Customer Reviews: Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro, Blue
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on December 24, 2010
Most of the other reviews have hit the major pros and cons with this, but there are still a few more that I can add. Hope they help in making your purchasing decisions!

- Thanks to the gyro, very short learning curve. Remote has two joysticks. Left side only moves up/down and controls speed of the rotors, which controls how much lift they generate. Right joystick moves up/down (controlling forward/reverse) and left/right (makes heli spin). You can also moving the right stick diagonally to make various turns while moving forward or backwards (reverse "figure-8's" are always impressive).

- Surprisingly large number of "mods" that can be done to a $30 heli. After experimenting, I have settled on two minor ones. First, I removed the spring from the left joystick in the controller. This lets me put the heli in a hover and let go of the remote ("look ma, no hands!"). I have also moved the landing gear forward in their mounts to push the center of gravity forward a little, which gives a tiny bit more forward speed. (Some people tape a paperclip to the front to achieve the same effect). One of the other big ones that I tried, but didn't keep, was the "flybar mod". Google it for more details.

- Very durable. Before flying the S107, I had a non-gyro 3-CH heli which broke after it's third flight. I'm now 2+ weeks into the S107 and despite crashing into just about everything possible: walls, ceiling, sofa, tables, pull chain for ceiling fan, the Christmas tree(!), but for some minor nicks on the blades that don't affect flight, everything has held up fine. [My "trick" is to cut power to the blades completely as soon as the crash occurs, and just let it fall]. Even if something does break, just about every part on the 107 is replaceable, from the wings to the motors to the body parts.

- Because the S107 is so light (>40g), it absolutely cannot be used in any sort of wind. In fact, a decent draft can be enough to cause it to blow off course. Even indoors, you have to avoid open windows and fans of any sort. Not really a big problem as this happens to all small indoor helis.

- Due to IR control, people report having issues flying near/around LCD televisions and light bulbs that are on when flying. I can fly over lit lamps (incandescent and florescent) without issues, but my 46" LCD will occasionally cause the heli to lose contact with the controller, shutting down power to the rotor. Turning off the TV solves the problem completely.

- The power connector inside my controller will not charge my heli - after five seconds, it thinks its fully charged and shuts down. After taking the controller apart to look for issues, I found the the power wires' connection to the controller board were not soldered properly. Since the USB charger works fine, I did not bother returning the heli, but quality control still seems to be an issue.

- The USB charger (and presumably, the controller's built-in charger) are not "smart" chargers. That is, they will continue to charge the heli's battery as long as they are plugged in. As the heli comes with a Li-Po rechargeable, overcharging can cause all sorts of problems, ranging from shorter flight times to shortening the life of the battery, even to physically damaging the battery (can heat up and expand). Be sure to stop charging as soon as the indicator lights tell you to. [You can also significantly preserve the life of a Li-Po battery by not running it down completely after each flight.]

- Although the controller has markings for 3 channels (A, B and C), advertised as being able to have three people fly their S107s in the same room, there are actually only *two* channels available. (Again, I have taken the controller apart to verify this). So if you planned on giving this as a gift to your 3 children, keep in mind only two will be able to play with it simultaneously.

On the bright side is that to change channels, you just have to flip the switch on the controller and the heli will automatically recognize which one you chose.

All in all, the positives far outweigh the negatives and this makes a great toy for kids and adults alike.
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on July 28, 2010
The Syma S107 is so easy to control that on my first flight I had it tour my whole apartment, zooming in and out of closets and never touching an obstacle until I deliberately landed it. If you've never flown a good RC heli before, you might need to practice a bit. It might be your second or third flight before you get that good.

The S107 is *really* that easy to control.

I'm sure that many of you have played with Air Hogs and other micro helis and you long for a little heli that just plain flies where you want it to fly and stays up in the air. I'm here to tell you that such perfection is within your grasp.

Before I got my S107, I already owned two Syma S105s and I never get tired of flying them. They look almost identical to the S107 and the remote is identical, but they take a little bit of skill to fly with precision and I've made little tweaks here and there to get better control.

