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Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Selects)
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$39.88+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 23, 2017
Product arrived on time and was exactly as described. :)
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on December 9, 2015
I played Paper Mario: Thousand Doors for the Gamecube and had a blast. This game is a worthy sequel that switches things up, has a different structure to it, but still has all the witty dialogue and charm of the Paper Mario games that came before it. And at a $19.99 price tag, you can't go wrong!
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on May 3, 2016
Awesome game
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on March 10, 2013
I'll say this right now, Super Paper Mario is NOT an RPG game like the previous games. I think it's odd to slap the Paper Mario title on the game and then make it seem like it's an RPG, but of course, the trailers showed it wasn't an RPG at all. It's like it was trying to combine an RPG and a platformer and you get this weird game that doesn't fit into either category. So expect lots of talking and clicking through dialogue.

Super Paper Mario is not known for its gameplay alas. Rather it's known for its compelling story. The story seems to be similar to the first two games. Peach is kidnapped and the Mario brother assume that Bowser the one to kidnap her...only when they get there, Bowser reveals that he was going to but missed her. It turns out Peach was kidnapped by a mysterious figure named Count Bleck. Count Bleck then decides to kidnap Bowser, his henchman and Luigi leaving Mario in a place called Flipside where he's awoken up by a pixl named Tippi. Mario soon learns that Count Bleck's goal is to destroy everything with the Void that was written in the Dark Prognosticus and that the Light Prognosticus was made to counter the end of the world. To do this, he must find the Pure Hearts of every world.

Meanwhile, Count Bleck forces Bowser and Peach into a marriage to start the end of the world as a forced marriage with no love (on one side) means the end. Peach later escapes after the marriage and joins Mario in the battle to collect the Pure Hearts (thus setting her off in this game as an action girl and the one that needs saving is Luigi). Bowser would soon escape and join Mario and Peach to get back at Count Bleck while Luigi is...

The story is noticeably darker because Count Bleck's goal is the destruction of the universe while previous villains like Bowser was just selfish and wanted Peach or the Shadow Queen being an evil monarch that could only be released with the right vessel and stands out by being the most sympathetic villain while trying to complete his goal. The story is also not afraid to explore all the different types of love. The power of love is the essential theme in this series whether it's romantic love, platonic love, unrequited love, family love, etc. In fact, all the villains are driven by love. Either for the affection of someone, the love of attention or the love of destruction (in Dimentio's case, he would be lust for destruction instead of love).

Which reminds me, the villains are the best part of Super Paper Mario. All have very good backstories. While Count Bleck's backstory is fleshed out for every chapter completed, the other characters have to do sidequests in order to learn about their motivation for joining Count Bleck...and of course, you get creepy implications as a result. Still Mimi and Dimentio are still the craziest Mario villains ever created. Dimentio is like the Joker of the franchise and that says something especially with how he's probably the villain with the highest kill count in the franchise.

And I swear this game is the main reason why I always assumed that Mario and Luigi weren't as close as the creator would like us to believe. With this game and Smash Brothers Brawl though, I see a lot of self loathing on Luigi's part. But I disgrace.

The game is relatively easier than the previous two given it's not an RPG. As a result, it's easy to abuse the level up system (which is set instead of you choosing what you want it to be). You're limited to just jumping and using items which limits your attack method and many of the stages is getting from point A to point B instead of an open area. (Then again it's a flip side/flop side). Mario can switch between 2D and 3D to get past certain obstacles but other than that, its not that useful in boss battles where characters like Dimentio love to follow you around. Peach's special ability is being able to use her parasol as a shield from above and was made to be easy to handle Mimi in battle. Bowser has the special ability of doing more damage and being able to use his flames (which is very broken in comparison) and while you don't get Luigi until near the end of the game, he jumps higher...and that's honestly it. Why Luigi isn't available until the end is part of the plot, but seriously, I like what this game did for Luigi in terms of expanding his personality and giving a lot of implications for fanfiction writers and other people to work with because Brawl took this personality and ran away with it.

