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on May 24, 2013
First off, I want to say that the watch itself should be rated 3 - 4 stars, if it wasn't for the awful customer service. If one is looking for a relatively durable watch that provides the time, multiple alarms, temperature, compass headings, altitude, etc. then this watch will do fine. I purchased this watch because I am in the military and wanted a watch that could do all of the above and could be depended upon.

So why the one star review? Less than three years after I purchased the X-Lander I had the watch malfunction (It reset itself and then stopped having a display at all.). I sent the watch in to Suunto and they wanted me to pay more than 2/3 the cost of the watch to repair what they call "leakage". Sounded like a design or product flaw to me. I had previously counted on Suunto products for more than 13 years, but the fact that Suunto will not stand by its product has disgusted me. I will not buy any more Suunto products and will highly discourage others from doing so, either.
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on November 19, 2014
Bulky watchband is a major PITA to remove each day. Watch face is nearly impossible to read in early morning/ dusk/ semi-shaded situations, without using illumination. The illumination itself is VERY weak, which for a military application probably makes sense, but for civilian use, the low illumination is a major drawback.
I'm sure the quality of the watch is exceptionally good, but these two features seriously compromise the product itself. If I could return the watch (have had it for more than 30 days), I would do so in a heartbeat and choose another brand and/or model..
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on December 8, 2013
This watch is what any practical outdoors person would want. First, it has style. This watch carries a statement that you are more practical than flashy, but not in a cheap way that other watches seem to portray. Second, it has several practical tools. It has a built-in digital compass, barometer, and altimeter. I haven't stress tested it, but it is fairly accurate after calibration. (You should read the manual). The compass is a bit sensitive to distortion from other metals/electronics, so best be careful and check twice. Third, it has a good weight, not too heavy, but not too light that I feel it's fragile. I've bumped it against several tables and surfaces but so far has held up quite well.

On the negative side, first, it's a bit on the pricier side than a Timex or a G-Shock, but you are paying to differentiate. The Suunto brand name and the black-face watch design definitely stop G-Shock fans to ask what this watch is. Additionally, the Suunto core just doesn't carry the same feel. If you compare these side-by-side, this is bolder, hands down. Second, the wrist band is a bit hard to use. Once I put it on, it's difficult to take off. Not sure if any other owners have the same issue. Maybe this is why there are so many Suunto X-lander wrist bands for sale? When frustrated, it is hard to control the desire to rip it off your wrist.

In summary, a great watch for functionality and style. It is THE watch to have if you are out in the wilderness or if GPS goes down. Yes, I rely on my iphone for GPS and google maps, but this is a great backup.

Also, be careful that the seller doesn't sell you the non-black version. I've seen other reviewers with this problem, but luckily my seller was good to his word.
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on May 25, 2008
1. Awesome wrist-computer, tons of functions and very precise.
2. Looks great
3. For what you get it is a fair price

1. It is not truly waterproof.
2. Beyond the basic functions the operation is very complex. Not intuitive.
3. With heavy use the case is prone to deformation and bruising because of the malleable nature of aluminum. This eventually affects the operations of the buttons.

I work as a naturalist guide in Costa Rica, and this watch has been with me for over four years, looking for wildlife in the rain forest. After a year or so water began to make its way into the watch, I do not expose it to rain unnecessarily anymore. For me this is it's biggest con.

Just be careful not to bang it as the aluminum can only take so much. Suunto still makes the best wrist computers in the market. With everything I have put it trough it is still running!

