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on June 11, 2013
I bought this case by recommendation from wirecutter. Great case because of 1: it's a great fit and 2: it has a 2 year warranty. be that may the gray "lip" on the buttons side of the screen split and I found this to be an issue with many TONES owners. no fret, I contact SwitchEasy for a replacement right? Well their policy states that if I bought their cases NOT through their website I need to send the broken one back. Pain in the ass if you ask me. Especially if you have to do this a SECOND TIME because their replacement case also had the same issue.

Pros: it has a tight fit. no one who owns one will tell you they have issues with the case being even slightly loose.

Cons: it's mundane, the finish is incredibly boring. the screen protector it comes with is a joke that doesn't attach to the edges no matter what and scratches by itself. SwitchEasy won't warrant replacements for Amazon purchases without sending the old item back.

Conclusion: it's a fine case for the money. switcheasy has one of the best warranties in the competition and their other cases shouldn't have the split issue that TONES has. if you still want a SwitchEasy after all I had to say, get it from their website.
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VINE VOICEon April 22, 2013
It's hard to tell how thick a case is going to make your phone from a picture; this (iPhone 5) case with a phone in it is just about half a dime's worth thicker front to back than an iPhone 4 without a case. So now you know.

This case is slim. Everything works and is easy to get to. The buttons feel as they should and the fit is exactly - zero gap anywhere - right. The material is a little bit grippy, but still slides right out of my pocket. Every surface except the front glass is protected, and there is a raised lip around the front glass to prevent face-down scratching. This is a home run for Switcheasy.

I also have a Lifeproof case for going to the pool or beach when I think my phone might get wet. For every other situation, my phone is in this case.
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on July 21, 2015
So I have been a huge fan of the SwitchEasy Tones case since I got my original iPhone 5. It is by far the best looking and performing case I have found for the iPhone 5. The only problem is that the more rubbery part would separate itself from the harder plastic middle after a few months on my Black models which I have had two of. So when I got a white iPhone 5s I ordered the white model and sorta accepted that I would need to buy another after some time.

I am happy to say when I received this I got a new slightly redesigned model. First off the headphone and lightening port covers are built in and connected. This is both nice and slightly annoying. I never used either on my iPhone 5 but I will say on this my phone behind the case has kept cleaner. The best part is they seemed to have solved the material separation issue completely. I have had this case for months now and while it has discolored a bit it still feels like new.

If I could only get them to replace my two black models with this new model I'd be happy.
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on June 15, 2014
After going with a more bulky case for my iPod Touch a couple years ago, I did a bit of research this time and found good reviews of slimmer, less expensive cases for the iPhone 5, including the SwitchEasy Numbers, which is newer but I liked the look of this one better.

I've had this case for a couple months now, and it's exceeded my expectations:

* It's slimmer than I thought--it doesn't *seem* like it adds any bulk to the phone.
* Style-wise it meets my low-key utilitarian preferences. I like the seams on the back separating the main body from the rounded camera area at the top of the phone and the corresponding area at the bottom.
* The texture is nice, with just enough added friction.

I've only had one minor drop of the phone with this case, so I can't yet say a lot about the level of protection. The case is slightly raised in elevation around the screen, which is a must. The material is harder than my previous, more bulky & rubbery case, which
I'm concerned may mean less give if the phone is dropped, but it's been fine so far.

I believe this is a slightly older version of the Tones, as it has plugs to cover the ports on the bottom, but they aren't attached to the phone. As is, I don't use the plugs, though I'm glad they're there in case I decide to use them.

Assuming no incidents with the phone while using this case, I would probably buy another of these for replacement if the case itself wore out--it only set me back about $16USD, which is a pittance to protect a $500+ device.
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on October 24, 2013
I've been using a SwitchEasy TONES since they were first released, purchasing one directly from them. The case itself is very good and minimalistic, with a design that mimics the rear of the iPhone 5 (and iPhone 5s) itself. It's thin, lightweight, looks nice, and feels nice in the hand. As with all SwitchEasy products, you get many extras in the packaging, which most people might take advantage of.

Now, onto why I think that the one I ordered off of Amazon from a seller called "whole goods" might be fake. For one, the actual case packaging seemed a bit abused, but everything inside was just fine. I noticed that the case has a number of mold clippings (don't know the right term), and you can see where some of the TPU material was detached from the rest of its mold (that might be a better explanation?). Unless SwitchEasy made changes to this case within the last year when I first started using the case that I received directly from them, the volume buttons seem easier to press on this "fake" model (which I like), and there seems to be a little bit more of a "lay-on-the-table" design. The SwitchEasy logo on the right side of the case isn't as deep as the one on the real case. There's also just a tad bit of vertical movement of the iPhone while it's in the case, but unless you actually push on the top of bottom of your phone to force it to move, most probably won't notice.

In other words, the overall quality of this "fake" one is good, but there are just some refinement issues.

The Tones is still a fantastic case for those who want something simple that will protect your device while still looking good and offering a good featureset for a case.
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on April 22, 2013
Like most reviews here I wanted a case that was as slim as possible with 'just enough' protection. I hadn't used a case on my iPHone 4, but with the aluminum back and sides opted to use one with the 5. I really like the feel of the 5 though and wanted to keep as close to that as possible. It's slim and light and getting a big, heavy case defeats the purpose.

