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Sweet Heart Dealer
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on April 2, 2004
Someone called this CD "music genius" then gave it 4 stars, guess God would have to deliver it to get 5 stars. I bought Jack Off Jill's "Clear Hearts Grey Flowers" and I fell in love with the music and Jessicka's incredible voice. I seen lots of references to this new band of hers "Scarling" and decided to buy it. I like it very much but I do wish Jessicka's voice wasn't so drowned out by the music because it is truly beautiful. I am giving this CD 5 stars but hope that if Scarling makes another CD it will allow the heaven sent voice of Jessicka to shine through a little more. I will continue to follow this band and hope for more good things. Most of what I see as Goth music is just hard rock to light metal. I liked the Ameilia Terry CD I bought and consider it true Goth and some of the Collide CD "Some Kind of Strange". This Scarling is what I would call hard rock to light metal music and I am very impressed with this band. I have always found that I favor female vocalist over males but I have much of both in my music collection. I really can't compare Scarling to another band because they have a unique sound that I know will grow on me. I just got this CD yesterday so I've only heard it a couple times at this point. I think it was money well spent.
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on January 30, 2014
It didn't skip, didn't bleep out everything, and was crystal clear. Oh and it had all the songs it was supposed to... What more can you ask of a cd? :P
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on September 5, 2017
Absolutely amazing
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on January 30, 2013
From start to finish this record just pulls you in.The song Alexander the Burn Victim is amazing, but the whole record is really great.
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on August 16, 2004
Much of Scarling's success can be clearly attributed to their ringleader, Jessicka, who as you should know by now, was frontwoman of the old, Marilyn Manson-produced band Jack Off Jill. If you think Scarling. is going to sound like them at all, you couldnt be more wrong. Although not as heavy, loud, or rocking as the old Florida shock rock group youre thinking of, it brings something new to the plate. The vocals are completely different, so you wouldnt know you were even listening to the raven haired rocker unless you had been told. A lot easier to sing to than JOJ CDs, but not nearly as agressive or strong. And I was dissapointed with the lack of energy that was apparent on this album, and the fact that it just wont get you going like any old JOJ album will, i guess its not fair for me to try and compare it to something else.

