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on May 13, 2017
I bought another one of these about 8 years ago, when I got my first iPod Touch and loved it. Kept using it through upgrading the old iPod to a new one and through my moving locations three times. The first thing to break on that one was the belt clip. But that was okay, I just stuffed the whole thing into my back pocket or into my bra strap. But it got pretty worn out, so I was happy to find Griffin still had them available this past Christmas.

The design and materials are a little different for the new one. The earphone cover (meant to keep out dust, water, and other crud) broke off really quickly, where the old one was amazingly tenacious and held on by it's little flap for years. This one's belt clip is...solid. As in, I had to remove my pants once to get the right angle to pry it open without breaking it or my fingers. The old one I liked clicking the clip open and closed as a kind of fidget device...which might have led it it breaking eventually. This one is not likely to suffer the same abuse, but might just break within the same time frame because it's freaking difficult to open.

But I do still love it, honestly. I don't care overly much for many of my possessions, but my music and audiobooks are my means of staying sane. This protects my iPod wonderfully.
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on August 14, 2012
To start this review off let me say that I now have (3) survivor cases. Two for the iPod touch and one for the New iPad. In this review I will cover the iPod Touch survivor case. This is a one of a kind case that is definitely worth your money. Even if it seems a bit expensive for just a case, this is an extreme duty Survivor Case that we are talking about. I can personally say that this is one of the best or the best iPod Touch case in the market! Now for the review...

Pros (+):

* Total protection from the elements. Has a camera flap, audio port flap, and the charger flap (where you connect your iPod to charge) Now these flaps might get a little annoying with time, especially when you are trying to get a quick picture or when you want to charge your iPod. Trust me, having to deal with these flaps is way better than not having an iPod at all if it breaks.

* The Belt Clip is something that I don't really use because it does seem a little weak compared to the rest of the case.

* The Case its self has 3 parts. The rear case which has is padded from the inside to protect its self when it falls. The Front of the case which has the extra screen protector. It's like a hard plastic that goes on top of your screen to protect it from dust, water, etc. The screen protector does not make your iPod Touch sensitivity slower. Finally, it has the silicon casing that goes around the other two hard covers. The silicon casing makes your iPod look a lot bigger and some people might even think it looks more like an iPhone with the case on. You now have three things protecting one device. This is something that I have tested and definitely works.

My own iPod has been dropped from about 7 feet onto a hard concrete floor and it survived without a scratch. I was truly impressed with the case and since then have gone on to purchasing yet another one for the iPod Touch & one for the iPad.

Cons (-):

There are only a few cons to the case, but the Pros definitely out weight them.

* The Volume of the iPod is going to be decreased because the speakers are being covered by the silicon casing; therefore, not as much audio can escape the casing making it to have a lower volume.

* The flaps are great, but without proper care they can be torn off quite easily. Handle with care.

Overall: This is a really outstanding case that is a MUST buy for anyone who doesn't want their expensive iPod Touch to get damaged. It is one of the best cases that exist for the iPod and is extremely durable. I have owned mine for 1 1/2 years now and it still looks great. I give the case 5 stars out of 5 stars for truly being a survivor...

Hope this review helps you out!
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Enthusiast: Watcheson March 11, 2012
I know that my iPod Touch is definitely protected in this case; it exudes ruggedness. I first had bought the OtterBox Defender Case, which is probably adequate for "normal" drops, etc. However, after I came across the Griffin Survivor case, I switched. I'd rather have too much protection than not enough.
I've not had the problems that other reviewers mention about the camera cover or headphone jack access. I use an auxiliary cable in my car to listen to the iPod and it plugs in just fine. I do not use a dock for anything, so cannot speak to that accessibility.
Only annoyance is that the built in screen protector will stick in places to the iPod screen causing a less than aesthetic appearance. However, there is no distortion to viewing. Also the tactile sensitivity is unaffected as far as I can tell. There is no cut out for the ambient light sensor, but that's no big deal for me.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on November 20, 2015
I have thrown my iPod around, played football with it and thrown it off my building balcony, with all the wear, it still proves to protect my iPod. Love this case!!!! Although it can be bulky at times when carrying it does the job for someone who abuses iPods, but anyways you get what you pay for. If you are person who wants to get a case that will protect your iPod but don't care if it's bulky, this is the case for you
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on May 9, 2012
This a strong sturdy case. I purchased these for my 6 and 9 year old. They have dropped ipod touches with thinner cases in the past, shattering the glass. It provides good protection with the trade-off being convenience and accessibility to the device.

