Customer Reviews: SwissGear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Computer Backpack - Fits Most 15 Inch Laptops and Tablets
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 28, 2012
This backpack is awesome. Very happy with my purchase. I use this when travelling for work so I typically have my laptop, a notebook or two and all of my accessories/peripherals I need. Highly recommend this to any travelers that need something for similar situations.

Edit: In my video I note that there's a buckling system "if you want to buckle this backpack around your waist" - however that is not the intended purpose of the buckles, nor will they work for buckling this backpack around your waist. To that end - I've never felt the need to buckle this backpack around my waist. It's a shorter backpack, and not like my bigger camera backpack or a hiking backpack, that you may be inclined to buckle around your waist. My apologies for the misinformation in the video.

Update: 7/26/2013 - Since my last update I've changed jobs, but this backpack is still getting just as much, if not more, use. I use it daily to and fro the office and it's holding up absolutely fine. It has shown no significant signs of wear. Still love it!

Update 11/13/2014 - Still putting this backpack to use on the daily. It's still in perfect condition. No loose threads, all materials have held up incredibly well. If and when this one starts to fall apart I'll have no issues buying the same bag, but at this rate it looks like it's going to be years down the road before that happens.

Update 1/19/2015 - This backpack is $40 today. Ordering another one just to have on hand.

Update 10/16/2015 - Coming to the realization that I should not have wasted $40 and bought an extra one of these to have on hand. The one I have isn't showing any signs of deterioration. I'll probably end up giving the extra one I bought to someone as a gift. Still going strong!
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on May 14, 2010
I bought this backpack for school. After an exhaustive search online, in local stores and across campus, I can definitively say that this is hands down the best laptop backpack you can buy!

1. Tons of space and usable compartments:
- 1 padded laptop compartment
- 1 thin compartment that can be used for papers and folders
- 1 main compartment that contains vertical dividers to keep things organized, a smaller interior mesh pocket, and an ipod/cell phone pouch that leads to a slit in the top of the backpack for a headphone cord
- 1 decent sized pocket on each side (I use 1 for my laptop charger and accessories)
- 2 stretchy water bottle pockets big enough for the big 1 liter bottles (good for umbrella too)
- 1 small pocket on the top front
- 1 pocket on the bottom front that contains a bunch of small organizer pockets found in every backpack that nobody ever uses
2. Comfort: padded, shock absorbing arm pads, padded back, and a comfortable handle on top.
3. Appearance: In my opinion, this is one of the best looking backpacks out there, but I can't argue with taste so if you have one of those ugly backpacks, that's fine with me.
4. Price: Phenomenal deal! ($50 when I purchased it) Would have gladly spent more (don't tell amazon)

Cons: (there really are none... I'm nitpicking here)
1. The opening for the laptop is on the side (not the top) which makes it a little awkward to get in and out. Not a big deal though.
2. I would have liked a little more padding underneath the laptop. The amount of padding is pretty similar to most other laptop cases though. You just need to be careful about setting it down to hard.
3. The size was perfect for my 15.6 widescreen. I haven't tried a 17", but I'm guessing it would be too big (if you could get it to fit inside, it would be VERY tight)
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on August 31, 2011
Other reviews have more than adequately summed up the general details of this backpack. It's well constructed and has great features, but it is not the right choice for owners of 15" Macbook Pros. The notebook pocket is way too big to comfortably secure a 15" Macbook. Further complicating the issue is the poorly designed, non-adjustable strap that can't be snugged across the laptop as you would with most briefcase style notebook bags. The Macbook floats around precariously giving me no confidence that it won't be slammed from side to side as the backpack moves and shifts. The amount of space left by the strap is so large, that I was able to fit two Macbooks and an iPad 1 wrapped in a bulky case before the strap finally felt like it was comfortably snugged down. (Look at the consumer pic I uploaded to see what I mean.)

The rest of the features of this backpack are great, but this gigantic design flaw means that this one is getting returned as it won't adequately perform the main task I purchased it for.
review image
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on May 15, 2010
I wanted to replace my husband's Targus shoulder laptop bag because it was just way too heavy (even when empty). I decided to get this backpack for his 17" Macbook Pro. The description says it holds up to 15", but I felt confident that it would fit his 17" because I tried stuffing his laptop in my 15" SwissGear backpack and it fit perfectly. Sure enough, this bag also fits the 17". I also wanted to mention that I was looking at other SwissGear laptop bags in the $50 range at Target and there's a huge difference in material and quality compared to this one. Although Amazon sells this for $50 (at least when I got it), I feel that it's worth more a lot more. But I'm not complaining about the price ;)

- Strong, sturdy, and comfortable to carry
- SmartScan capabilities
- Huge compartment for books & binders
- Lots of compartments
- Side laptop zipper (for those who want to keep the right strap on while taking out the laptop)

- Could use a bit more padding at the bottom of the laptop, but the sides are padded
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on January 19, 2015
This is a good backpack with many compartments / pockets for organizing all the items you end up carrying for travel. My only negative comment would be on the durability. It lasted for about a year and then started to fall apart (see attached photos). I sent it in to be fixed, which took several weeks, but was done for free. However, the repair for the front zipper is shoddy - they basically re-stitched it, and now the zipper does not work smoothly.

