Customer Reviews: Super Mario Galaxy
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When it comes to anticapated games for the Nintendo Wii, many of them have wanted one thing, Mario. It has been nearly a year though since the Wii was launched with The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess as the main attraction, but many die hard fans have been anxious for a game that has delivered the appeal of Super Mario 64 from Mario's hay day. Although Super Mario Sunshine was also a fun game for the Nintendo Gamecube, it just didn't deliver as well as the Nintendo 64 classic had proven. But, Mario has proven his strength earlier this year on the Wii with gems like Super Paper Mario & Mario Party 8 which both worked well as great buys for the Nintendo system, but this is the one that reaches to the stratosphere.

Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii, brings in the big guns, as Mario does whatever it takes to save Princess Toadstool a.k.a. Peach from the clutches of Bowser. This time around, Mario takes to the sky to help him in his quest. Along the way, Mario has to collect star bits, which can help him beat enemies and bosses of all kinds, from the classics like Thwomps and goombas, to bigger than life boss battles like a vulgar spider who shoots venom at you, and even a mecha robot that fires bullet bills at you from all different angles.

There are also a few new features here that Mario shines through as well in the game, like specialty suits like the bee suit, which transforms Mario into a bumble bee, that can make mario fly through the Honeycomb stage, where he can collect coins and stars from each of the levels. There is also the boo suit, where Mario can actually become the ghostly menace, Boo in the haunted house level to help him enter ghostly portals that Mario couldn't normally enter, but it also can make the other Boo ghosts quickly fall in love with Mario in the blink of an eye. There are also some returns of classic items to use as well like the Fire Flower, and a new ice flower that Mario could use to freeze his foes on ice.

The graphics in the game are absolutely breathtaking and appeal well to the Wii's eyes, while the music is simplistic and elequent to the ears of Mario fans, especially as he surfs the galaxy. The control is also very simple to manuver, and stays mainly relevant to the palms of the Wii remote and nunchucks' hands. You can also use the Wii remote to help you grapple onto trees and meteors that can help you launch from one platform to another, and you can also use to help you collect star bits, and perform new attacks like the spin move. There is also a new co-op mode where for the first time, two people can play, as you can use another player to help you collect star bits, to help you along your quest, and defeat tougher foes like a giant octopus in the lava, and even giant goombas that are beyond the heights of the world.

All in all, what I love about Super Mario Galaxy is that it is everything Wii owners have wanted in a great game, and more. It is a definite must buy for the Wii that is sure to bring a lot of excitement into die hard Mario fans. This is one game that really brings out the heart at being the best of what the Nintendo Wii has delivered, and that has still shown to die hard Mario fans of all ages. I absolutely recommend it as a great buy on a star-spectacular scale.

Graphics: A

Sound: A+

Control: A-

Fun & Enjoyment: A

Overall: A
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VINE VOICEon November 17, 2007
I had very high expectations from this game and so far it has exceeded them.

Graphically it's just beautiful, stunning and just plain amazing. Screenshots just don't do justice for the game.

In many ways it plays like Mario 64. And don't take that as a bad thing, what I mean is that the game feels very intuitive as to how the mechanics work which makes the learning curve nearly nonexistent.

Some of music and sound in the game are a kickback to all of the older Marios that we have all played. What is a Mario game without some Super Mario 3 music?

But the main thing for me is how fun and different it is. Even though it seems like you might have already done this or that in another game, it adds a completely different twist to it that makes it more exciting and fun then anything you have ever played.

Super Mario Galaxy has completely revolutionized the way you think of a platformer. And at this point the bar has been pushed so high it's galaxies (pun intended) beyond any other platformer I have played or probably will play for years to come.

