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on April 9, 2014
We purchased this model for our son last year and we loved it. We decided to purchase two more as gifts for our other children. However, we didn't know that the dvd player has been revamped and is now junk (what you see in the picture is the old version). We are so disappointed in the new features. The first player we received had a volume wheel on the side of the player, but now the up volume is on the play button and the down volume is on the stop button. So, to stop the video you press the stop button, but to turn down the volume, you hold down the stop button. It makes it impossible to adjust the volume slightly because you can't turn it up or down one notch at a time which is a problem since the video plays at top volume every time you start the player and must be adjusted down each time. The lid broke on both of the newer players within two weeks and in less than 90 days both screens have stopped working. The first one is still in good working condition, but the newer ones are now in the trash. I don't understand why they would take a great product and make it useless. I'll never buy another Sylvania product again.
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on September 2, 2015
This is a fine little dvd player. Very light and portable. I knew this was 7 inches, but was still surprised at its small size when I received it. For reference, I added a photo of it compared to a dvd case (it's the smaller of the two).

I bought this for my 21 month old toddler for a flight. Its small size will actually be helpful when trying to pack lightly for the trip. We received it today, so I put in the movie Tangled and let it play for at least an hour. The quality is perfectly fine for this small and cheap a screen. The player itself was quiet as the movie played.

I paused the movie and closed the lid. Since the player was still "on," lifting the lid brought us back to where we were in the movie. However, turning the player "off" and then "on" again restarted the dvd at the beginning.

I bought this model mainly because you can swivel the screen and lay it flat like a tablet. This way the buttons are hidden underneath the screen. Otherwise I would be fighting with my daughter wanting to push all the buttons constantly. Being able to avoid that is such a bonus!

I've uploaded pictures of what comes with the player. This includes a remote, car charger, wall charger, earbuds, the cables, and a carrying case. The case is the same material as most reusable grocery bags. This means it's thin and lightweight - definitely not superb protection. The case has two zippered pockets.

- Lightweight and portable
- Durable so far - my daughter set it down hard on the floor a few times and it didn't even skip
- Good screen quality
- Charged pretty quickly

- Not excellent protection from the case
- The "enter" button on the player is impossible to accurately press. I have small fingers and tried very carefully to press the exact center of the "enter" button numerous times. All it did was think I was pushing one of the arrows - every time. That was very frustrating. I've ended up having to use the remote.
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on December 29, 2015
We bought this as a Christmas present and it broke the very first time we used it- the plastic hinge that closes over the DVD broke instantly. Since we purchased it before the Christmas rush, we could no longer return it even though it was not opened nor was it covered under warranty. Don't buy- it wont last!

Edited to add: We did contact Curtis International, the manufacturer, to ask them to honor the "free from workmanship defects", as it broke before we had a chance to even use it. Their "warranty" included us paying a $44 "fee" for insurance, plus a separate money order to cover return shipping, plus paying to ship it to Michigan on our dime- for a replacement. The current selling price on Amazon prime is $42.
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on June 14, 2015
For the price its OK. It plays just about any DVD that I have tried. However, it won't play MPEG4 files of any type. Additionaly, I have tried VOB, MPEG1, 2, Divxx, and three types of AVI formats. What the heck kind of format will this darned thing play? No support from Sylvania/Curtis. Using 10 different formats on a USB this unit finds 'no movies'. Sound for the small speakers is reasonable. Since I am older, a ten inch screen would be better (I have poor eyesight). The lid over the disk opens at about a 30 degree angle. You must be careful to assure the lid is properly closed or it will not run. It has a CD ripping function, but I havent tried this. It is disappointing that I can't get it to play video that I have recorded, no matter what format that I have tried.
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on March 27, 2014
First of all, whenever you turn on the player, you have to remember that the sound is automatically preset to the highest volume--it will blast you out of your seat! That is a royal pain, and there is no knob, just a button on the tiny control pad that jumps it up or down. I ended up putting duct tape across the speaker because even the lowest setting was still way too loud for me.
It sounds like a plane taking off when it loads, and often during the playing of a dvd, the mechanism inside the player is so loud it makes it difficult to concentrate on the movie.
If they had had a Coby available, I would have ordered another one. My old one lasted for 7 years until it gave up the ghost, and it was much quieter.
The screen on the Sylvania is more rectangular, and it tends to distort the picture on some dvd's by 'stretching the images'.
The one good thing about it is the way the screen swivels to any angle. Other than that, I wish I had purchased something else. But I bought the extended warranty, so I am stuck with it for now.
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on November 16, 2013
I am sad to have to agree with the "I've only had it for X days/months and it broke!" I've had it under three months, used not too often. I pulled it out today to settle down and watch a movie. It suddenly died about 45 minutes into the film. It will not power up despite unplugging and replugging in the power cord, changing the DVDs, fiddling with the power button.

