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on February 14, 2014
I have the Swingbyte 2 and I also have the 3Bays unit. The Swingbyte is head and shoulders above the 3Bays unit. The original Swingbyte software was a little awkward, but it's been recently upgraded/updated and is responsive, smooth and easy to use. I use a doppler radar unit most of the time to check clubhead speed, and the Swingbyte results are always within 1-2 mph. I'm using the unit on a Samsung Galaxy 3 with 16 gigs. It also works perfectly on my putter. I identified a fault, corrected the fault, and now can't wait for the snow to melt.

If you're looking for a swing analyzer, buy this one.
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on April 24, 2015
I'm rewriting my review for the Swingbyte 2 fourteen months after purchase. I can no longer recommend this device based upon my experience with it.

My device is now in the trash due to a failed battery and cracked plastic housing. I've also had recurring problems with the rubber hinge and plastic cover for the charging port, both of which frequently came loose. Customer Service says the battery cannot be serviced, and can only offer a replacement unit - at a cost higher than is available on Amazon.

This is a great concept when it works - unfortunately the construction is poor and not durable. When I opened the device to investigate the failed battery, I was disappointed at the unprotected and unsealed circuitry covered by the cheap, thin plastic case. No wonder Amazon comments are filled with stories of broken units.

This was a Swingbyte 2 - hopefully the Swingbyte 3 will be better designed and constructed.
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on April 19, 2016
Way fun and works great. Used it all winter into a net and worked on swing path, face-to-path, swing length, and swing speed. Has even more features than that. Didn't fit on driver shaft very well, and broke the rubber strap, but they replaced it quickly. I won't try to force that again. Working with irons is plenty valuable. Or I can fit it further down on the driver shaft. Edit a year later: When I took my adjusted swing out to the course I cut my handicap by 50%. (Practice your putting, since those are the "money" strokes). As a certified golf teacher, I use this device and will be ordering another one.
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on January 26, 2016
Great product, especially during the winter hitting balls inside. I have a hitting net in my basement during the off months but I found out that when you don't know what your ball and swing is doing you can get things pretty screwed up. This Swingbyte2 is awesome. Not only has it kept my swing on track during the off season, it has improved it! I'm on a league using a simulator and people are wondering how a person can get better when we're only golfing once a week on a simulator! It has all kinds of great information that can help you, especially if you are a data person. The customer service is awesome too. I flew back from Arizona with my clubs and somehow the clip came off the Swingbyte2 and got lost. I contacted the company about purchasing a new clip. They sent one out right away free of charge.
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on March 3, 2014
I’ve used this now for 5 sessions on the range and overall I have to say I’m pleased with it. It gives a lot of information but keep in mind everything is based on the device’s relationship to the club’s leading edge. If it’s not aligned correctly, everything but your swing speed and tempo numbers will not be accurate. You also have to take the other numbers with a slight grain of salt since you “eyeball” the alignment by sighting a line on the device to your club’s leading edge. It would be easy to be off 2-3 * and that will of course change the numbers you get when its provided face path numbers, in/out, open/closed, shaft lean, etc. This makes it important to glance at you club after each swing to verify it’s not shifted. As long as you consistently set it to your clubs leading edge, while your numbers may not be exact, you’ll be within a consistent range that you can use to work on.

Quite a few people have commented on it slipping on the shaft. I have noticed it happening on thin shots but not on fat or flushed one. You will have to realign it and because you won’t be able to get it “exactly” where it was previously, you’re subsequent numbers will be slightly off for comparisons, but well within amateur limits. The instructions that come with the unit are very sparse and the website isn’t that good either. For example, where to you plug it in at to recharge it? Nothing on the website or instructions will tell you and I’m reluctant to start pulling it apart looking for it. It happens to be under the alignment aid, it’s a cap you pull off. That in turn is a problem for me, the cap tends to pop off several times during each session and its attached by a thin piece of plastic. I can easily see a time the plastic wears and breaks, then the alignment aid is lost.

It can be somewhat aggravating trying to get it to sync to your phone while on the range. I never could the first time I tried to use it. I would recommend you practice that at home before going, once you get the hang of it and the steps your phone likes it tends to work ok. Once it’s sync’ed it will record each impact with a ball and will give you a beep letting you know it got it. No beep, check your phone to re-sync it. Sometimes it just quits but not often.

They are very good at replying to questions. I’ve emailed several questions to them, I get the automatic response and then the actual reply within 1 business day.

