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on January 2, 2016
Love the zany winking at the camera humor here. It's full of self referential, parody. It even makes the bold move of mocking a strong portion of the fan base with a certain "hi-technical" lizard. But underneath all that lies a pretty good problem solving Game with slight RPG elements. It borrows a page from the Metroid playbook in that it gives you a toolbox of tools to solve problems in the form of companions named Pixels as well as character specific abilities in the cadre of teammates you assemble. On top of this it contains traditional Mario platformer elements such as stomping on goombas etc... By the way during the very start of the game a dialogue occurs where Mario is asked to save the day, and you can actually respond "nah I don't feel like it" which I found so amusing I continued to select this option even after being re-asked two more times. Well guess what, three being a sort of magic number, the game over screen appears. No big deal right? Wrong, you have to sit through the 8 minute opening sequence again with no option to skip it. Don't be an jerk like me just accept when They ask you to save the day.
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on December 5, 2015
If you like RPG games then you might like this one. There is a TON of reading in this game. So much that it is the main reason I'm giving it 3 stars. Unfortunately I couldn't find anyway to skip the strory lines. The reading, combined with this annoying beeping sound when dialog is taking place, makes this Mario not to high on my list. However it is still very well done like all Mario games. The dialog is hilarious at times, but just too much to be more than 3 stars. I never really found myself looking forward to playing it and b/c of the massive amount of reading my 6 year old couldn't get behind it either.
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on December 9, 2015
I played Paper Mario: Thousand Doors for the Gamecube and had a blast. This game is a worthy sequel that switches things up, has a different structure to it, but still has all the witty dialogue and charm of the Paper Mario games that came before it. And at a $19.99 price tag, you can't go wrong!
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on November 10, 2012
Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door was one of my earliest fondest game memories. It also is one of the many games along with other golden titles such as Metorid Prime, Animal Crossing, Wind Waker, Tales of Symphonia, Super Smash Bros melee, and maybe Mario Sunshine that make me think the GameCube is one of the greatest game systems ever. The whole game was interesting and charming and unforgettable. Super Paper Mario was long on my list of games to buy but I had never gotten around to it till now. But I had heard from various places it was a odd game and not as good as the first two Paper Marios. So I was not expecting much.
I had my doubts about a more platforming style game. No turn based battles and a flat world seemed unappetizing for Paper Mario. But it worked well although I am glad thing will return to normal in Sticker Star. The Worlds I thought would be less interesting in 2D but I found they were all relatively interesting. I absolutely loved the town Flipside. I had so many fun hours there just exploring or just walking around for business. Flopside was also good yet I couldn't decide if It was good doubling the size of the town only to have it mirrored. Maybe a whole new designed town would have been better? It was no real problem though. The worlds were all good. Some might have been better in 3D and some I loved. After completing the first chapter I wasn't too terribly impressed but the second chapter was fabulous. It was all a big mystery and mimi was a fabulous villain. The fifth and seventh were also awesome. I love those Cragons!
I a lot had fun fooling around with the cooking. I have done quite a few of the recipes but am still missing too many disks to do them all. The Story was pretty good. It didn't knock my socks off but it was great.

Flipping was an interesting mechanism but it was also a down side of the game. It made some interesting puzzles and added depth to the world. But every time you filp you go from a gorgeously decorated 2d world to a rather plain 3d world. If you can even call it a world. It is a little slab of a world. But that is only a small offense as you hardly stay in the 3d space. Except you must use it a lot. And doing anything when flipped is a lot harder. Flipping excessively just to find secret things gives a headache. So as a rule I flip only when I am compelled to do so. It worked for me as I have beat the game. The Third chapter was really rather boring. The castle at the end was ok but I was not impressed with the rest. The sixth chapter also wasn't that great. It was ok but that is all. And Flopside's music wasn't as good as Flipside's.

This game may be flawed, but man was it a good experience. Not as good as The Thousand Year Door but close. It combined with Galaxy and Skyward Sword makes the wii worth having. In sort it is one of the best games of its generation.
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on October 6, 2016
Super Paper Mario is a one of a kind game. I started out by renting it and actually did a rage quit for a while on the first boss level. After a while I bought the game and deleted my file. I started over when I was older and I understood it more. It had an amazing story with one of a kind gameplay. It was filled with hilarious twists and turns (some of it didn't really make sense but is was still fun) and a unexpected, sad, and happy ending. This is definitely a worthwhile game.
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on April 24, 2014
I love the story line and the music is great as well. The art is different in each level so if you don't like one particular style you aren't stuck with it for the whole game. Peach is actually taking responsibility and although I'm not usually a Peach fan...she's awesome in this game. She should be like this all the time. In addition, Bowser is on your team eventually and is awesome/super useful. The text commentary throughout the game is hysterically funny and the villains are ones you'll love to hate. They ACTUALLY have some DEPTH to them (what a concept for a Mario game)! If I could give this game 6 stars I would! Granted, there were a few problems with the game but there is always room for improvement on games...every game based on personal preferences but I still really enjoyed playing and I liked how all the pixls got some use.
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on January 24, 2017
Really enjoyed playing this game, took a little bit to get used to flipping to 3D, but after that it was a great adventure
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on January 26, 2013
This game is one of those rare gems that makes you fall in love with video gaming all over again. It's got that classic Mario platformer magic of course, but when you add to that the whole switching from 2d to 3d, as well as the RPG elements (leveling up, using your team members' specific skills, etc.), you get something totally unique and totally a blast to play. Even though I had watched some clips of gameplay, they really did nothing to prepare me for the thrill of not only constantly switching back and forth between dimensions, but also that *I* was in complete control of said switching, and that the switching really had a central impact on all gameplay elements, from jumping to enemies to discovery.
In addition, the game is challenging without being unfair, charming in its visual presentation, and satisfying to complete. IMHO, a must purchase for any game lover.
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on February 5, 2017
It's fun until it traps you in a mini game where you have to repteadly jump for hours at a time with good timing to precede. lowest quality Mario game I have actually played ! It's also disappointing that it dropped a lot of the rpg elements from the previous games. If you skipped this one back in the day, YOU DID NOT MISS OUT
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on January 31, 2017
Fun game- kids had a great time playing it!
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