Plain and simple, this is the game to own on the Wii!
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HALL OF FAMEon November 13, 2007
The classic Super Mario 64 re-defined the platformer for a new generation of gamers. The long anticipated Super Mario Galaxy, what I consider to be the true sequel to Super Mario 64 (sorry Super Mario Sunshine!) re-defines the modern day platformer once again, and is a crowning achievement for the license, Nintendo, the Wii, and video games in general. Princess Peach is in dire straits once again in Bowser's clutches, and Mario embarks on an interstellar quest to save her. The first thing you'll no doubt notice are the game's incredibly stellar graphics. The Wii is far from a technical powerhouse, but Super Mario Galaxy is by far the absolute best looking game to hit the Wii yet. The game's new take on gravity, physics, and puzzles combine to make for some of the most excellent level designs you'll ever come across in your mission to save Peach and collect stars, and the flawless Wii-mote controls only make the gameplay experience even better. There are a bunch of new Mario suits to enhance your abilities (some are easier to get a hang of than others), and the platforming elements, even though they've been taken to new levels here, are a Mario fan's dream come true. If there's any downsides to Super Mario Galaxy, it's that the gravity and physics of the environments may cause some nautiousness for some, and the semi-co-op mode could have been done better, but the overall game is so good that these are extremely minor negatives. All in all, Super Mario Galaxy is undoubtedly the best game to hit the Wii yet, and needless to say is an essential addition to your Wii library. For those that don't own a Wii, give Super Mario Galaxy a try, you'll be quite happy you did.
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on December 10, 2007
For all you old-timers (like me) who thought that Mario Brothers meant hopping up and down on the heads of little characters to grow in size and earn lives, here is a probably the closest example of perfection in terms of OLD SCHOOL videogame values meeting a new Game Platform. If you're like our family, we bought Super Paper Mario and Mario Party 8 when they first came out. And, while my kids seemed mildly entertained, it left me kind of scratching my head, wondering "What is this?" I didn't "get it." And, when we popped Super Mario Galaxy into the Wii, and up flashed these full screen graphics telling the story, I was thinking, "Uh-Oh" here comes another disappointment. Then, we started playing the game.

You run. You gain skills. You chase. You jump. You maneuver. You climb. You fly. You spin. You stomp. Oh my gosh! How much fun is this game? So much so, that even first timers are left smiling and asking the same question, "Can I try that again?" Another thing that I really love about this game: A SECOND PLAYER can assist with strategy and with "picking up stars" for points and lives, and can hold down a creature with sort of a mini-forcefield beam.

This game literally transports you to another world (actually world after world if you can make it). It makes you smile thinking, "what next?" It's a puzzle which makes you experiment and think about how to solve the riddle? Like how do I get inside there? How do I outmaneuver that creature?

The music is awesome. It blends this upbeat theme which keeps you pumped up and at the same time inspires you. A few times my kids actually jumped up with joy raising their hands in the air like Rocky! How amazing! A toy that actually UPLIFTS your spirits! I knew this was a hit when my son asked for playing time with the game instead of his usual television programs which sort of feel flat and uninspired after seeing and experiencing this game.

If you're a first time player, you're going to want to create a file for yourself so you can save your progress. Save the extra files and keep them blank until you have guests over who want to try from the beginning of the game. As you step forward, keep in mind that every level is to teach you how to do something. How to run. How to get used to the 3-D graphics. How to jump. How to avoid things. And, mostly, how to be curious and explore. There are free lives hidden in cool places. There are skills that you can acquire along the way that make your character stronger.

When you repeat a level, it is for a purpose. To build your strength and endurance. It helps you get to another place. The biggest positive lesson I get from this game is to never quit. Just keep going. If there were ONE GAME that you could buy for your Wii, THIS IS IT, FOLKS. It is a smashing example of Old School Videogame values meets this rockin' new platform.

Our favorite creature to date was on one of the earlier levels. Sort of a gigantic egg-headed creature with a long tail. The first time you figure out how to defeat it, you sort of burst out in laughter. You look at the way the game plays out and you just marvel at the game programmers. BRAVO and BRAVA! Way to go, Nintendo! What fun!
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on December 15, 2009
This game is the most amazing Mario game ever made, bar none. I have played them all since the 80's, and this is breathtaking versus the others (which I love). Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion were major disappointments after the glory of Super Mario 64--Super Mario Galaxy is SM64's true sequel.

