Customer Reviews: Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles, Green
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on December 29, 2010
OK, this will get pretty technical, so bare with me. Just so y'all know my background here, I used to work for a podiatrist as well as for one of the world's largest running stores.

The way the Green Superfeet works is by providing support for someone with a HIGH arch. During the run, a high arch collapses and the green superfeet will actually help hold up the arch during the collapse. If you have LOW arches, do NOT buy this - use the blue superfeet. If you have low arches, this can actually cause plantar fasciitis by causing tension in the plantar facscia. I've seen many reviews saying it's great for low arches, so I wanted to give a heads up.

Now, the one real cool thing about the Superfeet is that they have the hard plastic bottom. This, contrary to what seems logical, is the most healthy shock absorption for your feet. Compare it to running on sand versus running on cement. if you run on sand, your joints work a lot harder, and your body is not able to absorb the shock as well, causing pain. If you run on cement, your subtalar joint won't splay outwards as much, causing the fatty tissue under your foot to take more of the shock. The Superfeet encourages this with a deep heel cup, so it supports your heel, forcing the fatty tissue to cup your heel, creating the best shock absorption ever.

My personal opinion on this? I have it in all my shoes! I own about ten pairs of green Superfeet - they last forever, and the toe is perfectly flexible for a great toe-off during running. There is also a small layer of dense foam between the plastic and where your foot sits, allowing your foot to make it's own "custom mold" into the insole.
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on November 25, 2015
I stand wearing lead apron working in the Cath lab, so my feet take a beating. Some days my feet hurt so bad I'm ready to quit on the spot. When I tried Super Green ensoles it changed my life. I also own a pair of orange ensoles. They are OK but green is better for me. Saving lives is what I love to do. Super Green ensoles allow me to keep doing what I love.
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on May 14, 2007
If you work on your feet or do a lot of walking these are the insoles for you! They are the most recommended insoles by podiatrists for mild roll-over problems and my chiropractor sells them in his office. Not only do they keep your feet in a neutral position (level and straight) but they reduce wear and tear on shoes by doing so (less weardown on outsides or insides of soles). I work 40+ hours a week on concrete and suffered from constant pain in my feet, ankles, knees and hips. After Superfeet were inserted into my work shoes, I noticed a dramatic difference after only 1 week (I started with new shoes so I wasn't fighting against existing wear). They also last months longer than cheaper insoles. I recommend these to my customers and friends without reservation.
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on November 3, 2009
I have plantar fasciitis - at its worst, it feels like a hot spike driving up my heel. No fun at all, but I work "on my feet" as a presenter, really enjoy walking, birding etc. and work out six days a week, including using a challenging program on the treadmill.

I've tried a number of shoe inserts offered over the counter - the gel-filled and "gooey" ones do not work at all, and many others do not work nor do they last. Superfeet are significantly more expensive than most of these - but they are very durable, and they work.

When you trim these properly and first use them, it may feel like the arch support is too far back for proper support, but it is precisely this positioning, plus the rigidity of the plastic insert, that help position the foot properly. My podiatrist approves of these, and Kaiser Permanente, my health provider, sells these. In the end, the Superfeet green make it once again a pleasure to work out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors, and help eliminate plantar fasciitis from my experience. Definitely worth the price, and I have several sets trimmed to fit the shoes I use to work, work out and walk.

N.B. Get some good, supportive slippers or flats to use when you might otherwise use non-support slippers or go barefoot. These will definitely help as well.
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on July 23, 2013
For those who know how painful PF is, it bites when you're trying to overcome it by simple exercises that don't address the main problem: restoring correct foot alignment & arch support. That lead me to SuperFeet and Orthaheel insoles.

Pros- very well constructed. Would easily last 20+ years of constant use. Heavy duty base (see pics) with cushion and foot control. Now I actually tried a few since my feet are almost flat. Started with the Copper & Black DMP (both low arch support), Blue (mid arch support), and finally the Green (higher arch support) which seems to fit me best now that my PF is healing. But for PF recovery? Read on.

Cons- Arch support is a little further back on my arch than my Orthaheels, which are currently treating my PF. Superfeet has little cushion on the heel or arch for PF. I've been trying out different insoles rather than going the expensive route of custom insoles (several $100s) so it's been a learning process. Many of the Superfeet insoles I tried were quite comfy but my PF pain continued. The Copper DMP, Black DMP, Blue, and Green weren't made for that, but they're awesome insoles MADE for great foot support AFTER treating PF.

Conclusion- Now this is just my experience with these insoles, and the Orthaheel. The Orthaheel doesn't have the same durable construction as the Superfeet (Orthaheel might last 4-5 yrs) but it's specifically made for PF recovery. I purchased the Orthaheel sandal first which made me feel like I was walking with a cue ball under my foot, but after the first week, pain started going away. By the second week, pain dropped considerably. So why not try their foot insoles? Well, I did.

