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on October 22, 2011
Until now, I've been using those foam ear plugs to shut out the sound while sleeping on long plane rides and when using power tools. I also used conventional ear-muffs on construction sites and weekends at the shooting range. I first saw the SureFire EarPro's on Magpul's handgun videos and thought, what's so different about these. After looking into them on SureFire's website, and finding out they weren't so expensive, I decided to give them a try. Before buying them, I put a ruler against my ear and took a picture of myself in the mirror. According to SureFire's fitting chart, I was a small. After receiving the EarPro's from the merchant, I tried them out for sleeping and on the range. They are comfortable in the ear for extended use... until you roll over on your ear on the pillow. Not recommended for sleeping in a real bed... maybe on the plane where you cannot rollover? On the range, they suppress sound well in "open" mode and I could still have a conversation with the range master. It was all good until high pressure ammo arrived. I shoot mostly 9mm, so I can still use the EarPro with the plug undone. But when .40 and .357 shooters started firing in the adjacent lanes, I had to close the plugs for the full NRR 24 effect. One thing to consider; the NRR 24 was probably measured at the tip of the plug, but human hearing is not only down the ear canal. A set of ear-muffs completely covering the outer ear and pressing against the side of the head would probably have better noise reduction capabilities even at the same NRR rating. I'd say, the EarPro would be enough on an open outdoor range, but indoors or under a roof, the echo from high pressure ammunition will shake your whole skull - not just your ear. I think the best solution would be wearing the EarPro "open" under electronic ear-muffs. Then you have great noise reduction but still can hear dialogue.
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on December 5, 2015
SureFire is possibly one of the single best brands you can buy, at least for hearing protection. If you want something that you can almost forget is there, the Sonic Defenders are for you. Stellar noise protection, comfortable squishy soft plastic construction, but still sturdy enough to maintain its shape. These are absolutely fantastic. BUT!!!! If this is your first time buying them, DO NOT BUY THEM ONLINE. Shipping and returns are a hassle. Find out if your local sporting goods store carries them, and try them on there. Obviously you'll have to buy them, but trying them and finding which size you are (Note that ear canal size and ear interior size are different things. The black things and the clear plugs might need to be different sizes for your ear). I love these. After buying several pairs locally to figure out what sizes I needed, I proceeded to buy pairs for pretty much everyone I know. These are so fantastic and you just simply cannot go wrong. If you get the wrong size, though, you'll have a horrible experience, as they'll fall out easily and you may suffer some ear pain from the gunshots that occur when they fall out. If you get the right size, you'll love it.
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on May 4, 2016
I really love these things, they work really well for like 80% of sporting arms, but once in a while you get a rifle with a hot cartridge, or someone next to you has one of those friggen muzzle brakes that send every decibel of sound from that muzzle straight into your ear canal, and these things just cant hang. That being said, they work well most of the time for shooting, work great for pretty much everything else you need hearing protection for.
If these are going against something particularly loud and they are falling a bit short, they work GREAT under muffs for duel protection.
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on February 26, 2016
My husband and I shoot our firearms a few times a week. I prefer an in-ear design, and he prefers an over-the-ear design. I ordered these in a small, and they fit perfectly. They are very comfortable and easy to put in and take out. Sometimes I wear them while I weed-eat too. They muffle the noise very well, and I can still talk to people while I have them in. I would definitely recommend them to people
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on June 10, 2016
I have gone through a few pairs of these and they're great, but they do break down over time.

It does take a little to get used to the feeling of them in your ears but after you adjust they do work as advertised. I am able to have a conversation with them in and still fire large caliber rifles without any issue.

I can continuously use a pair (once a week) for about 7/8 months and then they need to be switched out.
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on March 29, 2015
Good comfortable ear plugs! They are comfortable enough to wear all day. I have slept in them as well when my bed partner is congested and snores. They are low profile enough that I can lay on my side and not feel like I am being poked in my ear. I usually wear them with the noise filters closed, so I can't speak to how well the clip loud noises. They are pretty durrible and should last the 3-6 months that surefire says to expect.
You should wipe them off after use because my experience has been that prolonged contact with skin oils will make them stiff over time.
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on July 17, 2013
A friend recommended this product so I bought it. The ear plugs are supposed to be noise dampening but the ear pieces fit so poorly that they did not work. As designed, there is a small plug that can be opened to allow sound to be freely heard. Not only were the ear canal inserts too small to block sound or fit comfortably, but the plug broke the second time I tried to use it. I DO NOT recommend this product.
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on August 23, 2016
preferred over the ep4's. they fit better and offer the same protection. not sure about their ability to stay in vs the ep4's, but to provide some context, i personally hate in-ear headphones that tend to block (almost all?) ambient noise. further, to date, i've always "doubled up" with electronic earmuffs;. bought a second set for my daily pack JIC i end up at a concert.
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on August 30, 2016
I am floored by how well these perform. Work as well as my electronic hearing protection, but with way more comfort and ease of use. I don't need batteries and can more easily shoulder a rifle without effecting my sight picture. Very happy to have these. I'll probably wear them to concerts as well. I love live music, but I hate the ringing of the ears that comes with it.
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on January 1, 2016
These are great ear plugs for everyday use. I bought these for my autistic girlfriend who has trouble processing all the sounds in a public place. They are small and barely noticeable. With her hair down, no one notices she is even wearing them and they help to muffle the noise. These are not gun range quality plugs, but they help to dampen loud events. If you have trouble with loud places these are a great option.
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