The graphics are crisp and clear. They are also bright, colorful, and imaginative. They provide a fun and cartoony feel for new, young players, and just a fun environment for any gamer.

The levels range from easy to beat-your-head-into-the-wall hard. Please note that any reviews that say this is too easy are NOT PLAYING THE GAME ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

You are required to get 60 out of 121 (that's right, one hundred and twenty ONE...time's TWO, which I'll explain later) to fight the "final" battle with Bowser for the first time. After that, different coments appear around the planets, requiring Mario to race his evil galactic twin, collection 100 purple coins in levels with or without a timer, repeat a level under a strenuous time constraint, or with super-fast-moving enemies, or with fatal consequences for even one hit. Facing "Boulderguiest" with out being allowed to take ANY damage is enough to make the most season gammer cry. And just look for an instructional video on YouTube about trying to collect all 100 purple coins in the Toy Time Galaxy and see the anguish that level has caused Mario pros.

Luckily, if a child is just getting started with Mario, he can feel satisfied if he beats Bowser at the 60 star mark. However, old pros will want to beat the game. The WHOLE game. To do this takes weeks and a lof ot skill...

As Mario, after beating Bowser at the 60 star mark, you have to get all the remaining stars. This means beating the remaining levels, as well as finding all of the hidden stars and getting all the "comet" stars.

During this process, Mario will also gain the ability to fly. There are also "Hungry Lumas" in the base from which you access all the galaxies, which, when fed "Star Bits" (which, while coins are still present, star bits function as coins have in past Mario games), turn into brand new Galaxies.

Luigi will also show up, and he will help Mario find stars. The problem is, he will always get lost doing so, and Mario will have to save him. This will result in finding three hidden stars. Finding these three will unlock a secret galaxy with three levels. Too many secrets to mention! After you have your 120 stars, you must fight Bowser yet again. Then...


After collecting all 120 stars with Mario, the biggest secret of the game is revealed. LUIGI BECOMES PLAYABLE! You have to start the ENTIRE GAME OVER as Luigi. You must repeat everything, but this time as Luigi, who is lighter and has less traction than Mario (meaning he slides and does not stop when the player stops). His evil cosmic twin races are also much harder and the twin is very smart and fast and uses many short cuts. It's also fun to see Luigi save another Luigi (as you must collect ALL the same stars as you did as Mario, thus meaning you must find Luigi whenever he gets lost...this results is some very funny dialogue between the two Luigis).

After you have collected all 120s with Luigi, you must fight Bowser yet again (as you had to with Mario). When you have collected all 120 stars with Mario and beaten Bowser, and collected all 120 stars with Luigi and beaten Bowser, THE GRAND FINALE GALAXY IS REVEALED!

The final Galaxy must be beaten with Mario and Luigi. Thus, you will have collected a total of 242 stars during this game. By no means easy.

This game will keep you entertained for probably MONTHS. I have all 242 stars, and I still play it.

From a technical standpoint, it is also genius. A newcomer can "beat" the game and get the easy stars and feel satisfied. However, this is NO guidance to find the hidden stars, and the purple coin comet and the "dardevil" comet (the one that allows no damage to be taken during a level) are two that can induce controller throwing.

Each level is imaginative. You can chase bunnies, fly as a bee or ghost or in a black Mario costume, you can float using flowers, get the classic fire flower, ice skate, balance on top of a ball, swim while holding a shell to act as a motorized propeller... Each boss is different: some are scary and made of rocks, Bowser Jr. shows up in the Super Mario Bros. 3 ship, robots hid stars, lava monsters shoot at you--they're all amazing. You play in the desert, snow, floating toys, underwater, in a beehive, in a cube-shaped garden, on a mountain, on ice, in a volcano--everything you can imagine.

This game gives nods to past Mario games. Mario has many sutis, and classic goombas abound. The style is very much in line with the "jump into the painting, find the various stars in said painting" gameplay of Super Mario 64. However, there is much more freedom to explore and find things your own way--or you can opt to follow along with subtl prompts from the game. YouTube is a GREAT way to see how this game plays.