The S107 takes almost no skill to fly. They gyro makes it laughably easy to control. Just use it indoors, get it about 4 feet off the ground so that ground-effects don't mess with it, fly it a decent distance from air conditioning vents and the thing moves like it's hanging from a string on a stick.

That perfection is, perhaps, its one big flaw.

The thing is, I think the S105 is a bit more fun to play with. The S105 needs careful trimming at the beginning of each flight. The S105 tends to make broad turns, but pulls out sharply, risking blade-strikes, unexpected changes in direction and the occasional crash. It's incredibly easy to fly the S105, but even so every time that I fly one I grow more skillful with it.

The S107 just plain works. It goes where I point it.

I made one little change to my S107, taping a paperclip to the front to help it move forward more easily. That's the sum of all modifications that I made to mine. I can't find anything else to tweak. That's awesome. It's amazing. It's a fun thing to play with and the feeling of exhilaration endures even after many flights.

I heartily recommend this heli.

...But if you want a similar heli that's similarly amazing yet introduces a smidgen of challenge to each flight, consider the S105 as well.
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on November 3, 2010
RATING: After flying the 7.5 inch Syma S107 indoor heli for about 3 months now, I have to say that it is one of the most under-rated RC heli out there, hands down. Shop around. At about $30 online with taxes and stuff, this little trooper delivers the looks, detail, durability and performance of a much pricier heli. The Syma S107 has only 3-way controls but it competes surprisingly well with the likes of the Blade MCX2 which has 4-way controls and retails for about $150 off-line.

PERFORMANCE: I find it more fun to fly the Syma S107 than the smoother and more mellifluous Blade MCX2. In this sense the Syma S107 hews to a less is more principle: i.e. it delivers more with less. But here is the irony of the whole situation: the Syma S107's ragged performance edge actually connects with you better than the ultra-smooth Blade MCX2. It's almost like the difference between stick shift and automatic transmission. The S107's controls just feel more tactile than those of the Blade MCX2. (I am not trying to knock the Blade MCX 2 which is a great little heli in its own right. I am just trying to make a comparison on matters of price, build and performance.)

UPLIFTING LIFT: There is nothing like the sound of the Syma S107 blades when you turn it on. The rush of sound from its four independently articulated blades sound like no other heli I have flown. There is something breezily uplifting about that sound - something elevating about the way it elevates and stays aloft with truly amazing balance.

BUILD & DURABILITY: The detail and solid feel of the Syma S107 leaves the Blade MCX2 in the dust. The trim metal body and snug plastic hood fits way better than the loosey-goosey hood on the Blade MCX2. And after many trial crashes the Syma S107 has not shown much damage with the possible exception of a little whirring sound from the tail blade assembly and some herky-jerky movement when I am trying to turn the heli left or right. (I have oiled it a little but all to no avail.) The Blade MCX2 flew well for a couple of months until it would not take off after one unspectacular crash. (I am not making this up.) When I took it into Hobbytown USA in Fremont CA for one of their RC technician to look at, he found out that one of the central plastic gears was not engaging because the engine moving it had been pocked out of position inspite of being "protected" by the plastic hood. My suspicion is that it was probably poked out of position by some protruding prong during that last crash. I was mortified by the prospect of junking something I had paid $150 for only 2 months prior. But to Hobbytown USA's credit, they replaced the unit without fuss or muss. I was so thankful that they will probably have me as a customer for life.

NAVIGATION LIGHT: Finally nobody places the navigational-bling-bling lights better than Syma. That blinking light in the helicopter's nose makes it look positively sentient when it is hovering in front of you.

I love this little heli and wish I had more time to fly it. A higher capacity/quick charge battery would go a long way towards realizing this goal. The current heli only gives 10 minutes of flight time on top of about 45 minutes charge time. But in all fairness this seems to be the case with most RC helis in this category. However the battery's tendency to lose capacity when overcharged or re-charged without requisite cooling between flights (15 to 30 minutes)really needs to be fixed. Until that time, SYMA should make instructions to that effect front and center of its operating manual. IC circuitry (smart battery tech) would go a long way towards solving problems in this area.