It is difficult to access the ports. My kids like to face-time and generally remove the case to do be able to do it. Eventually the membrane hinge that holds the port covers in place sometimes wears out and the port rips off. This actually isn't too terrible if the port protection is overkill for you. I was actually considering just cutting off the port-covers for the charger and camera by the time they wore out and ripped off on their own. You can't use the clip without the charging port cover attached though.

The embedded screen protector is a film of plastic. It is good protection for the screen from wind and slight rain, but it makes it a little more difficult to use the device in my opinion. My kids don't seem to mind for their games. As an example, sometimes you have to be more precise in typing especially at the edges of the screen for key-presses to register.

*excellent grip, won't be dropped often.
*good protection from drops (when it is dropped).
*ports are protected as well (speaker, camera, microphone for facetime).
*clip doubles as a mini-stand

*hard to access the ports (speaker, camera, microphone for facetime).
*can't charge it in a dock without removing the case, need to use charging cable.
*large case, bulky.
*the connection to the port covers sometimes wears thin and they rip off.
*screen protector makes it more difficult to use the device.
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on February 15, 2015
I purchased this to use on our 7-year-old son's hand-me-down iPod Touch, 2nd Gen. We upgraded our daughter to an iPhone and felt he was ready, but I'm a firm believer in protecting expensive electronics when in the hands of kids.

This case does the job well; the unit has been dropped more times than I can count and is going strong. I have a feeling the flaps to protect the rear camera and the charging port will be ripped off sooner than later, but my purpose wasn't for this to be used in dirty situations, just to protect from everyday wear and tear. We'd put a similar case on the same iPod when we gave it to our daughter in 2010 and never had to replace it, so I'm hoping this will hold up for another four or so years as well.
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on November 15, 2012
This is an excellent case that is competitively priced. I say that not only if you want ruggedized by military standards. I have seen many cases over the years for phones, pods, pads, et cetera, and at the end of the day you want one of these. Even if you prefer the lightweight bright colored flimsy cases. Why? Because someday you are going to go to a theme park, water park, hiking, camping, fishing, or some other place that a water resistent, rugged case, will be the order of the day to keep your comms up and running. That way if you need to reach out to someone or they need to reach out to you, they will hear you now. Now some will complain about the not so easy camera flap that you have to hold to point and click, and some may say where is the power flap or the off button flap or the change screens button? But keep in mind, this about protection first, and ease of access second. Personally I don't think it's all that difficult to find the access points and use them, but then I wanted a case I could rely on keeping my phone protected against clumsy passersby, planes, trains, automobiles, ice age storms, and zombies.

P.S. They have these for most of the Apple products and I highly recommend them.

Addendum: The clip on my broke only a few weeks after I bought it. I am disappointed as without the clip the case is rather heavy and thick for carrying in you pocket.
CA Luster
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on April 10, 2012
If you have an interest in this hard case, then you've probably seen the videos of the Griffin employee chucking it down a hill and across a paddock. You've maybe even seen the youtube vid where the bloke in the UK ties his Griffin Survivor-clad iphone 4 to the tow bar of his Beemer and drives around the block.

My own testing regime has been nowhere near as um... testing for the product. I had a 3G ipod touch drown on a recent camping trip, so I bought a replacement and vowed to buy it the best protection money could buy. I lucked out because the Griffin Survivor was a lot less expensive than I had thought.