If I buy a Suunto again I will go for steel or titanium.
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on April 25, 2015
Very smart looking watch but my husband rarely chooses to wear it because it's not intuitive when using the functions. He gets so frustrated with it, even just changing the time... I think because he is so used to Casio watches and how they work, but still, a watch shouldn't be that hard to work. He runs a canyoning business and he won't wear it outdoors because the band seems like it will get damaged easily and it has also popped off the watch several times so that's scary. He wears it to dinner and nice functions but it seems a bit silly to have a watch that does so much just be his dress watch. He is going to sell it, stick to his Casios for outdoor stuff, and buy an actual dress watch.
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on July 4, 2014
It's a great watch. I have owned several suunto watches and dive computers for years. the strap takes a little longer then most to break in but once it does it fits great. I also bought just a black leather band from fossil that had a cuff and took the cuff and put it on the for extra comfort and it works great. as for function the core is easier to see and use. I own several core's and if you are buying this watch to really use I might upgrade to one of them at least. I bought this watch for pretty much my work watch and I love it. it's functions work some are a little hard to see but then I'm not using this to save my life either. It's a great watch over all and the user changeable battery is always a plus.
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on June 1, 2011
With this watch, I strongly suspect that you are paying for the Suunto name more than feature or combination of features on the watch. While the watch looks good the watch feels cheaply made (I have the military black with the plastic/rubber watch band) and I worry that it isn't going to be up to the riggors of the Army life. Its also expensive, very expensive for what you get. I purchased this watch as a replacement for a Garmin Forerunner 405 that I used in Iraq, and from a feature standpoint there is no comparision. The Garmin, hands down, has more features for less cost than the Sunnto. While the Garmin is difficult to use (not very user friendly) it uses GPS for its alititude, comes with a HR monitor, and the ability to lock the watch to prevent it from switching screens.

Edited to add (following time spent at the Army Mountain Warfare Center (Jericho VT)):

The compass on this watch is a mess. Its not a feature that needs to be there.

It tracked the alititude suprisingly well while using it on the land navigation course. We had a bit of weather roll in (went from extremly hot one day to thunder and lightening the next) and as long as you kept the alitude set correctly (off of reference points) the barometric pressure feature also worked well for pressure based weather prediction.
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on February 25, 2015
WOW...amazing watch for the price...i love the strap and the width of hugs my wrist perfectly the watch itself is light and very easy to use...The is a must for daily wear and the military look won't disappoint. This is my second time ordering the watch from amazon the first seller sent me a watch that looked used and it did not come with any manuals or warranty card...this watch from this seller came in a brand new unused box with all papers and it was shipped quicker than expected..i would definitely buy again from this seller only.
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on February 15, 2014
Hey People, You want a watch for $300.00 that does as promised.This is a hansom watch only, nothing works without resetting regularly. The Finns should be ashamed to sell this. Have two Casio Pathfinder series watches & should have bought a third, Least with them you don't have to hold the watch light for 1.5 seconds to activate, they have a cool function that lights the dial by tilting your arm and almost always their altimeter works with accuracy. I have found that you want as sports watch might need to spend up of five hundred dollars. Not in my budget and not willing to test that theory!!Louis B
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on January 17, 2013
I bought this watch thinking that I would have an accurate and trustable device. I don't use it as my day by day watch, and have not use it more than 10 times. It has never been hit, I haven't dive with it (anything more than jumping on a swimming pool where I can stand up).

After this, I climb a volcano in Guatemala (the country were I live), the volcano is no more than 3,500 meters and it gave me an altitude reading of 25,960 meters, definetely there was something wrong.

I tried to calibrate the meter following the instructions on the manual, but it didn't work. After that I wrote an e-mail directly to SUUNTO and never got an answer. Finally, I decided to call the support number that is showed on their webpage and the answer that I get is that I should contact Amazon because the device was broken (without running one single test on it).

I spent $ 349 on a SUUNTO device because of the brand and its reputation, but now that I used it and it is broke (according to their techincal support, which didn't run any test on it) after no more than a few uses and with no reasson to be broke. Even if I hit it, you expect a very sturdy device when you see it and read the description. I'm stuck with a very expensive device that can't do anything more than give you the time.

They have very nice devices, but the service and support is completely unexistent. Think twice before buying one fo this devices, I think the reputation is not really deserved.

I hope Amazon could help me to solve something with this guys.
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