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on February 19, 2011
This is a really good flashlight at a good price (for surefire anyway) that offers the dual purposes of being extremely bright and having a long lasting dim mode. The dim mode is excellent for most normal uses since it is bright enough to light things up enough to see without blinding you, then if you press the switch again you get a very bright beam for lighting up large areas outside or blinding people (if you have a fear of people lurking in the dark and want to blind them before they attack). A lot of people don't like how it has the dim mode first then the brighter mode because it's apparently less tactically correct, but I personally like the way it is since I would rather not be blinded by it every time I switch the light on. The construction is the same as most surefires with its milled aluminum frame, the use of CR123 batteries and orange peel reflector that makes a flawless beam. The light is also made in the U.S. despite it not being written anywhere on the light itself; the back of the packaging says that it qualifies by law as a made in USA product even though a very small amount of electronic components are made elsewhere.

One thing that sucks about this light is that they decided to use a plastic window instead of the usual glass found on all of their other models. This plastic scratches easily and seems to collect more lint from your pocket, but frankly it's just annoying because the only reason it is used is to save costs. Another thing for people who like to tear their stuff apart and customize it, this light does not support that since the head is one solid piece and cannot be taken apart; they even try to prevent you from taking it off at all by putting loctite on the threads.

Overall this is a very good light, although I haven't really compared it to other lights other than maglites and other surefires so there may be better for the price. I would have given it 5 stars had it not been for the cheap plastic window, otherwise this is a perfect general purpose flashlight. Also keep in mind they sell the cheaper polymer version which I probably would have bought had it been in stock.
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on November 8, 2013
As an owner of a 20+ year old Surefire 9P (incandescent type) which is mounted as a weapon light on my M4 carbine has NEVER failed me. However, I figured I'd try out some new technology.

Well, this 6PX Pro did not let me down. Typical Surefire quality and built like a tank. I'm a Security Professional and this thing fits the bill, period. Great beam as usual from Surefire, and proper color temperature (kelvins) which will help out seeing true colors from this light. I also got a G2X Pro Surefire, and it's rated at 320 lumen on high. However, the G2X beam is more of a yellowish tint to it and not quite as narrow a beam. The 200 lumen from the 6PX, compared to the 320 lumen of the G2X... well the appearance does not look like the G2X is any better, nor brighter. Just my opinion. I also have a LED 4 D cell Mag Light/hand held basher that is also over 20+ years old. Used in my truck side pocket, and carried when I was in the Fire Department for defensive reasons. I bought this for compact carry, and having a hand held 'blind the threat' hand unit.

Modes: switching low/high power is easy once you get the hang of it with the button. Click on it quick to toggle and get in the mode you like - then just push the button all the way in for keeping it switched on.

o The 6PX light itself is will last you a lifetime, if you don't loose it
o Matte finish is sure better than my old 9P
o Dual lighting modes is great. My old 9P will EAT batteries

o As others have mentioned: lanyard hole/attachment point sure would be nice
o Wish it had strobe/SOS modes like my LED 2 AA cell Mini-Mag Light
o Darn Plastic lens... come on Surefire!

Overall, very happy with the light, it's a keeper and will be on my duty belt for sure. The G2X will be my new all around the house, car and bedside light.
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on June 30, 2011
I bought 7 Surefire 6PX Pro flashlights from Amazon (on June 2011) and randomly tested a few of them in a remote hilly countryside area where it gets very dark at night except for the light coming from the stars. The light on high output cuts through the darkness very well and has an impressive throw. On low output, it is very useful for reading maps and navigating in the darkness while extending battery life as intended. The lower output is pleasingly brighter than I thought. Please keep in mind that these are fresh never used batteries so the light output is at its peak. When compared to my 6P LED Defender, the light looks yellowish white. The 6P LED Defender looks more whitish cool blue. It is not an ugly yellowish white but a pleasing bright yellowish white. I think if it had more bluish tint, then it would look crisper. I am no expert but I wonder if there is a burn in period with LED bulbs which causes a color shift. When the flashlights are turned off, I can see that the led bulbs look very different from each other.

After trying both click-style and turn-style switches on previous flashlights, I found that the click style is much easier and convenient to use. With a click style switch, I don't have to worry about the unit from disassembling itself because I turned it too much. When screwing on the tailcap after inspecting the batteries, the threading is precise and what I expect from a well made product. Also I'll just have to get used to it but the rubber button seems slightly tougher to press than previous versions or maybe it is because I have yet to break it in. This flashlight can sense the time it takes to press again for high output. This feature is cool but you have to get used to it. By the way, the dual output feature is not solely in the tailcap area, meaning, if you switched tailcaps with a different Surefire flashlight that did not have dual output ability, the dual output will not work. Another interesting feature is that when pressed halfway many times at a rapid rate, it keeps the high output. This is probably good for strobe/disorientation purposes. However I don't know if it will be good for SOS signal purposes.