It's a solid unit, and when the ipod is encased, it feels like it came from the factory that way. The touch screen is easy to use and yes, you can still easily use the camera when it's cased in a Griffin Survivor. Inside the camera flap you'll see a little lug. Press this into the slot in the case and you'll find it stays put.

I can vouch for the case being at least showerproof. I tested this myself in the shower with a piece of folder paper towel inside the case. Didn't get wet.

I accidentally dropped my ipod on concrete with no ill effects. It landed on a bottom corner and bounced a little.

The only problem I can foresee with the case is that the various flaps may become a little bit flimsy after much use. Be gentle when opening and closing these flaps and the case will serve you well.

Previous reviewers have whinged about the belt clip being flimsy or not as secure as they would have liked. I have no opinion since I don't use the belt clip.

Impressions after 12 months of hard use (This update written 15 January 2013):

What's good -

1. Absolutely awesome shock protection
2. Unmodified/undamaged it has excellent splash protection
3. Silicone and plastic chassis remains easy to clean and undamaged
4. The touchscreen overlay is still perfectly responsive

What's not so good -

1. I had the speaker jack port cover tear off. With no way to resecure it, and with the device now not water resistant, I removed the docking port cover and the camera cover as well. It would have been cool if Griffin had worked out how to have removeable and therefore replaceable port covers.
2. When used in a hot/dusty environment, the edges of the recessed screen protector are extremely hard to clean. It doesn't affect the operation of the device at all, just makes it look shabby.
3. The one and only design issue which has come up for me is the recessed screen. Makes it difficult to hit the "Q" and the "P" on the onscreen keyboard with an average-sized forefinger. If you text with your thumbs, then go landscape mode.

Some folks may find the port covers to be annoying, but so long as you understand and appreciate their purpose and utility, then you know what you are getting into.

Griffin has since updated the design of their iPod Touch 4G Survivor case, but from what I can tell, most of the basic concepts remain the same. After my experiences with using the Griffin Survivor case on my iPod Touch in remote areas and having the device come through without a scratch, I remain very impressed with this product.


I removed the iPod Touch 4G from the case last week for the first time since the Griffin Survivor case arrived. I accidentally dropped the device onto a concrete step without the protection of the Survivor case. It landed on a top corner and shattered the screen and dented the rear casing. One $100 repair job later, and I'm back in business with this iPod Touch 4G. It immediately went back into the Griffin Survivor case where it will stay for the remainder of its serviceable life.
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on December 13, 2013
Tough little case with rotating clip. I've got the 32 GB iPod and I've got all the music on it that I have on my Nano with tons more room for more songs. Haven't used it for any WiFi work. Controls work well with the case on. There are two reasons I don't use it as much as the Nano. 1) You have to wear it horizontally to not interfere with sitting, but you almost have to rotate it to vertical to remove it from your belt. And that's easier than removing it from the clip. It's very secure. 2) You have to remove it from your belt to see the screen. Which means you have to have it sitting on your desk. And I've gotten up on a couple of occasions and either drug it off the desk or pulled the earphones out of my ears. Those are the reasons I gave it a 4 star instead of 5. But the rubberized case protected the device very well when it did fall. I'd buy another one.
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on May 25, 2012
The bottom where you plug it in to recharge or sink is difficult to undo, but what do you expect? Do you want water resistance or not? The power on button requires more than minimal effort to manipulate, but your pushing through the padding that specifically makes impacts less of an issue.

Seriously, this is an excellent case for my Ipod 4th gen NON 4G.

The belt connector is obviously a weak point, however week 1 I feel this thing has paid for itself. It looks great, and I'm not worried about scratching it up. If the thing breaks (which I doubt it will as I'm not a retard expecting perfection from thin plastic bundled in a $20 deal...) then I will simply buy a new one.

This should go for $40.00 in comparison to the BS other cases out there at $10 which does nothing against water resistance and drops from more then 2 foot. Seriously, buy this and there is a good chance you will be more than pleased. It's easy to install, and will provide you maximum protection.
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