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on December 28, 2016
This game is hilarious. It is a fighting game, either between players or against the computer. The characters are ALL the characters - there are Mario characters, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, and many more I don't even know, all who battle each other. The characters retain some of their original moves and skills, but also pick up bonus items from ALL the games. For example, Princess Peach always carries a mushroom with her but also can pick up and use a Pokeball or a light saber. It is really funny and full of endless matches to keep your kids or the kid in you entertained for ages. The supplier promptly delivered the product as expected.
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on June 29, 2016
This game is fun! I got after playing Smash 4 and Melee so it took a little time to adjust to the physics and speed but after that it felt like 4. The best part of this game is the characters, my personal favorite being Wolf O'Donnel from StarFox because he fits ny playstyle. There is also a story mode known as the Subspace emissary. I enjoy seeing teams of Nintendo characters and unlikely alliances but the universe of the SSE was bland, none of the characters talk but a couple of them use few words. So the story was hard to follow. The stages in Brawl mode are good, they brought back a plethora of stages from Melee. Most of them have to be unlocked though. This game has tons of unlockables it will take a while to get them all. The game is most fun with 4 friends like all Smash Bros. games although doing 1v1,s is fun like every smash game. This is the best game to start with to get good at Smash in my opinion so give it a shot you won't be dissapointed.
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on March 3, 2014
As someone who never really got into fighting games bar Melee (and Mortal Kombat, but this isn't that), Brawl was an anticipated release for me. When it came out, I was a bit torn but in the end I accepted it just fine. After over 5 years and 3 different copies of the game, I can say that it's well worth a purchase. One of my favorite things about this game is its roster, having 37 characters
(counting ZSS and Shiek) yet still managing to have no true clones. No character plays exactly the same, so you have a lot to choose from, assuming you're not a lame piece of garbage and pick Meta Knight, Ice Climbers, or Olimar. Aside from those three, there are no particularly cheap characters and almost everyone is at least usable. Despite the more interesting roster Brawl has, Melee was a much more competitve game, with more high-level techs such as Wavedashing (a small slide that can help you maneuver short distances at mach speed as well as just help with your combos), and L-canceling (a landing cancel that also helps with combos). Also, Brawl has tripping, an infamous system that ruins a lot of combos as well as helping to doom Sonic and Captain Falcon to the low tiers. However, Brawl has a major leg up from Melee in the form of the Wii's s***e programming, allowing some really dumb mods to take place. If you have an SD card reader on hand, you can make Brawl into a mess of your choice, reskinning characters, removing tripping, replacing the Final Destination stage with the hands of a giant Captain Falcon statue, and other various improvements and nonsense. The greatest modding option, however, is hands-down Project M. I won't go too deep into it here, you can just look it up, but to keep it simple I'll just tell you that with the Project M mod, Brawl becomes hands-down the best Smash game there is. It adds all of the crazy techs Melee throws at you, rebalances the characters so no one except Falco is broken, ups the general pace of the game, and even adds 2 Melee-exclusive characters. My rating is towards stock Brawl, but Project M is totally 5-stars. Even without the mod, it's still a damn solid game and worth your time.

For Project M (and yes, it's free): [...]
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on October 7, 2016
Another great Smash installment, Some great new characters like Kid Icarus and wario. Some great new moves including the cool final smash. 12 cool stages and good amount of content!
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on June 27, 2016
My 13 year old son wanted this game for his birthday and I looked at several stores and they still wanted $35-$55 for this game and I refuse to spend that kind of money on a game

I looked on amazon and found it much cheaper and ordered it

My son and daughter both love this game, I can hear them out back yelling and hollering

My son says that he likes that you can play multi player and that it has challenges

He also likes that it has characters from Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Zelda and other games

This game also has many different battle stages from different games such as Final Fantasy and Pokemon

You can also play demos from other games such as Super Mario Bros, Astroids, and other retro games

This is a great game and worth the money
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on October 8, 2011
My daughter bought this game for my son for his birthday. It was new but did not work with the Wii. The Wii could not read the disc at all. Before giving up and returning the game we called the number for Nintendo in the front of the instruction booklet and found out that this problem is rare but had occurred with other Wii customers. Nintendo paid to have the game system and game returned to them and repaired the Wii (needed a manual update from the factory) and a new game disc that had been tested in the repaired Wii. The whole process was finished in about one week and everything plays great now!! The game is a lot of fun for our 7 year old son and friends. This is just to let others know that if the disc doesn't work, contact the Ninetendo customer service number in the book before assuming the game is defective. It may be that the Wii needs a little repair and the folks at Nintendo were very helpful in this matter.
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on January 1, 2013
Let's be honest if your any kind of Nintendo fan you will love this game.
The game play is classic Smash Bros mayhem with many added characters, locations, items, and game play modes. These additions make the game hard to put down. The single player (coop) story is rather weak and kinda random, but it's understandable why when you have to try to put so many different characters into one story line. Overall it's a great game that you will be glad you bought.
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on January 15, 2016
Bought for a 14-year-old. She loves it, and so do her sisters. It has story mode and then regular mode, as I understand it, and both are fun. The only reason it lost a star is because there was no disclaimer stating that Wii has ended support of internet gaming with the original Wii, so if you think you're going to pay against other players you will be disappointed there. (This is all games though, not just this one. Mario Kart also no longer has play against others across the internet.) Other than that, it is a really fun game for them, and I always have to make them shut the door to drown out their happy screams when they play.
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on March 9, 2017
I started playing this and it was amazing. I love games. I can't wait to play it with my family and friends. Great game. Thanks.
review image review image
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on June 10, 2014
I'm rating this game 4 stars for one reason...I wish it was more competitive. I know nintendo's aim is to be fun, and family friendly--but this is no Smash Bros Melee. I like the idea of the smash ball, it gives some people more of a chance and can change the tide. But then you have characters that appear to be a bit over-powered like meta knight, which showed up in large numbers in tournaments.

Don't get me wrong, my friends and I will still scream at the screen and argue about who is better--but there's no real space for combos. Regardless of that, I am pleased with this game and would recommend it to others--it's really fun for everyone!

--fun, family friendly
--can use wii remote and nun-chuck or gamecube controller
--4 player

--over-powered characters
--no real combos possibilities

Can't wait for the new one!!!
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