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on June 23, 2011
This DVD player does what it says it does: plays various formats easily & cleanly. The remote the useful & easy to use...even from the front seat!

I love being able to swivel the screen around to make a "tablet" style DVD player & hang from the headrest a little cleaner.

My only complaints are with the accessories. The included power cords, both for car & home plugs are short & flimsy. The earbuds broke as soon as I opened them. The included carrying bag is actually made of the same material as cheap, disposable/semi-reusable bags. The strap broke right away & there is no padding.

Overall, plugs can be replaced & better carrying/mounting devices ate easily obtained. The player handles what we put it through everyday without even a skip.
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on October 23, 2014
This product is an overall poor quality design! I DON'T recommend it! It is not an economical value, and the sound at full blast is unhearable in a quiet room. It does come with a sorry set of ear buds that are the worse I've ever tried to stuff into my ears. They are very painful once you finally get them fully inserted and when you take a deep breath, they fall out! The volume is good ONLY with the ear buds, but good luck trying to share a DVD with your partner, because only one of you will be able to hear it. The controls are difficult to figure out and the print in the user manual is far too tiny to read, so they can devote half the manual to a foreign language or two in the English speaking country they are marketing it to.

The picture quality is very nice if the DVD you are watching has a good quality picture. There is a swivel screen, a very small cheesy remote control and a few good qualities to the unit. However, not a bit of is worth carrying home without sound! I am very sorry I made this purchase! I suppose it would be nice for an inmate who is in solitary confinement. I don't recommend it for anyone else..
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on November 7, 2013
The first one lasted less than one month before the buttons stopped working properly. We got a replacement and this one stopped working right at 90 days. It was not cheap and I am disappointed. I will not buy this or any other Sylvania product again because of the cheapness of the electronic controls and because of the poor customer support (no phone number, just send it to them at your expense to fix it at your cost when it should still be operating fine). This item, though for a child, was in my home (I am grandma) and taken very well care of by me, never dropped etc.
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on April 12, 2016
Disappointing at best. I expected more from Sylvania. The unit is made cheaply. While they may have used thinly gauge plastic because of weight considerations, it gives the unit a cheap character. Among my chief complaints is the lack of volume--it's barely adequate and would prove problematic for anyone with a slight hearing impairment. Coupled with that is something that drives me nuts. You can set the unit so that it remembers its playing position on a disc when you shut off the unit. This works nicely. When you power up the unit begins where it left off. HOWEVER, the same is not true for the volume level. It defaults each time to level 15 -- why doesn't it just remember the last volume level used? Some of the setting options are nice to have but a digital built in clock is NOT one of them. The carry bag is flimsy, has NO padding and affords absolutely no protection. It does come with earplugs (no solution to the low volume problem), power adapter, batteries, straps, cigarette lighter adapter, and remote. Don't misplace the remote--it has options on it that are not on the unit. Perhaps as a kid's toy the unit is adequate but I expect better quality, more features (at least a clock), and good sound volume from Sylvania products all of which are lacking in this model. I wish I could be more positive about this product but it honestly is lacking and a disappointment.
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on January 24, 2017
Small case, light weight, great player of all forms of CD-DVD files, audio files and picture files. Fully controlled by remote control. Could use more volume but great performer so far. Red and green LED lights show status of player, off on, and charging. But charging does no0t have auto turn off, according to manual, so could possibly be over charged. But has long play time.
Can play a great number of new file formats.
Would recommend this player.
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on December 11, 2014
I am only rating and commenting based on what I received versus what I thought I was purchasing. I received model #SDVD9000B2-C. I am not sure if the "-C" makes a difference; however, mine does not play MP4 files downloaded off of the internet, nor does it come with a SD card reader, and it is not region free as others commented. It clearly states Region 1 on the back of the device and will not play my disks that were purchased in Asia. I do not know if Sylvania has changed the model since it's inception, but beware that it is not necessarily what is advertised. I would advise going to a brick and mortar store and have the associate open the box to check specifications before buying.
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on January 14, 2014
I use this to watch DVD's while on my treadmill. I have to use my earbuds to hear it. But it has very nice sound through the ear buds... stereo sound. The picture is clear. I have not used it a lot but it works for me so far. I like that the screen can be adjusted. I leave it up to see over the top of the treadmill and it sits on the "magazine" holder area. I can tip it a little to avoid a glare. It can fold all the way down so its like a tablet but I haven't found a time when that was what I wanted yet. It came with a skimpy holder that supposedly will keep it on the back of a headrest in the car. I haven't tried it but I am skeptical if it will work well for that. I didn't buy this to use in the car regardless. It is working for what I bought it to do, sit on the treadmill and let me watch DVD's or sit on the bed and let me see them there. It plays CD's and I haven't tried that yet but consider that a plus as well.
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on August 13, 2015
Good screen quality, very light and portable -- really wanted to give it 4 1/2 stars, because it is better than a 4. Useful accessories (stereo earphones, AC charging cord, compact remote control w/ batteries, connection cable for TV and other A/V devices, carrying case, car connection cable). Battery seems to last pretty long without charging (nearly 5 hours). My only quibble: I wish you could fast-forward and rewind from the buttons on the player itself rather than having to use the remote control, since when you're sitting very close to the player, as in an airplane, the remote can be tricky to aim correctly. (You can go to the next track and the previous track on the player.) The volume from the speakers is on the low side, as has been mentioned in other reviews, but to me, the whole point of a portable DVD player is that you use it in a travel situation, where you'd be using earphones anyway. (No problem with volume through the earphones.) Extremely pleased with this purchase.
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on March 13, 2014
I'm very disappointed in this product. I purchased it for a gift. It hasn't been used but a couple of months. The power cord came apart and we bought another cord at Walmart and it still won't work. I got another dvd player for the car several years ago and it's really been used and is still going strong. Unlike this one that has hardly been used at all. I go online to inquire about exchange or return and I can't even find a place to contact a seller. It just said unable to return. Return window was up January 31. If I had purchased at good ole Walmart, I would still be able to take it back for a lot longer than one month. I will certainly keep this in mind before I purchase from Amazon again.
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on November 30, 2012
This would have been a nice DVD Player if it had actual been what I paid to have. It says in the description that this DVD player has AV Input and Output. This is false. There is no Av Input. There is only Output. This was a complete waste of time and money for us because we need a player that can handle the use of video game consoles being played on it.

Amazon please, please, please double and triple check your item description for incorrect information.

The accessories do suck as one reviewer put it. Complete trash and not worth any money. The DVD case/holder is a joke. Be prepared for it to fall apart real quick. I recommend getting a better quality case to keep your dvd player protected because the case that comes with it is like putting it in a cheap plastic grocery bag. There is no protection of any kind if you want to actually travel with it. The AC adapter is very short and the car charger is just as short. Good luck if you have all your cigarette/power outlets in the front of your vehicle because that cord will not stretch to the back seat unless you have a very small car.

One good redeeming quality was that I got this for a great price for Cyber Monday...to bad it isn't at all what we needed. :-( I would recommend paying a little more for a better quality item.
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