INDISPENSABLE ADVICE: In that connection, here is an indispensable advice for people who wanna get more frustration-free enjoyment out of their Syma S107 purchase:

1. Buy 2 or 4 helis for starters as that will give you between 20 to 40 minutes of flying time, total.

2. When your heli's power gets depleted, do not charge it immediately as the engine assembly is all "hot and bothered". Let it cool down for about 20 minutes before hooking it up to the charging port.

3. DO NOT OVERCHARGE THE HELI. It will not give you any more power if you do. Au contraire you will end up depleting the charging capacity of your battery because of the dumb circuitry they put in there.

4. For every heli you got, keep a spare battery which sells on Amazon for about $5 each. Installing it is as easy as removing two screws attaching the hood, cutting the old battery off and leaving enough lead wire, stripping corresponding ends of the red and black leads, connecting them then wrapping them with electrical tape. After that you just put the battery back onto its sticky pad and then put the hood back on. (Google "installing a Syma S107 battery." Chances are you will find a a pictorial guide and or a Youtube video that will show you exactly how to do it.)

Happy flyin'. C. Rex


UPDATE - 6/28/11: Search Google for "Blade MCX2, A celebrated piece of crap to match the crappy service I got the Blade customer service". This review is the other half of what is written here.
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on February 20, 2011
I actually bought the Yellow Syma S107 from Amazon, then later bought the Red one from Amazon. Both are working great and providing hours of pleasure for me and my grandson. Even though I didn't buy this Blue S107, I have faith it is every bit as good as the Yellow and Red, so I'm repeating the review here for your education. There is some useful info at the end on how to get the best performance from it.


I originally purchased an Air Hogs Sharpshooter. It was a lot of fun, alhtough it never really trimmed out well. The trim would change as the battery charge changed. It was pretty durable. But eventually, a small plastic piece that connects the rotor to the balance bar broke off. You cannot replace the parts on an Air Hog. None are sold. A seperate companany sells generic replacement rotor heads, but they do not work on the Sharpshooter. With no other options, I threw it away.

I really missed the Sharp Shooter, so I decided to replace it with the Yellow Syma S107G sold by Amazon. I had read to be careful about "fake" S107s, but the one I got from Amazon is the REAL thing! Flying this new S107G makes the Air Hog Sharp Shooter I used to have seem like a dinosaur in comparison. The S107G flys dead solid perfect! I didn't even have to trim it right out of the box. IT IS A GREAT LITTLE HELICOPTER!!

* S107G is 3-channel, AHSS is only 2-channel
* S107G has a gyro, the AHSS did not
* S107G gyro makes flight VERY stable - you can hover without effort. The AGSS would never hover and was twitchy.
* S107G will fly forward or backward. AHSS would only fly forward.
* S107G is more powerful with quicker reaction time than the AHSS...
**** S107G has the power to recover quickly from mistakes before crashing
**** AHSS, once it started to fall, you could not bring on the power fast enough to save it.
* S107G can be charged via provided USB cord from your computer, or even an AC/USB wall adapter. AHSS only charges from radio conroller.
* S107G flies about 8-minutes on a charge. The AHSS flew about 5-minutes max.
* S107G costs less than the AHSS.
* Every S107G can be flown on three different channels. The AHSS had to be purchased by specific channel.
* MOST IMPORTANT: You can purchase spare parts for the S107G. AHSS has ZERO available replacement parts.

PROS of just S107G:
* 3-channel (can fly backwards)
* Gryo makes hovering and flight dead solid easy
* Very powerful, great lift, reacts quickly to input
* Durable - almost impossible to break
* LOTS of replacement parts available at fair prices (nearly ever part of the helicopter)
* Has pretty long flight time for a small bettery-powered heli (about 8-minutes per flight)
* Very inexpensive for such quality - less than $30 delivered!

