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on September 1, 2015
I love, love this product new out of the box. I use it almost daily for quick cleanups, like dust & crumbs.
A huge flaw is after a few months the battery slowly loses its ability to hold a charge. I bought this about six months ago and now I can only vacuum for 2 minutes at time. This time is diminishing rapidly every day.

Swiffer designed this vacuum so the battery can't be replaced. The entire vacuum goes to the landfill. Not friendly to the environment or my wallet.
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on January 1, 2016
I have purchased my 3d one after the battery in my 2d died. I love this product, but the newer model it is not getting better, it is getting worse. The known problems were a weak battery with relatively short life and a bad filter: difficult to clean, short life. Both problems were not fixed, but two were added. The charger connection used to be round, easy to plug, the new one is rectangular, much more cumbersome to connect. The on/off switch used to be located on the body and has been moved to the handle and now I accidentally turn the unit off while cleaning.
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on January 15, 2016
I brought this item for my mom to use in her kitchen. I've had great experiences with other swiffer products so I figured I'd give this a try! This picks up all the little bits that a regular broom might miss, while also picking up bigger things like cheerios from messy toddlers without losing suction. I didn't give 5 stars due to battery life. You can't charge it to 100% and leave it for a few days. You need to charge it immediately before use to ensure full power. I'd definitely recommend it as a lightweight vacuum for uncarpeted surfaces!
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on July 25, 2013
I bought this when we moved into our current relatively small split-level house, which has hardwood or tile on the main level, and three bedrooms with hardwood floors. It had been recommended by a relative.

Well, it certainly works...for a little bit. You get relatively good suction for maybe 3-4 minutes, tops, then there's a noticable sag in the power (which you hear) and then it slowly tails off from there. If I really kind of "sprint" through the process I can mostly get the main level done, but in a very superficial way. Then it's just a 16 hour wait while the unit recharges. Yes...16 hours.

I got so frustrated with this limitation that I bought a $20 Dirt Devil stick vacuum at a local store - one that plugs in - and our Swiffer has been mostly unused since then.

The instructions say to run the power out completely before recharging, and once the useful suction is gone (after, say, 6-7 minutes) I will lean it in a corner while running to empty the charge, and it seems to take another 10-15 minutes to do so.

So I'd say that this is decent for quick cleanups. I know it's not meant to be a main vacuum, but still, the actual useable charge on this thing is so short that it counteracts any convenience of being cordless. The $20 plug-in stick vacuum I bought has far superior suction and a bigger dirt cup.
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on December 28, 2016
I love this little vacuum. This is the second one I have had and it does hold it's charge better and is easy and perfect for pet hair, crumbs, etc. on hardwood or tile. The only problem is the on button is poorly designed and placed where rotating your palm turns it off. This happens every time I use it. What were they thinking?
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 4, 2014
As far as the Swiffer vac is concerned, it's a decent product. I have plenty of hardwood floor to use this on and it does a decent job. The problem is, I need three to do a thorough job of my upstairs (and that's not counting my downstairs that is currently carpeted and will end up with wood once we decide to pitch it and replace it with something else). It would be way better if it either had a 30 minute or so run time or didn't take all night and then some to recharge.

I'd like to find a plug-in model that would let me attach a Swiffer cloth (kind of like a hybrid stick vac with the Swiffer pad that would sit behind the 'head' and capture all the fine dust that clings for dear life). For now, I am stuck using this because it is the one product I am aware of that lets me 'sweep' the floor, vacuum up the bigger particles, and not aggravate allergies in the process.
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on April 30, 2011
I run a housecleaning business and this product is the backbone of all hard floor cleaning/sweeping.
You must know how to use it properly....use the swivel head, do not try to go forward and back as it only picks up from the front.
Keep your filter and canister clean.
Charge properly and don't use it after the motor tells you it's almost out of charge....listen and when the motor starts to sound like it's winding down even a bit, then stop.
I have several available for each large house so they can be set aside, cleaned and charged for next use and grap a newly cleaned and charged swiffer vac
They are lightweight, super quick to use and pick up extremely well.
Don't try to pick anything you think might clog, like pieces of paper etc....as once the intake area is blocked you'll be done til you remove it.

Use it properly and you won't be disappointed. I run into people all the time that complain it didn't work for them well, but upon questioning I always find they did not charge long enough, did not clean it after use well enough, or are trying to use it like a carpet vacuum cleaner with forward and backwards movements.

Why in the world anyone would complain that it's not good on carpet when it's not made for that is beyond me.....read the label folks, use the brain.
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on March 9, 2016
Nice little sweeper to pick up small debris on the floor. I gave it a 4 star because the one I purchased from Wal Mart 4-5 years ago seems to work better. I could sweep over approx 1000 sqft before the charge died and with this one I'm lucky to get 300 sqft of use before it dies....plus it doesn't have the pick up power as my last one. Still a nice small sweeper for small debris. I don't expect it to replace a vacuum but these things have jumped in price and work less over the last 5 years.
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on November 20, 2012
My first Swiffer lasted about 8 years. I would expect that a rechargable item would eventually die out but this was beyond my expectations. I'm on my second one now and have not had any problems. This duster/vacuum is basically meant to clean/dust the floors and then pick up the little stuff that doesn't stick to the pad. It is not a huge sucking vacuum cleaner. I only turn on the vacuum part to pick up the excess that isn't grabbed by theh pad. I keep mine plugged in at all times when not using it. I have wood floors and and they have never been scratched. I did like the the on/off switch better when they had it on top of the handle but they moved it down for some reason. But, overall, I would recommend this item and plan on giving a few for Christmas presents this year.
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on November 27, 2011
Updated 01/18/2012
Rated reduced by one star. Less than a year later, I no longer get even 20 mins from a full charge. If it's 10, I'm lucky.

Original review November 2011
3 stars

Does What Swiffer Does Best...dust.

I bought this in April 2011 mainly to quickly clean up litter because I have 2 cats who don't like litter mats. (They jump right over them). But the vac's suction isn't strong enough to do this. Sometimes it's even choosy about picking up fur/dust bunnies. It most certainly doesn't like to pick up the stray bit of kibble. It just pushes these from one spot to another.

An even bigger complaint is that it needs around 18 hours to fully charge. A charge that lasts maybe 20 mins. I once pulled it off its cord and used it for 5 mins. When I plugged it back in, the red charge light was on and it took several hours to go green.

The best use I've found for this is to give the floors a final polish after I've swept or vacuumed in between washings.

On the positive side, it's fairly light and it maneuvers very well along baseboards and around corners.

Had I known, I would have saved the money and bought the manual push stick swiffer.
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