Yet, all of the game is incredibly innovative. No gravity, star bits replacing coins as well as having the ability to be shot at enemies (OR lights, which turn lights into coins, which are used to replenish health). It's all unbelievable! You play by holding the nunchuck with your left hand and the WiiMote in your right. You can shake the WiiMote to make Mario or Luigi spin to break open blocks and other things, as well as hit enemies. The WiiMote is also a cursor, pointing at the screen at all times. This cursor is used to collect star bits (and one one level, brush away snow). Star bits are used to feed hungry lumas within a level to create a "sling star" to get you to a new planet, or to become new planets themselves. Hungry lumas are also found in the Observatory (the "base" of the gameplay). Star bits can also be used to buy extra lives or extra health before certain boss fights from the "Luma Shop" (a cute floating Luma with mushrooms for balloons he holds). Gaining 50 star bits nets a 1-UP (note though that when you turn the game off, the next time you play, you will always start with 4 lives). Star bits can also be shot to destroy mines or stun enemies.

Two players can also play simulatiously. At the beginning of the game where the save file you wish to use is selected, you can add a second player (each time you begin, you may select one or two players, the save file does not force you to use the same setting each time). This will allow another person to control a second cursor on the screen. Their cursor does exactly what player 1's cursor does. This is helpful, as the second player can take out incoming mines or approaching enemies. He can also help player one jump higher. The second player can also freeze enemis in place by pointing at them and holding down the "a" button. For a tip, the second player can also freeze disappearing or floating platforms. This is especially helpful for the dreaded Toy Time purple coin level.

This game is PERFECT for newcomers, young children (note that there are cartoony ghosts known as "boos" and creepy music in some levels--and keep them calm if an boss giving chase bothers them, which it shouldn't, they'll get used to it--I know, I started at two :) ), and professiona, seasoned gamers all alike. Parents can bare the brunt of the gameplay and allow the child to help visa vie the second cursor, or vice versa, parents can be the secon cursor and hold back enemies from the child. Young children will enjoy the friendly and cute characters, as well as the storybook aspect of the game to keep them engaged. There is a ton of stuff for them to explore and just have fun with, with no time limit. Pros will be brought to their knees by some of the challenges that they will encounter trying to get all 242 stars. Mario fans will weep with joy at their hero's triumphant return to glory, with fresh and innovative ideas being introduced with amazing and revolutionary gameplay (just like SM64 did, only even better!) to master, new and mindblowing environments, and nasty enemies. All the while, while revolutionizing Mario, the game succeeds at retaining the familiar story, basic gameplay rules (jump on the head, get a suit to transform, etc.), and wonderful feeling that is "Mario".

Super Mario Galaxy and GoldenEye 64 (talk to a videogame insider or search the net to see it's legendary status if you are unfamiliar) are the two greatest video games ever made. Super Mario Galaxy is the only game to get the status of that amazing glory.

Buy this game for a five year old with a new Wii. Buy it if you have a new Wii. Buy it if you have had a Wii for a while. Buy it if you are a Mario fan. Buy it if you are not (you will become one!). Buy it if you've never played a game before. Buyt t if you're a master at them all. Buy a Wii so that you can play this game! You will not regret it.
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on November 20, 2007
Super Mario Galaxy is something special. It is filled with adventure, humor, suspense and most of all, enjoyment.

On the weekend, I played with my three year old nephew. I controlled direction via the nunchuck and gave him the wiimote.

I kinda thought he would get bored very quickly but the little guy was an absolute genius picking the game up! When I wanted him to attack something I yelled "shake it!" and he swiftly took care of all the cutest bad-guys you could possibly imagine! When I yelled "FLY!" he had no problem pressing the "A" button and sending Bee-mario buzzingly up into the sky! He was absolutely enthralled and loving it!

This game is class. Perfect for kids and rejuvenating for adults.