The lyrics are pretty good, especially on the tracks Crispin Glover, where jessicka states 'yeah, theyre laughing at you, theyre not laughing with you' or in H/C where youre pointed out admist the heavy guitar walls, that 'When your life turns fashion, here comes love/ watch the people cash in, here comes love.' The oddest thing about this album is how it combines the light and the dark. Its like dark punk and light goth, which makes for a strange, strange sound that is undeniably fresh and new. The guitar work is some of the most inventive heard today, and i really like the progressions and the way the sound seems to spiral out of control. Although the album has its high points, found in tracks like 'Band-Aid covers the bullet hole' 'Alexender the Burn Victim' 'H/C' or 'Crispin Glover' it still finds itself coming into problems such as songs that you just plain dont care about, like 'The last day i was happy' or 'Baby Dracula' or the fact that Scarling. sounds lightyears more refined and 'studio' than JOJ fands will expeect, not to mention you cannot be distracted from the fact that youve just spent $14 on a 30 minute CD. The more i think about Scarling. , the less i know where i stand on them. Funny how theyre like that.
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on May 31, 2004
well jessicka fodera's new band scarling is a really good attempt, but she will never recapture the magic of jack off jill. first off the cd itself has only 7 tracks, and the track listing on the back is wrong. " the last day i was happy" is a good song, but it lacks that certain special jessicka touch, not her best work. 2/5. "bandaid covers the bullethole" good single i suppose, its a little too popish, reminds me of jack off jill's "strawberry gashes". catchy words, i always find my self repeating randomly. 4/5. "crispin glover" by far the best song on sweet heart dealer, well written, composed beautifully, but my only complaint is the lenght, it seems it ends to quickly. either way 5/5. "alexander the burn victim" as far as i can tell this song is about alexander, jessicka's cat. which in my opinion is well out there, but coming from jessicka, not a shocker. the song is really catchy, and she sings immaculatly on it. i couldnt see her sing morebeautifully. 4/5. "baby dracula" no idea what this song is about, except maybe dracula? good song, more upbeat than the rest of the album, but nothing special.3/5. "black horse riding star" this track brings back jessicka's trademark JOJ scream, i love this song, you need to play it loud to annoy anyone you can, this song is full of raw anger and emotion, second best on the album. 5/5. "cant (halloween valentine)" honestly this song sucks. i always skip, i might have to listen it a few more times to dig it, but is repetitive, boring and overall no fun to listen to. the words are well written but that doesnt save it. 2/5. overall its good, jack off jill fans should pick it up.
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on April 16, 2004
This is one serious album. It is amazing in ways that cannot be decribed, you would have to hear it yourself to understand how beautiful it is.
The Last Day I Was Happy- A great song, crunching guitars, but I think its not that good. The words are awesome, but I don't think it has the pull like some other songs have on the album. My favourite part of this entire song is when about half way through she screams.
Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole - An amazing song (a great single), with lush sounds and scratches, a beautiful melody, and words that really make you think. One of the better songs on the album.
Crispin Glover- The best song on the album by far. The words stay in your mind and make you think (Yea theyre laughing at us/theyre not laughing with us/And God damn the jokes on me). The song is sad, because to me it sends a message. I lvoe this song because it has such a push to it, with the guitars and Jessika's lovely singing. This is a song you have to understand to like it. I absolutely love this song.
Alexander the Burn Victim- A great song, another of my favourite songs on the album. I especially like how the beginning builds up to the first verse. Also, when Jessika says o-oh, it almost sounds like shes pleading, or crying. The chorus is also beautiful. A great song
Baby Dracula- A great song, its not really sad, but the lyrics kind of point to that. The song is also pushing foreward, and I like that. I like when Jessika says "low let go" and then everything becomes silent, then everything comes back in. The chorus is really catchy. Good song
Black Horse Riding Star- Another good song. I love when she sings "Im so high and you can't feel it". I also love when she screams. A very deep song, but near the middle it kinda loses its tempo, then goes back to the original tempo. A good song
Can't - The worst song on the album. Its slow, boring, and the music is very VERY repetitive. The words are so beautiful and I can easily relate to them, so I give it a
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on February 23, 2004
I want to say that the album exceeded my expectations, but I don't know what exactly I was expecting. The first track, "The Last Day I was Happy," completely blew me away as I didn't anticipate Scarling to have such a heavy sound. I think by starting the album out with a heavier song and ending it with a softer, melodic tune, "Can't (Halloween Valentine)," Scarling excellently displayed their versatility.
The Last Day I Was Happy Wow. This song is amazing. As I said, it was much heavier than I had expected, but it is certainly executed well. It's definitely one of my favorites on the album.
Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole What is there to say about this song that hasn't been said? It was the first single, so most of you (if not all of you) have heard it. It has been discussed to death (most likely), so I have no new insight to offer. However, I will say that it is a melodic, catchy song, so it surely was an excellent choice for a single.
Crispin Glover How could one not love a song called Crispin Glover? This song had me from the title alone, but the song itself is nothing less than incredible. I love the way Jessicka's voice blends with the music. It's definitely the song that brings tears to my eyes.
Alexander the Burn Victim You know the feeling right after your heart's been broken? If not, listen to this song, and you will. I really don't know how to accurately describe this song. It makes me feel like I'm swimming.
Baby Dracula As different as Scarling are from Jack Off Jill, this song reminds me of Clear Hearts Grey Flowers a TINY bit. I think it's the tone in Jess' voice that makes me feel this way, but I can only hear the similarity during the verses. Regardless, I think it's amazing, and as Iain said, definite single potential!
Black Horse Riding Scar From the moment I heard the clip of this song, I wanted to hear more. I could tell it was going to be a favorite even then, and I was right. It's definitely the heaviest song on the album, but it brilliantly blends a calm breakdown within.
Can't (Halloween Valentine) I am really surprised that this song is my least favorite because I really loved the clip I heard all those many months ago. I still love the song, but it doesn't strike me the same way the others do. I think it's amazing how Scarling flawlessly mesh a softer song like this with the heavier, rougher previous tracks.
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on March 8, 2004
All the waiting has paid off ! This debut cd from Scarling is the most beautiful and extraordinary music I've ever heard ...and that is not enough to describe how I feel about it . everytime you listen to it ; your gonna hear new things you've never noticed the first time you listened to it . A beautiful piece of work when it comes both to vocals , drums , guitars and bass . The lyrics can make anybodys heart melt .
The last day I was happy - Oh my , this is sucha great opening track and one of my fav songs . I can picture them play this song live and make it sound just as great as it sounds on the cd . Picture art-rock mixed with lots of noise and haunting vocals and you are halfway there .
Band aid covers the bullet hole - Well , everyone has said things about this track . I dont know what more I could add . Except that I understand why they released this track as their first single . very catchy .
Crispin Glover - Really lovely track with lots of swirling guitars , smooth vocals and you get a feeling of both tragedy and beauty while listening to it .
Alexander the burn victim - Another fav song of mine . It's one of the most beautiful songs ever written , very calm and soothing. This is how it feels to be heartbroken and drowning in sadness but gives you a stray of light during the whole song. The lyrics are so extremly vulnerable and makes me almost want to cry .
Baby Dracula - This song will probably be stuck in my head for weeks . This song makes you want to play it over and over again and sing along because it's really really catchy .
Black horse riding star - Ahh another one of my favs . I wanted to hear the whole song the first time I heard the clip posted on the website . It's the album's heaviest track and from my interpretation, heroin addiction gone very wrong . When the song starts you can feel how it creeps up along your spine and then the drums crash in and makes you feel both dizzy and angry . Kinda how it feels to be in a situation that you cant handle on your own .
Can't (halloween valentine) - a haunting song that makes me think of teardrop explodes/my bloody valentine . Jessickas lyrics and vocals makes me think about how it feels when your feeling really down and lost all your faith in yourself. Another beautiful track .
This album gives you the perfect mix of art/noise/dreamy pop/ -rock and will change lives . Im 100 % sure . This is the only cd you need . Im impressed , very impressed .
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on July 25, 2004
This CD is of course amazingly nice. The songs are very different from those of Jack Off Jill. The songs from Jack Off Jill are kind of simple and lovely. The songs from Scarling are darker and the arrangement are more complicated in a sense. I must say they are both good. Anyways, if you are a Jessicka fan, you must buy this CD.

To all Jack Off Jill fans,

you can buy the demo collection of JOJ from the amazon uk site. I have just ordered my copy and I have heard from the other fans saying that the songs are quite different to those appeared on the two albums, different arrangement and lyrics. Anyways, it is a lot cheaper to buy there than to buy from those marketsellers.

Humid Teenage Mediocrity 1992 - 1996

1. Hypocrite

2. Horrible

3. Kringle

4. Lollirot

5. Media-C Section

6. My Cat

7. Super Sadist

8. Spit And Rape

9. Swollen

10. Yellow Brick Road

11. American Made

12. Boy Grinder

13. Bruises Are Back In Style

14. Cherry Scented

15. Chocolate Chicken

16. Choke

17. Confederate Fag

18. Cumdumpster

19. Don't Wake The Baby

20. Everything's Brown

21. French Kiss The Elderly

22. Girl Scout
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