super Mario since I got my first SNES for my ninth birthday and he's been, more or less, a major part of my experiences playing video games. Whether it was Super Mario World, or Super Mario All-stars or even Super Mario RPG (I am an RPG fanatic), Super Mario was and still is the SNES for me.

But I must confess, I never grew up with the N64 or the GameCube so perhaps my credendtials aren't as good as anyone who has played the Mario games I haven't on the GBA or the GameCube. I only ever got to play Super Mario 64 with my reletives. I downloaded Super Mario 64 on Virtual Console and, while it's still fun, it just doesn't hold my attention for long. I doubt I'll ever beat it.

All that aside, I hope you would still trust my judgement when I say this is the funnest and greatest 3D platformer I've ever played and it held my attention until I got all 120 stars, unlocked Luigi, and got 100 more as him.

This game is beautiful and plays like a dream. I honestly couldn't have imagined having so much fun shaking and pointing the Wii Remote but this game incorperates it in such a way that pointing and shaking go beyond mere novelty and actually make the game even stronger. Collecting star bits with the star cursor and then aiming at enemies while controlling Mario with the Nunchuck is a minor task in multi-tasking that is rewarding and stimulating. Mario himself plays spectacularly with all his classic Super Mario 64 acrobatic moves intact. His punch-punch-kick combo has been replaced with a simple spin-punch attack that feels less redundant and far more suited to attacking in multiple directions. Occasionally, Mario will have to pull off some tricky wall-jumping moves that feel reminiscent of wall-jumping in Mega Man X. The camra always situates itself just right for these segments and never hinders you once. The camra moves itself almost always to just where you need it when you need it. Only a few times are you not able to move it manually the way you want and that, quite frankly, is the only complaint I could come up with.

Now let's talk about level design. My goodness is it gorgeous and mind-bending! Mario will constantly defy gravity and he is able to run right side up and upside down depending on which side of a heveanly body you are on. You'll find yourself moving your head from side to side trying to reorient yourself on instinct. This game takes lots of hand-eye coordination to play and will force you to hone your skills and senses. This ulimately makes conquering a level and getting that last star-piece all the more fulfilling. Levels can vary from lush, green worlds alive with life to arrid deserts to all your classic platforming cliches, including lava levels and ice levels; even the Super Mario World ghost houses make a return. Some worlds might be made entirely out of food or toys. Some worlds are made of geometric patterns that bend the mind and test your vertigo further. My favorite levels are the ones that look like tropical paradises. If heaven exists, that's what I imagine it looks like.

Everything from gameplay to music to graphics and level design only further cement Mario's place in the video gaming world as the definitive platforming character who will never fade away and continue to attract fans young and old, or in my case, estranged. The good folks at Nintendo should be proud of themselves. This is the kind of game you saw in your dreams when you tried imagine how much better gaming could get when you were younger. If you get any game for the Wii, let it be this.
Let it be this.
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on February 10, 2013
Super Mario has been around for many, many years, and there are people that love this or that incarnation of the series, to me, this is the best so far. Interesting game play, challenging levels for skill and puzzles, and innovative use of world designed in multiple dimensions.
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on November 30, 2011
My grand children just love this game. They play it for hours. Great Buy!!! All Mario Bros games are great.
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