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on April 28, 2018
I haven't played too much of the game, but thus far it seems fun, the controls are snappy and easy to handle, though it is a bit weird to run around the planets and try and change directions while doing so with the directional pad. Sometimes the perspective is a little weird as well, but that is more than likely just my needing to get used to the game. Overall it has good controls and an interesting story, cool mechanics, and overall a lot of new and classic Mario components. I can see why the game was and still is pretty popular, and hopefully, I will get to experience more of it with more playtime here soon.
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on January 18, 2016
I am currently playing this game for the 3rd time through. I first bought this game for the regular Wii system and now I'm playing it on the WiiU. I feel like my only complaint about this game is that it truly isn't really a "2 player" game. Yes, you can play with 2 people but the second person gets short changed in my opinion as their only job in the whole game is to collect star bits and shoot. I suppose it would be better off your playing alone rather than as a pair but otherwise still a very fun game to play.
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on June 5, 2012
So I am a little late to Super Mario Galaxy. I just picked this up and had a chance to play through the game. It was amazing and kept me entertained.

Story: While the story of Mario having to save the princess is not original by any means, in this game, Bowser has taken her to the stars and you must take back enough Power Stars (lumas) from the enemy in order to power your ship. That is the only way you can travel to where Bowser has taken princess Peach. You are guided by Rosalina and she tells you a story throughout the game on stars called lumas by reading a storybook.

Gameplay: This plays out a lot like Super Mario 64. You explore different galaxies and each one has muliple planets. On each planet, you can obtain several stars. You select which star you are going for and the level is setup for you for that star. There are hidden stars and special stars you get from a comet being in orbit around the planet. The comets make you play the level with a handicap such as having to race mirror Mario, only 1 hit, fast foes, time limit, etc. Gravity plays a big part of this game. In some platforms you can move to any side including the bottom. Mario will be upside down and controls can get a little tricky like this. During the game, you will encounter planets that let you race on a manti-ray, explore underwater, and other themed planets such as fire, ice, water, etc. Some special items you can get during the game include items that morph mario into a bee, a ghost, turn him to fire mario, ice mario, and even flying mario. You collect star bits during the game that help you open up new areas by feeding them to the lumas that will transform into special items or planets.

Conclusion: This game will keep you hooked. All of the levels (galaxies) are a blast. What's nice is that you can choose to try difficult levels or just skip them. You don't have to get all the stars in the game to beat it. If you want a challenge, the game does offer that and it is a blast to try and get ever star in the game. If you stick around past the ending, you get the purple comet that lets you explore every galaxy again trying to get the 100 purple coins for another star. I would recommend this game to anyone whatever age they can figure out how to use a wii controller with the nunchuk.
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on September 21, 2014
First off let me say that I didn't like this game. I guess I'm just too old school to appreciate new innovative games and ideas. I like Mario games similar to SM64 with big levels and variety. Mario Galaxy was the exact opposite with small similar space based levels. I also prefer the old controllers over the motion sensitive ones. I don't want to wave my arms about just to play a video game. Anyway don't let it be said I don't have an open mind. Being a long time Nintendo fan I wanted to give it a try and even though I didn't care for it I do think it's a great innovative game for those that like new experiences. As are all Nintendo's games it was very polished. The graphics were beautiful and control was spot on. Nintendo spent a lot time on getting it perfect and they succeeded. Even though it wasn't the kind of Mario game I was hoping for it certainly deserves five stars.
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on March 7, 2013
The first time I played this game, I felt my mind grow.
I play lots of video games, and you get certain mental paradigms engrained in your brain. You judge games by how well they implemented their paradigm of choice.
This game was ground breaking!
It shattered my mental paradigms, and expanded my mind.

I love it, and I even love replaying it.

If you haven't seen a trailer of this game, it essentially is a gravity puzzler. You run around from tiny planet to tiny planet, and gravity plays a huge role. It isn't quite gravity as we know it (because the objects are usually fixed in place, so their gravity doesn't affect one another), but you are affected by their gravity (though you have to pretend each planet has an incredibly dense core for the gravity to make sense).