I see the price today on Amazon is $40. At that price, it is a good buy, even if you end up replacing it every year. Just don't expect it to last very long.
review image review image
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on October 9, 2012
I have held of putting in this review for almost a year so I was sure what I was talking about. I have used this as a every day bag and for hiking, mountain bike riding, off road motoro bike riding, camping and work trips away with laptops etc.
I purchased this bag based on several key features,
1. side mesh pockets for keys (I'm lucky I live in a town with little crime so not worried about security),
2. large side zip pockets for water bottles or laptop chargers etc,
3. front lower pocket with organiser for pens, eye drops, wallet, meds and the like. Not quit as good as previous bags with the actual pockets, but still pretty good, have found it is more a free for all type pocket
4. top front pocket is good for sun glasses (wrapped in own soft protection bag)
5. Main compartment good for most things. down side is it has two sleeves for keeping books organised, but I find it gets in the way when storing pretty much anything in the compartment, I'm tempted to cut them out
6. Two laptop / document storage compartments against the back of the pack, good for 15" HP laptop and also useful for any books etc

General comments
1. The top handle flops down meaning it seriously gets in the way when putting anything in the main compartment, I fixed this by zip tieing it to one of the straps at the top of the shoulder straps in a upright position, works well.
2. The shoulder straps sit well on my shoulder and do not clash with my arms when walking
3. It is not the lightest bag but this means it stands up pretty much by itself when it put in on the floor as opposed to falling over like a lighter bag (personal hate of mine)
4. I have used it for some long off road motor bike rides with out problem, nothing even looks like it will fail
5. its not the biggest bag, but that stops me from carring to much, I can get enought in it for a over night work trip away with a bit of carful packing
6. I like the styling, not your average bag
7. Zips are great and take a lot of abuse

It took me a long time to find this bag as shopping on line is not the same as in store, I live in town with no bag stores. My research was worth it as I would buy this bag again if it still made and if there was nothing else newer that was better. However I suspect that will be five or more years away as it is very well made.
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on July 12, 2015
After an exhaustive search of backpacks online and in-stores, I ended up buying this one for school. It looks a bit bulkier than expected-but I'm not complaining. For those of you wondering about how the backpack will look like on you and need a reference on height, I am 5'5".

This backpack has no problem fitting in my 17" MacBook Pro (including its Vera Bradley Case) in the laptop compartment. On days I don't bring my laptop, I store a 1 inch binder in the laptop compartment. It also has an additional pouch across from the compartment for storing a tablet in which I use to store 3 or 4 regular sized folders.

The main compartment of the of the bag can be used to store up to at least 4 binders and a textbook. For those of you who don't have a laptop, you can also store 2 more binders in the laptop compartment. Or, you can store a 2 inch binder, two 1 inch binders 1-5 folders, and still have room for a book. The main compartment of the bag also has an attached mesh zipper pocket across from it that can be used to store your chargers and what not.
(I've also packed the bag varying ways of how to hold your supplies for those of you who were wondering about storage.)

I use the side compartments hold my glasses while I use the other to hold a hairbrush.

I would prefer the straps to have a bit more support like the Jansport bags have - other than that, I have no complaints :)
review image review image review image review image
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on July 13, 2011
So as the title says, I would like to specifically address the topic of the size of this backpack. I've read MULTIPLE reviews that say it will fit a Dell XPS 17 (which is about 17.4"). Within 10 mins after I post this review, I should have two pictures up for you, showing you the fit of the XPS 17 and another of the tag that says "Fit's up to a 15" laptop".
So, if you are willing to struggle a bit, it actually will fit the Dell XPS 17 laptop, but this is EXTREMELY tight. It's just trying to squeeze that one last corner. If you have a laptop that is just 1/2 an inch or more smaller, I feel positive it would fit. Sadly, without a struggle and the risk of breaking the zipper or scratching the laptop corner, I just can't safely say you'd want this backpack for a 17" laptop.

Now to confirm the other reviews, it is a great backpack. It feels sturdy, strong, and has plenty of space. It fits my large 32 oz waterbottle in either side as well.
Two small pockets on the front, one with place for ipod and the other with spaces for pens/pencils.
Two pockets on either side, underneath the waterbottle holders. These pockets are about 3/4 the height of the whole backpack, so nice to fit many things.
Then three main pockets, one for the laptop, one thin one, probably only paper/folders would fit here. And then the last one is fairly big, enough so to hold a large textbook, binders, etc.

So a great backpack for anyone with a laptop under 17".
review image review image
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on January 23, 2014
I loved the bag when I first received it and during the first few months of use. However, the stitching then failed on one of the straps. The bag was set aside for a number of months waiting for me to initiate a warranty repair. After contacting them for the warranty repair I was provided the name and address of a luggage repair location in Colorado. No repair location for my metropolitan area of 800,000. Sending them the item cost approximately $10.50. Now I am notified that they will tell me when I can pick the bag up after it is repaired. Only a 512 mile drive for me - so I will ask them to ship it. I am guessing that my 'warranty repair' will end up costing me somewhere between $25 and $30 and that I will be required to pay for the return shipping (plus perhaps a packaging charge) as well. For an obvious construction/manufacturing issue!

My advice is to stick with a backpack that offers local customer service. Years ago, while in college, I had an Eddie Bauer book bag. When one of the strap fasteners broke I stopped by the local Eddie Bauer store. They went back, grabbed a new bag off the shelf, and had me transfer the remainder of my stuff out of the old bag. I am done with SwissGear. If they ask for me to pay the return shipping somebody in Aurora Colorado (location of luggage repair shop) can have this one.

If they surprise me with better customer service than I have received so far I will modify this rating and review.
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on June 13, 2011
I bought this item so I could reduce the wear and tear on my back and neck. The first day I used it, I pulled the adjustment piece on the strap and without much effort the piece of hardware came off. For as much as I paid for this, I can't believe these are attached so cheaply. Hopefully I can get a replacement for this or some type of rebate.SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart Black Backpack
23JUN2011 FollowUp
Contacted Customer Service at Manufacturer and was surprised at how they did not really care about satisfying the customer or finding out more about the actual defect. Next time I will look at at a different manufacturer.
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