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on August 15, 2015
This is a GREAT sink! We love the look of it in our new kitchen. It's really big and the "curve" separating the sinks looks cool as well as being really functional. Because it's low it's easy to move dishes/pans between the 2 sinks. The fact the divider is lower also makes the sink look really nice from afar. With other sinks you can see the divide at eye level when you look at them while with this one it's "hidden" and we think it looks great (the pics make this point better than I did, lol). It's easy to clean and seems very durable. We've gotten many compliments on the sink and if you get it I'm sure you'll love it too.

We went with a black granite countertop so the Nero sink looks great with it and the slide-in stove's black glass top. We put an InSinkErator on the right side so it's easy to scrape food waste into the small sink and then put the dish in the dishwasher (custom panel Bosch dishwasher to the right of the sink) or clean it in the bigger sink. We also installed an InSinkErator Sink Top Switch (the chrome button above the right side of the sink) to turn it on/off. It works great, highly recommend it too.
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on July 27, 2015
This sink looks great in our remodeled kitchen.

Although the sink can be under-mounted, we were a bit nervous about the composite granite since it's a fairly new material for sinks, and we didn't want to run the risk of having to pull up the counters if we needed to replace this. That appears to have been an unnecessary worry because we've had it for a bit over a year now, and it appears to be holding up perfectly. I'll confess too that I prefer the drop-in look to undermount anyhow, but that all comes down to preference of course.

The lip of the sync is pretty flat and low profile though, so even with a drop-in installation, it looks awesome. I love the somewhat dull finish of the sink because we were installing it with a leathered granite countertop, which isn't nearly as shiny as normal granite that you see in kitchens. We decided to stick with just the single pre-drilled hole for a faucet and passed on adding the built-in soap dispenser.

As others have noted, it does not come with any drain hookups, but that's fine because it allows you to choose your own to best match your decor. I'd rather they not increase the price to send me a stainless steel (or whatever color) drain when I'm not using that finish anyhow.

The most appealing aspect to me though is the non-uniform division of the two sides. Having the larger, deeper side is great for washing large pots and pans, baking sheets, etc., but having a smaller side is great if you're just needing to wash/soak some vegetables or wash just a few dishes without having to use nearly as much water. It also gives the sink a modern look, which we really liked.
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on November 26, 2016
It has been one year since purchasing and installing this sink.

Previously for other installations I had purchased conventional stainless steel sinks with mixed results. This was something new and different which would enhance my new kitchen's decor, so I went with it. My color is Nero, or black. It goes great with other black countertop appliances, and I also chose a black and stainless faucet with sprayer.

The sink arrived very well packed so there were no chips or other damage. The box is huge.

I installed it as drop in rather than undermount. Undermounting has caused me issues in the past, especially with mildew that is hard to clean due to inherent difficulty keeping the joint bead secure, clean and dry. Drop in also raises the effective height of the faucet spray nozzle so it is easier to pass large pots from countertop to under a running water stream. Drop in also gives you more clearance in your under-cabinet space for things like wastebaskets and other storage. Makes your under-cabinet more useful.

Instructions were excellent and installation was easy.

This sink was designed with a lot of thought toward eventual attachments and accessories. And also clearances under the sink and in back for installation of the faucet and ease of faucet installation. Past sinks have been a problem in this regard. This sink seemed to consider any possible accessory or faucet type.

Initially I doubted claims about scratch and wear resistance. After a year of heavy use, this sink cleans up as if it were new.

One thing, is this sink is ROCK and does not give if you drop something in it. Stainless sinks will often bounce a wine glass, but this one won't. So be careful cleaning glasses and other delicate items. If you bump them into this rock sink, the items are more likely to break! However, I don't view this as negative, just something you have to be aware of.
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on December 26, 2015
After a fair amount of searching and considering the number of positive reviews this sink had, I ordered it to replace our current sink. Many things attracted me to this sink: the benefits of a composite granite sink, the depth of the bowls, the ability to customize the faucets.

There are a few things I wish I had known. While our sink had no cracks (yet) the clips that come with the sink are non functional. The holes predrilled in the sink are a full1/4 inch too wide to screw the clips down for an over mount. Our options are to use the weight of the sink and the silicone to hold it in place, screw only one side of the clip down, or try an drill new holes potentially going through the sink to the top and ruining the sink. It's too bad that both the customer service line and website are down. It is designed in Italy, but made in China and true to par, the sink somehow slipped passed quality control on the predrilled holes.

The other thing I would have loved to know is that drilling a second hole for the faucet will eat the bit. It degraded all of the teeth. I would recommend a diamond blade for sure.

