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on November 10, 2011

I too was disappointed in this book. I have never written review before, but I felt compelled to write about this book. I LOVED Patriots, but this seemed like an attempt to take advantage of those fans.

Patriots was full of various stories, lot of details about battles, politics, towns and groups of people surviving.....this however was a couple of stories that never developed into anything interesting, a LOOOOONG and BOOOORING chapter in the middle about how a character met his wife which made me wonder if I somehow picked up the wrong book, and a final "showdown" with the bad guys that lasted only a few pages. We spend more time reading about a flashback of a guy flying around with his future wife than we did about people battling it out to survive. I was getting closer to the end and wondering how the heck there was going to be any exciting conclusion since I was running out of pages.

VERY DISAPPOINTING! I am now VERY skeptical about purchasing the next one as I am convinced that he took a Patriots length book and split it into 2 books to double his profits. I read his blog and am a fan, but I can't help but think we all got suckered into helping buy some more acreage for his personal retreat. Maybe his publisher suggested it? He should fire his editor too as the book was full of typos. His veiled attacks on catholicism didn't impress me either.

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on December 17, 2011
Having read "Patriots" and loving it (as well as dozens of other apocalypse novels) I was anxiously anticipating this books' release. I now feel cheated by a halfhearted literary effort. There were entire chapters of this book (how a character met his wife and fell in love) that I almost thought were misprinted from another novel as they had no place in this story.
There were bright points as well (like a horseback trip from South America to New Mexico) but they were few and far between. Survivalist techniques, data, and advice were sorely lacking in this preachy and fragmented narrative. "Patriots" had it's share of evangelical speech but it wasn't over the top, whereas "Survivors" was vastly overloaded with "put your trust in the Lord" paragraphs on every other page. It was almost just page filler like the useless chapters I mentioned earlier. Either the author had a $/word contract or just ran out of material after coming up with a dime novel's worth of quality story. I was vastly disappointed with this effort, do not buy! Go get "Patriots" instead.
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on January 21, 2012
I must say this book is disappointing. I did like his first book "Patriots" and I enjoy his website but this book fell far short of what it could have been. It is essentially a travel log full of details to prove that "he's been" to the places he describes. It is simply about a guy trying to get home from an overseas war zone and while this may be an interesting "story" by someone else, I must say I expected much more from the author. There is a gang of bad guys, a family starting to get organized and and hundreds of pages describing a guys struggle to return home. We never even actually see him get home. Even "that" is denied the reader and the book simply ends when it becomes obvious that he is getting closer and will probably scceed in "returning home". The real story, all about what happens when he returns home and how he and his family cope should have been the story. I would recommend the book "One Second After" as being a much better story about what might happen if the "world" as we know it, should suddenly come apart.
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on May 7, 2016
A really thorough account of the world in chaos. I learned a lot in reading this book and it was difficult to put it down because it was so exciting. It kept ME on the edge of my seat, but others may not have that depends on personal acceptance that this could happen in real life. I happen to ascribe to the same thoughts of Rawles about the condition of the world at large and the ineptness of our government in being able to defend us and the cunningness of our enemies who hate us and want to destroy this country and see all Americans dead.
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on August 15, 2015
I really enjoyed this. The story runs concurrent with the storyline in Mr. Rawles's novel "Patriots". A couple of the characters of this story even knew the Grays - a family who played a large role in "Patriots". Both novels were written in similar style; indeed they both dealt with the same collapse scenario centering around a failure of the US dollar.

Unlike Patriots, most of the characters in this novel were more ordinary type people in ordinary occupations - many were of limited economic means - struggling day to day like the rest of us. Some of these folks were prudent prepper type people; others were not prepped but rose to the demands of the occasion and got creative. All of them were caught in various situations, each of which required somewhat different strategies to deal with successfully. I really liked this aspect of "Survivors" - I could personally identify more with the people involved and this book was less the stereotypical story of preppers with bunkers, bug-out cabins, multi-year stockpiles of food, etc.

