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Size: 1/4 HP|Change
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on July 17, 2015
Great little pump! I have a ditch that fills up about 4 times a year after we get about 3" of rain (anything less and no problem) that I wanted to drain to keep from killing the grass and Bought this to drain it..Have had it 2 years now and it works flawlessly..super quiet and effective...The before and after picts are 4 hours apart and there was a lot of water there!
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on April 29, 2012
I used this item to drain my swimming pool (needed to replace water due to high TDS) and it worked exactly as advertised. I didn't bother with the floating switch, but it might have helped. Used my standard garden hose, and used a nylon rope to lower to the bottom of the pool. The pump is fully submersible.

I have a 15,000 gallon pool with an 7' deep end. Put the pump in the deep end (all the way submerged), ran the garden house out to the sewer outlet (I didn't want that water in the yard), started the pump, and checked periodically. It took most of the weekend running 24/7. I started it saturday morning, and stopped it saturday night, but in retrospect could have simply let it run.

Very late Sunday it finished and I started filling the pool.

If you need to drain your pool, don't rent a pump. Just buy this one.
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on March 3, 2016
I ordered this pump to flush and descale my tankless water heater. I purchased a pair of washing machine hoses on Amazon for $12. Along with this $58 pump, a great way to save money flushing the tankless water heater by myself instead of paying a plumber $70 per time. The manufacturer of the tankless recommends flushing for an entire hour, but I don't think the plumber was ever here longer than 25-30 min total. I'll only need to purchase 4 gallons of white vinegar each time I flush, which is generally 1 time per year. The vinegar costs a total of about $7-8 at the grocery store.

The pump worked great. Pretty quiet. Good flow rate. Easy fitting for washing machine hose to screw onto. Essentially plug and play.
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on October 8, 2016
Getting us through hurricane Matthew southeast of Raleigh, NC, as the basement sump pump couldn't keep up with hours of 6" per hour rainfall. Deployed the pump and have been lowering the water 1" per hour with about a 10' lift (1200 gal/hr). Generator standing by just in case but this little guy saved the furnace and hot water heater!
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on January 5, 2017
For people getting a pump to facilitate a flush of a tankless water heater, this device works great. I ordered it because it was rated at 14 GPM at 10' (although the distance from the floor to the clean-outs is more like 5' in my configuration) but discovered to my horror that I'd misread the instruction for the tankless heater (a Rinnai V75i), which says to "circulate [the vinegar] through the water heater for at least 1 hour at *4* (not *14*) gallons per minute I emailed Rinnai tech support about the flow rate and they said the pumps flow rate was fine. So I used it, and indeed everything went fine. Very satisfied. I purchased this pump in conjunction with a clothes washer hose kit and a bucket (and the vinegar) at my local Walmart. Much cheaper than getting a "kit".
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on February 21, 2016
This is a great little pump! I have a large 9x18 above ground salt water pool. When the weather turned cooler, I got lazy and stopped taking care of it properly. The pool is located near several large trees that drop a great deal of leaves. Needless to say, it turned into a swamp quickly. I live in the Coachella Valley where our "warm" season is about 7-8 months long and is again rapidly approaching. I decided I better get the pool ready to use. Draining it using the plug wasn't an option since I couldn't even see where they were. I did some research and decided to purchase this pump. It arrived within 2 days, and was extremely easy to set up and attached easily to my garden hose. Because the pool was so disgusting, I put the pump in a large bucket and lowered it into the pool using an attached bungee cord so I could prevent a lot of the gunk from getting into the pump. As the water lowered I skimmed off most of the icky stuff. Within one day, the pool was empty and I am now in the process of getting it ready for use. I would highly recommend this pump. I was NOT given this pump at a discount or free. Paid full price. And I think it was a bargain.
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on December 25, 2015
Just what the cidery needed! I made bottle washer/sanitizer based on Malfets bottle washer and adapted it to available materials. This setup allows me to process 24 bottles at a time faster than ever before. It all fits inside a 19 gallon (25 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 12 1/2) storage container.
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on August 15, 2012
Bought this pump to drain our Hot Tub periodically for cleaning. I also bought the "recommended" Flotec 1-1/4 discharge hose to facilitate more water volume and faster drain times than a standard garden hose can do. Unfortunately as you probably already know, the hoses they sell here come with the wrong adapters (both male) so you will need to buy a 1-1/4 inch FEMALE adapter to get the larger hoses to work. You would use one of them in place of the Male adapters that come with the Hose Kits. I found the appropriate adapter at Orchard Supply Hardware for about two bucks. I also posted a picture of the exact adapter you need in the photo gallery for this Pump at the top of the page. Get the larger hose and the adapter and you will be amazed how fast this thing can drain a hot tub. Good luck. Hope this helps.
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on February 22, 2017
When I got the pump it worked great. After about 2 weeks it started tripping my gfci so I tried another gfci, and it did the same thing. I then connected to a regular outlet, and it worked good. After about 3 weeks it started evidently overheating and operated for 5 minutes then work stop for about a minute. I called the place it bought it from, and he said that it had gotten a little water in it. He said to drain the oil and let it drain for a day. He then said to refill it with 14 oz. of vegetable oil. I drained it but there was a little less than 2 oz. of oil in it. After a day of draining and drying out I refilled it with 14 oz. of oil. I reconnected the pump and it is working very satisfactorily. The person was very knowledgeable about the pump and it's working great. That's the reason I grave it a four stars.
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on February 17, 2016
What I liked about this product: Looked like a sure thing for emptying the last few gallons of water from the pool for painting.

What I disliked about this product: out of box this particular unit would not work, read the manual, was not air locked, could feel the electro magnet and a slight hum but no prop spinning. Opened the bottom filter and found the prop frozen, used a pencil to start it once - did not sound stable, unplugged the unit, and plugged it back in and found the prop stuck again. Not going to try to open the prop casing - sending back.

What do I think can be done to improve on this product: Screw heads to the bottom filter stripped easily, should use a larger screw head to ensure it can be opened as needed to clean up. A thumb screw would be even better as I assume this is meant to be cleaned often.

Was this a paid/traded/forced review? No - I have no ties to this product, I am a consumer that purchased this product.

About Me: IT Professional out of Washington State.
Whom do I buy for?: Myself and three generations of family.
What type of products do I like/purchase?: Electronics, Software, Technology, Body Hacking (food/drugs), reading materials

My honest review
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