...the one critique I have is that this is branded as a multi-player game. It is not multi-player. A 2nd player can join in to move a cursor around your screen to either collect stars, or just irritate you. So it is definitely a single-player game, where a spectator can join in and perform 1 single simplistic task over and over.
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on January 7, 2008
First off, let me recommend Super Mario Galaxy as a very fun game. It has an easy learning curve and you don't need to read the manual to play it, so anyone can just pick up and play. Veterans of the Mario series will find a lot of familiar themes, like items that transform Mario into a different mode with different abilities (Bee Mario, Fire Mario, Ice Mario). What's new is that the worlds that Mario explores are collections of small planets and he hops between them. Sometimes Mario uses star-slingshots to shoot farther.

I'm not an expert gamer, and as I've been playing through Galaxy it's been an easy and relaxing experience. Each world takes about ten to twenty minutes, so it's not a big time investment to start a new world. The low-key nature of this game means that you can play it off and on and not feel like you absolutely have to finish it; I've been playing for a month or so, once every few days, and I'm maybe 3/4 of the way through the game. I haven't finished it yet, though, so I may have further to go than I think!

The style of this game actually reminds me of Donkey Kong Country: it's relatively easy to complete each level, but if you want to find the secrets it gets much much harder. Overall, this is a well-rounded game that isn't too addictive nor too boring. If you have a Wii, get this game!
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on March 2, 2008
To be honest, after the original Mario I wasn't a big fan of the numerous incarnations that followed.

Until Now.

I purchased this for my young son, who asked for some help learning how to play the game. Two months later we are both utterly addicted it has become a regular household event.

Like all good games, it has fantastic stylized graphics, sound effects, and music. But the real wow comes from brilliant game play design like you've never experienced. Each galaxy, out of dozens, is chock full of new kinds of bad guys (bugs, robots, animals, etc), each with new kinds of attacks, in lands full of strange new challenges. Gravity is manipulated, play surfaces range from disappearing tiles to lava, and worlds may be in space or under water, the list goes on. Throughout the game, Mario gains access to magic mushrooms allowing new fun powers or abilities: bee flight, spring jumping, ghostly body, fireballs, and more.

I really can't say enough, this game is simply brilliant. Buy it without hesitation.
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on December 26, 2007
This game is simply great, and extremely addictive. This game is very fitting for all age groups and can be a challenge to all. I have found that most of the levels are fairly simple but can really be a brain teaser. For me most levels can be completed fairly quickly but that just makes the addition of the "comet" levels a real plus.

Some levels you play have the basic stars that you need to find but can have an additional star that you can only get when a comet is in orbit. These range from comets that make it so all the enemies move faster to a comet that makes you race your shadow to the star and can be quite challenging.

I won't go on a tangent about the game but simply say this is a great addition to the Wii line up. The controls are great, (though you will need to get used to them.) The worlds are thought out and range from quick and easy to the challenging teaser, and the camera though not completely perfect extremely well done for a game like this.

This game is a definite 5 out of 5.
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on December 29, 2016
I was disappointed with this game because its not open world. Its kind of boring and "forceful" feeling. Not good for a game night with the family, its not immersive like the first 3d Mario game. If you are looking for something like Sunshine or Super Mario 64, you just aren't gonna find it. Nintendo gave up with that kind of stuff. A real disappointment, too.
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on October 13, 2009
I have every Nintendo system from the old NES and gameboy, to the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Nintendo DS and now the Wii. I'm 29 and ever since Super Mario Bros came out on the NES I've been hooked on Mario games. That is NOT to say that I like every Mario game out there, in fact I think that some of them are pretty lousy. But Super Mario Galaxy is a must for any true Mario fan out there.

Fun level: A+ What a blast!

Difficulty Level: Some levels are pretty difficult, but when you compare it to Super Mario Bros on the NES (or, for that matter, Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels) it's a *relatively* easy and forgiving game. But overall, this game will test your abilities.

Music: A+ I love the music! In fact I am planning on buying the soundtrack. The music is just so different from any other Mario game I've ever played. It's so inspiring!
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