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on August 8, 2012
I purchased this Swissgear model specifically because i needed something that would fit my 17" HP Pavilion. I had looked at other models but most claimed they would fit "up to" 17 inches witch customer reviews showing their limitations.

product is SPACIOUS enough to fit multiple binders (3" rings) all of my writing implements, sun glasses, keys, two .5 liter water bottles, ipod, lunch, and laptop with it's accessories and honestly i could probably fit more if i were inclined to carry the weight.

ORGANIZED with numerous zippered pockets inside and out. these help to keep items separated and easy to find. it also has those little organizing pockets inside that i never actually use. i count 4 small organizing sipper pockets in addition to the 3 main pockets,

features what could be used as a tablet pocket inside the smart scan area (i don't have a tablet to test this pocket. sleeve mentioned is not outfitted with extra padding between laptop and possible tablet, it's only padded on the side shared with the main compartment)

HANDLE is wide to spread the weight evenly and sturdy enough that it doesn't bend around my hand when i choose to use it.

it seems STURDY with thick stitching and in many places it is stitched for added support as well as at the seams. key areas are double stitched.

Downs: i haven't noted any yet that will affect me but here are some other notes;
although the back is heavily padded for comfort while carrying it is not outfitted with a lot of extra padding on the bottom. there is perhaps a 1/4 inch or less at the bottom of the laptop compartment and even less in the main compartment. something to keep in mind when setting down your bag on hard surfaces.

the bag features a pocket inside to hold MP3 or phones. there is a hole covered by a flap that is featured right above this pocket through which you can feed a cord for head phones and the like. please note that it is a hole not an electronic jack into which you plug directly.

mesh on outside pockets is double layered for sturdy use but the mesh on the fast scan pocket is single layered for visibility, if used roughly or often it will probably be the first point to give.

the coloration of my bag is slightly different. the light gray in the picture is actually a much darker grey. for the most part it appears to be a basic black bag with lots of pockets.
i have not yet used the fast scan feature. i will do so at the end of the month so here's hoping it works as advertised!
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on February 8, 2016
I bought this backpack back in 2013 and I am still using it.It is very durable does not have any signs that it will rip anytime soon. It doesn't look old or anything, and I always use it to its max capacity, it is very spacious, has lots of compartments. The scan smart is very helpful as I do not need to take my tablet and laptop out when I pass through TSA at the airport. I've traveled various times and I have not had been told to take my tablet/laptop out, I simply open my backpack and it is so much easier than taking everything out and put it back in once you're done with the check in. Overall it was a good spent money.
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on May 13, 2013
First of let me start in saying i bought this backpack to carry around my 15" Sony Vaio laptop with me. I am a professional audio engineer so i need to have various cables, adapters, professional headphones, and interfaces with me at all times. This particular backpack has ample room for all of that and more to spare. Now, onto the latop

-Easily fits 15" laptop into the laptop sleeve
-has many pockets to hold a ton of stuff, but compresses nicely when empty or not full to the brim
-has seven external pockets and several internal pouches for accessories like a laptop charger, phone charger, etc
- has a key hanger thing (not sure of the technical term) in the from pocket which makes it very easy to store your keys away and not lose them in the bottom of the pouch
-HAS A TABLET HOLDER. i capitalize this because i didn't see it anyone in the description. its a perfect size for an ipad to fit in comfortably.
-seems to very durable and rugged like everything Wenger makes

only one comes to mind, the zippers sometimes get stuck at a funny angle. they still function just find, but you kind of have to wiggle it or the part of the zipper you actually grab onto gets stuck. not a huge problem as i've had many backpacks with this issue.