The exterior body style is very cool and modern looking on website pictures as well as in real life. It looks like something that came out of a Batman movie. I really like the undulating hand grip and the fine CNC machine marks are not as pronounced as with previous models. I wouldn't have minded a slightly deeper undulation on the grip area and an addition of some rubber material for extra security such as found on the Surefire Z (CombatLight) but it is still acceptable. Also there are no knurling patterns (except for the rubber button) which is different from previous designs. The matte finish is a welcome change to the anodized black paint that was found on previous models. I like both types but it was good to experience this one as well. I wonder if this matte surface will handle scratches better than my already scratched anodized black paint flashlights. Sorry, but for the sake of the review I am not willing to sacrifice an intentional scratch!

The white etching/engraving found on the body is good although I'd later fill it in with a black permanent marker to make it look more discreet. Of the 7 same model flashlights that I bought (from different sellers on Amazon), I cannot notice any difference in quality other than the fact that the white engraving is not consistent with each other. The fonts look slightly bigger on some and smaller/sharper on others.

While the crenellated bezel found on the 6PX Pro is not as aggressive as the 6P LED Defender, it is still capable of using it as a strike weapon if necessary. I prefer this modest crenellation because it does not cut into my pockets.

Despite Andrew's review (2/19/11) that I read about the plastic filter, which I thought was a nice attention to detail by him, I went ahead and purchased it. After testing it myself, I have to concur with him that it does feel cheap compared to my other previous model Surefire flashlights. It is disappointing. If you tap on the filter with your finger nails, you will hear a light sound compared to if you tapped on the tempered glass filter in which you would hear a harder solid sound. I place keys together with my flashlight in my pocket all the time so I am not so excited at the prospect that this plastic filter is more susceptible to scratches. My previous model Surefire flashlights with tempered glass have yet to be scratched.

The roll over design is not aggressive enough when it is placed horizontally and this is the main reason I took off a star. This model rolls over easier than my 6P LED Defender and my Surefire Z2L. I thought that this anti rolling feature on previous models was a fantastic idea when compared to my Maglites. However since the 6PX rolls over easily, I can see that Surefire is losing focus on one of their best features. This of course depends on how you place the flashlight on a surface such as a table. If you calmly and carefully place it down on a level surface then it will not roll away. In real world situations, such as combat, hiking, and other outdoor activities, I think most people will not have time to calmly place it down. Therefore in some cases, they may have to say goodbye as their flashlight rolls off.

The included batteries are Surefire brand CR123a lithium batteries. When I purchased my first Surefire flashlight a few years ago, I was worried that I would not be able to find these hard-to-find batteries. However, thanks to the power of the Internet, I can get them easily. I just need to make sure to stock up to use as a backup. I really like that these batteries last long in storage and retains good power throughout the years. This aspect is definitely a good feature for emergency disaster kit situations. The batteries that I found in my flashlights were fresh with an expiration year of 2021.

I also have a couple Surefire G2X flashlights and I cannot tell any difference in the quality of the light between this and the 6PX Pro. The G2X is also a very nice flashlight. Even though the G2X is made out of cheaper material it does not feel cheap at all. It has a good heft to it like the 6PX Pro. The 6PX Pro just feels a little more special due to its tank-like construction.

The wording on the package states: Designed and assembled in the U.S.A. of domestic and foreign components. This product qualifies as "American Made" under the Buy American Act.

It also states: Not for weapon-mounted applications.

The plastic packaging is PET which is one of the most widely recycled plastics. The printed card packaging is also recyclable. I suggest that you use a scissor and cut close to the edge on the sides of the card to avoid damaging your scissor by cutting into the thick plastic material.

The included user manual is short but informative and it shows both 6PX Pro and G2X Pro models.

Surefire is losing some of the strong selling points such as anti-roll feature and use of plastic filter instead of tempered glass, however I still like the compact yet high output led design of Surefire flashlights. I bought this flashlight because of the dual-output and the modern looking design on this flashlight. After owning and using many different types of flashlights, I'd recommend buying more of the affordable Maglite for the house, car, and toolbox, but carry a Surefire flashlight as a backup wherever you go even though it is overlapping your need because you never know when you need more than one flashlight.
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on July 22, 2011
This is a very nice, but expensive, flashlight with one design flaw, no provision for a lanyard. Not even a small hole for a split ring. You have to go back to the manufacturer and pay another $13 for a clunky special design ring that fits between the body and the tailcap. I'll bet when the engineers designed the proto-type for this flashlight it included a lanyard hole. Someone in management nixed the hole, realizing you could stiff your customer for another 13%. Who wants a $100 flashlight they can't hang on to when the going gets rough? Even though I bought the nylon belt holster, I still want a lanyard to make it harder to loose in use.