CONS of the S107G:
* It takes 40-50 minutes per charge - that's longer then other small helicopters.
* Not very fast. Once you get used to flying it, you wish it would fly forward much faster.

Here are some things I learned from forums and verified in my own flights. Please note:
* Don't fly the helicopter until the battery completely dies - the LIPO batteries don't like to be run dry
* Turn the controller on FIRST, then turn on the helicopter
* IMPORTANT: Hold the helicopter totally still for a couple seconds after turning it on - that stabilizes the gyro
* IMPORTANT: The first time you press the left stick for throttle, nothing will happen...
* Not to worry, that's because the controller is registering it's channel to the helicopter
* Don't turn off the controller - just try it again and it will work fine
* On first flight, don't even touch the right stick - just lift to a hover, then trim it out and set it down
* Imagine yourself in the cockpit - that makes the controls more intuitive when flying towards you
* When done flying, turn off the helicopter first, then turn off the controller (it has something to do with the gyro)
* The little propeller on the tail only runs when you press forward or reverse, so don' worry that it doesn't always run
* The small rotor tips the helicopter slightly either forward or reverse causing it to fly that direction (slowly)
* The S107G is not fast, but it's stable as hell. That makes it great for first time flyers or for kids.
* My 6-year old grandson flies it perfectly. It makes a great toy for a young boy (plus an old boy like me!)

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on March 12, 2011
After reading so many reviews where people's SYMA 107Gs are dead, or run a day or two and die, I have to step in here and go to the trouble and share most likely WHY!

I've purchased four of these wonderful helicopters, and like other buyers, have had very mixed results because of the knockoff market. I bought two for myself and 2 as gifts. I've also seen a fifth, as I have a friend who purchased one. To me, they are awesome for the money. Certainly not the best co-axial on the infrared-controlled RC helicopter market, but MOST CERTAINLY the best value.

I won't go into a review of why these are great, there's plenty enough 5 star reviews for that. What I WILL do is show you how to identify a bogus, or knockoff SYMA 107G that some of the re-sellers are sending out.

See the photo picture. I have an authentic transmitter open and a knockoff next to one another. I've also included several other easily to spot indicators on other parts of the heli.
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on December 30, 2011
I bought this 'copter after my little brother got one for christmas. It came in an extremely well protected box, not even a scratch or dent on the box.

Taking it out of the box was simple, once I saw the twist-wires holding them in in the back (HATE those things! Just use wiresnips, people, don't bother untwisting.)

The Copter comes with a good charge on it, so you can test it out, right out of the box.

The helicopter takes about 40 minutes to fully charge (And you can't just leave it alone, if you do, it'll overcharge the battery and deteriorate the lifespan of the battery. If you don't have the time to keep an eye on it (The charger will glow red when it's time to take it off), I'd invest in an outlet cut-off switch, and set it to 35 minutes each time.

The helicopter will get about 7 minutes of fly time each charge. It seems like kind of a raw deal, but it makes sense, seeing as the battery is pretty small, and this thing is pretty powerful, it moves a LOT of air.

When it comes to durability, this thing has been able to survive 8 foot falls onto tile floors, wall collisions, a cat attack, chair legs... As long as you LET GO OF THE THROTTLE when a collision becomes imminent, you should be fine. The all-metal (Besides the decorative plastic bits) will survive most abuse.

Oh, and one thing anyone intending to buy more than 2 of these should consider is that "3 channel" doesn't mean there can be 3 in the air at one time. Just 2, folks. "3 channel" refers to the 3 ways the helicopter can move: Up-down, forward-backward, and left-right rotation. One thing I find interesting is that the helicopter has no frequency switch on itself. Instead, the operator chooses either A or B on his remote, turns on the helicopter, and moves the stick until the Helicopter "Locks on" to it, and it'll work on that frequency. Less hassle for the user is always nice.

This Helicopter is a breeze to pilot (And indeed you'll feel a breeze while doing so, the 2 rotors generate a pretty noticable air current around them, good for cooling off if it's hot!), due to its gyroscope. When you have it hovering, it'll stay put like it was suspended from a string.

