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on September 25, 2016
Lovely season to watch again and now forever on bluray or digital. Sam and Dean On the road again. WIsh they made more shows like supernatural. A twist of all the myths and legends we all know about monsters, ufos, god, etc. Cant wait to watch.

My only downside is I been getting some bad copies of supernatural sets from amazon. Just recently I got 3 damage cases from amazon directly. My other supernatural season sets and bluray movies that shipped in the same delivery box with the damage supernatural cases were okay. The 3rd party sellers or sets i bought NOT from amazon didnt have broken pieces scattered, rips or tears. Luckily i was able to replace 2 out of the 3 busted cases with backup cases of my own, but still I dont like seeing damage goods every single order. Thankfully the return policy is great for amazon and I can get a new one, but am really having trust issues now with amazon on their care of products or bluray movies.

Other than the broken supernatural cases from Amazon Supernatural is a great show and everyone should be really happy Season 12 is happening!!! Cant wait to See Dean's mom embarrass the hell out of her boz with mommies fairy tales of baby dean or baby sam.

-Update- Sep 30
Replacement came no damage or missing parts to case for this one but I would still watch out. Glad the return service of amazon is great and fast to respond.
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on July 11, 2015
Supernatural has probably been the best rock & roll, brother based, action/sci-fi series, period. That's a specific audience, but worth the viewing time! Admittedly; Seasons 1-5 were the pinnacle of the series....before the whole Angel storyline; at least they're finally brought down to Earth, and there are still some entertaining characters:Crowley, Garth, etc. Hopefully they don't kill them off as well; which is par for the series. However, the main focus of the show-the relationship between Sam & Dean-is strong/often dysfuntional as ever!
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on February 25, 2017
Season 8 itself: 5 stars. Of course. Always 5 stars. It's not my favorite season ever, but that doesn't mean I don't love it, either. There are some great unique episodes in here: "Bitten" and "Hunteri Heroici."

The blu-ray: Enthusiastic 5 stars. But that may be because there's an extra that revolves around Castiel...
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on April 19, 2016
If you're sick of shows with unrealistic wimpy dudes who can't make decisions - then this will be one of your favorite shows to watch. However, I noticed as the episodes advance, there are more of / and a higher percentage of - "tough guy" unrealistic female characters (not of the demon sort). The more they follow this current Hollywood formula ("tough chicks"), the more the show will become just like any other and its uniqueness and genuine touch will fade. Season 8 it showing more signs of this, as is season 9. When characters are as unrealistic as the plot (even as the plot is intentionally so) then you've fallen into (as Stiller's character did in Tropic Thunder) "full retard". Sam and Dean? I've met characters like those all my life.
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on August 8, 2014
As season 8 begins we meet the impossibly cute Kevin who showed up near the end of Season 7, a lad with dimples so adorable it is felt necessary to have him declare, “I’m not gay.” As the story progresses the brothers are aging in real life and on screen. Flashbacks of the past year Sam spent with a young lady during Dean’s year in purgatory show Sam appearing a giant beside the diminutive lass and her father. Care is no longer being taken to disguise the fact that he towers over his supposed older brother Dean. Calling him little Sammy is almost laughable. The plot lines, if it be possible, seem even darker than before. Sam goes to Hell and back. We see flashbacks of Dean’s year in purgatory.

With the angels in heaven at war with one another the lines between the good guys and the bad guys are definitely blurred. The brothers are good ole boys who continue to roar around the countryside in that Chevy Impala listening to Rock. How they maintain their sleek physiques on their diet of beer, liquor, and junk food remains a mystery. The arsenal they carry in the compartment under their trunk? The show continues to be ultra-violent but save for a sequence at the beginning of an episode in Season 7 showing off Jared Padalecki’s impressive upper body these hunks keep their clothes on.

