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on February 4, 2006
I got a DVR90VF for christmas, and was eager to transfer many home movies onto DVD. I went through about 40 DVD sessions without error. But then , only 3 weeks into ownership, I tried to record a movie off of TV. When we went to play it back, It was full of pauses, skips, blips and blurps making the movie unwatchable.

I have since tried to load store bought DVD's, new blank DVD's, and the blacks I have recorded on and get the same warning 'please eject disc......playback feature may not be available on this disc'. NOTHING will load. I tried resetting the unit, and have done many other things. but the fact is, it went from working to not working instantly and has not worked since. The unit was 3 weeks old, brand new from sears on puchase.

Inquirey to sylvania got me an automated response to go to some company calll funai, who has since given me a run around. I fell completely helpless and ripped off.
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on February 14, 2006
I initially rated this as a 4 star based mainly on price, but after owning for a while, it's a solid 1 star due to performance. It's fan is really noisy when the unit is on. The VCR screetches like fingers on a chalkboard when fast forwarding and rewinding. The VCR will stop and turn off in the middle of rewinding. When playing recorded VHS material on another VCR, there are tracking/audio issues and vice versa. It recognizes Macrovision so I've been able to dub only 70% of my VHS collection to DVD (Don't even bother trying any Disney movies!). Some of my dubbed movies have skips or poor audio. You need to play the movie to dub (no high speed feature) so dubbing takes a lot of time and is a manual process. And now it's started to give disk errors on brand new 8X DVDs (since I made sure to buy a stockpile of 8X DVD's as speeds increased due to other reviewer's complaints). Also finding with the change to digital, that it also is not allowing DVD-R recording of a lot of satelite/cable programming with my current cable provider. And no good customer service website. So, based on my past history with this Sylvania electronic product and their lighting products, I've come to the conclusion that Sylvania is a name brand to avoid like the plague.
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on May 5, 2006
After throwing a three-month-old Ilo DVR out the window, I purchased this DVR/VCR combo.

I've had it for about three weeks now and not a glitch. I've successfully recorded everything I wanted to, and my DVDs last a lot longer with the 10-hour record option. Even music recorded at this speed doesn't sound weird. It's pretty user-friendly and easy to figure out.

It doesn't get hot, has a fan, and is "off" in it's standby mode.

If I had to complain at all, it's that in order to play DVDs recorded on this on other DVD players, you have to make sure to record in video mode and finalize the disk.

I've tried dubbing to/from DVD to VHS and vice versa, and no problems there either.

I really like it at this point; my experience with the cheapo Ilo has made me wary of these things in general, but so far so good with the Sylvania.

Another good thing: You CAN record HBO with this; some won't let you record premium channel programming.
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on December 16, 2005
This is an excellent dvd,vcr recorder,and will record up to 16x with a dvr-r-and the dvd-r-rewritable discs...This machine is identical to the dvr90ve...The later model records at only 4x maximum...I had ordered two of the sylvania dvr90ve,but i received one of the dvr90vf,when the ve model went out of stock...I payed only 40 dollars more for the better model...Actually the unit records at higher speeds,claimed to 16 times...I have only burned at 8 times,and i have had excellent results...All my discs copied well,with no coasters...All in all,i like this unit better,but the dvr90ve is selling for for 50 dollars less. and is last years technology,Thats okey.All in all i highly recommend this unit...Thank you stewart L.
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on April 14, 2006
I bought this dvd player, after sizing it up to other higher priced dvd recorder combos, and of course went with this- the picture drops almost evertime you want to record a dvd- meaning, your dvd is being recorded but very noticable lines come through the dvd and then goes blank screen while the audio is still there- Its very bad- I took it back and they told me that it does not get sold a lot because of complaints like mine. Its nice, if you do not plan to record dvd's- jus letting u kno so u dont make the same mistake is i did.
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on May 22, 2006
I bought two of these machines -- one for myself, one for my dad. Both have conked out in less than a year. At first, the recorder starts skipping while recording. Then, it starts skipping while you are playing a disc -- any disc. Then (for my dad), it stops recording at all. Unfortunately, the warrantee only covers one year for parts, while the labor guarantee expires after three months. I will never buy anything from Sylvania, again.
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on April 13, 2007
I am not a review writer, but I want to warn anyone away from this piece of junk. I have never had an electronic device that broke after less than a year until now. First the clock stopped working - making it impossible to timer - record anything. Next, the thing just started spitting out DVD's and VCR tapes while we were in the middle of watching, it would just turn itself off and eject the movie. Now it no longer records on the DVD side, and you can't rewind VCR tapes anymore. Of course this all began about a week after the warrantee expired. We are not heavy users of this device, so this really was either just a lemon, or the product is defective. Will never buy anything Sylvania again.
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on May 8, 2006
DO NOT BUY THIS. IT stop working after 4 months ! Its not worth the money ! I made a decision of buying this after reading the great reviews ! BIG MISTAKE. I still have another dvd/ vcr combo that I bought 3 years ago. Mintek. And it still work .
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on April 25, 2006
As far as DVD Recorder/VCR Combo's go, This model is the best bang for your buck. These recorder combo's are fairly new to the market and they all have some bug's, So why spend $ 250 $ 300 dollars when most of them rate only 3 1/2 stars or less. This is a very easy unit to set up with a very fine DVD picture and fair VCR picture. Great price $ 185, And clear manual instruction's. Do your home work, Read and follow the entire instruction manual and this unit works like a charm. Sylvania also has a 1-800 help line if you need it and they back their product.
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on March 18, 2006
After purchasing a $150 DVD Recorder and returning it...I was thinking that maybe there was no such thing as a good DVD recorder, let alone a DVD/VCR combo recorder. After reading reviews here, I purchased at Circuit City (price matched).

Within 5 minutes of walking in the door, I had model plugged in and DVD playing. My first concern was that it might not play DVD+R's that were made on my PC....especially since model plainly says DVD-R -RW right on the unit itself. It does play ALL of my DVD+R's made from PC. It will only burn onto DVD-R, but that's no biggie. I have yet to burn a DVD onto this unit, but I"m confident it'll work well!

Great product & great value!
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