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on April 9, 2014
We purchased this model for our son last year and we loved it. We decided to purchase two more as gifts for our other children. However, we didn't know that the dvd player has been revamped and is now junk (what you see in the picture is the old version). We are so disappointed in the new features. The first player we received had a volume wheel on the side of the player, but now the up volume is on the play button and the down volume is on the stop button. So, to stop the video you press the stop button, but to turn down the volume, you hold down the stop button. It makes it impossible to adjust the volume slightly because you can't turn it up or down one notch at a time which is a problem since the video plays at top volume every time you start the player and must be adjusted down each time. The lid broke on both of the newer players within two weeks and in less than 90 days both screens have stopped working. The first one is still in good working condition, but the newer ones are now in the trash. I don't understand why they would take a great product and make it useless. I'll never buy another Sylvania product again.
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on September 2, 2015
This is a fine little dvd player. Very light and portable. I knew this was 7 inches, but was still surprised at its small size when I received it. For reference, I added a photo of it compared to a dvd case (it's the smaller of the two).

I bought this for my 21 month old toddler for a flight. Its small size will actually be helpful when trying to pack lightly for the trip. We received it today, so I put in the movie Tangled and let it play for at least an hour. The quality is perfectly fine for this small and cheap a screen. The player itself was quiet as the movie played.

I paused the movie and closed the lid. Since the player was still "on," lifting the lid brought us back to where we were in the movie. However, turning the player "off" and then "on" again restarted the dvd at the beginning.

I bought this model mainly because you can swivel the screen and lay it flat like a tablet. This way the buttons are hidden underneath the screen. Otherwise I would be fighting with my daughter wanting to push all the buttons constantly. Being able to avoid that is such a bonus!

I've uploaded pictures of what comes with the player. This includes a remote, car charger, wall charger, earbuds, the cables, and a carrying case. The case is the same material as most reusable grocery bags. This means it's thin and lightweight - definitely not superb protection. The case has two zippered pockets.

- Lightweight and portable
- Durable so far - my daughter set it down hard on the floor a few times and it didn't even skip
- Good screen quality
- Charged pretty quickly

- Not excellent protection from the case
- The "enter" button on the player is impossible to accurately press. I have small fingers and tried very carefully to press the exact center of the "enter" button numerous times. All it did was think I was pushing one of the arrows - every time. That was very frustrating. I've ended up having to use the remote.
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on November 5, 2016
Overall, happy with it. But the remote does not work quickly, which is a nuisance. I replaced the battery that came with it, and it did not help. So I have to stand there for several minutes pushing the button until it engages.

Had to come back to update my first review. It was always slow in connecting with the remote, and I had to spend several minutes clicking on the "play" button to get it to run. Now, it does not work at all. I bought this for my toddler grandson for long car rides and he loves it. But now he gets upset every single time we try to make it work. Nothing. Replaced the battery with a brand new one. Nothing. Aimed the infra-red signal to the infra-red receiver, as instructed. Nothing. Waste of money. Piece of junk. And now it is too late to return it. I am going to go to a retail store and try out different models, make sure they function, and buy him a new one. This one is on its way to the trash. Will never purchase another Sylvania product. So buyer beware. If you bought the older model, you might have lucked out. This? Nope!
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on December 29, 2015
We bought this as a Christmas present and it broke the very first time we used it- the plastic hinge that closes over the DVD broke instantly. Since we purchased it before the Christmas rush, we could no longer return it even though it was not opened nor was it covered under warranty. Don't buy- it wont last!