As we wait for the release of Season 9 on DVD Season 10 is ongoing on broadcast TV. How much longer can the writers and producers drag out this scenario and keep it interesting?
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on April 9, 2013
Over the course of this series, it seems the writers incorporate conflict between the brothers simply for conflict's sake and it's as irritating as hell. For Sam to simply 'give up' on looking for Dean who accidentally ended up in Purgatory after killing the head leviathan), not even trying to find him, is simply unbelievable to me. However, that is the only thing I have against this season. (BTW, did we ever get a reason Sam left his girlfriend to end up at the cabin where Dean was hiding out after emerging from Purgatory? Did I miss something, or did the writers? Did he know Dean would be there, if so, how?) Anyway, the conflict between the brothers needs to end. it's been done to death, now they need to start building trust with each other, they need to start being the bantering brothers which is cool and comfortable, and Sam needs to lighten up a little, while at the same time Dean needs to (and is finally doing, I might add) realize his brother is growing up. The last few eps I've seen on Amazon Instant Video have and are building on this season's arc, and I'm very satisfied that the brothers are shaping up and finally becoming brothers... at the soul, not just by blood. The jury is out on what will happen in season 9, I'm watching closely, but from a distance. I've had the rug ripped out from under me a time or two as a result of curves being thrown at us from the writers and then not so unexpected curves, as though they take one step forward with Sam and then decide the conflict should take center stage and place him five steps back. Been there, done that, let's move on. Season 8 seems to be delivering here, but as I said above, I'm going to keep it at arm's length. I'm tired of being jerked around. All i can say is, now that Sam has made his decision to stay with Dean, rather than pursue a 'normal' life, there's still traces of his longing for a normal life in the last two eps (18 and 19). Once again, he's falling back into an old and worn out routine. Enough. However, that being said, the fact that Sam is ailing from the completion of trials is enough to put Dean in protective mode and that is fine by me. it's great to see Dean wanting to look out for his younger brother with more feeling than I've felt in a long time. I just wish the writers would bring Sam full circle and quit having him be so indecisive. I don't know why they insist on playing the 'Sam wants a normal life' card throughout this series. If he really wanted that, he'd take off and get away from the hunting and fight to keep it that way. I'm sure there can be other conflicts within him that can be focused on. By doing this same old-same old routine, it proves the writers are lacking in vision or are not connected like they should be with Sam or Dean, for that matter, because Dean is always left being hurt by Sam's indecision. Ok, sorry for the rant, but there you are. I'm liking the last few eps, though. It's promising. Rug, stay where you are... right under my feet, thank you very much.
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on November 11, 2015
If you haven't seen this show you need to go get season 1 and you will be hooked!! I can't say enough good things about this show!! I was hooked season 1! I hope the show continues to keep going on for years to come!! If your into the spooky, paranormal, this show you will love, it's also funny too.. Jensen, and Jared work so good together!!
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on October 21, 2013
Well lets start with the technical stuff. Packaging and discs are as usual well done. Good quality audio and no skips in the discs.

Content is ok if not awesome. All 23 episodes are good and most have a deleted scene you can watch but nothing real special. The commentary on some episodes just isn't that good. I kept wondering why they bothered to record it.

The show itself seems to have come full circle. In the first years you have the monster of the week where Sam and Dean go find a monster figure out what it is and after almost losing a fight kill it. In the middle years like from 3 to 5 the show got a little difficult by really screwing with its take on Christianity. Still well written and very believable. Years 6 and 7 not so much. The show had lost its identity and the writers seemed to be scrambling for content, Well in year 8 I thin k we have the best so far. We are back to the monster of the week which I really enjoy and a subplot that spans the entire year without infringing to much on the weekly story. The show has really embraced the flashback style where you can tell two stories in the same episode. That style is becoming a lot more popular with todays sophisticated audiences.

All in all if you love Sam and Dean (And the Impala) it is well worth the money.
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on November 30, 2013
It would be a sad day should discs become no more. The thought of being totally web dependent is sad beyond words. As things evolve we come to enjoy series such as Supernatural. Series are going to have formulas and after a season or two you have the one for the series you are watching. The question of when are they going to Jump the Shark comes to play like with Smallville. Supernatural isn't quite there but close enough that one really doesn't need to wait a week or even hope to find it On Demand. Wait for those times when homebound like when illness strikes or snowbound. Have a Supernatural Party and go through the season. Works well also for most HBO shows like True Blood. With in ten minutes, if a fan you will remember, where you left off come up to speed and be well into the season. At the end of the last disc you won't feel rushed to see the sequel as you can smile confident that next year there will be another snow storm or some other house binding event and you will all have something to look forward to. True all have to live tell then, but should this not be you may find that Supernatural isn't Science Fiction.
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on September 17, 2013
I am picky and don't watch a lot of TV. But this series captivated me from episode 1. It has it all. Plenty of comedy (episodes strictly for that) and of course horror; but it also has realist human drama, a refreshing and revolving cast, characters that aren't static, points where they poke fun at themselves. Although in every right it is a soap opera - it isn't soap opera-ish (over acted, unrealistic pathetic and boring characters). This show blends it all, futuristic, horror, deep relationships, sincerity, drama, comedy, and self-effacing which makes it even more real. Is every episode a home run? No. But very close. I don't know why this isn't on HBO, or other paid channels - but selfishly I am glad that it isn't!

Supernatural is Quality writing, directing, and of course - very important, acting which too is high quality.
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