Overall this is a wonderful bag. it has ample room for anything you would ever want to put in it as far as technology goes (which is what i got it for). the smartscan feature will come in handy at the airport as well, i just haven't had the joy of using it yet.
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on June 9, 2017
Really good backpack! I have purchased two of them, one about two years ago and the other one last week. Fits a 15" MacBook Pro with no problems, however My 17" Razer Blade Pro is very snug. The Razer Blade Pro is considered to be an ultra portable gaming laptop and it is the same thickness of my MacBook Pro. I can barely get the zipper to zip up the side of the back with the Razer Blade Pro in it. So if you have a 17" Laptop, be wary.
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on January 31, 2016
Does not pad the laptop area as effectively as other bags I've used. Requires some flimsy padded Velcro arm to hold the laptop down. No dedicated pouch for power "brick" in same compartments as laptop, meaning your power "brick" is loose in one of the other main compartments. No dedicated and protected place for a wireless mouse unless you want it banging around with your power-brick in the main compartment. The eyeglass compartment doesn't have any padding or soft fabric to protect lenses. Material is light weight, but doesn't feel especially durable.
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on June 12, 2014
As far as i can tell, this is the best backpack i've ever owned. The backpack is really big and you can put lots of books on the main compartment and you won't feel like you might tear it apart. The material really looks and feels strong and durable, but soft on the places it needs to be. This backpack also has a lot of compartments/pockets, even after 1 or 2 days after it arrived i still found new ones. This is a must buy for people that needs to carry their up to 17.3 inches laptops all day.The only thing i would change would be that, in my opinion, they should make the laptop compartment just a bit bigger, because i got a Toshiba Satellite P875-S7310 and one of the corners is always a bit adjusted, even though the backpack has a strong/thick material so its's not something to be worried about. Also, for someone who doesn't travel by plane a lot, and i mean, a lot, the ScanSmart compartment it's not really that useful, but at least you can put folders and other documents to keep them safe from getting crinkled, there's also a small tablet compartment that might be useful for me in the future.
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on January 28, 2013
This is such a great backpack. I have a friend who has had the same one for over a year and after inspecting the seams and the handles for tears or breaks, there were NONE. I was so impressed by the craftsmanship that I bought one! It is PERFECT for my 17" widescreen laptop and has a separate compartment to ensure that the screen does not get damaged from other items. I also LOVE that there is a place for my Kindle fire as well that is padded. The zippers are heavy duty and are coated around the edges with some sort of plastic for easy gripping handles well.

There are SO many compartments for pens, interface devices, even smaller top pockets for flash drives or portable hard drives, etc. The side pockets are big enough for a 20-28 oz water bottles and are mesh to help dispell sweating on hot days. There are 8 different pockets/compartments for storage etc and places for pens, devices, cell phone, iPod, and even a hole to run your earbud cord through for listening on the go. There is a small carabiner (climbing hook) for attaching your keys for easy retrieval. Files and papers can easily be stored in the main pocket without fear of being mashed or crumpled and yet there is still enough room to be sure not to interfere with the laptops screen. I HIGHLY recommend this pack.
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on November 22, 2016
This backpack is very well built. I am a student in college, and since I am sight impaired. I carry some extra gadgets with me. It fits all of it with me. It has several extra pockets which I have used for drives, and cables.
My only two complaints with this backpack are the straps, and zippers. The straps are kind of thin, and when I have it loaded it is pretty hard on my shoulders and back. The zippers do get stuck, but usually moving the zippers around a bit will fix this problem.
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on August 28, 2013
it fits a ton of crap in it, I don't really think the airflow technology works but that's not why I bought it. I put my laptop, charger, 4 books ( not very small ones), a five subject notebook, five 2 pocket folders, my agenda, waterbottle, boxes of pens and pencils, and im sure there is something that im forgetting. it gets really heavy with all my books in it so I like to switch them out but it works great and seems like it is going to last a long time because of the types of material and zipper quality. I will buy another swissgear when this one wears out... if it wears out. by the way my laptop is a 14" and I think a 16" would fit good still but much bigger you would probably have some issues getting it in and out because the zipper only goes half way.
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on April 24, 2017
Perfect bag, especially for airport security! I packed many things in this backpack along with my laptop and it held up beautifully! Recommend Highly!!!!!
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