This holiday season, don't delay - this is the game you MUST play!
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on April 27, 2008
Check out more 2minreviews at my Youtube channel: [...]
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on November 12, 2007
When Mario first stepped into the third dimension almost a decade ago he forever revolutionized gaming and spawned a legion of imitators and admirers. At that time Nintendo set the standard for 3D camera and animation systems, analog controls, open ended worlds and a host of other novel trimmings. Since then the likes of Sonic, Crash, Jak & Daxter, Banjo, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Rayman and even Mario himself (in the form of fan-service Sunshine) have tried and failed to equal his stunning 3D debut. With Super Mario Galaxy you get the same sense of wonder and magic that came with both Mario 64 and the 2D titles that preceded it - perhaps even more so...

While the 'next-generation' of gaming has been upon us for over a year now few titles have exceeded the bigger-and-shinier-is-better variety. Gears of War had gorgeous visuals and an original twist with its duck and cover gameplay. Bioshock offered a unique premise, strong narrative and impressive setting. Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword and Lair all look quite nice but ultimately offer little novelty. Moment to moment, pound for pound, Mario Galaxy is true next generation gaming. You haven't played this game before. While Nintendo could have easily released a retro happy mish-mash of a game with some waggle controls for good measure they've clearly upped the ante by releasing a gem of a game which not only pushes the boundaries of Mario experience but video games in general.

The first thing you notice when hopping into Galaxy is the spherical world model. Ratchet and Clank this is not. If anything it bears more resemblance to the Little Prince and his planetoid adventures. The developers have done some remarkable things with this idea. If Mario 64 was about getting Mario into the third dimension then Galaxy is about warping your sense of space and challenging possibility within it. Your perspective constantly shifts; at times you're "upside down" for extended periods only to realize that the ceiling has become the floor, the ocean has become the sky etc. Gravity is often in flux and you'll be amazed at where you end up (and how you got there). Each of the game's seemingly endless scenarios play out in imaginatively detailed worlds that burst with life. Everything is so wonderfully paced that it constantly feels like the game is reinventing itself along the way.

The Wii controls complement the action nicely and don't at all feel gimmicky or tacked on. Using the Remote pointer for example to collect stars (in place of coins) is clever and intuitive. The overall difficulty of the game has been reworked. It's easier to die now - but 1up's are also more abundant. Expert players can excel and novices will still have a good time. On top of all this the music is incredible. For the first time Nintendo has chosen to record a live orchestra. If ever there were any doubt that Nintendo fashions itself as 21st century Disney look no further than the score. Like pretty much everything else featured here, it's the stuff of magic.
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on January 20, 2008
If you are a great fan of the days of pure Mario platform gaming, then you will love this game. It is platform gaming at its finest...and most frustrating.

My complaints are these:

The camera angles are often locked, but when the camera is not fixed, your control over it is extremely limited. This can be quite toublesome, considering you are in a fully 3D environment, and to make a successful jump - especially onto a moving target - can depend entirely on your view. This also can make spotting extras and secrets a matter of luck.

Since Mario 64, the first two Paper Marios, and, most signifiantly, Super Mario Sunshine, I have come to expect a certain level of RPG gaming in my Mario games. There is virtually none of that in this game. And there are no side quests to speak of. Many folks who love the original Mario platform games will be thrilled with this aspect. I, however, was disappointed.

Along the lines of RPGing, you do go around collecting stars and coins. But these lead to another complaint of mine. The stars you collect become superfluous by the time you are done with the first set of galaxies. You'll never, ever need as many of those stars as you collect. Unlike Donkey Kong 64, where you needed to find all the bananas or never meet up with all the bosses, you will have more than enough stars to open up all the special galaxies many times over. And although collecting 50 stars will give you extra lives, as soon as you turn off your game, those lives are gone. You start at 3 lives each time. The coins, too, are barely useful. As soon as you die in a level, your coin count drops to 0. So although you may be vigilant and capture every coin leading up to a point, once you restart a level midway through, you've lost all that work, AND you cannot go back and recollect without restarting the entire level. To me, this means there is just no point in wasting time and effort collecting the darn things in the first place.

