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on January 3, 2015
I just received these DVD players, I was a little hesitant to purchase due to the negative reviews but I'm glad I decided to order.
I love that both dvd players come with a wall plug so they can be used outside the car and can be charged to last 2 hours without being plugged in. Both players have sd and USB slots.

I installed the straps for the headrest and then installed the dvd player to headrest without any issues (there were several complaints on other reviews stating it was hard to attach straps) the dvd players sit nicely on my head rest.

I tested our the picture and sound since there were some negative reviews and I had no issues, both dvd players connected to each other and the sound was great for being a portable dvd player.

The only negative thing I have so far is the connections for the screens are both on the same side of the player so when you want to connect player A to player B the cord has to reach to the other side, it reaches perfectly fine but it would be much easier if the connection spots were located on opposite sides (I've attached a picture to better understand)

So far I like this dvd player especially for the price. If I encounter any issues I will definitely update the post.
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on January 8, 2014
We bought a new car before we took a trip to Florida. I wanted a DVD in the car, but the dealership did not have one in stock. So, I went in search of DVD players for the headrests. After looking for a month, I decided to purchase these. I have an 8-year-old and a 2-year-old, so I definitely was looking for something I could play different movies in. I saw a lot of reviews that made me nervous, not working after an hour or not loading properly, but I took the chance anyway.

Love these DVD players. We drove from PA to NC, stayed in NC for a couple days, then onto FL and back. The DVD players were not only used in the car but we also used them inside the hotels we were staying at. I did not have any problems with skipping or loading, and let me tell you, my 2-year-old is rough with everything. I am extremely glad I took the chance and bought them. I'm also glad that I did not get the overhead DVD now. It works so much better with playing two separate movies!! OHHH! And you can charge the DVD players, too! I charged them before we left and didn't plug them in until the battery got low.

Both DVDs came with wall and car chargers and two remotes. One remote does not work on both, only works for the one it came with. The DVDs also came with the straps for the headrest.

The only advice I could give is make sure you know which DVD player is A and B, especially if you plan to try and play the same movie on both. Don't try and connect them without knowing which is which, while in the car. It's really annoying. Also, make sure you somehow mark which remote goes with which DVD. It will just make life easier, especially if you're in the car for a long time!

I purchased these in September of 2013 and they're still working now, January 2014.
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on March 4, 2015
Very bad experience with this produce. For 5 years we used a dual portable DVD player made by RCA - it worked great until recently. Bought the Sylvania dual portable DVD player to replace the RCA. We used it on a 1300 mile round trip last week and we were not happy at all.

Here are some of the bad design elements - you are required to use a remote to fast forward, skip, etc. these functions cannot be done on the DVD player itself. The DVD door opens up instead of down (hit a small bump and it closes inadvertently while swapping discs). The straps to secure to headrest aren't velcro so they loosen and slip down easily. However these design elements were acceptable out of the box.

Here are the issues we experienced that led us to return the item - from the start the AV in/out function didn't work so we weren't able to watch the same DVD on both screens. So we had the kids watch two different movies - not ideal, but acceptable. Then one of the DVD players started making this high pitched sound (I assume it was coming from the DVD mechanism as it was independent of the volume settings). About an hour later it quit working all together. When we cycled the power it would start up then shut off immediately. We tried many scenarios to get it to work without success. Then not long after that the other DVD player paused the movie unexpectedly and repeatedly, on multiple discs. Eventually gave up on this player too. Not good for young kids travelling!!

Buyer beware!
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on May 30, 2015
We have been through several of the DVD players for our car and I've just came to the same conclusion as most that all of these, no matter the brand, are cheap and not built to last. We honestly did not keep this set long enough to have any say on the longevity on these. I knew right away that these were going to be a pain for our purposes so sent them back right away.

I will say picture/sound was as good as to be expected for portable DVD players. I think this set works much better in order to play 2 separate movies rather then syncing them together.

I bought these for the purpose of playing one movie on both players since I have young boys who aren't really able to use headphones yet. The big selling point for me was that these were supposed to run on battery as well so they don't need to be plugged in at all times which is perk that many other dual players don't have. However, as many have pointed out, the battery life is not all that great. It didn't even last for a full movie and you are given only ONE charger for car which makes no sense at all. So if you are on a long car trip (which is what we use our DVD players for) and have the DVD players linked together to play one movie you will ultimately be only able to charge one at a time or figure out some plan to keep one plugged in while the runs on batteries... honestly I feel that it's easier to have another brand which comes with a dual charger since you will have at least one plugged in at all times anyway.

The second issue with this set is the syncing. The directions do not state ANYWHERE on how to sync these together. We were finally able to figure out how exactly to set up both cords and then you must use the remote and hit source to sync together. So if you lose this remote you are out of luck. Other sets we've had only require one cord to be connected and then it's synced. Not sure why this brand makes it so complicated.

Also the movie starts over from the beginning every time they are turned off. Not such a big deal for long trips but if you are using these for just daily errands and out and about that could become an annoyance pretty fast.

We ultimately just decided that these would be more of headache then they are worth. Amazon did quickly refund us for full amount. But I will say that if you purchase these for trip like many people do ahead of time make sure you test them out as soon as you get them!

