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on August 7, 2016
First, let me state that I've had three of these tools in the the past (same model), and they've all been great.

However, I purchased a two pack from this Amazon listing (seller was DawningView), and the quality of the tools was atrocious!
I could tell before opening the blister package that something wasn't right. They looked...different.

I opened a package and found that the tool was indeed of low quality.
-The blade was dull (both the straight and serrated part)
-When locking the tool closed, it was loose, and would wiggle freely. This could cause the tip of the blade to cut my pant pocket (or even me).
-The metal itself was uneven! Just look at my photo, the metal that makes up the screwdriver is not straight. It's even worse on the tool that I didn't open yet. You can see that just under the serrated blade, the metal is sort of 'wavey'. It looks even worse in person.
The three utilikeys I had over the past 5 years have had none of these problems.

I ended up buying another one from my local store, and the difference is huge.
**Note the circles in my 2nd image. Those circles are NOT present on the crappy models I received. It's possible that if you don't have those circles, your utilikey is a fake/counterfeit, that or it came from a very, very bad batch. If you receive the same thing, request a refund!
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on May 20, 2016
As an IT guy that works on computers, laptops, and whatnot for a living, having a tool like this available at anytime is great. 6 different tools on one convenient "key" makes it easy to carry and almost as easy to use on demand. I say almost easy to use, because it takes a bit of effort to get it off of your keyring. But, this is done with a purpose, since the key has a sharp blade on it that can cut you or anything in your pocket up fairly easily. The bottle opener is great, but it does take a little bit to get use to and if you're not careful with it, you could cut yourself on accident. The Phillips Screwdriver and the Flat Screwdriver are great whenever you need to get a screw out or into something, especially in a place where you didn't expect you needed to use a screwdriver. If you need to work with a smaller item/device, it does have a Micro-Sized Flat Screwdriver for those smaller screws. Overall, this little guy is great to have on you, pretty easy to use, and it blends in with your keys.
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on January 23, 2017
I have had one on my key ring for years. No you don't use often but when needed it is there. In answer to another question, yes you can lose it at airport security. I had one taken when I forgot to remove before the trip. But I have also forgotten and gone thru with no problem, hit or miss I guess. They make a great "small" gift or a stocking stuffer. I try to have a couple on hand all the time. Just be careful, you need to pay somewhere in the $8 to $10 range. If you see a great deal on one it is most likely a knock off and poor quality.
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on September 27, 2016
My husband wants one every year. He is always losing them (or having them confiscated at the airport). He can't live without it. I think we've had maybe 4-5 of them? Only one time did he have one long enough that it kind of wore out and fell off. I'm not sure if it was a one-off, or if maybe it does lose its durability if you don't lose it. It's on and off the keychain enough with his frequent use that I don't think that it's the problem of the product that one of them lost its ability to stay closed on the ring. He loves that it doesn't fit on a key (that kind gets annoying when you need to use your key) but takes up only the space of a key on the keychain. He has used it for everything imaginable.

It is a very strong blade. He was using it to cut metal (!!!! probably not how it was intended!) and sliced his finger pretty bad. It was 100% user error. I don't blame the device, I blame him for it. But know, it cuts through a lot. It's a great tool, but use good judgement when using it! After he sustained the injury I got him a different device from swiss tech that they actually don't have anymore. It was thicker and had more screwdriver type things on it, but this is the one he always wants - he hates bulk on his keychain!
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on December 28, 2016
I kept this tool for a long time, until i lost it. I really liked that it seem like a key on my keychain. Also that it was easy to get on and off my keychain so i didn't have to try and use it with the rest of my keys dangling there with it like many others that you have to slip on to a ring. This clipped on and off. The knife was great for any box i need to open or tag to cut. I used the bit on it many times as well. i could open it halfway and get good leverage for the bit on screws, but be careful because you then have your hand around the knife part which is not good. This was the only default to the product, but i couldn't think of a way around it, except maybe a cover, but then that would prevent it from closing all the way when you need to. It is a good over tool to have on your keychain. Great stocking stuffer too.
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on July 23, 2016
You can clearly tell from the picture that this tool has an opening key ring connection, but I find that in practice it makes the tool much less functional -- you can't use it without taking it off the key ring. In fact, none of the advertised functions will work unless you remove it from your keys, which is pretty cumbersome.

When actually using the tool, it feels a bit dangerous -- it takes a good amount of force to open and close, and it's hard to get good leverage without putting a finger in danger of the blade. If you want to use the bottle opener, you'd have to put your hand in danger of the blade. Using the Philips head means either pointing the knife at your wrist, or letting it swing around in danger of collapsing inward. The knife may be the most useful tool of the bunch, but even then it is a bit awkward to hold and control.

I realize that I probably should have seen my above issues coming, after all, there are accurate pictures of the product. But once it was in my hand I immediately knew I'd never use it. After giving it couple days on my key ring, I took it off permanently.

It deserves a star for the low price, and another for the heft (it feels well built). But there are better options.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 14, 2015
I have one of these on my keychain, and it's so "key-like" that I often forget it's there until I need it. I tend to use the Phillips bit, the bottle opener (a few times), and the straight "blade" to open letters. Yes, there's a straight as well as a serrated blade (well, it's straight...then serrated)... but you're not going to be taking down grizzlies with it. It's fine for opening envelopes, and the serrated edge will cut through string and light ropes - with time and effort - but it's not good for much else.

Still, this is inexpensive and, if you use it just a few times over the years, worth having. It fits on your keychain just like a key, and it's not remotely an issue having it there.

Please let me know if I've been helpful or, if not, please feel free to ask questions; I'll answer as soon as I'm notified via email of the comment.
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on December 2, 2016
I saw this item and I had to have it. It's really sharp so be warned not to cut yourself. I enjoyed using this until one day I set it off to the side. One con about this item is you have to take it off your key ring to use it. So then after using it you have to remember to pick it up and put it back on. Well I forgot and my dear friend was lost forever. Sad times. Additionally, I go through a lot of security screening such as visiting Disneyland so I had to remember to take this off when going through (they probably wouldn't have noticed).

I'd still be enjoying this item if I really had any clue where it went to.
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I was looking at the Wallet Ninja, but my wallet is pretty light and I like it that way. The idea of adding bulk and weight to it didn't appeal to me, so after some digging i found this Swiss+Tech 6-in-1 Key Ring. I prefer carrying a tool on my keyring which makes it easier to get at when you really need it. The key functions here are a three different screwdriver (flat, phillips, and micro) a blade, a saw, and a bottle opener.

Honestly I mostly use it as a screwdriver and bottle opener, both of which it does well, but I like the fact that I have a blade and a saw if I ever need them. It's not TSA Certified, and it's pretty easy to take it off your key ring. The Ninja Wallet IS TSA Certified, but I'd never take a chance with any micro tool as ultimately it's up to an individual TSA agent if they are going to confiscate something (and are you really going to argue with them)?

All in all a good, solid, well built, tool.
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on September 13, 2017
I was wanting a minimalist multitool for my keychain for a basic screwdriver/knife, this fits the task. Appears durable and should hold up to the simple office and on the go tasks. It's not very ergonomic due to its size and needing to be careful with the blade, so it won't replace tools for bigger tasks. The best thing about it is the size which is really my main factor in buying this over other more functional multi tools or swiss army knives. It is roughly the thickness of two keys and size of a car key, so it can be put on my keychain without really noticing any extra bulk.
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