One thing to note is that this is an INDOOR helicopter ONLY. Due to its lightweight construction, breezes, air vents, windows, and even a strong breath can blow it around. But when its in it's proper environment, it performs beautifully. It responds quickly and predictably. It has a trim dial on the controller to stop any unwanted rotation during operation.

All in all, the Syma S107G is a great starter helicopter, for both its ease of use, and durability.
review image
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on January 4, 2014
It is completely misleading and misrepresented. The product description shows that "Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 7.4 x 3.2 inches" but it is a miniature size only 7.5 inches x 4 inches. The dimension of the box is 16 inches x 5.1/4 inches x 3 inches.

The picture shows that is nice and made of metal/aluminum, but this helicopter that I received was made of cheap plastic, the remote control is very poorly made.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 21, 2010
When I ordered this S107 helicopter, it cost so little that I didn't expect it would survive for more than a few days. I've been flying it for two weeks now, and it has been much more durable and reliable than I expected. I've gotten a bit daring with it and run it into walls and furniture a few times, and made a few hard landings, but it is so lightweight and durable that the only damage I've experienced are a few nicks in the plastic main rotor blades. The spinning blades haven't damaged anything in the house. Since it's holding up so well, I might order some replacement blades.

This heli is so stable that even a beginner can fly it safely right out of the box. My 16 year old nephew was flying like a pro in minutes. Push the left throttle controller forward, the rotor blades spin, and the helicopter lifts off. Slight adjustments to throttle position will make it climb or descend. Even a beginner will quickly be able to hold desired altitude. The heli has two counter-rotating main rotors, each driven by independent motors, so there is no need for a tail anti-torque rotor. When you command it to yaw (turn) left or right, it varies the rotor RPMs and smoothly rotates to the desired direction. Using an on-board gyro, when you center the yaw control, the heli holds its heading, steady-as-a-rock. If you notice any slight tendency to yaw, there is a trim knob on the controller. Unlike a real heli or more expensive model, the rotors won't tilt in any direction for forward/back/or lateral movement. There is no way to control lateral movement while hovering. A small rotor on the tail lifts or lowers the tail boom, pitching the entire heli forward or back, allowing forward/backward control. Couple this control with yaw control and you have everything you need to fly around the house and land on furniture, in a very cheap R/C toy.

You'll only get 10 minutes of flight or less out of each charge. It comes with a USB cable to recharge the helicopter battery from a personal computer or USB wall plug adapter. I use the USB wall adapter from my iphone. It takes 40-50 minutes to recharge. The wireless controller needs 6 AA batteries, is not rechargeable, and uses infrared light signals to control the heli. I've flown it outdoors at night with a calm wind. On a full charge it will easily climb to 50 feet or more with no problem. If you have much wind, it doesn't fly forward fast enough to hold its position. This is an indoor toy. I've been having so much fun with it, I've ordered 3 more as gifts for my sons and nephew.

This is the most fun you can have at this price; 10 minutes at a time.
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on January 24, 2012
The Syma S107G is a great little toy. I ordered a yellow one previously and it is easy enough for my 7 y/o to fly. It charges rather quickly and gets about 10 - 12 minutes of use. It's pretty tough and still does great after many crash landings. I decided to order a second one for my 12 y/o since he had so much fun with his brother's and to keep them apart, I ordered this blue one. Unfortunately this blue that arrived was one was one of the "fakes" and not the Syma brand. After contacting Amazon, my money was quickly refunded and another heli was ordered. I hope this one will be right. You can find some more info by doing a search for "fake" in all these reviews.
review image review image
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on October 18, 2010
The first ir helicopter I bought was a airhogs brand from target. After trying to fly it I took it back and ordered one of these from amazon. While these are not as durable as the airhogs brand, they certainly do fly better.

I finally broke mine after a week of serious abuse. But you can find parts all over the internet so soon I will be back in the air.
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