I ordered this and the Ballistic LS0955-M355 LS Smooth Case for iPhone 5 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black after reading the review on TheWirecutter. I used the Ballastic for a few days, then switched to the Tones. Both are nice cases and I think to a large extent it will be a matter of individual preference to the feel. The Ballistic is grippier and a little bulkier, mainly at the corners. The Ballistic also has a little bit larger lip around the front and is noticeably higher if you look at the profile of the phone when laid down flat.

My preference is for a small amount of extra grip, but only that, and otherwise to be as slim as possible. The Tones is slimmer and provides enough grip for me, so wins my vote. Note that both cases do slide in and out of pockets easily. The Ballistic did pick up dust around the edges (lip around the screen) where the Tones doesn't.

The One Con: The only thing I don't love about this case is the color. I purchased black and it's gray. Well, two-toned gray, but even the dark gray is distinctly non-black. It's a very minor thing, but the Ballistic is a very dark, true black, as is the iPhone. The Tones would just be totally ninja if it was a true black.
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on February 23, 2013
Here's what I look for in an iPhone case:

- Can't be too bulky
- Provides full protection to outer lips on front & back of case
- Can't cover up too much of front of phone (I hate cases that cover the home button)
- Feels good in hand; not too rubbery nor too slippery
- Slides in and out of pockets easily without the material getting marked up or worn away
- Cut out for camera either encased in black or large enough so flash doesn't wash out photos
- Buttons are as easy to push as they are when the phone is naked
- Port cut outs are reasonably lined up (I don't use a dock or non-standard cables, so my requirements here aren't as high as others might be)
- Looks attractive

I've tried so many iPhone cases over the years starting with the iPhone 3. My friends and family make fun of me for how many I go through. I don't think I'm that picky, but perhaps I am. It's amazing how hard it is to find a decent case that lasts. The brand that works well for one generation of the phone decides to reformulate for the next & completely gets it wrong. (I'm looking at you, Case-Mate, Speck & iSkin.)

This case is not the cutest - I bought the purple because the pink looks like Pepto Bismol - but it IS very functional and meets all my needs well. I'm pleasantly surprised! Prior to this case, I loved the CandyShell, but the rubberized bits get worn off very easily from casual usage. The SwitchEasy Tones feels & works a lot like the CandyShell without the wear & tear. It's a keeper! Now if they'd just come out with either more colors or cuter designs, I'd be really happy.
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on December 2, 2012
Prior to deciding to buy and keep this product for my iPhone 5, I purchased and returned the following cases-
STM Harbour, incase Snap case, Poetic Atmosphere,and the Belkin Grip Candy Case.

Why all the fuss? I feel like my new black iPhone 5, is lacking in detail. Apple ditched the sliver trim and the glass back that adorned the iphone 4 and 4s. With my iPhone 4's I was happy with a clear plastic case, because I didn't want to hide the details and design of it. The iPhone 5 being slimmer and longer, gives one the flexibility of putting on a case that is designed to protect, without making the phone bulky. So now it's all about the case for a lot of iPhone owners, and the reviews are plentiful, but you really have to try it before you buy because it's all about personal preference.

The SwitchEasy case, looks good and provides more than adequate protection, without adding bulk. The case does not easily scratch, or show finger prints. It's a hard rubber case with a smooth finish, but not slippery on your hands. It easily glides in and out of pockets, and has a nice firm grip when using it. The SwitchEasy is the only iPhone case I tested that was not blemished or scratched right of the box. The black on grey model that I bought, has a nice look to it, the contrast is very subtle between the grey and black.

This is what happens when people fall in love with their smartphones, in that some of us spend too much time making a purchase. Until someone comes up with a better quality, better designed case, I will be keeping the SwitchEasy case.
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on April 9, 2013
Ok, so I attempt to read descriptions very carefully so I don't have to send things back anymore. Has happened to me too many times. This was polycarbonate and description carefully; and really thought it was going to have rubberized, grippy does not. The sides are the hard plastic over the softer material; so not a good grip in my hand. It also looked and felt a bit cheap. I read another person's review of this case, and ordered the Megix...that will be on it's way and I DO believe it is grippy. My favorite case is the Marware 3 piece; nice feel to the top button; looks great; but again, hard plastic slippery sides. I am currently using the Snugg Silicone case; which has the grippy sides and back; but not expecially sturdy for drops. I have dropped my pretty 64G (5) three times now, because the Marware is so slick to hold. In addition, this one shows a pretty pink color-it is not especially pink in person, it is more of a Salmon color...that would not have been a deal breaker though! Lack of grip; my quest continues; and have great hopes for the Megix...This is just my humble opinion on this case, it is ok and you may like it; it just doesn't meet my requirements of having a case that has ANY sort of grip to the sides....
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on May 28, 2013
Update: I'm revising my review down a star. The edge of my case is peeling off of the body along one side. The cover over the volume buttons has also peeled off. And the color has shifted from new Apple IIe beige to 5-year-old Apple IIe beige. I didn't realize that plastic did that any more. I would no longer recommend this product.


Many aspects of this case are great: It has no flex, which means that it fits well. The lip around the screen is substantial enough to protect the screen. All of the buttons work well. There is a nice bevel around the camera lens. I've had it for two months, and it feels like it will last the lifetime of the phone. But I do have a few complaints: the power and headphone caps are nice, but very difficult to remove. And if you're looking for something ultra-low-profile, then this isn't it. But my main complaint is the color: online, it looks white and grey. But the grey not really grey. It is more like oatmeal. Or orthopedic appliance. Or Apple IIe beige. Really really ugly. Pick a different color. Any other color.
review image review image
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