We decided this time around to go ahead and buy Phillips brand from Best Buy and did buy protection plan. I'm usually not a fan of protection plans but with any brand portable DVD player you get it's a pretty safe assumption that it will break within a year. Unfortunately, these are lifesavers for long car trips with young kids!
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on May 11, 2017
We purchased this for our 9 year old son and 3 year old daughter to use on a long road trip, as we have tons of old dvds we never watch anymore. We weren't able to get the DVD players to play one DVD in both screens, but actually it turns out that didn't matter much because our kids couldn't agree on the same movies. For our 12-day trip, it worked great. Great picture, great sound. The straps to attach the players took some time to adjust and get everything just so, but once they were installed, they stayed put without issue. My son still uses his player just about every time he gets in the car. However, my daughter already broke hers. I don't think it had anything to do with the quality of the DVD player - the DVD player only opens several inches to insert the DVD, and she pulled it all the way open, taking the little door off its hinges. We tried to pop the door back in, but now it will not close or play properly. So, probably not the best purchase for a younger child.
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on June 29, 2015
Many have said that this model won't resume playback when powered off & back on. However on our SDVD9805-C model (dash "C" we think is a newer updated version) we found a setting in the setup called "Last Memory". it was defaulted to OFF we turned it to ON & now we can hit the power switch & turn it back on & it will resume from the last position. No need to hit stop or pause to get it to work. Enabling this "Last memory" setting plus the fact it has a battery backup is a perfect solution!! now kids can keep watching their show while we stop to fill up on gas. Then if we stop for longer they can switch it off (to save the battery) & resume when we get back in the car.
Image attached for reference.
to get to the setting:
1. remove any dvd disc from the unit (we noticed not all settings are available when it is playing a disc)
2. from the first "general setup" screen - arrow to the right to get to the sub menu
3. arrow down to the very bottom where "Last Memory" is located
4. change it from OFF to ON
5. back out of the menu (arrow left & hit setup to exit)
6. repeat on other unit.
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on December 15, 2014
As the title says, it appears that Slyvania may have seen the light and updated the producte so both units have all functionality. I've just gotten our set and they do have the USB and SD ports on both. Also, either unit can play on both screens. My units are labeled "A" and "B" so it doesn't appear that I've accidentally gotten two "A" units. I've tested this with a DVD with no problems. I don't have a playable video file, but I can see the SD selection screen showing on both screens... including the 'codec unavailable' message for MP4s. Boo hiss!

I bought this set to replace a set of 7" RCAs which we've had for 3 or 4 years and now occasionally have troubles reading discs on one unit or the other. We're driving 14 hours each way for Christmas, so I did not want to have DVD player problems in the middle and wind up buying whatever I could find or going without. So far I am quite happy with this purchase.

- excellent functionality
- beautiful screen... puts the old ones to shame
- great price, even not considering the rip off dealership pricing

- doesn't play MP4
- straps really need a buckle. I will probably steal the ones off the old players, but this is a major oversight for the cost of a 10 cent part.

These are a bit complex with the multiple sources from 2 devices. Our kids aren't old enough to read the screen and control these yet, so if we want to change movies on the fly my wife or I will have to pull the 'master' device off the seat and start the video, then reattach while moving. Would be great if these had WiFi or Bluetooth and a control app for Android. Of course that would be a significant enhancement.

I have not yet experimented much with restarting in place. If we can't get a good result there, that will cause some pain also.
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on December 21, 2015
After just a handful of uses, we've had several issues and now cannot really use it, nor can we have it returned or replaced. The mic jack broke on one unit (so now we can't use headphones), one unit wouldn't read a DVD (so we can't play movies independently), and the piece of plastic that holds the strap in place for the headrest broke (so now it cannot attach to a headrest). We literally used this maybe 5-10 times before these things happened. TERRIBLE!
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on July 7, 2013
Having owned cars with built-in DVD players I must say that this product comes close to a built-in. However, dealing with the wires does get cumbersome. We have a rear power outlet on the console so it wasn't too much trouble. The two screens are very clear, large enough to really enjoy the picture. With two granddaughters, they loved the ability to watch separate DVDs or the same one. Very good purchase compared to all the others I screened prior to purchase. We did add a $15.00 wireless hearphone system that was a terrific purchase. It came with transmitter that plugs into the earphone jack in the DVD player, then the headphones are tuned to the transmitter. Great sound and It allowed the girls to listen without being tethered to the players.
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on May 25, 2017
Purchased these for a 1000 mile road trip to keep the kids occupied. Put a bunch of movies on a 32 gig SD card and attached them to the headrest using straps. Used 2 "NoiseBuster PA4000 Over-the-Head ANR Safety Earmuff" so the kids did not have to crank the sound up hear and I could crank the XM radio during the drive. I though this might be the best money I ever spend.

30 mins into the drive one of the screens turned to lines and stopped working. I pull over as the child is crying that the movie stopped. Pressing around the Screen and frame you could get it to work for a second and it would stop again. After 20 mins of pressing all over, flexing it, and power cycling it I gave up it was broken.

By the end of the trip the clips on the back of both screens clips broke off and the screens fell off the backs of the seats.

If the screens had lasted the trip I would have been happy as it would have been money wells spend. The fact that one only lasted 30 mins was a huge disappointment and you can see why the product has so many 1 star reviewers.
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