Overall, this game is great...despite it not being an RPG so while the game is easier, I rated it high because of the wonderful story of love and betrayal making it the darkest Mario game up to date. I swear the things this game gets away with is amazing and that's only because of its cute graphics.
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on May 6, 2016
This game is one of the few Mario titles to rival the apex SNES days of Yoshi's Island and Super Mario RPG. Nintendo's plumber mascot has been reinvented so many times, with so many hits and misses, that it can be quite depressing approaching a once beloved franchise knowing that you'll probably be greeted with watered down reductions of Super Mario Bros. 3 or 64. The Paper Mario series, however, has shown like a beacon as a sub-series to the extent it does at times glisten high above its parent material. This third installment of the Paper Mario world is so good that it could restart the portion of your heart that has ached for an original Mario concept.

The first Paper Mario was a brilliant incorporation of the many elements that make the series good, an exploration of a very daring new aesthetic approach, and a paradoxically parodic but also quite serious take on the Mario universe. Well, the series has only gotten better over time. The game play is meticulously innovative (really exploring a huge number of the console's possibilities of which few Wii titles take advantage), and the feel works perfectly to compliment the game's continued innovation of the Paper Story Aesthetics and Poetics. It's a combination side-scroller/RPG that reinvigorates the former while making the game mechanics of the latter more fluid and fun. It isn't bound by rigidity because the emphasis is on multi-dimensional exploration: a theme that unites every element into a very special and fresh piece for the Mario universe.

The plot is perhaps one of the richest of any Mario games. It explores many past plot structures that are ripe for parody and does so in new ways that its two predecessors haven't explored. The writing is crisp, oftentimes moving, and has some of the funniest dialog you'll find in any Mario game. Though Fawful is a great character with amazing lines, the Mario & Luigi games can be a little too reliant on just a small number of characters (like the aforementioned hilarious madman) to drive the story. No one's left behind in this game. You get the best versions of Luigi, Peach, and Bowser; but you're introduced to a host of characters who are so well developed that it almost makes you resent how so many other Mario titles don't further their best portions. Not that he outshines some of the other villains in this particular game, but Dimentio is possibly the most entertaining character...and definitely one of the game's darkest. Another accolade is that this wonderfully chipper game has the prestige of being the darkest of any Mario game (I can honestly say that without any hesitation). Things can get as twisted as they can whimsical. The plot structure and level sequence compliment each other in a beautifully tense harmony that I don't believe any Mario game has ever achieved. In most of the titles, you can expect underwater worlds, ice levels, and all the usual. Well, that sense of knowing where you'll be next is completely thrown out the window very early in the game, and you'll find yourself in some very unexpected places: many that you may have never thought the Mario Bros., their Princess, and saurian nemesis would ever visit. That surprise, however, is so welcome. I've been a Mario enthusiast for most of my life, and it became wonderfully difficult to foresee where our heroes would end up next. It was often mirrored the experience a great page-turner that's never gratuitous In summary: great dept of story, wonderful game-play, and a fresh approach that never loses its luster creates a game that is both so surreal that it doesn't feel like a Mario game but literally couldn't be anything else.
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on February 23, 2013
This is a pretty fun game overall, but there are some major flaws with it. Adding 3 additional characters you can play as was great, but you will find yourself switching back to mario constantly to go into 3D mode, which can feel like a chore instead of being fun. They might as well have added hotkey that switched right to mario. Plus, this isn't the turn-based Paper Mario we all grew to love. I felt a little cheated when this came out because of this. Anyways, if you own a wii and want a good game for it, you might as well buy this, because the wii library is pretty low on great games.
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on April 21, 2014
The game was not perfect. Sure, the 2-D backgrounds kind of make the game hard to enjoy along with the fact that Mario can only stay in 3-D for a few moments. Still, the game was a blast. The story line, the new battle system and the whole new aspects of the gameplay gave this paper RPG a breath of fresh air.
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on July 28, 2014
Why don't the 3D games carry this same fluidity of movement? It's painful to play mario galaxy, he just drags. But this is a really great game. Ending was sorta boring, but overall it was quite diverse and enjoyable with lot's of stuff to do.
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on July 30, 2013
This game successfully combines traditional Mario platform gameplay with Paper Mario RPG. The plot is very reminiscent of the plot from Paper Mario Thousand Year Door. The characters are fun and interesting. As always, it can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike (some jokes and social commentary will definitely fly over the kids' heads). Highly recommend.
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on May 8, 2013
This is NOT the same game as New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Super Mario Galaxy.

I did not think it was as fun. Going into 3-dimensions and trying to find things that are hidden starts to drive you a bit crazy after a while.
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