I just tried calling customer service and not only was the person not paying attention, she claimed this is not one of their products and that she'll get another number for me. I am not sure if she took the model number down correctly. I waited 10 minutes and waded through 3 menus to get to that point. The supposed Sylvania Consumer Electronics website doesn't exist. Fantastic.

When it did work, it was just fine. I haven't had it long enough to take it traveling with me but for my purposes, the sound and visual quality were just fine. The sound could arguably be too loud if the volume is cranked up all the way, but unless you're watching in the middle of a sports game, it'll probably suit someone watching at home or waiting for their flight.

I would be very reluctant to recommend this to someone, unless someone is giving it away for free.
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on July 29, 2016
I bought this for a 8 hour round trip to see a specialist for my son. He hates car rides so this was an important part of our plan to keep him busy. About an hour from home we pull it out. Brand new just charged the night before. It won't load the disc. My son is screaming in the back for bubble guppies. He wanted to watch the brand new DVD I had bought. Since it won't load my husband tried another DVD. It's loud and thumping like an old school portable CD players before anti skip. After turning it on and off a few times it started working but the volume at its highest is very low and the screen is very dim. My son wouldn't be able to see it with with bright sun from the window. When we took that second DVD out we noticed it was scratched and look at the bubble guppies DVD and it was scratched! So now I am returning it but I won't get all of my money back because it destroyed $40 in brand new duds! I would have returned it even if it wasn't raining dvds because the sound and video quality was beyond poor. Even for a $50 machine. Also the head rest mount is nonsense. We never could figure out how to attach it. Not that my kid would be able to see or hear it that far away from him.
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on March 9, 2017
Great price for under fourty-nine dollars and free shipping was a plus, delivered by UPS and came rather quickly. Takes up to five days to ship, but arrived quick. Like the cool cables it came with and earphones. Haven't tried everything out, but plugged it in and can play for hours. The sound volume goes from 0-20.

But the drawback is every time you turn off the machine and turn it back on, the volume is like preset to 18. The screen is small, but a good size for my nephews and I like it that you can tilt the screen downwards without it shutting on you as you watch to rid the glare on the screen from the sunlight. Has FFW from 2x's-32x's. there's no eject button, simply push the right lower side were it says, 'push' seems delicate. Kind of don't like whenever you turn the power off button and turn it back on again to play the movie, the volume goes back up to 18 and movie starts from beginning. It's nice it came new and with a portable case and can fit all your cords it came with. Plays CD's wonderfully, but does not play CD-R nor DVD-R, very disappointed, since I wanted to watch some older movies I have. Will need to checkout some DVD's from library. I guess, I have a bad disc in DVD, it pauses and skipped the movie in parts of a really old DVD disc. Sound is a plus. Does not play international dvd's! I have a U.K. DVD and it won't play it says wrong region on screen. I played a movie in the car ride once and the car adapter worked great! Never skipped a beat. It played the movie great!
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on June 8, 2015
Bought this player last November and i have to buy another one again and its only June. A few months ago it started making a funny grinding sound and started sticking. I would have to play with it a little and it would start playing again. Now it just says loading and nothing comes up anymore.
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on June 13, 2015
Junk. Shortly after the warranty (90 days) ended, the tiny plastic nob that hooks/hinges the DVD lid snapped off. Now, the only way to keep the lid shut (and the only way the player will work) is to tape it shut. Even then....the tape loses stickiness after one or two DVD changes. I called the company, and they said I could send it to repair and pay $44 to fix it. Rip off---all I need is a new plastic lid, which I can't find on line.

Even when the player is working, it is very difficult to figure out how to operate the volume, which one would expect to be quite obvious. Steering clear of Sylvania products in the future. Should have stuck with Sony.
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