Edited to add: We did contact Curtis International, the manufacturer, to ask them to honor the "free from workmanship defects", as it broke before we had a chance to even use it. Their "warranty" included us paying a $44 "fee" for insurance, plus a separate money order to cover return shipping, plus paying to ship it to Michigan on our dime- for a replacement. The current selling price on Amazon prime is $42.
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on July 7, 2016
This DVD player saved my sanity while traveling across county with a toddler. As some of the other reviewers mentioned, the case is cheap... like really cheap so I do recommend purchasing another one if you need something more sturdy. We purchased the TFY Mount-DVD-7 Car Headrest Mount for Swivel and Flip Style 7-Inch Portable DVD Player and it fit perfectly. I did also purchase a longer charging cord but that is just personal preference. We were running two DVD players in the back seat so one was charging off the plug in the back and the other up front. The cord would work perfectly if distance wasn't an issue though. Overall very happy with this product! Remote works well, allows you to start and stop the movie safely from the front seat.
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on March 29, 2015
This tv/dvd combo keeps our 8 month old entertained whenever we dine out at restaurants. Works well and is pretty easy to use, but the only issues we have with it are with the power switch and volumn controls. The on/off switch sticks out from the side and easily gets switched on while handling it or while putting it in the travel bag it came with. Quite often we go to use it and power is dead or only last for few mins since it had been switched on accidentally. Also every time we start up a DVD, the volumn default is very loud and so you have to try and hurry up to turn it down as the movie starts. In addition to that, the volumn button also happens to be the Stop button so if you accidentally lift up your finger (while holding it down to lower the volumn) it will stop the DVD then you need to start it from the beginning. A few bad designs on the player but is overall good for the money. Picture quality is good and never have any problems with skipping.
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on June 8, 2017
I am not a fan of this DVD player. The controller for it only worked the first or second time we used it and then it stopped working all together. I replaced the batteries and it worked for one button push and then stopped again all together. This wouldn't be a big deal if you could access all of the buttons on the controller from the DVD player itself, but you can't. You only have Mode, Play/Pause, Stop, and then the skip buttons on this.
The volume buttons are combined with the play and stop buttons. They only work for volume when you hold them down, not just with one push.
As I'm sure you can imagine, this causes children a lot of frustration when they are trying to adjust the volume and accidentally stop or pause the movie instead. My daughter does not like to use it because it doesn't have last memory. On some DVD players you can change this in settings, but there is no option to do so on this one. I was lucky to even get to the Set Up menu at all, since that was the one time the buttons on the controller decided to work for a minute. Set up is not accessible from the DVD player itself. Overall, very disappointed.
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on March 6, 2015
Disappointing...purchased product for my seven year old daughter. Seemed to work fine, but when we tried to use the earphones the product continues to produce sound through the regular speaker and earphones do not transmit sound. A new pair of earphones did not solve the problem. Product has a defective ear phone jack or connection. We did'nt realize this until a couple of months after purchase because we don't use the player very often. Therefore, unable to return. Disappointing because product is not loud enough to hear in a running automobile and therefore useless unless used in a quiet room alone. If you buy one, check this out right away so you don't get burned.
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on March 31, 2017
I'd give this item ZERO STARS but that is not an option. I trust Amazon for thousand of dollars worth of purchases and I have never been so disappointed. Granted it has taken me a couple years to express how mad I am as I am just taking my second road trip with my toddler next weekend. I purchased this and used it for 1 trip, it worked great. I tried to use it again a couple months later and it didn't work. So I bought a new cable cord on Amazon for like $10 and it still didn't work. Would I buy this again? NO Do I think the company should honor and stand by there product? YES I would appreciate and remove my review if I did receive a second one that worked for more than a 1 time use. I have never wrote a review before and I am sad that it has to be a negative one. I spent $45 plus tax on this item and I got to use it ONE time. If you are reading this and considering buying it, don't! Spend the extra money and get something that won't break after ONE use!
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on June 14, 2015
Bought this for my 15 year old daughter. Bought end of April, but did not give it to her until she just received a great report card, June 10.
She loves the CD part. Music is great sounding and can even be too loud!!!
The DVD part plays great picture, but the sound level is awful!!!!!! It can almost not be heard at all while NOT using earphones, so no sharing DVD's in the car or at home with her younger nephews, and WITH EARPHONES the sound can barely be heard!!!!
I am so disappointed with this product and I can not return it because it is past 30 days. I bought it because Sylvania is a trusted brand name! I will not make that mistake again!!
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