Mr. Rawles also dealt with a serious problem NOT often addressed in the survival press - and that is the VERY REAL THREAT of organized criminal gangs. In "Survivors", he deals point-blank with what can happen when such gangs run amok in a WROL (without rule of law) situation. Having lived in gang-ridden areas for much of my adult life and seen firsthand the lukewarm (at best) response of police and other authorities during "normal, peacetime" conditions, I've had an unwelcome look into that world and seen how they operate. Most people, unless they have personally been victims, are content to look the other way and allow this activity to go on right under their noses. Given that, and our society's lack of political will to deal effectively with the problem, I can tell anyone reading this post that MOST folks - including 'seasoned preppers' - are NOT in the slightest bit prepared for this type of threat. As someone said to me years ago "people won't know what hit 'em, much less what to do about it when it does."

All in all, I thought this was an excellent read. Like "Patriots", "Survivors" had some excellent survival oriented information with an engaging story wrapped around it. He also had some excellent information regarding amateur "ham" radio as a means of emergency communication in this book. As I mentioned above, I liked the fact this story actually dealt with more "common" or "everyday" people and less with the stereotypical "prepper" types. From that standpoint I liked "Survivors" better than "Patriots", but BOTH books are well worth reading.
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on May 11, 2017
I thought this one was the best of the batch, despite what some other reviewers have said. It was the first one I read, two more since; Patriots and Founders.
I found the part about the Army officer abandoned in Europe and unable to get home by conventional means intriguing. Most interesting was how his stash of precious metal coins was accepted as payment when cash was worthless. I found myself reading further about precious metals. I also liked how he made his way from Belize back to the U.S. through Mexico. Great story. I enjoyed it. Can't say as much about the others editions in this series. Founders was OK, but I found Patriots a boring rehash.
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on January 23, 2012
I have trouble giving this book two stars, but I feel that anything less would be slapping this author in the face.

A little background: I was given "Patriots" as a gift by an Officer in Afghanistan. He had asked me where I was from, and when I responded 'Idaho', he got all excited and showed me the book. Its a paperback, an older edition with the burning money on the front instead of the soldier, and its signed by the author. The officer asked me many questions about Idaho, and determined that I was from the very same place this book was based. (Deary, ID). I read the book, and aside from chuckling at obvious geographical errors and the obvious fact that the author had little 'on the ground' knowledge of the area, I enjoyed it immensely. I carried it in my ruck the rest of the tour and returned home with my prized possession to show my parents, a signed book about survival. They read it, and the rest is history. My parents are now preppers, and I am prepping as far as my budget allows. The following year, I bought "TEOTWAWKI" for a gift to my parents. They enjoyed it, sort of. As it was basically a spread sheet version of all the 'how-to' that was already laid out in "Patriots".

When I told them about the sequel-ish book coming out, they became excited, as I was. I ordered it, blindly, there were no reviews yet. I was sure that it would at least as good as patriots. I was wrong. While I actually finished the book, unlike some reviewers who I cannot blame, I didnt want to. I had to make myself finish it, which is not something a good book makes you do.

I understand the author is ex-military. But please, if you have not been to Afghanistan, refrain from writing about it. It was comical. And his magical journey, off military books, was just as hilarious. Though I rather enjoyed the journey from Central American to Southern US.

This author is decent at how to, and clearly loves telling how and what to do. But he is not very good at chemistry between characters. Maybe because the author lives in solitude and does not actually interact with people himself. I'm not sure. But whatever the reason, it was evident in "Patriots" as well. The characters are gaudy, over confident and christian about everything.

I really wanted to like the book. I like the different settings; (belize, france, arizona, new mexico, the atlantic ocean); and the idea of the book was awesome. But the execution was hasty and flawed. I'm sorry Mr. Rawles, better luck next time.

As an afterthought, read "One Second After". By far my favorite novel.
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on November 16, 2013
Conclusion: Aside from a few annoying writers errors, and poor charcter devolpment, The book was pretty good. I think that non christians like my self will roll there eyes a lot, given how much praying goes on here but i bielieve the devout christians out there will like it a lot more than i did. All in all i like this writers overall apocalyptic view more than others and i hope to read more of his upcoming work. this books rateing is based on stiker price not the rediculously cheap $4 I got it for.

Pleas forgive my spelling.