That complaint aside, the flashlight is very well made and functions nicely, I particularly like the two light intensities. One set of batteries is rated to last 2.5 hours on the 200 lumen setting and 45 hours on the 15 lumen setting. The lower light setting is more than adequate for 90% of the things you would use it for in an emergency or camping setting. The reflector also provides the perfect spread on the beam, 90% in the central area but enough peripheral light to keep you from stumbling over thing on the trail. My home was hit by hurricane Rita some years back and in living almost 3 weeks with no electricity I discovered that even the smallest key-chain LED is enough light for most tasks. It is nice to have the big-light 200 lumens at your fingertips but will probably use it rarely. In a tactical situation, the 200 lumens would be a must.

I bought this for an emergency prepardness "bug-out" bag and was attracted to both the long 45 hour low-light setting and the long shelf life of the 123A Lithium batteries it uses. The set that came in the flashlight had a 2/2021 expiration date; giving me nearly 10 yrs. Surefire also offers a case of 12 replacement batteries for a reasonable price; as well as a 6 battery O-ring sealed plastic carrier which is very nice. I bought both, so with 6 spares in the carrier and one set in the flashlight, I have 4 sets. (4 x 45hrs)/4 hrs use a night = 45 nights. That should be good for most emergencies.

Except for the lanyard ring issue, an maybe a slightly lower price, I'm very pleased with the SureFire 6PX-Pro
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on November 22, 2012
Looking for a rugged flashlight to take to the plant for shutdowns and at home for when the lights go out.I read about Surefire flashlights in magazines.A little bit more money than I was willing to spend for a flashlight.But I took the plunge and bought Surefire flashlight.The Surefire flashlight I bought was a 6PX PRO Dual Output Model 200 lumen.When I receive my flashlight I was amaze on the quality and appearance of this little flashlight.The main reason why I bought the 6PX PRO Dual Output is that 15 lumen is enough light to see in the dark to shut things down in the plant,while saving your battery life.On the high output level of AMAZING 200 lumen last for about 2.5 Hours.On the low output level is 15 lumen a whopping 45 Hours and you can not beat that.My wife went to work with me to shut down the plant and she had 6PX PRO Dual Output,I had another brand of flashlight.My wife fell in love with the 6PX PRO Dual Output that day,now she keeps it in her vehicle. I had to go and buy another one for myself!The 6PX PRO Dual Output uses Two 123 lithium batties and only a little over 5" long.Surfire flashlights cost more than others but when you buy one you will not be disappointed go ahead and take the plunge.
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on December 17, 2012
I purchased this to mount on the barrel of my Mossberg 500 shotgun on a recommendation from a buddy and I must say how impressed Ive been with it. The purchase was made with the intent to provide illumination for my shotgun in the case of a home defense need. Wherever the Surefire goes so does my Mossberg. You get the picture I presume. The 200 lumens are a plenty in some simple test runs after hours at home and if the need ever arises Im confident this LED light will either blind someone once shined on them or at least present them with the outline of my shotgun on the wall. All in all Im happy I got this and feel definitely more secure with it. Great light at a fair price w/consistent performance allows me to give this 2 thumbs up and a strong recommendation to other potential buyers.
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on December 31, 2013
I bought this in October of last year. I barely use it; it mostly sits on my nightstand. A few days ago the on/off switch stopped working. It is stuck in its current position so I cannot use the higher intensity light feature. I have to unscrew the flashlight to get it to turn off. I paid $90 for this. If it had quit after 5 years I might have given it a higher rating. When it worked it worked well. The higher intensity setting was incredibly bright although it didn't last long. So I am also stuck with a box of extra batteries that I also bought with this and can't use since they are specific to this flashlight. Poor investment.
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on May 21, 2013
I bought this Surefire about a year ago. I have dropped on concrete and asphalt several times and not a scratch and the glass stayed clear and unbroken too.

I carry this around for work because it is small and lights up attics, basements and ther dark area I need to examine.
When I am on a job walk other contractors are amazed at how bright and how much area this thing does compared to their large police style lights , or anything else!

I also use it with my SigSauer 9mm with an attachment when target shooting.

Also the price is reasonable for how well it is built and the quality, this ain't your fathers flashlight but I know Dad would have loved it.
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on April 25, 2012
I purchased this flashlight about 10 days ago on Amazon, and got it 2 days later. Very fast! I was at first surprised, as the flashlight was smaller than I thought it would be, but the small size makes it much more portable, I like the fact that it has 2 settings, low and high, and man, high is BRIGHT! It would certainly temporarily blind an attacker at night, it is that bright. Low setting is good for map reading, or anything else you don't need a bright light for.
The flashlight is sturdily made of aircraft aluminum, and is well finished - no rough edges or burrs. So far, I'm quite pleased with it.
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on November 13, 2012
This is a great flashlight.

I carryed it around for a few days to get used to the weight...barely noticed it, took up very little space in my pocket and was not heavy enough to cause me to notice it during daily activity.

I took it on a four day camping trip and while I still used a headlamp for the usual campfire stuff, I still used this light every time I went out to look for firewood.

I would recommend this flashlight for its size, ability to light a large area, and price relative to comperable flashlights.
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