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on June 21, 2008
My 10 y/o son LOVES this game! I am usually pretty careful about how much and which video games I let him play (this is the only "T" rated game he has, and he only has 1 E-10 game, everything else he has is "E" rated). The action/violence level is relatively tame -- all cartoon characters battling eachother, no blood, no visible injuries, the character who loses the battle kind of flies out of the scene. The battling itself isn't very graphic, with highly fictionalized "weapons." That said, my son and his friends love the game, lots of interesting "level-ups" and plot twists, plus fun characters you'll recognize from elsewhere.
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on March 14, 2008
I wasn't much of a console gamer for a long time after the N64, but one game that stood out on it was Super Smash Bros. Fast forward to 2008 and I broke down and got a Wii for the party-gaming potential. I have not been disappointed. Yesterday, this game arrived.

Oh boy. This is a heck of a lot of fun. The number of things to do is incredible. You can even practice your character's moves against your choice of inert or active opponents. Nintendo seems to have intended this game to be epic as they not only include an in-game retrospective of the entire line of Nintendo gaming products going back all the way to the NES, they include time-limited trial versions of the classic games.

Wifi works wonderfully. Online matches are frantic and fun.

One odd thing is that the wireless pointer feature of your wii controller is completely inert once you load the game. This is one area where they shouldn't have stuck to their roots- it feels silly to move a token with the analog joystick when I could theoretically just point at the character I want to use. But you get used to it.

If you have a kid, he will spend months getting all the unlocks (there are lots). If you have a kid inside you, you will rediscover some console joy.

The maps are pretty amusing/crazy. They touch on many themes/ideas from previous Nintendo works. Put it this way: There is a Pictochat map. The terrain is drawn as you play... Many maps have destructible terrain or areas you cannot jump up through, which adds a strategic element.

The characters are varied and seem very well-balanced against each other. (Aside: I love how the announcer says "KING DEDEDE" so seriously.)

If you are completely new to the game, you still have a pretty good shot at winning by button-mashing, which I consider a good feature. If you have mastered the combos and moves however, you still have the advantage.

I haven't played the adventure mode much but it is also fun.

You pretty much have to buy this game if you own a Wii. This is as much a Wii-defining game as Super Mario Galaxy or Wii Sports is.
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on September 23, 2015
I ordered it for Project M. Sure, I could have just pirated it an ran it through USB Loader GX, but I prefer to do things the legal way. I got it factory sealed, opened it up, dumped it to my Wii's HDD, and now it's on my shelf with the rest of my collection. The game seems rather mediocre compared to Melee, but with Project M, it's great. I'm definitely glad I grabbed it at only $27.
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on July 28, 2012
I purchased this game because it is the best game Nintendo has made ever. Well, until they make a new one! :) I will be purchasing titles like this in the future because of their awesome gameplay and the fact that it's always different. Put the bots on lvl 10 and see if you can even get a hit it likewise! Keeps you playing just so you can get better and hone your wicked thumb button pressing skills! My opinion is Mario is the best character because he's the most well rounded. Of course nintendo would want to make him the best too since he IS MARIO! Lets-a-go!
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Players of this game will have to put up with either endless, autonomous fighting or a fairly boring story mode that contains almost no dialogue. It consists of grunts, head motions, and hand waves instead of speech.

If you can't get anyone else to play with you, this game becomes utterly boring and depressing after about an hour.

The little gameplay the programmers included is exceptional. It has wonderful graphics and music created by real composers and played by a real orchestra. They've finally put so much detail into the characters that the individual stitches in their clothing, e.g. Mario's jeans, are visible. The characters blink and breathe throughout gameplay, plus they display rudimentary facial expressions.

If you are easily entertained by endless fighting, this game is for you. If you prefer plots and thinking games, this game is not for you. Overall, this is a great game to have for parties and for when you're feeling aggressive.
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on January 1, 2013
Let's be honest if your any kind of Nintendo fan you will love this game.
The game play is classic Smash Bros mayhem with many added characters, locations, items, and game play modes. These additions make the game hard to put down. The single player (coop) story is rather weak and kinda random, but it's understandable why when you have to try to put so many different characters into one story line. Overall it's a great game that you will be glad you bought.
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on April 23, 2017
My kids and I absolutely love this game. I wish it came out on the Wii-U. The Wii-U game "Super Smash Brother Brawl" wasn't nearly as good as this one, mainly because of the multiplayer adventure "campaign".

I have recommended this game to many friends.
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on February 7, 2015
Absolutely awesome game. Just fun from the go, instant, wonderful dynamic. This game reminds you why Nintendo is still in business. Because it excels at exactly what Sony is terrible at.. simple fun. The control scheme for this fighting game is exceptionally simple, yet allows players of various skill levels near endless variety. Some of my favorite games ever are based on simplicity yet allow tremendous complexity .. and this is no exception. The game is LOADED with joyous fan service and you can tell the care that went into making it. Whether you are a veteran Nintendo player or you are just getting used to it this game will GROW on you. It has that special Nintendo charm that used to propel endless Mario Kart fun back in the day. You can't help but want to play another round. The stages are brilliant, loaded with amazing, interactive elements. The character list and move sets are extremely well thought out. You are almost guaranteed to find some favorite characters. My favorites are Ness, Fox, Falco, Peach and Zelda.
Late review because of life difficulties yet FINALLY got a chance to play it. RECOMMENDED. Ballistic breath of fresh air from the usual "zombie COD dark adolescent" world of Sony.
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on October 7, 2016
Another great Smash installment, Some great new characters like Kid Icarus and wario. Some great new moves including the cool final smash. 12 cool stages and good amount of content!
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on June 18, 2011
This game is overall very fun. It has many ways to play so it doesn't get old fast. The two top ways to play are multiplayer where you can get one to three other friends over and all have a showdown so it is a great multipayer game. The other way is the kind of thing I like, story mode. I've heard lots of people who don't like it, but I like it. You can play single player or with two people. If you get board of that there are other ways to play. About the rating, I along with others don't undertand why it is rated teen. I think the biggest reason is one character gets what looks like a bloody mark on it but no dripping blood at all.
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