All in all it was a decent story. I rather enjoyed the break from apocalyptic tradion in haveing some sort of catyclismic collapse and seeing the whole world just all of a sudden get up and s*** on its self. The gradual decay of humanity and government is well done and what i would consider acurate based on hisorical context. The book also presents a more realistic look at possible threats after an appocalyptic event than most end of the world books do. The things mr Rawles put in the book to teach you how to do it (the sten guns manufacture for one) i found was well written and done in a way that indicated his primary goal in the writing of this novel was an excuse to talk about his archived knowledge.

Now the down side. The biggest flaw I found with this book is how the author (while not realy comeing right out and saying it) is that the only people you can trust at the end of the world is Christians and people with out tattoos. The second most glaring thing I found was how it seemed that every five minutes his characters stoped what they were doing in response to even the slightest hard ship and began praying. I would seriouslly consider this book a good read for devout christians he rights it more as a guided bible study novel than as a series of adventures that really challenged peoples faith. if your gonna go full Bible thumper might as well really give the people somethig worth questioning there morality over. Other than these philosophical issues I found his writing hard to follow. there were to many charecter groups, and most of the charectors had no background. Half way through the book he forgot the concept of a timeline which made it very difficult to follow. There were numerous other errors that would no doughbt inrage my highschool english teacher but this small annoyances detract to much from the books over all apeal
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on February 9, 2012
In the spirit of fairness I will start by saying I am a big fan of JRW and his two previous books are great for readers of the Preppers club. His survival blog is a dailey read and overall his mindset on getting ready for whatever happens kick started me thinking about my own lifestyle and the future so for this I give him credit for making me think about things that were always on the edges of my mind but not concrete enough to start worrying about it. Well 2008 and the financial meltdown changed all that. Living in the country and having the family farm that has been in the famuly since the start of the country we have lived the preppers lifestyle anyway except I never gave a second thought about a collaspe here in America. My grandfather always told me as a young boy that one day I would see a Depression worse than the Great Depression he lived through and I wondered why he believed that, now I know why. He was born in 1880 and lived until the mid 70's making him almost 93 when he passed. He was a very wise old man when he died and I was a young boy too young to really understand what he way trying to tell me and how to use the wisdom of his years. He always said it would be different than the one he went through because I would have to stand gaurd with a gun over my garden to keep people starving from stealing it. We thankfully are not there yet but could it happen? Well on to the review.

JRW's first book Patriots was filled with useful information and thought provoking insights. His book "How to survive the end of the world as we know it." is considered by many to be a useful manual for the begining prepper. It is this information that I believe people were looking for in Survivors that was simply not there to any great extent. He did mention Ham operations as well as how to make poor man's Napalm but outside of that not much goodies were given by the former military man. I don't know if is because he has received pressure from our government or his publishers due to liability issues, but this book was missing the mark in my opinion on what the masses wanted and expected. I think most people who are fans will not rush out to buy the next book until reading the reviews. So James if you do read the reviews of your fans as painful as that may be get back on target with usefull information and all will be forgiven, by the way your writing style has inproved greatly over the Patriots book and Survival blog is great. Survivors lacks the overall information that I enjoyed in his other books and this book had way too many side stories and lack of action. I think he was too focused on story line to focus on character development. He left out the items his fans liked about his books and wrote more like a novelist trying to become like Steven King. I would not recommed this book but would the first two.
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on February 19, 2014
BLUF - worth a couple bucks for a light read, but no meat on this bone.

I've enjoyed Mr. Rawles' previous books, so I was having a hard time judging this one so harshly. Then I read Founders and decided that these last two books are his attempt to ride the wave of Prepper and New World Order fear mongering. Having provided a lot of useful information in How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, and put that information into a scenario (although highly unlikely in my opinion) in Patriots, this book just doesn't offer much. The characters were poorly developed. The storyline was jumbled. The only nugget was using a sailboat to escape a degrading situation - a topic the Prepper community always handles abysmally (look to the Cruiser community for info on that topic).

If you are interested in becoming more self-reliant then buy a good book on gardening and go plant one. Learn some useful skills, like how to repair things or how to make things. Put together a good first aid kit, store some food and drinking water. Take a look at what emergencies might actually affect you and what you can do to prepare for them. Don't waste your time reading this book.
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