Orthaheels insoles & sandals were made to address Plantar Fasciitis‎ (PF), and they do. However Superfeet work better after you've recovered from PF. Since I enjoy walking & my German Shepherd dog loves to also, I also think Superfeet work better on cushioned shoes like cross-trainers, walking shoes, and running shoes. My Orthaheel works better on footware with limited cushion like boots (I wear a lot) and dress shoes. I learned this from lots of blisters and foot pain, but this is what works for me. So in conclusion, I will continue to buy both Superfeet Green (high-arch) and Orthaheel PF insoles.
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on June 27, 2011
There are at least several general types of gaits which people have. Some feet tend to over-pronate (a person who walks more heavily on the inside of their feet), over-supinate (a person who walks more heavily on the outside of their feet), or have a more-or-less "neutral" gait (not pronating or supinating excessively). The normal gait cycle involves some degree of pronation and supination. Arguably, too much pronation or supination can cause pain in your feet. Although gait issues can be hard to diagnose, it can be fairly easy for a trained doctor to tell you whether your gait falls sufficiently outside the norm to require some kind of corrective treatment.

Enter Superfeet, a less costly alternative to a custom orthotic device for those in need of controlling their foot motion. As advertised, Superfeet reposition your feet inside the shoe by firmly cupping your heels, supporting your arch, and generally keeping your feet from moving in such a way as to cause pain. For those who need them, Superfeet are very effective and do their job nicely. They are also easily obtainable for a good price, and marketed as a premium replacement insole.

Superfeet are very popular and the way they sell, you'd think every person has significant gait issues and requires motion control devices in their shoes. In reality this is not the case (see first paragraph). For example, I have a pretty neutral gait. I pronate just a little on one foot and actually supinate on the other a bit, but by-and-large I walk fine. However when I developed some heel pain I decided to try Superfeet because they are advertised as a solution for that. I ended up with knee pain because these forced my feet into an unnatural (for me) walking position that altered my gait and put pressure on areas that were not accustomed to it. I ended up seeing a doctor who instructed me to use cushioned insoles only instead of something rigid like this. Fortunately I was able to take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee for these which is a nice thing.

My point is this -- Superfeet makes a great product, nothing at all against it, and if you need it I think it's a far better investment than expensive custom orthotics that do the same thing. But if you have a problem with your feet, or knees, or hips, or anything else, see a doctor before buying any devices to put in your shoes! A good orthopedist will be able to direct you regarding what sorts of inserts, if any, you will need. You may be able to figure it out on your own or by going to a running store, but if you get it wrong you may end up making matters worse. That was my story and sure it's my own fault for not starting in the right place, but it's a common mistake to make.

So overall: 5 stars for the product (it does do its job) - 1.5 stars for the lack of clarity in the advertising as to the type of gait problems these are supposed to treat = 3.5 Stars.
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on August 4, 2015
Having been told by a podiatrist that the only relief for my foot pain would be to purchase custom fit orthotics from him at a starting cost of $600, and not covered by insurance, I decided to look online for less expensive option. Hello Superfeet!

While I ordered the correct size, I found that the arch of the insole is farther forward than my actual arch is. In order to have my arch meet the arch of the insole I would have to wear them with my foot at least a half inch forward of the heel cup. Either way, the insole is uncomfortable for me. I asked another family member to try them on, we wear about the same size shoe, and they had the same issue. I opted to return the insoles.

Having said that, they do seem to be very well constructed, I found the width to be perfect for me (I wear a N width), and with the current return policy, I am considering ordering another style.

Update: Based on my experience with the return, I will not be ordering another pair.
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on February 8, 2015
These "insoles" are pieces of garbage. They feel and look like cardboard and give absolutely NO toe support and VERY little arch support. I have no idea what product everyone else is rating but what I got isn't even with the shipping to send it back. Horribly disappointing as I work on my feet nine hours a day and always come home aching. Will never buy from this company again and will be telling others to avoid like the plague.
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on December 27, 2012
I developed plantar fasciitis, which is really painful. I had been wearing shoes with built-in orthotics, and also slide-in orthotics from the Walking Company. Neither helped the plantar fasciitis, as those arch supports don't go back far enough. The athletic trainer at my pain management doctor's office recommended Superfeet and they are great. I have a high arch, so these green ones are great. The arch support on these goes back further than on most orthotics, so that the area where the plantar fascia meets the heel is supported. I have no heel pain when I wear these, so I have been wearing the same pair of shoes every day, even as slippers at night. I'm going to buy slippers with a removable footbed and get a few more pair of these green orthotics to put in all my shoes with removable footbeds and in the slippers. And these cost less than half of what my Walking Company orthotics cost. I'm impressed all around.
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on July 15, 2015
We as upland hunters walk a lot when hunting birds, so doesn't it make sense to make sure your feet are comfortable? I had the chance to try some Superfeet Green insoles this past turkey season and I was pleasantly surprised, well my feet were. The Green insoles are made for people with high arches, so I was hoping that they would provide comfort and support in key areas such as my arch. After wearing the insoles, I immediately felt the support and comfort through the deep heel cup and rigid platform that stabilizes your foot as you walk. This was especially helpful traveling on uneven terrain. Stress was absorbed through the insoles design, thus reducing fatigue in my feet up to my knees. Superfeet did what they were suppose to do and that's provide a comfortable and supportive insole in my boots. The true test will be this fall as I hunt farther and harder chasing birds, but until feet haven't felt better. Make an investment in pair of Superfeet insoles, your feet will appreciate it.
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