If we managed to get this installed, I will post a review update after a couple months of use.
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on January 15, 2015
OMG best sink ever. Installation wasn't exact fit replacement. Plumbing had to be rerouted as drain holes didn't line up to original sink. Disposal had to be relocated to opposite side to clear supply pipes. Had to chip (yikes!) my granite counter wider to let sink rest flat on counter. These are common issues expected with any replacement sink. Note: There are 3 more optional punchout holes to right of hole in picture. Punchout holes were easy with hammer and punch tool + Dremel to smooth/open holes. Completely installed - it's fantastic! 2 months usage already. Water beads nicely to drains. A quick wipe with towel and it's brand new. Very solid and sturdy. Will probably last longer than my house. And, for a sink, it's beautiful!
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on January 4, 2016
This is a beautiful sink. Beware, the small side is higher than the big side. My disposal on my old sink was on the left side. With this new sink it had to be moved to the right side. So.. if you're used to having a dish drainer - good luck finding one to fit the small side! I had an old over the sink draining device and it fits over the small side so I can lay a pot on it to dry. I have a drain strainer on the big side. It catches the crud so I can dump it in the trash. I hardly use my disposal. Luckily I was able to use my old black Kohler faucet. I had saved the flange adaptor that came with it when it was new! Because when my installer told me I needed it to use the same faucet on this sink I wasn't sure where it was. (luckily I found it) I called Kohler and they didn't have the part. Please be sure to check on this if you plan to use your same faucet. You will need the flange adaptor or you'll be making a run to Home Depot to buy a faucet!
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on September 7, 2014
Extremely functional. Only stains that show are water marks easily removed with vinegar, which I do not have to do often. We know keep a disk rack INSIDE the left side to hold dishes safely until ready to put into dishwasher (which may still have clean dishes in it). No longer needed old fashioned equal side sink for wash and rinse. Just scrape stuff into disposal side. I addition, the center divider is lower tan the rest of the sides, so a large item can soak on both sides if need be without water overflowing the sink. The shallower disposer side is great. Need not have that side deep. While the left side is quite deep for great volume. NOTE: Be sure the pipes under the sink enter the wall low enough. I bought this sink along with an extra deep left drain cover, and lucked out that I had low drain pipes entering the wall. Else the sink and strainer cup could have been lower than the drain. For me, it worked perfectly. Wife did not like black at first, until installed. It matches the dishwasher, stove, and toaster oven. She now like it. Did not want the beige (too much like a bathroom) or the speckled white (another reader spoke of staining). Was hesitant myself about black, but we are glad about the color. Also seems to be easier on dishes than enable on iron, and far less noising than stainless. I would chose this sink if I had to choose again.
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on March 13, 2015
We bought this sink to replace our stainless steel sink when we got new granite countertops in our kitchen. Our last house had a similar product in black and we loved that sink. The Granito light color perfectly matched our new granite and so far we love this sink. It is much larger that t he old sink and was almost too large for our cabinet, but our granite installers found a way to make it work and it was installed as an under mount sink. This is so much better than SS sinks and old style cast iron porcelain ones.
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on August 30, 2013
We bought this sink to replace our old sink that started rusting. We were a little leery of this product because we have never seen this type of composite sink before.

It has been a few months since I installed it and we are still pleased with the sink. It is very easy to clean, it is forgiving if you drop a plate in it and it looks great. My wife did an accidental drop test on the sink, she dropped a pot of water in the sink from a height of about one foot. The sink came out unscathed.

I did have a problem installing the sink, but that was not the fault of the sink manufacturer. The opening form my old sink was just a little bit smaller than the requirements for the sink. There are mounting tabs on the sink and I decided that to cut of instead of trying to cut an opening in the granite counter top. I thought it would be easier to cut the composite sink material than the granite, I was wrong. This material is very hard. I took me quite a while using a diamond blade on a dremel tool to cut off the tabs. Once the tabs were cut off I then had to cut holes in the sink for my faucet. The holes are pre-cut half way, but you have to finish the holes with a carbide hole cutter. The material is very tough, but it was easy to cut the holes.

Being an engineer I am concerned about form and function. The shape of the sink and the low bridge makes it easy to fit pots and pans and even cookie sheets in this sink.

So here is my rating:
Looks 5
Durability 5
Functionality 5
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on October 13, 2012
I bought this to replace my shallow, double-bowl, stainless steel sink. I wanted something durable and the granite composite seemed like the way to go. I have never installed a sink before, but it was easy enough that I was able to do it myself. But I encountered some issues that hopefully may help anybody reading this when they go to install (or maybe it was just me, haha). My cutout was for a 33x22 sink, but the cutout wasn't quite big enough for the clips to clear the sides of the granite. So I popped them all off and the sink went in just fine and it was really snug so I just did the install without the clips. Once I got past that issue, the rest was a breeze. You will need to buy a drain (or two) as it doesn't come with any. I put an Insinkerator in the shallow side and a regular drain on the deep side. Make sure you use plenty of plumber's putty when putting the drains in. I used black caulk to seal the edges. Overall, I am very happy with this sink so far. It looks beautiful with my black granite countertops and black/chrome/silver tile backsplash.
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