I also found the loss of control of Mario to be too frequent, and very frustrating. Spring Mario has a mind of his own; there are no subtle movements with him. The best you can hope for is that he lands about where you meant him to. And, as always, any Mario hit by flame runs around like a madman, and if you are trying to navigate some small platforms at this point, you can kiss your life goodbye. I do fully realize this is not exclusive to this game, but because of the 3D environment and difficult camera angles, there is very little you can do to save the idiot once he's been burned and is not near a rather large piece of land.

And finally, a problem I found most irritating with the Wii Super Paper Mario, and now this game - there is no getting around cut scenes or dialog. Grrrr! You're fighting Bowser at the last level. You die. Again. You start from the beginning. Again. And you have to watch the cut scene. AGAIN. And you have to read the dialog. AGAIN! And all you want to do is get back on that stupid planet and have it out with Bowser! The best you can do is to slightly speed up the dialog by holding down the A button, but that is small consolation. Heck, just getting to the last Bowser fight forces you to sit through the same cinema, again and again.

Okay, what DID I like? It was beautiful. Thriving, lively graphics. Some clever levels (oh, a complaint is coming on - not nearly enough puzzles...heck, were there really any puzzles? were lead right to the goal, with nothing really to solve or figure out in order to get there, just some fast hand-eye coordination needed).

Bottom line...I found this game to have more things that were irritating than were fun. For those of you who loved Super Mario Sunshine and Donkey Kong 64, maybe Ratchet and Clank and Spyro, but are not such fans of the first three Super Mario Bros. games, or other strictly platforming games, you might also be disappointed and find this game frustrating.
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on November 13, 2007
Super Mario Galaxy is one of those games you have to buy simply because you own a Wii, because having any Nintendo console (home or handheld) and not owning part of the main Super Mario series is pretty darn near to self-deprivation. So, with reading a shockingly minimal amount of the hype surrounding this game, I pre-ordered and purchased it. I brought it home, and after a brief system update, I was utterly blown away by this incredible creation Nintendo made.

Super Mario Galaxy is, without a doubt, the greatest game on the Wii, the greatest in the Mario series, and quite possibly the best action platformer ever made. Everything from the graphics to the mostly orchestrated music to the actual gameplay itself is virtually perfect.

The 3D Mario games began with Super Mario 64 and continued with Super Mario Sunshine. However, those two games featured busy levels with several missions each...all within the same area (finding stars to move on to new worlds). While that provided incentive to keep playing each level over and over again, it got redundant because nothing was different. It was more like playing an RPG sometimes. What I love about Galaxy is that each level (or galaxy) has three separate and distinct levels, so you're not doing the same thing again and again. Because of this, the game doesn't drag or get just keeps getting better. And with 40 vastly different galaxies and a possibility of finding 120 stars, this is more like a 3D Super Mario World, complete with new power-ups and suits for Mario to use.

The graphics...oh my goodness the graphics! I had already succumbed to the thought that the Wii will never measure up graphically with the other next-gen systems. But with Metroid Prime 3, and now this game, it's clear that we're starting to see what this console is capable of! The textures are flawless, the water effects are incredible, and there is no slowdown, flicker or drag at all. Moreover, the galaxies are detailed and colorful, making this the prettiest game you'll ever see! The music is the best of the series. Most of it is fully orchestrated, and it's nice to hear familiar tunes sound so much bigger and expansive. The controls are fun, though not as focused on motion sensing as other games. However, this is not needed in this game, and I'm glad that eloquent control schemes aren't forced on us simply for the sake of showing off (see Lair for PS3!). But the parts that do take advantage of the Wii remote are fun, quirky and extremely enjoyable!

Simply put, this is a must-own title. I simply can't remember the last time I was addicted to a game like I am now. I played for hours on the first sitting and had to rip myself away from it to get some sleep! If you have a Wii, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you pass this one up.
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