Do I like it, yes. I like the swing views (face on, overhead and down the line). These are very helpful in adjusting your swing. I haven’t used video with it yet but I can see how that would be helpful as well.
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on December 3, 2015
Love my Swingbyte 2! Have used it to for a couple months and played some of the best golf of my life and that's no coincidence. It has really helped me focus on my swing plane. I also like the video feature. Previously, I had a competing product, but the Swingbyte has much more information and feedback, better graphics and the New Virtual Coach software is very interesting as well. If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars to buy a TrackMan, this is definitely the next best thing. It's very easy to set-up and use.

Have had only one problem with a rubber strap failing, but I know it is something they are working on remedying. Customer Support has been the best and they got me back up and running in no time.
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on May 23, 2014
First the Negatives

1. The website for setting it up isn't that easy to navigate. Information must be entered into the Profile section, most is obvious but some data definitions are not clear and it is not clear on how this affects the recorded data.

2. The mechanical mounting is very poor after a few uses the rubber clamp holding the device on the club shaft broke. Instead of returning the device I used a tie wrap to mount the device to the shaft. A small hose clamp would be preferable since you always have to maintain the proper alignment and the device has a tendency to shift which dramatically affects the data.

3. It was not clear on how to align then I found the information to align a white stripe in parallel to the club head. Unfortunately the stripe is on the protective rubber stopper for the micro USB plug. I have found that this stopper sometimes pops out making alignment difficult. Why not place the stripe on the actual case??

The Positives

Once aligned and paired via Bluetooth to my Android Phone the software is pretty easy to navigate. It is not clear how fast the data during the swing is sample, data is only stored after an impact (practice swings are not recorded) both on the takeaway and impact. What I like is that you can play back the swing and view your swing speed during the swing and you can verify it maximum speed is reached at impact. It also measures swing path and determines the face orientation at impact, indicating fade, slice draws etc. You can really detect faults in your swing and how to create more clubhead speed. Overall positive but disappointed in the mechanical mounting.
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on September 30, 2016
This has a lot of data that takes a little understanding to interpret and use. With the beta golf coach (iphone only), it seems to be able to identify flaws in your swing and give you exercises to correct them. Battery life is really good. My only constructive criticism is that i have to use tape to keep it secured in place, otherwise it seems to work its way loose after a few swings. This is a minor inconvenience and since I use it on the range it only adds a little extra to my practice time.
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on January 7, 2014
I will start by saying I love this device, but I want to warn beginners who are thinking about getting it. If you aren't familiar with ball flight laws, the difference between swing plane and swing path, the difference between face-to-address and face-to-path etc., you will likely not benefit from all the great data and information that this device can tell you. And you will probably have information overload and remain frustrated. Not to mention you also need to know detail about your clubs because in order to have accurate information, you need to enter accurate detail about your club length, lie, loft, etc.

For intermediate to advance golfers, this device provides all the right data to really work on your swing. I find it to be very accurate. The immediate feedback is awesome. It beats the blind practicing that I used to do. Or the annoyance of having to setup a camera, record the swing, upload and then analyze. With the immediate feedback, you can try new things and get instant feedback on the effect (positive or negative).

I've been using the Android tablet software almost exclusively. I like it. It's pretty user friendly. I haven't used the iPhone software much so I can't comment on it.

For downsides: The rubber piece that holds the two halves of the device together is not robust and mine broke only a couple of days after using it. I've now been using a rubber band tightly wrapped to hold the device which works fine. I have not had problems with the device moving on my clubshaft like others have. If you tend to chunk your shots really bad, I would expect that would increase the chances of it moving. But even when I've hit a fat shot here or there it doesn't usually move on me. It occasionally randomly requests calibration. It's easy to do and quick, but it always shuts off after and then takes a 1 or 2 tries to reconnect. Just a bit of an annoyance. It also seems to always suggest full battery life in the app, but once it starts shutting off (after a few hours of use) it's usually an indication that it needs to be charged.
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on May 7, 2015
I have used Swingbyte for more than one year.
The app keep improving, but was buggy in one or two version in the mid.
The data are nice, not sure about the accuracy since there are so many, but good enough to compare relatively and monitor the swing.
The people in customer service are always great and try to solve your problem.

Actually I had problem with device after one year of use, it can connect to the phone app, but no data transfer or only transfer once. I tried both Android phone and iphone. The customer service decide it is something wrong, and kindly offered replacement as an exception over one year warranty.
They do stand behind their product!
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